北师大宁江附中 2009??2010 学年度高二英语下学期期末试题 (总分 150 分,120 分钟) 第I卷 第一部分 英语知识运用 第一节 单项填空(25 分)
  1.. ? It’s such a pity. I didn’t get the first place in the exam. ? Come on. A. Nobody is perfect . B. Congratulations! C. Bad luck! D. You really did badly
  2.I’ve already forgotten you put the dictionary. A. that it was where B. where it was that C. where was it that D. that was it that
  3.It is that he has been addicted to the drugs and has difficulty quitting it. A. obviously B. apparently C. possibly D. likely
  4. He in American for five years, and now he works in Shanghai. A. have worked B. worked C. had worked D. have been working
  5. Why are they taking all the equipment away ? , they are packing up to leave. A. The job was done B. The job has been done C. With the job done D. With the job doing
  6. The police looked into the case carefully and found the thief had entered the house a ladder. A. by the means B. by all means C. by ways of D. by means of
  7.. Many students listened to the lecture, but I wondered how much they . A. took out B. took up C. took off D. took in
  8. As a matter of fact, tries again makes no difference. A. no matter which B. no matter who C. whoever D. whichever
  9.. What do you think of Harry, our new roommate? I am not sure, but he is always asking questions. A. a great many of B. a great many C. a great number D. a large amount of
  10. what he has had already, the treasure is not really exciting. A. Compare with B. Comparing to C. Compared with D. Compare to
  11. I’ll never trust such a man you described. A. that B. what C. whoever D. as
  12.I want to a question to the chairman but in a moment I lost my nerve A. ask B. reply C. rise D. raise
  13. He insisted that we rest until we finish the work. A. not B. don’t C. can’t D. should
  14. Can you imagine what problem may when human beings are cloned? A. raise B. cause C. arise D. lead
  15. She is too fat, but she can’t sweet.
A. remove B. resist C. reject D. object
  16. ?It is widely accepted that animals learn to do things because their certain acts lead to . A. rewards B. prize C. awards D. results
  17. They have no idea at all . A. where he has gone B. where did he go C. which place has he gone D. where has he gone
  18. The September 11 attack has been by the entire international community. A. condemned B. scolded C. criticized D. blamed
  19. The news has all over the country the spaceship succeeded in returning to the earth. A. inspired; which B. inspiring C. inspired ; that D. spread; which
  20. Your composition is to your brother’s. A. the same B. identical C. different D. equal
  21. He is a cutler(刀具商)--???, a man who sells knives and sharp tools. A. in conclusion B. in general C. what’s more D. that is to say
  22. One of the men held the view the book said was right. A. what that B. what C. that D. that what
  23. Seeing your picture, I couldn’t resist the days we spent together. A. to think of; when B. to think of; which C. thinking of; which D. thinking of; when
  24. Every possible means to prevent the air pollution, but the sky is still not clear. A. are being used B. have been used C. has been used D. had been used
  25.It will not be we can meet again. A. long before B. before long C. soon after D. shortly after 第二节 完形填空(30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 In the past, scientists have produced exact genetic copies of sheep and a few other animals. They 26 these clones from a single cell of an adult animal. Recently, a private group of scientists has announced 27 to make an exact copy of a human being. Doctor Zavos, an American member of the team, says he and 28 will soon begin to clone humans and they hope to produce the world’s first cloned 29 within the next two years. Doctor Zavos says the new 30 group plans to offer human cloning to women unable to become 31 and produce children. The 32 would be similar to that used to clone animals. It would 33 clearing genetic material from a woman’s egg. Doctors then would 34 genetic material from the woman’s husband into the egg 35 putting it in the women’s uterus(子宫). Doctor Zavos says his 36 plans to do its work in a country near the
Mediterranean Sea, but he did not 37 the country. He says an Italian reproductive expert, Severino Antinori, is 38 the team. Doctor Antinori has made 39 efforts to help many older women become pregnant. He is known for 40 pregnancies in women as old as sixty. Many medical experts and other groups 41 the idea of cloning humans. Several doctors criticized the 42 by Doctor Zavos. They say doctors do not know if cloning humans is 43 or safe. They say it would be irresponsible to 44 to clone a human being. That is because the 45 of success are too small and the risks are too great.
  26. A. bought B. created C. discovered D. found
  27. A. plans B. results C. successes D. agreements
  28. A. another B. others C. the other D. the others
  29. A. plant B. animal C. bird D. baby
  30. A. international B. national C. American D. Italian
  31. A. successful B. born C. pregnant D. fertile
  32. A. imagination B. technology C. story D. symbol
  33. A. involve B. start C. make D. borrow
  34. A. translate B. place C. take D. make
  35. A. after B. while C. before D. on
  36. A. country B. group C. university D. company
  37. A. call B. found C. name D. consider
  38. A. managing B. running C. controlling D. leading
  39. A. high B. total C. great D. wide
  40. A. successful B. beautiful C. thankful D. sorrowful
  41. A. take up B. object to C. put up D. bring down
  42. A. announcement B. program C. subject D. idea
  43. A. careful B. interesting C. unable D. possible
  44. A. manage B. refuse C. attempt D. hope
  45. A. facts B. results C. sizes D. chances 第二部分 阅读理解(40 分) A Every kid wishes to be an adult. But now as grown-ups, some adults find they cannot leave childhood behind. They become "kidults" (kid+adult). Being a kidult has become a lifestyle-choice among young people across Asia. Some kidults collect toys they once played with. Hello Kitty, Garfield, and Snoopy have many adult fans around the world. It is not unusual to see a 20-something woman with a big, Garfield-shaped cushion on her sofa or a Hello Kitty mobile phone accessory. Other kidults still enjoy children's stories and fairy tales. For example, Bloomsbury even published the Harry Potter novels with an adult cover. That way, no one else on the subway will know that an adult is actually reading a children's book! "Kidults can be like vitamins to society. Adults who value their childhood and hold on to pure, child-like emotion may be needed in such a rough and dry
society," said Lee Sojung, professor of Foreign Studies at Hankuk University(韩 国外国语大学). He added that kidult culture may fill the generation gap between adults and kids. It could give children and their parents books, movies, and cartoon shows to enjoy together. He may be right. Tim Greenhalgh,a professor,explained that some kidults just refuse to grow up. They value childhood because life in a busy and stressful city frightens them. Kidults would like to forget their age and openly show their fear of society and adulthood.
