备战 2010 高考英语:高频词汇 400 题及详解注释(六)
  51. 251 It is not profitable to provide bus services in districts where the population is widely . A. scattered B. dismissed [答案]A. scattered. [注释]scattered 是 scatter 的过去分词,也可作形容词用, (=lying in different directions; not situated together, wide apart)分散的,散布在各处的.Separate 分开的,spread 传播;摊开,dismiss 解雇. 2
  52. 252 There are usually at least two of looking at every question. A. ways B. directions C. views D. opinions C. separated D. spread
[答案]A. ways. [注释]two ways of looking at every questions 意指"观察每个问题的两个方面". 2
  53. 253 He left in such a hurry that I had time to thank him. A. almost B. even C. nearly D. scarcely
[答案]D. scarcely. [注释]scarcely(=hardly, not quite, almost not)几乎没有.Scarcely 是否定副词,类 似的有:hardly, barely, rarely, seldom, little 等.研究生入学考试中经常测试这类 否定副词的用法. 2
  54. 254 As more and more cars are produced and used, so the from their exhaust-pipes contains an even larger volume of poisonous gas. A. exposure B. distribution C. expansion D. emission
[答案]D. emission. [注释]emission 散发物,发射.exposure(to)暴露于:They believe that their health problems are the result of years of exposure to fine cotton dust.(他们认为,他 们的健康问题是多年来暴露于棉花粉尘所致.)expansion 膨胀,扩大;Heat causes the expansion of gas.本题译文:正如汽车的生产和使用越来越多一样,汽车的排气管的散发 物内所含的有毒气体量也在增加. 2
  55. 255 The book seems to have been from various books and articles. A. pieced together B. taken off
C. broken away [答案]A. pieced together.
D. pulled out
[注释]piece together 拼合,拼凑;take off 起飞;break away from 脱离;pull out 拔出;驶出; (车)减速. 2
  56. 256 We had a marvelous holiday: only the last two days were slightly by the weather. A. damaged [答案]D. spoiled. [注释]spoiled 使......扫兴: A shower of rain spoiled our day's outing. 2
  57. 257 I could tell he was surprised from the on his face. A. appearance B. view C. sight D. expression B. hurt C. ruined D. spoiled
[答案]D. expression. [注释]expression 此处意指"表情".Appearance 表示人的"仪表,外表". 2
  58. 258 I'd like to take of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation. A. profit B. benefit C. advantage D. interests [答案]C. advantage. [注释]take advantage of(=make use of sth. for one's own benefit)利用: take advantage of my ignorance(利用我的无知). 2
  59. 259 If you ever have the to go abroad to work, you should take it. A. possibility [答案]D. chance. [注释]chance(偶然的)机会.Have 与 the(或 a) possibility 不能搭配;常用 There is a possibility for sb. to do sth.表示客观存在的"可能性". 2
  60. 260 Scientists think they have in their attempt to find the causes of some major dieases. A. broken through C. fallen out [答案]A. broken through. [注释]break through(=be successful after overcoming a difficulty)突破;取得重大
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B. offer
C. luck
D. chance
B. worked out D. got round
成果: Scientists hope to break through soon in their fight against heart disease.(科 学家希望在与心脏病斗争中很快取得重大成果.) 本题译文:科学家认为他们在探索某些重要疾病的病因中已取得重大突破. 2
  61. His test results are not very . He does well one week and badly the next. A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent [答案]D. consistent. [注释]consistent
  1)始终如一,前后一致:He is not consistent in his statements.(他 的话并不前后一致.)
