专题十七 专题十七 定语从句
【测试卷】 测试卷】
基础过关】 【A 组:基础过关】

  1. This is the factory he visited last year A. What B. that C. when D. where

  2. is known to everybody, the noon travels around the earth once every month. A. It B. As C. That D. What

  3. After living in Pairs for fifty years he returned to the small town he grew up as a child. A. which B. where C. that D. when

  4. Many factors influence a student in his/her study, I think are out of a teacher’s control. A. most of them C. most of what B. most of which D. most of that

  5.? Obama won the election. It’s amazing! ? Yes. But the result was within we had expected, brought great joy to many young people and the black. A. that; which C. what; what B. that; that D. what; which

  6. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why

  7. It was in the factory his friend worked he picked up a lot of experience. A. where, where C. that, that B. that, where D. where, that

  8. Today the public is much concerned about the way . A.nature is being ruined C.on which to ruin nature B.which nature is ruined D.of nature to be ruined

  9. Young people who have got jobs may realize university lessons can’t be the only preparation for all of the situations appear in the working world. A. where B. when C. that D. what

  10. Is it the years literary works?
you worked in Africa as a doctor have a great effect on your
A. that; where C. when; where
B. that; that D. when; that
能力突破】 【B 组:能力突破】

  1. The English play my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success. A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which

  2. Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others, , of course, made the others envy him. A. who B. that C. what D. which

  3. If a shop has chairs women can park their men, women will spend more time in the shop. A. that B. which C. when D. where

  4. Women drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a greater chance of having heart disease than those don’t. A. who ; 不填 C. who ; who
  5. The Beatles, A. what B. that B. 不填 ; who D. 不填; 不填 many of you are old enough to remember, came from Liverpool. C. how D. as

  6.. Some pre-school children go to a day care center, they learn simple games and songs. A. then B. there C. while D. where

  7. The book was written in 1946, the education system has witnessed great charges. A.when B.during which C.since then D.since when

  8. Was it in the waiting room only allows mothers-to-be to enter that you lost your wallet? A. /
  9.Obama, B. where C. that D. when
life was once hard when he was young, were elected President of American. B. who C. to whom D. /
A. for whom
has been announced, our government will take more measures to make the falling economics
recover as soon as possible. A That B As C It D What caused a lot of disagreements in the

  11. Lee Yu chun was titled as the top thin beauty in Ansia , field of entertainment. A. that B. which C as
D it
12 There were so many attractions in Disney Park. After lunch we came to a place, stood a big tower. A. which B. that C. / D. where

  13. A political advisor suggested giving out red pockets to the whole nation directly to encourage economics,I believe is of great value. A that B. / C. which D. why
14 Is this the website A. who; to add C. whom; adding
you want to have into your files to help you learn English? B. that; add D. that; added some citizens ,especially some famous people, have

  15. We have heard of many cases
suffered because personal information had been leaked. A. why B. which C. as D. where
高考试题】 【C 组:高考试题】

  1.(09 安徽)
  30. Many children, taken good care of in the village. A. their C. of them B. whose D. with whom parents are away working in big cities,are

  2.(09 北京)
  26. ?What do you think of teaching, Bob? ?I find it fun and challenging. It is a job you are doing something serious but interesting. A. where B. Which C. When D. that they can see

  3.(09 福建)
  24. It’s helpful to put children in a situation themselves differently. A. that B. when C. which D. where

  4.(09 海南、宁夏卷)
  28. She brought with her three friends, none of ever met before. A. them C. whom B. who D. these
I had

  5.(09 湖南卷)
  26.I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city picture of beautiful trees and green grass in our mind.
name will create a
A. which
B. of which
C. that
D. whose

  6.(09 江西)
  26. The house I grew up has been taken down and replaced by an office building. A. in it B. in C. in that D. in which

  7.(09 辽宁)
  23. They’ve won their last three matches. I find a bit surprising A. that C. what B. when D. which was very kind of him.