  46. We can infer from the article that . A. Kidults miss their childhood so much that they can't give up their toys B. Bloomsbury knows some kidults don't want people to know that they are kidults C. Kidults like to have vitamins very much D. Some toys are so interesting that even adults like them very much
  47. According to the author, being a kidult is good in some way except that . A. it can improve the relationship between parents and their kids B. it can help kidults feel relaxed C. it is helpful to solve some social problems D. it can make people loyal to one's parents
  48. According to the writer, . A. being a kidult is nothing wrong B. kidults have mental problems C. our society is very dull D. some people can never grow up B If women are mercilessly exploited(剥削) year after year, they have only themselves to blame. Because they tremble at the thought of being seen in public in clothes that are out of fashion, they are always taken advantage of by the designers and the big stores. Clothes which have been worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of fashion. Changing fashions are nothing more than the intentional creation of waste. Many women spend large sums of money each year to replace clothes that have hardly been worn. Women who cannot afford to throw away clothing in this way, waste hours of their time changing their old-fashioned dresses. Skirts are lengthened or shortened; neck-lines are lowered or raised, and so on. No one can claim that the fashion industry contributes anything really important to society. Fashion designers are rarely concerned with necessary things like warmth, comfort and durability (耐用). They are only interested in outward appearance and they take advantage of the fact that women will put up with any amount of discomfort, as long as they look right. There can hardly be a man who hasn't at some time in his life smiled at the sight of a woman shaking in a thin dress on a winter day, or picking her way through deep snow in high heeled shoes. When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion, the conclusions to be drawn are obvious. Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes,
one wonders, reflect basic qualities of inconstancy and instability? Men are too clever to let themselves be cheated by fashion designers. Do their unchanging styles of dress reflect basic qualities of stability and reliability(稳定耐用)? That is for you to decide.
  49. Designers and big stores always make money. A. by mercilessly exploiting women workers in the clothing industry B. because they are capable of predicting new fashions C. by constantly changing the fashions in women's clothing D. because they attach great importance to quality in women's clothing
  50. To the writer, the fact that women change their old-fashioned dresses is seen as . A. a waste of money B. a waste of time C. an expression of taste D. an expression of creativity
  51. New fashions in clothing are created for . A. the commercial exploitation of women B. the women's strength of character C. basic qualities of inconstancy and instability D. an important contribution to society
  52. By saying "the conclusions to be drawn are obvious" ( Line One to Line Two, Paragraph Four), the writer means that . A. women's inconstancy in their choice of clothing is often laughed at B. women are better able to put up with discomfort C. men are also exploited greatly by fashion designers D. men are more reasonable in the matter of fashion C London--A morning train rides away, across the channel. English kids discuss the Liverpool's football team in a Paris pub. Some Parisians have started to travel to work in London. In the 19th century, Charles Dickens compared the two cities, London and Paris, in A Tale of Two Cities. These days, it might be A tale of One City. As there are few jobs at home over recent years, perhaps 250,000 Frenchmen moved across the channel. With an undersea tunnel, they could travel between cities in three hours. The European Union freed them from immigration and customs. Paris, rich in beauty, is more stylish. But London feels more full of life, and more fun until the pubs shut down. "For me, the difference is that London is real, alive," said Trevor Wheeler, a financial expert. Chantal Jaouen, a professional designer, agrees. "I am French, but I'll stay in London,'' she said. There is, of course, the other view. Julie Lenoux is a student who moved to London two years ago. "I think people laugh more in Paris," she said. "Both cities have changed beyond recognition," said Larry Collins, an author and sometimes a Londoner.
Like most people who know both cities well, he finds the two now fit together comfortably. "I first fell in love with Paris in the 1950s. Things are so much more ordered, and life is better." But certainly not cheaper. In some parts of London, rents can be twice those on Avenue Foch in Paris. Deciding between London and Paris requires a lifestyle choice. Like Daphne Benoit, a French journalism student with perfect English, many young people are happy to be close enough so they don't have to choose. "I love Paris, my little neighbourhood, the way I can walk around a centre, but life is too organized , "she said. "In London, you can be whoever you want. No one cares."
  53. It can be inferred that . A. Paris and London are the two biggest cities in the world B. in the 19th century, Dickens told his stories in the two cities C. London and Paris used to be separated D. Liverpool is a big city in France
  54. According to this passage, which of the following is TRUE? A. People feel it difficult to find a job in Paris. B. People can't travel to London without a passport. C. People can travel to London without a passport. D. People can find any job in London.
  55. A



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