备战 2010 高考英语:高频词汇 400 题及详解注释(四)
  51. 151 We can't one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time. A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine
[答案]C. expert. [注释]expert 期望,盼望,表示认为有很大的客观可能性,例如:I expert the work to be finished by Friday.(我期望这项工作能在星期五前做完. )wait for ... to do sth. 等待,等待......做......,强调"等"这一动词的本身,如:The audience are waiting eagerly for the performance to begin.(观众正等着演出开始. )本题如改为这样: waited I for him to arrive in time for dinner, but he didn't come.(我等他来赶上晚餐,但 他没有来. )则句子使是对的. 由此可见, expect 是表示"期待", wait for 是表示"等 而 待",词义完全不同.注意 hope 后不能接 sb. to do sth..imagine being on the moon.
  3)I'm sorry, but I can't imagine anyone doing research like that.(很遗憾,我不 能想象人家那样做实验.) 本题译文:我们不能期望一个人在这样短的时间内改变一辈子养成的习惯. 1
  52. 152 It was necessary to the factory building as the company was doing more and more business. A. extend [答案]A. extend. [注释]本题中 extend 意为"扩大". lengthen 拉长,延长. magnify 放大. Spread vi. 传 播;vt.展开;He spread butter on the toast.(他在烤面包上涂上奶油.) 1
  53. I asked the tailor to make a small to my trousers because they were too long. A. change B. variation C. revision D. alteration [答案]D alteration. [注释]alteration 修正,更改,尤指部分的改变.Change 改变,变化,可指表面的,本 质的,内在的变化.Revision 修订,修正,常指文章,词典,剧本等的修改,订正. Variation(形式,位置,条件的)变化,改变,变动:We need some variation in our daily routine.(我们的例行公事需要作些变动.) 1
  54. 154 Because of the strong sun Mrs. William's new dining room curtains from B. increase C. lengthen D. magnify
dark blue to gray within a year. A. faded B. fainted C. paled D. diminished
[答案]A. faded. [注释]fade vt/vi 褪色. Faint 晕到, 变得虚弱: fainted from hunger. Diminish vt./vi. He 减少:
  1)His illness diminished his strength.
  2)The campers' food supply diminished as the days wore on.(随着日子的缓缓消逝,野营者的食品供应日益减少.)pale 变苍白. 1
  55. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent. , I can't speak too 155 highly of him. A. As a result C. On the whole [答案]D. In a word. [注释]in a word(=in short)总之,简言之. 本题是测试"过度词",考生务必根据上下文的逻辑关系来选择适当的过渡词,使句子的 意思前后连贯. 1
  56. 156 Evidence obtained from observation and experiment is often used to a scientific theory. A. confirm [答案]A. confirm. [注释] confirm(=support; make certain; give proof of)证实,确实:
  1)Please confirm your telephone message in writing.(请把你电话中所说的话再用文字复述一篇.)
  2)The king confirmed that the election would be on June 20th.(国王确认,这次选择将于 六月二十日举行.)confine...to 把......限制于:Please confine your remarks to the subject we are talking about.(请把你的话限止于我们正在谈论的题目.)conform (to) 使一致,符合,遵守.Conceive
  1)想到,想出:He very quickly conceived a new plan.[注 意]conceive of 想象:They could not conceive of the possibility of failure.(他们 不能想象失败的可能.) 1
  57. Political parties often differ in their views on various concerning their own countries. A. ways B. measures C. issues D. patterns B. confine C. conform D. conceive B. By the way D. In a word
[答案]c. issues.
