备战 2010 高考英语:高频词汇 400 题及详解注释(七)
  01. 301 The writer was always looking for suitable to use in his next story. A. contents B. articles C. notions D. ideas
[答案] D. ideas. [注释] idea(= thought; picture in mind)念头,思想,想法. 3
  02. 302 He gave me some very advice on buying a house. A. precious B. worthy C. precise D. valuable
[答案] D. valuable. [注释] valuable 宝贵的,有价值的,常可修饰 advice, suggestion, assistance, discovery 等名词. precious"贵重的"如: precious metals(贵金 属),precious stone(宝石). 3
  03. You will get to the church more quickly if you take this across the fields. A. track B. passage C. method D. journey
[答案] A. track. [注释] track(=path made by frequent use)意指"(常走而踏成的)小径",如:a track across the moor(越过荒野的小径).passage"通路",如:force a passage through a crowd(在人群中挤出的一条通路). 可见此处选 passage 不妥. 3
  04. 304 A landing on Mars is within the of current physical theory. A. scheme B. scope C. scrap D. scale
[答案] B . scope. [注释] scope 范围,活动范围,理解犯围: 1 Many words are outside the scope of this dictionary. (许多单词是超出了这本词典的范围.) 2 Very hard words are not within the scope of a child's understanding.(非常难懂的 词是超出了一个孩子的理解范围.) 3 Economics is beyond the scope of a child's mind.(经济学是孩子理解不了的.) 3
  05. He was by a bee when he was collecting the honey. A. scratched [答案] C. stung. [注释] sting 刺,蛰,叮.在英语中蜜蜂蛰用 sting ;而蚊子"叮"用 bite, 如: A B. pricked C. stung D. bitten
mosquito just bit me.(狗,蛇,咬),钧用 bite ,scratch 搔,prick vt. 扎(穿),刺 (穿) 3
  06. 306 Don't go too far into the sea, children, or the waves will you off your feet. A. flow B. cut C. press D. sweep
[答案] D. sweep. [注释] sweep sb,off sb's feet 由两层意思,直义为"(浪等)把某人冲倒", 转义是 "使产生强烈的好感,使完全信服",如: His speech swept them off their feet.(他 的演说使他们五体投地.) 3
  07. 307 The store had no more red shoes , so Mary chose brown ones instead. A. in demand B. in store [答案] D. in stock. [注释] in stock(=having sth. ready to sell or use;in present supply) 有 现货供 应: The shop has suger in stock.(这个商店有白糖供应.) in demand(=needed;wanted;) 有需求: The book about dogs was much in demand in the library.(=Many people wanted to read the book about dogs that in the library.) in need(=in poverty,in trouble) 在贫困中,在困难中: A friend in need is a friend indeed.(A friend who helps when one is in trouble is areal friend.) in store(=saved up in case of need; ready for use for some purpose) 储备待用:于 If the electricity goes off,we have candles in the closet.(=We have candles put away if we need them for light.)(如果电灯灭了, 我们壁橱里还备有蜡烛.) [注意] in stock 强调商店备有现货以供出售, in store 则指储备物品以供急 需使用. 而 此外 in store 还可以表示"等待着,必将发生".例如: I have a surprise in store for you.(我有一个你料想不到的消息要告诉你.) 本题译文: 这家商店没有红鞋供应,所以玛丽买了一双宗色的鞋. 3
  08. Bill is not a fast runner and he doesn't have a chance of winning the marathon, but he will the race even if he finishes last. A. keep on B. keep to C. stick out D. stick to C. in need D. in stock
[答案] C. stick out. [注释] stick out(=keep on doing sth.until it is done,no matter how long,hard,
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or unpleasant) 坚持下去: Mathematics is hard,but if you stick it out you will understanding it(=Mathematics is hard,but if you keep on working hard at it you will learn it.) 此外,stick on 还可表示 (stand out) 突出: The skyscraper sticks out against the bkue sky.(这幢摩 天大楼映着蓝图显得格外突出.) [注意] stick out 与 keep to 均有"坚持"的含义.stick out 特指"坚持下功夫 干一 件事,不完成决不收兵";而 keep to 则强调"坚持,遵守,坚守"诺言, 规则,原则, 精神,岗位.可见,keep to 的英文释义为 ability by;adhere to,stick closely to. 例如: keep to one's promise(遵守诺言);keep to the rules of a game(遵守比赛规则); keep to a principle(坚持原则);keep one's pos(坚守岗位).因此,我们可以说 keep to 相当于 stick to,而区别于 stick out. 3