  8.(09 全国卷
  17. My friend showed me round the town, A. which B. that C. where D. it

  9.(09 山东卷)
  24. Whenever I met her, was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile. A. who B. which C. when D. that I had ever met

  10.(09 海南)
  7. She brought with her three friends, none of before. A. them C. whom B. who D. these

  11.(09 陕西卷)
  11. Gun control is a subject A. of which B. with which
Americans have argued for a long time. D. into which
C. about which

  12.(09 四川卷)
  20. She’ll never forget her stay there she found her son who had gone missing two years before. A. that B. which C. where D. when

  13.(09 天津卷)
  14. I travel to the Binhai New Area by light railway every day, do many businessmen who live in downtown Tianjin. A. as B. which C. when D. though I am supposed to make decisions

  14.(09 浙江卷)
  14. I have reached a point in my life of my own. A. which B. where C. how D. why

  15.(09 重庆卷)
  34. Life is like a ling race ourselves. A. why B. what C. that D. where
we compete with others to go beyond

  16.(09 全国 2 )
  15. My friend showed me round the town,
was very kind of him.
A. which
B. that
C. where
D. it

  17.(09 天津卷)
  5. A person e-mail account is full won’t be able to send or receive any e-mails. A. who B. whom C. whose D. whoever

  18. (2008 江苏,
  24) The Science Museum, we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions. A. which B. what C. that D. where

  19. (20
  8)Yesterday she sold her car, she bought a month ago. A. when B. where C. that D. which

  20. (20
  31)By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, appeared a rare rainbow soon. A. of which B. on which C. from which D. above which



   专题十七 专题十七 定语从句 【测试卷】 测试卷】 基础过关】 【A 组:基础过关】 1. This is the factory he visited last year A. What B. that C. when D. where 2. is known to everybody, the noon travels around the earth once every month. A. It B. As C. That D. What 3. After living in Pai ...

2011高考英语复习 定语从句10大金律

   定语从句 10 大金律 1.定语从句的结构:名词+关系词+从句 定语从句的结构:名词+关系词+ 理论上, 理论上,定语从句必须紧紧跟着 它所修饰的名词, 它所修饰的名词,中间不得添加任何成 分。 2.只用 that 引导的几种情况 that 在限制性定语从句中既可指人又 可指事或物。 在下列情况下, 可指事或物。 在下列情况下, 只能用 that 来引导定语从句: 来引导定语从句: a.先行词是 a.先行词是 all , much, few, little, nothing, everyth ...


   第十讲 定语从句 用来说明主句中某一名词或代词(有时也可说明整个主句或主句中一部分)而起定语作 用的句子叫作定语从句. 一.词引导的定语从句 1. 关系代词用来指代先行词是人或物的名词或代词 例1:This is the detective who came from London. 例2:The book which I am reading is written by Tomas Hardy. 例3:The desk whose leg is broken is very old. 例4 ...

深圳中考英语总复习??定 语 从 句

   成功,从改变开始! 二, 定 语 从 句 (一) 知识概要 定语从句并不属于中考范围,但由于作者在多年的教学中体会到,这一语法现象影响了许多学生自学英语.这些 学生一般是成绩较好的学生,想进行大量阅读来提高自己的英语水平,但总是碰到一些问题,百思不得其解.苦 于自己的水平只限于初中水平, 无法提高, 但各种补习班又都是为一些水平较差的学生开设的, 所以又投师无门. 为了解决这部分学生的学习困难,也为那些有志青年铺平学习上的道路,特用这一节讲述定语从句,不是从语法 上讲述,而是从阅读理解方面 ...


   定 语 从 句 Hello!boys and girls!welcome to come here.Today we will go to a new and strange world to study Attributive clause! Would you like to go? Let's go! 定语从句 1,定语从句的基本特征 , 被定语从句修饰的先行词的特征: 一)被定语从句修饰的先行词的特征:是人还 是物,以及将要在定语从句中所充当的成份. 是物,以及将要在定语从句中所充当 ...