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[注释]issue 此处意为"重大问题".measure 措施,虽然填入本题也说得过去,但不够贴 切.pattern 模式,图案,图样.与题意不符,不能入选.way 方法,方式. 1
  58. 158 his knowledge of the mountainous country, John Smith was appointed as our guide. A. In spite of C. Regardless of [答案]B. On account of [注释]on account of(=because of)由于, 因为. regardless of(=without worrying about) 不顾;Regardless of danger, he climbed the tower. 1
  59. 159 The lawyer was expected to some proposals after reading all those documents. A. come up with C. look up to B. put up with D. keep up with B. On account of D. Instead of
[答案]A. come up with. [注释]come up with 提出.参阅Ⅲ,
  33.注释.Put up with 忍受;keep up with 跟上, 与......保持一致;look up to 尊敬. 1
  60. While typing, Helen has a habit of stopping to give her long and flowing hair a smooth. A. occasionally C. eventually B. simultaneously D. directly
[答案]A. occasionally. [注释]occasionally 偶尔.参阅 IV.137 注释.Simultaniously 同时地; 接 1
  61. 161 In my opinion, you can widen the of these improvements through your active participation. A. dimension [答案]D. scope. [注释]scope(=the area within the limits of a questions, subject ect. ; range)(活 动)范围,机会,余地:The politics of a country would be outside the scope of a book for tourists.(一个国家的政治不属于旅游手册的内容范围之内.)
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directly 直
B. volume
C. magnitude
D. scope
dimension 尺寸,尺度;magnitude 大小,数量;volume 体积.均不切题,不能入选. 本题译文:依我看,通过你的积极参与,你能够扩大这些改进措施的范围. 1
  62. 162 The noise was so that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it. A. dim B. soft C. faint D. gentle
[答案]c. faint. [注释]faint(=weak, indistinct; not clear)"微弱的,模糊的,不清楚的".Dim(=not bright, not clearly to be seen)不亮的,看不清的;the dim light of a candle(微弱 的烛光). 1
  63. 163 If he refuses to my plan, I can probably find someone more cooperative. A. put up with C. do away with B. fall in with D. get along with
[答案]B. fall in with. [注释]fall in with(=agree to)同意:Is it true that you have fallen in with them?(你 真的同意他们的意见吗?)put up with 忍受.do away with 废除;杀死.get along with 进行,进展;相处. 本题译文:如果他不肯同意我的计划,我或许能找一个更能合作的人. 1
  64. 164 Some people either avoid questions of right and wrong or remain neutral about them. A. violently B. sincerely [答案]D. deliberately. [注释]deliberately(=on purpose)故意地.Sincerely 真诚地;violently 强暴的,激烈 的,暴力引起的.properly
  1)好好地,恰当地;She never makes any attempt to clean it properly.(她从来也不打算好好地把它擦干净.)
  2)严格地:Properly speaking, a whale is not a fish.(严格地说,鲸鱼不是鱼.) 1
  65. 165 Her skirt had been so in packing that she had to iron it before going out. A. faded B. torn C. dirty D. crushed C. properly D. deliberately
[答案]D. crushed. [注释]crush 把......弄皱.因为后半句中 iron 指"熨平",所以不能选其他答案了.
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  66. 166 His landlady gave him a week's to leave the flat. A. threat [答案]B. notice. [注释]notice 预先通知(尤用雇主,雇员或房东,房客之间) :give one's employee a month's notice (通知雇员一个月后离职). 本题译文:他的女房东通知他一周后从套间搬走. 1
  67. Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not 167 more expensive than, at the other store. A. anyone B. the others C. that D. the ones B. notice C. advice D. caution
[答案]D. the ones [注释]代词 one 可以用来替代前面提到过的名词, 以避免重复. 如果它替代的名词是复数, 则用 ones.本题中它代替 refrigerators;因特指,故用 the ones. 1
  68. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above . A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal
[答案]D. normal [注释]normal 正常的;ordinary 普通的;usual 平常的;regular 有规律的,定期的. 1
  69. 169 With the change of the economic foundation the entire immense superstructure is rapidly transformed. A. anything but B. more or less C. at large D. any more [答案]B. more or less. [注释]more or less 或多或少地;anything but 根本不;at large 大体上;逍遥法外; 详细地. 本题译文:随着经济基础的改变,整个庞大的上层建筑也或多或少地发生变革. 1
