1. Which of the two cows you keep produces more milk? 正确答案:A 402849a92a7f44bc012a8cd6b4121785 题目注释
A . that B . which C . whom D . when ×
  2. , his wife will stand at the gate to wait for him to come back. 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d15af8d1a24 题目注释
A . However he is late B . However is he late C . However late he is D . However late is he ×
  3. In the open boat, the four men, was a doctor, met with a storm on the sea. 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8ceb47391883 题目注释
A . one of which B . one of who C . one of whom D . one of them ×
  4. The matter you were arguing about last night has been settled. 正确答案:A 402849a92a7f44bc012a8cd78ecb1797 题目注释
A . that B . what C . why D . for which √
  5. I had worked here you came here. But I shall leave for England 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d05d2ed197e 题目注释
A . before long; before long B . bore long; long before C . long before; before long D . long before; long before √
  6. She asked me to build the church. 正确答案:B 402849a92a7f44bc012a89a7d68c15c0 题目注释
A . how long it was taken B . how long it had taken C . how much time did it take D . how much rime it was taken ×
  7. He ran back into the room to see if he anything behind. 正确答案:D 402849a92a7f44bc012a89a98c301602 题目注释
A . has forgotten B . had forgotten C . has left D . had left √
  8. Can you tell me the name of the factory you visited last week? 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8cd6fabe178b 题目注释
A . what   B . where C . / D . when √
  9. Ask him how much 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a89a7783e15a8 题目注释
A . did it cost B . cost it C . it cost D . it costed √
  10. Is this the factory color TV sets are produced? 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8ce3a0c3181a 题目注释
A . that B . which C . in which D . in that √
  11. It worried her a bit her hair was turning grey . 正确答案:B 402849a92a7f44bc012a8997d8cf14e5 题目注释
A . while B . that C . if D . for ×
  12. She made a note of it she might forget. 正确答案:D 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d0b8c3619c2 题目注释
A . so that B . in order that C . if D . in case √
  13. you understand this rule, you will have no further difficulty. 正确答案:B 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d0496b31966 题目注释
A . While B . Once C . Though D . Unless ×
  14. I was there that evening. 正确答案:B 402849a92a7f44bc012a8999601f14fa 题目注释
A . It happened to B . It happened that C . That happened D . It is happened that ×
  15. I can't understand is he wants to change his mind. 正确答案:D 402849a92a7f44bc012a89b6d019171f 题目注释
A . That, that B . Which, how C . What, what D . What, why ×
  16. He whispered to his wife he might wake up the sleeping baby. 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d0bfd9e19cb 题目注释
A . so that B . on condition that C . for fear that D . so long as ×
  17. Mother bought me a dictionary on my birthday, made me very happy. 正确答案:D 402849a92a7f44bc012a8ce60ce3184d 题目注释
A . what   B . that C . who   D . which ×
  18. Mr. Zhang gave the textbook to all the pupils except who had already taken them. 正确答案:A 402849a92a7f44bc012a8ce929a9186f 题目注释
A . the ones B . ones C . some D . the others ×
  19. The problem is will go. 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a89b6f78b1722 题目注释
A . that B . when C . who D . whoever



   ×1. Which of the two cows you keep produces more milk? 正确答案:A 402849a92a7f44bc012a8cd6b4121785 题目注释 A . that B . which C . whom D . when ×2. , his wife will stand at the gate to wait for him to come back. 正确答案:C 402849a92a7f44bc012a8d15af8d1a24 题目注释 ...


   网络专业英语(课程代码:08556) 习题答案 第一章 第一节 I.根据课文内容填空。 1. a good mixture of integrated parts working together to form a useful whole 2. hardware software 3. the processor memory input devices output devices 4. systems software applications software 5. a store ...


   小学升初中英语毕业试题及参考答案(人教版) 班级姓名分数 听力部分 一、听音标判断哪个单词的元音字母或字母组合与听到的音标相符,把序号写在括号里(10 分) ( )1.A. bag B. same C. jacket D. cap ( )2.A. see B. tea C. tree D. pen ( )3.A. bike B. kite C. sit D. five ( )4.A. let B. bee C. pen D. desk ( )5.A. dog B. so C. hot D. ...


   一、 下列单词不是一类的选出来: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. cat ) 2. A. green ) 3. A. blue ) 4. A. tiger ) Hello, I’m Mike. ) What’s your name? ) Good morning. ) Nice to meet you , Helen. ) What colour is it? ) Red? )1. Hi, I’m Mike.A. 嘿,我是迈克。 )2. What’s your ...