   你身边的高考专家 The Attributive Clause ??? 定语从句中应注意的几个问题 一、引导定语从句的关系词 指代人 who,whom, who,whom,that which, 指代事物 which,that whose, 所属关系 whose,of which 指地点 指时间 指原因 where when why 二、关系代词that和which在很多情况下可以互 关系代词 和 在很多情况下可以互 但下列情况只用that。 换,但下列情况只用 。 All can be d ...


   精品高考家教辅导系列 之 专题一 定语从句 【考点定位】 考点定位】 2010 考纲解读和近几年考点分布 定语从句是历年高考试题的考查热点之一,主要出现在"单项填空""完形填空"及"短 文改错"等题型中近几年其考点相对集中地考查非限制性定语从句关系代词和关系副词 非限制性定语从句 非限制性定语从句 的选用定语从句中主谓语的一致关系,定语从句与相似句式的用法区别以及" 的选用定语从句中主谓语的一致关系,定语从句与相似句式的用 ...


   Grammar I have an apple. The apple is red. I have an apple that/which is red. 修饰先行词 an apple I like some friends. Some friends like sports. I like frineds who/that like sports. 修饰先行词 friends Mary is a girl who has long hair. 先行词 关系词 定语从句 关系代词 事,物:w ...


   定 语 从 句 一 切 皆 有 张 语 法 知 可 春 艳 能 识 Underline the attributive clauses: Don’t forget the things that once you owned. Treasure the things that you can’t get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory. 曾经拥有的,不要忘记。不 ...


   1. Don’t talk about such things of you are not sure. A. which B. what C. as D. those 2. Is this the factory you visited the other day? A. that B. where C. in which D. the one 3. Is this factory some foreign friends visited last Friday? A. that B. w ...



   鲤鱼网(http://www.iliyu.com) 20112011-2012 考研英语词汇 第一部分 考研英语核心词汇 ??Z 记单词时不要采用从 A?? 的顺序,而是要灵活搭配,比如 A 和 J, B 和 O,C 和 ?? 的顺序,而是要灵活搭配, , , N,D 和 L 等,这样记起来既不觉得累又有成就感。一定记住吴老师的建议:每天晚上看 这样记起来既不觉得累又有成就感。一定记住吴老师的建议: , 1-2 页,把自己已经记住的暂时划出来,第二天早上无论多忙都要把前一天晚上看过的单词 把 ...


   %m=================================%n * 单词速记: * * www.easy-english.org/?id=330 * *                * * 掌握速读记忆 考试轻松如意 * * 30小时提高阅读速度5-10倍 * * 训练教程免费下载qf.jint.cn * * * * 更多资料qq351605872.ys168.com * %p========= ...


   动 名 词 一,动名词的形式 主动形式 一般式 完成式 doing having done 被动形式 being done having been done 总是在动名词前+ 否定形式 : 总是在动名词前 not 二,功能及用法 1.动名词(短语)做主语,如: 动名词(短语)做主语, Writing the book has taken up all his spare time. Seeing is believing. 注①:动名词(短语)做主语还常用于下列结构: 动名词(短语)做主语还 ...


   用适当的关系词填空: 1. I still remember the night I first came to the house. 2. I'll never forget the day we met each other last week. 3. Mr Black is going to Beijing in October, is the best season there. 4. I will never forget the days I spent with your fa ...


   定语从句 知识结构 ☆基本概念 ☆定语:用于修饰,限制名词,代词或先当于名词的短语或句子 定语:用于修饰,限制名词, 的成分.在中文中,定语一般放在所修饰的名词或代词之前;而 的成分.在中文中,定语一般放在所修饰的名词或代词之前; 在英文中则不同:单纯的形容词,分词作定语时,放在所修饰词 在英文中则不同:单纯的形容词,分词作定语时, 之前;副词,分词短语和从句作定语时,要放在所修饰词之后. 之前;副词,分词短语和从句作定语时,要放在所修饰词之后. 例如: 例如: 那个子高大聪明清秀的男孩是李 ...