  2)与......一致:The story is not consistent with the facts. What you say is not consistent with what you do. 2
  62. 262 The new safety regulations were agreed on after with the work-force. A. conference C. intervention B. participation D. consultation
[答案]D. consultation. [注释]consultation 商议:hold a consultation with sb. about sth.(与某人商谈某 事) . conference 讨论会;participation 参加,参与;intervention 干预,干涉. 2
  63. The room was so quiet that she could hear the of her heart. A. hitting B. beating C. tapping D. knocking
[答案]B. beating. [注释]beating 此处是动名词,指"(心)跳":Her heart was beating furiously. 2
  64. 264 During World War II Malta managed to most of Italian and German bombers by throwing up an effective anti-aircraft screen. A. put out B. shut out C. come across D. get across [答案]B. shut out. [注释]shut out(=prevent from coming in; block)排除,排斥:They shut out our dust by having double windows.(他们用双层窗户防尘.) put out 扑灭;get across 越过;使人了解;come across 偶然遇到. 本题译文:第二次世界大战中,马耳他建立了有效的防空屏障以防止意大利和德国的轰炸 机侵入. 2
  65. 265 I think we should let Maria go camping with her boyfriend. , she's a
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big girl now. A. Above all B. After all C. First of all D. For all [答案]B. After all. [注释]after all 毕竟. "for all + 名词"意为"尽管": For all his wealth, he was unhappy.(尽管他富有, 但他并不幸福.) 2
  66. Jim's close to his brother made people mistake them for one another. 266 A. confusion B. similarity C. resemblanceD. imitation [答案]C. resemblance. [注释]resemblance n. 像(to) resemble(vt.)像; She resembles her mother.(=She . takes after her mother.) imitation 模仿;仿效;confusion 混乱,混淆;similarity 相似性. 2
  67. It has been decided that this company has the right to print Mr. Smith's novels. A.eventual B.versatile [答案]D. exclusive. [注释]exclusive(=reserved to the person(s) concerned)独有的;This bathroom is for the president's exclusive use. eventual 最终的;versatile 通用的,万用的;extensive 广泛的. 2
  68. 268 He has recently chess to provide himself with some relaxation. A. taken on B. taken up C. held on D. held up [答案]B. taken up. [注释]take up 开始从事. take on 参阅Ⅲ, 162,171 注释. hold on, hold up 参阅Ⅲ, 162,171 注释. 2
  69. What a terrible experience! , you are safe, that's the main thing. A. Somehow B. Anyhow C. Somewhat [答案]B. Anyhow. [注释]anyhow(at= any rate; in any case)无论如何,不管怎样. 2
  70. John always tries to people who are useful to him professionally. A. develop B. provoke C. correspond D. cultivate
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C.extensive D.exclusive
D. Anywhere
[答案]D. cultivate. [注释]cultivate sb.结识(有地位的人) ,培养与......的友谊:He always tries to cultivate rich and famous people.(他总是极力结识有钱的知名人士.) 本题译文:约翰总是力图结识在职业方面对他有用的人. 2
  71. 271 Although he hasn't any formal qualifications, Betas to do well for himself. A. managed B. succeeded [答案]a. managed. [注释]manage to do sth.(=succeed in doing sth.)设法做成某事:
  1)He managed to escape to South America.(他设法逃到了南美.
  2)We managed to get what we wanted, anyhow.(我 ) 们 反 正 设法 得到 了 需要的 东 西 .)
  3)Do you suppose you can manage to get me a passport?(你能设法给我弄到一份护照吗?) 本题译文:虽然他没有正式的资力,但他收入很多.Do well for oneself 吃香,收入多, 改善自己的社会地位. 2
  72. The family is a cooperative enterprise for which it is difficult to rules, because each family needs to work out its own ways to deal with its own problems. A. set up B. put down C. keep up D. lay down C. arranged D. convinced
[答案]D. lay down. [注释]lay down 制定.参阅Ⅲ,97 注释. 2
  73. 273 After a short holiday, he himself once more to his studies. A. applied B. converted C. engaged D. exerted
[答案]A. applied. [注释]apply oneself to"致力于".Apply one's mind to(专心于).Apply to sb. for aid(向某人求援).Apply a theory to practice(把理论应用于实践). 2
  74. She felt of having asked such a silly question when the audience couldn't help laughing. A. guilty B. crazy C. miserable D. ashamed [答案]D. ashamed. [注释] be ashamed of 因......感到羞耻,惭愧:
  1)He is ashamed of what he was
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  2)She felt ashamed of having done so little.(=She felt ashamed that she had done so little.)
  3)John was ashamed to ask for help.(他不好意思向人求助.)