   20102011 小学部 20102011 学年度上学期五年级 英语月考试卷 Listening Part 听音, 一.Listen and tick 听音,选择你听到的单词 ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. clothes )2. A. green )3. A. bridge )4. A. air )5. A. home B. clouds C. closet B. great C. grass B. fridge C. flowers B. any C. many B. house C. ...

商贸英语课件 教材习题答案

   College Business English 学 院:工商管理学院 教研室: 教研室:国际经济与贸易 Anna 经济选择??生产可能性曲线 第一章 经济选择 生产可能性曲线 1、翻择下列短语 、 1.1 汉译英 ①the important economic goal ②formulate economic policies ③the allocation for natural resources ④the limitation of the government’s whole ’ ...


   新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解 Lesson 1 1. b 选 b 最为正确。因为 a. d.都与课文内容不符合, 也不合乎 逻辑;c.的意思是“他们没有注意他” , 而作者的意图并不是想让他们注意 他,而是想让他们停止谈话。 所以选 b. 最能表达作者当时心里 的感受。 2.c 其余 3 个答案都与原句意思 不符合。 3.b 因为 a. to 不对,可以是 He went to the theatre;c. into 也不对, 可以 是 He went into the theatre; ...


   《计算机英语(第 3 版) 》参考译文 第一单元:计算机与计算机科学 课文 A:计算机概览 一、引言 计算机是一种电子设备,它能接收一套指令或一个程序,然后通过对数字数据进行运算 或对其他形式的信息进行处理来执行该程序。 要不是由于计算机的发展,现代的高科技世界是不可能产生的。不同类型和大小的计算 机在整个社会被用于存储和处理各种数据,从保密政府文件、银行交易到私人家庭账目。计 算机通过自动化技术开辟了制造业的新纪元, 而且它们也增强了现代通信系统的性能。 在几 乎每一个研究和应用技术领域, ...


   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网, 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有 千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 。-张先 31、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退,没有返 、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退, 回! 32、虽然有时候我会心痛,但是我却拥有别人 、虽然有时候我会心痛, 会心痛 不曾拥有的幸福,所以我知足了! 不曾拥有的幸福,所以我知足了! 33、在爱与被爱的选择里,我选择了被爱,错、 、在爱与被爱的选择里,我选择了被爱, 又能如何? 又能如何? 34 ...

新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解Lesson 1-96

   新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解 Lesson 1 1. b 选 b 最为正确。因为 a. d.都与课文内容不符合,也不合乎逻辑;c.的 意思是“他们没有注意他” ,而作者的意图并不是 想让他们注意他,而是想让他们停止谈话。 所以选 b. 最能表达作者当时心里的感受。 2.c 其余 3 个答案都与原句意思不符合。 3.b 因为 a. to 不对,可以是 He went to the theatre;c. into 也不对,可以是 He went into the theatre;d. on ...



   2010ì±°àì ? ó (±120ú150) Ií¨100 ×±íIí()IIí() ?????? 1Ií°ú±×¨ ?????? 2°ó±°¨°±êè ?????? ?? ¤ó°±êí ?????? 3á±àíIIí°¨ ? ¨ú50 ?????? ¨¨201ú20 ?????? ABCD°×ר ?????? 1HiMaria! I got the first place in the exam ?????? ?? ????? ! Everyone knows you cheated ...


   年 级 内容标题 编稿老师 初一 学 科 期末复习(一) 邹超一 英语 版 本 译林出版社 【本讲教育信息 本讲教育信息】 本讲教育信息 一、教学内容: 期末复习(一) 二、教学目标: 教学目标: 掌握 unit1-unit6 重要词组 三、教学重难点: 教学重难点: 掌握 unit1-unit6 重要词组 四、教学过程: 教学过程: 重点词组 Unit 1?Unit 3 ? 1. be born 2. wake up 3. work hard 4. wear glasses 5. love ...

北师大版高一英语Unit 5 Lesson 19 Experiment in Folk [广东佛山市顺德青云中学 洪亮]

   Lesson 19 Experiment in Folk Kong goes for folk! Some experiments make you laugh. Some experiments make you succeed. Kong Xiangdong's file : Birth: born in 1968 in Shanghai, Awards: youngest winner of the 1986 Moscow International Piano Competition ...


   广州市小学五年级英语第六册 Module Six 教学设计 黄村小学 黎荔梅 Unit 16 Work with language. The Second Period 一、Analysis 利用学生对单词的学习和记忆掌握了一定的规律,Work with Language 贴近生活的内容使学生有强烈的兴趣,加强描述天气的形 容词的运用。从广州的天气情况拓展到学习其他城市的天气报告,估 计学生对于句子和天气预报的表达比较难掌握。 二、Aims 1.Work:rainy, foggy, cool ...


   一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I’m glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I’m pleased to hear that you’re coming to China for a visit. I’m writing to thank you for your help ...