Unit 20 Lesson 1 Futurology
I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.
我不缅怀过去的历史,而致力于 未来的梦想。?? T. Jefferson 杰弗逊 (美国第3任总统)
Are you interested in thinking about the future?
Warm up
? What do you think the future will be like? Predict it.
Car will fly in the sky
Robots will work for us even take place of our human beings.
We will travel to the moon or live there .
Even to other planets.
washing clothes
Maybe clothes will be washed with air.
Maybe we have a memory chip in our brain
Maybe no starvation
Maybe no war
Maybe we can live up to 150 years old
People who plan the future of the world for a living
future futurologist futurology
The study of the future ( in order to forecast the future developments. )
? Sometimes futurologists held seminar to discuss the possibilities of the future and to make some predictions. ? Many people will start new enterprises based on the predictions.
First Reading
Skim the passage to get general ideas
Read the article, please choose the best title for the passage
A. From the Past to the Future B. The Future Business C. Tomorrow’s World D. A Perfect Future?
Second Reading
Scan the passage to get detailed information
We are interested in predicting future, and so does Hannah Jones. How many predictions did the writer find? Read the text and complete the table.
Complete the table When? In the next few years What are the predictions? Using voice to give instructions to computers
By the year Stainless material will be 2015 produced
By the year 2025 By the year 2030
People will live in peace and equality People may live for at least 150 years
By the middle Electronic humans might of the century have developed By the end of People will live in space the century
True or False
  1. People who are worried about future are called futurologists. F
  2. Some predictions have come true like landing on the moon. T
  3. In the next few years, we will use voice to give computers instructions to avoid hackers attacking the computer system. F
  4. Computers can do everything for human beings in the future. F
  5. According to the text, we may be able to live in other suitable places in our solar system at the end of the century. T

  1. Hannah Jones looks into the future.

  1.They stopped to look into the window.
  2. The government has set up a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse.
向里看 里看
try to find out the truth about a problem调查,审查 调查, 调查

  2. In the next few years, computers will become handier.
Is this computer handy?
? the first computer in the world
a handy little tool
convenient Have you got a pen handy? Not far away, available to for use A good toolbox is a handy thing to have in the house. 好的工具箱是家中要有的便利东西.

  7. Instructions 指示 命令 指示, Very soon all of us are going to use our voices to give instructions to computers.
不久以后我们所有人就能通过说话对计算 机发号施令。 机发号施令。
He received my instruction to stand up.
die of
The Little Match Girl
The little girl died of hunger and cold 因...而死
Confucius is the greatest educator, the greatest politician, the greatest speaker and the greatest leader in China.
Keep what you say and carry out what you do. 言必信,行必果。
Ex-president Jiang Zemin
He put forward the important thought of Three Represents We must carry out the Important Thought of Three Represents in an All-Round Way
全面贯彻“三个代表”重要思 全面贯彻“三个代表” 想

  2. Many people will attend the seminar with dreams of starting new enterprises based on the predictions they will hear this week. be based on sth 建立在基础上
The movie is based on a real-life incident. The vase falls over a lot because the base is too small. n. 根基,底部 根基, You should base your conclusion on careful research.
v.以为基础 以 为基础

  5. By the year 2025, no one will die of starvation and no one will live on welfare.
Many children in African die of starvation every year.
The old man had to live on welfare because he was out of work. 靠社会救济生活
Cloze. The future is mysterious. the Over centuries, people have always wondered about the future. What will our life become? predict Futurologists never stop their step to that. Here’re some of their predictions. In the next few years, we will use voice to give to computers instructions instead of using the keyboard.
By stainless the year 2015, material will have produced. You should not worry about your garments being or worn out dirty forever. Starvation and racial discriminationwill have disappeared by the at least year 2025 and people can live for 150 years in 20
  30. Living on other planets at will not be a dream the end of the century. Whether these predictions come true or not, a new chapter of our world has been opened.
III. 用所给短语的适当形式填空。
? base on; live on welfare; suitable for; look into the future; over the century; ? carry out; link ... to ...; die of; for a living; in peace and equality ?
  1. When he looked into the future ,he felt at ease and confident. ?
  2. There have been great changes in over the China . century
base on; live on welfare; suitable for; look into the future; over the century; carry out; link ... to ...; die of; for a living; in peace and equality
  3. She contributed articles to the newspaper for a living . ?
  4. The approaches are based on many years of practical experience, helping children to develop good habits. ?
  5. It affects all parts of the body and if it gets too die of bad in the lungs you can lung failure. on welfare when she ?
  6. The old lady had to live got laid off.
base on; live on welfare; suitable for; look into the future; over the century; carry out; link ... to ...; die of; for a living; in peace and equality
  7. All the villagers live together in peace . and equality ?
  8. No matter what difficulty you will meet with,carry out your plan. links to ?
  9. The road the town the nearby railway station. ?
  10. It is very difficult to find some books suitable forchildren in this area.
Step 5 Voice your opinion. Which of the predictions would you like or not like to come true? Why?
He is a lazy kid.
? My future depends on my dream, so I want to go to sleep now. 我的未来取决于我的梦 想。所以,现在去做梦吧(去睡觉吧)。 No pains, No gains.
? present: noun

  1. gift
  2. the time that we are experiencing now ? At present: at this time, now
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Treasure every moment that you have! 珍惜你所拥有的每一个瞬间 Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. 昨天已成为历史.明日却依然是谜. Today is a gift. 今天是珍贵的礼物. That's why it is called present! 那就是它为什么被称作"当下"的原因.
Only you treasure today, will you have a bright future.珍惜今天,才能拥有美好未来

  1. Review this lesson.
  2. find more predictions of other futurologists


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