  4)Jim was ashamed to have troubled me with so many questions.Be guilty of 犯有...... 罪,过失:
  1)He was found guilty.
  2)I am not guilty of this crime. 2
  75. 275 The driver can adjust the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer to suit his own . A. leisure B. preference C. convenience D. selection
[答案]B. preference. [注释]preference 偏爱,更加喜欢:My preference is for beef rather than for lamb.(我 更喜欢牛肉面不是羊肉.) 2
  76. 276 There is not much time left; So I'll tell you about it . A. in detail B. in brief C. in short D. in all
[答案]B. in brief. [注释]in brief(=in a few words)简短地(作状语),例如:He told me in brief what had happened.(他简短地向我讲了已发生地事情. )此处 in brief 等于 briefly.此处,in brief(=in a word, in short)简言之(作插入语)
  1)It is a long letter, but in brief, he says "No".(这是一封长信,但简言之,他说"不".)
  2)John is smart, polite, and well-behaved. In brief, he is admirable.此句中 in brief 意为 in a word 或 in short. in short 作插入语,其意思是 in a word(总之).In detail 详细地.In all 总计,总共: There are 20 in all. 2
  77. She got married although her parents had not given her their . A. allowance B. consent C. permit D. appreciation
[答案]B. consent. [注释]consent n. 同意,赞成;consent (to) vi.同意,如:consent to a plan(同意一 项计划).allowance 津贴.permit 执照,许可证. 2
  78. The rain was heavy and the land was flooded. A. consequently C. continuously B. constantly D. consistently
[答案]A. consequently. [注释]consequently (as a result)因而,所以.
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  79. Magnificent views over the countryside have often people to write poems. A. convinced B. inspired C. induced D. attracted
[答案]B. inspired. [注释]inspired 鼓舞, 激励, 产生:
  1)His speech inspired us to try again.
  2)He inspired confidence in me.(他使我产生信心.)
  3)The good news inspired us with hope.(这个 好消息使我们产生希望.) 2
  80. From the cheers and shouts of , I gathered that he was winning the race. 280 A. stimulus B. urgency C. encouragement D. promotion [答案]C. encouragement. [注释]encouragement 鼓励,支持:shouts of encouragement(鼓励的欢呼声). 本题译文:从欢呼声和鼓励声中,我猜想他正在赢得这场竞赛. 2
  81. 281 She once again went through her composition carefully to all spelling mistakes from it. A.withdraw B.abandon [答案]D. eliminate. [注释]eliminate(=get rid of, do away with)消除,排除,淘汰:
  1) Can the government eliminate poverty?(政府能否消除贫困?)
  2)eliminate slang words form an essay(从 文章中去掉俚语词). 2
  82. 282 When the little child caught sight of the young woman in white he started brawling immediately. A. dressed B. wearing C. worn D. putting on [答案]A. dressed. [注释]be dressed in 穿这......衣服.Wear 意为"穿着"是及物动词,语法结构上与本 题不符.Put on 穿上,强调的动作. 2
  83. 283 Some areas, their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated. A. due to B. but for C. in spite of D.with relation to [答案]A. due to. [注释]due to 由于.有些语言专家认为 due to 引导的短语,在句中只能作表语,如:
  1)His absence was due to the storm.
  2)The delay was due to heavy traffic.
  3)This accident was due to his carelessness.但现代英语里 due to 引导的短语可以作状语用,如:He
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C.diminish D.eliminate
failed due to carelessness. Due to heavy traffic, he was late for an hour or so. 2
  84. 284 Many university courses are not really to the needs of students or their future employers. A.associated B. relative [答案]C. geared. [注释]be geared to 与......相连接的,与......搭配得上的.Be relative to 与...... 有 关 的 :This is not relative to the accident.( 这 和这 次 事故 无 关.) 本 题 意指 courses(课程)是否与 needs(需要)挂得上钩,而不是一般得有点关系,故应选 geared. 2
  85. 285 If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right. A. get off B. come across [答案]D. get over. [注释]get over (difficulties)克服(困难) . 2
  86. Be careful how you that jug, it will break very easily. A. pour B. operate C. handle D. em



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