  70. 170 The author of the report is well with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years. A. acquainted B. informed [答案]A. acquainted. [注释]be acquainted with 熟悉,be well informed of(about)对......消息灵通.可见, 此题中应用 acquainted,因为后面地介词是 with. 1
  71. 171 It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in
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C. enlightened D. advised
which a central must be taken by scientists and technologists. A. process B. attention C. measure D. part
[答案]D. part. [注释]take part in 参加. 本题译文:显然,整个世界正经历着一场社会革命;科学家和技术人员必定是这场革命地 主要参加者. 1
  72. The farmers were more anxious for rain than the people in the city because 172 they had more . A. at length B. at last C. at stake D. at ease
[答案]C. at stake. [注释]at stake(=to be won or lost; risked, depending upon the result of sth.) 在危险中; 利害攸关; life itself was at stake.(他的生命本身濒临危险. His ); at last 最终;at length 详细地;at ease 安详,自在,随便,不拘束:She knew he was not at ease.(她知道,他并不自在.) 本题译文:农民们比城里人更渴望鱼,因为雨水对农民来说关系更大. 1
  73. 173 When the big bills for mother's hospital care came, father was glad he had money in the bank to . A. fall short of C. fall back on [答案]C. fall back on. [注释]fall back on 求助于.参阅Ⅲ.48 注释. Fall short of 没达到,低于:
  1)He fell short of what we had expected.(他没有达到 我们的期望.)
  2)The measures proposed fall far short of what is required.(所提 出的这些措施远没达到需要的 目标.)Fall in with 与......一致,符合;同意,赞成, 支持.Fall through 落空.参阅Ⅲ.49 注释. 本题译文: 母亲在医院就医的各种帐单送来时, 父亲高兴的是他可用银行里的存款来支付. 1
  74. These plastic flowers look so that many people think they are real. 174 A. beautiful B. natural C. artificial D. similar B. fall through D. fall in with
[答案]B. natural.
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[注释]natural 自然的,与后半句"许多人认为它们是真的"相呼应. 1
  75. 175 The managing director promised that he would me as soon as he had any further information. A. communicate [答案]C. notify. [注释]notify 通知.Notice n.通知;v.注意到;note n.笔记;v.记下,摘下. 1
  76. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had to visit London on business. A. opportunity B. possibility C. occasion D. chance [答案]C. occasion [注释] occasion 作可数名词时,意为"时机",作不可数名词时,意为"必要",本题 中 occasion 意为"必要".从句语法结构上看,本句中用 opportunity(难得的)机会, chance(偶然的)机会均可,但按逻辑意思,应用 occasion. 1
  77. The most important of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. element [答案]D. point. [注释]point(=chief idea of sth. said, done, or planned)要点;论点,主旨:I don't see your point.(我不明白你的意思.)He said nothing to the point.(他说的不切题.) 1
  78. It has always been the of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities. A. plan B. campaign C. procedure D. policy B. spot C. sense D. point B. notice C. notify D. note
[答案]D. policy. [注释]policy(尤指政党, 政府,大企业, 商行等的)政策,方针.Campaign(政治或竞选的) 运动; (军事的)行动,procedure 做事的手续,程序,rule 规则,plan 计划,均不合题 意. 本题译文:本公司的一贯方针是鼓励工人参加社会活动. 1
  79. 179 The climbers their ambition by reaching the summit of the mountain. A. obtained B. sustained C. maintained D. realized
[答案]D. realised.
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[注释]realise sth. by doing sth. else 通过做......来实现........ 1
  80. I remember her face but I cannot where I met her. A. recall B. remind C. remember D. remark
[答案]A. recall. [注释]recall(=bring back to the mind)想起,回忆起:But I really cann't recall your name at his moment. Remind sb. of ...使......想起:
  1)The photo reminds me of my late father.(这张照 片使我想起已故的父亲.)
  2)The sight of the clock reminded me that I was late.Remind sb. to sth.提醒......做......;Please remind me to write the letter. 1
  81. 181 He has left his book here on , so t



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