  09. 309 Can you me two hundred copies of this article by tomorrow. A. give .. out C. write .. off [答案] D. run…off. [注释] run off(=produce with a printing press or duplicating machine)印刷,复印: The print shop ran off a thousand copies of the newspaper.(=The print shop printed 1000 copies of the newspaper.) write off 报废,勾销.参阅Ⅲ.2
  00.注释.give out 分发,发出.send in 呈报,递交, 送上: 1 Have you sent in your application?(你是否已递交了你的申请书?) 2 He sent in two oil paintings for the exhibition.(他送上两幅油画参展.) 3
  10. 310 The current political of our country is favorable for foreign investments. A. climate B. weather C. state D. occasion B. send .. in D. run .. off
[答案] A. climate. [注释] climate 指某一地区的长期气侯,而 weather 则指某一天的"天气".本题中的 climate(=the general temper or opinion of a group of the people or period of history) 指"某一团体历史时期的总的状况和民意".例如: climate of the political unrest 不 稳定的政治状况. state(=condition) 状态; in a state of 处于某种状态. 例如: 1 The be room was in a very dirty state. 2 She is in a state of confusion.(她处于慌乱状 态.) 由上可见,climate 最合题意.
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本题译文: 我国目前的政治气候有利于外国的投资. 3
  11. 311 It was with great delight that I read in your February the letter to the Editor written by Prof. Johnson. A. issue B. printing C. magazine D. copy
[答案] A. issue. [注释] 根据题意,此处是指某杂志二月份的那一期,故应选 issue.printing 印刷;印 刷术.至于 copy 与 issue 的区别,copy 指书刊的"本,册";而 issue 是指报刊或杂 志的"期". 本题译文: 非常高兴地拜读了贵刊二月的一期中所登载的约翰逊教授致编辑的信. 3
  12. 312 What I'm telling you is strictly . Do not let anyone know of it. A. secretive B. special [答案] D. confidential. [注释] confidential(=spoken or written in secret) 机密的, 应保密的:The information is confidential. special 专门的,专用的: a special car(专车).individual 个别的, 单个的.secretive(=fond of keeping secrets) 爱保密的,守口如瓶的. 本题译文: 我现在告诉你的事是保密的,千万别让人知道. 3
  13. 313 The author had qualified as a doctor but later gave up the of medicine for full-time writing. A. prescriptionB. procedure C. treatment D. practice [答案] D. practice. [注释] practice(医生或律师的)业务,生意: 1 The lawer has a very good practice. 2 We call a doctor's work and the number of patients he look after his practice.(我 们把医生的工作和医治病人的数目称为开业状况.) prescription 药方;procedure 程序,手续;treatment 治疗,待遇. 本题译文: 这位作者当过医生,但后来放弃开业,专搞写作. 3
  14. 314 Julie is one of those women who always the latest fashions. A. put up with C. get on with B. come up with D. keep up with C. individual D.confidential
[答案] D. keep up with. [注释] keep up with 跟上,与……并驾齐驱;及时了解.put up with 忍受;get on with
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有进展;生活得……;come up with 提出. 本题译文: 朱莉是那些总赶时髦的女子之一. 3
  15. 315 Having made his first film earlier this year, he is starting in a new one. A. currently B. actually C. recently D. lately
[答案] A. currently. [注释] currently 目前;actually 实际上;recently 近来;lately(=recently) 近 来.start in(on) 开始(做某事), 常用于口语中, 1 Fred started in wedding the garden. 如: (弗雷得开始在花园里除草.) 2 If we start in at once,we shall get the job finished early. (如果我们马上开始,我们可以早点完成这项工作.) 3
  16. My house is very for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from the station. A. comfortable B. suitable [答案] C. convenient. [注释]convenient 方便的.suitable 也可接 for,但其词义和本题不符,故不能选. 3
  17. When college students future employment, they often think of status, income, and prestige. A. demand B. assume C. apply D. anticipate C. convenient D. available
[答案] D. anticipate. [注释] anticipate 预料,期望,预望:The first question is one the John has anticipated. (第一个问题是约翰已经预料到的) 3
  18. 318 Alice her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he would live with them. A.convinced B.reinforced C.pledged D.required
[答案] A. convince [注释]convince sb. +that 从句意为"使……相信,说服……".reinforce 加强,增强. pledge 发誓,保证. 3
  19. 319 Neither of them thought highly of him and they both tried to him in his work. A.hamper
C.depress D.prevent
[答案] A. hamper. [注释] hamper(=hinder)阻碍.prevent 防止,后接 from. 3
  20. She chose cushions of a color which would her carpet. A. equal B. agree C. help D. match [答案] D. match. [注释] match vt. 匹配;相配: 1 You can't match him in his knowledge of wild plants.(在野生植物知识方面,你无阀于他相比.) 2 Her hat does match her dress.(她 的帽子与她的衣服不配.)match vi. 相配: These gloves don't match. 3
  21. 321 We finally managed to the committee's approval of our plans. A. secure B. arouse C. acquire D. exert
[答案] A. secure. [注释] secure 与 acquire 钧有"得到"的含义, secure vt. 此处的意思是(=succeed 但 in getting sth. for which there is a great demand)"获得(所需之物)".acquire"获 得,求得",尤其指由于自己的努力,能力,技术而使原有的东西变得更多,并表示一经 求得,即成永久的所有物: The boy has acquire a fire knowledge of geography.(这男 孩已得到一点地理知识.)可见,根据题意应选 secure. 3
  22. 322 I have such a bad cold that I have lost all of smell. A. degree B. sense C. strength D. scent
[答案] B. sense. [注释] sense 意为"(五官的)感觉",如: People have five senses: sight,hearing, smell,taste and touch. scent 气味,香味. 3
  23. 323 She is so that she cried for days when her pet rabbit died. A. sensitive B. sensible C. imaginative D.impressive [答案] A. sensitive [注释] sensitive 敏感的(to),易受伤害的,灵敏的.sensible 明智的(of),通情达理的. imaginative 有想象力.impressive 的给人留下印象的,感人的. 3
  24. The lorry driver was badly when his lorry crashed into a wall. A. damaged B. hit C. hurt D. harmed
[答案] C. hurt [注释] damage 损坏;harm 对......有害;hurt(精神上或肉体上)伤害; hit 打击;pain(精
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神上或肉体上)痛苦. 3
  25. 325 I caught a of the car before it disappeared around the bend. A. glance B. glimpse C. glare D. gleam [答案] B. glimpse [注释] catch (or get) a glimpse of 瞥见(强调行为的结果).take a glance (or look) at 看一眼(强调行为过程本身). 3
  26. The car salesman took the customer for a driver in the new model in order 326 to its improved features. A. advocate B.demonstrate C.exhibit D. reveal
[答案] B. demonstrate [注释] advocate 拥护,提倡.exhibit 展览,陈列.reveal 揭示,暴露.demonstrate(=show clearly by giving proof or example)(用实例,证据)证明,表演. 3
  27. 327 The rainbow as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds. A. dissolved B. removed C. resigned D. disappeared
[答案] D. disappeared [注释]disappear 消失.dissolve 溶解.remove 去除.resign 辞去,辞职.retire 退休. 3
  28. All too it was time to go back to school after the glorious summer holidays. A. often B. fast C. soon D. late
[答案] C. soon [注释]all too 实在太......,all too soon 意为太快了,带有惋惜的意味,如:Tom had snatched a short holiday from his work to come here. He said it ended all too soon. (汤姆趁工作之暇匆匆来此渡一短假,他说,假期过得太快了. ) 3
  29. 329 Deserts, dry areas with no vegetation, cover more than one-third of the Earth's land surface. A. surprisingly C. permanently [答案] D. virtually [注释]virtually(=almost, very nearly; in every way that is really important)几 乎,事实上,实际上;My book is virtually finished; I have only a few changes to
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B. eventually D. virtually



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