it. 要不要由你。 2
  81.Take my word for it. 相信我的话。 2
  82.Take your time. 慢慢来。 2
  83.Thank you all the same. 不管怎样还是要谢谢你。 2
  84.Thank you for everything. 感谢你做的一切。 2
  85.Thanks a million. 非常感谢。 2
  86.Thanks for the warning. 谢谢你的提醒。 2
  87.That couldn't be better. 那再好不过了。 2
  88.That depends. 看情况。 2
  89.That makes sense. 那可以理解。
  90.That reminds me. 那可提醒我了。 2
  91.That rings a bell. 我总算想起来了。 2
  92.That sounds like a good idea. 那听上去是个好主意。 2
  93.That's all right. 没关系。 2
  94.That's disgusting. 真讨厌。 2
  95.That's fair. 那样公平。 2
  96.That's for sure. 那是肯定的。 2
  97.That's good to know. 幸好知道了这件事。 2
  98.That's just what I was thinking. 我也是这么想的。 2
  99.That's life. 这就是生活。 3
  00.That's more like it. 那样才像话。 3
  01.That's not a problem. 那没问题。 3
  02.That's not true. 那是不对的。 3
  03.That's OK. 可以。 3
  04.That's ridiculous. 那太荒唐了。 3
  05.That's the way I look at it, too. 我也是这么想。 3
  06.That's worthwhile. 那是值得的。 3
  07.The same to you. 你也一样。 3
  08.The shortest answer is doing. 最简短的回答是干。 3
  09.The sooner, the better. 愈快愈好。 3
  10.There is a call for you. 有你的电话。 3
  11.There is no doubt about it. 那是毫无疑问的。
  12.There is nothing I can do. 我无能为力。 3
  13.There's a possibility. 有这个可能。 3
  14.These things happen all the time. 这是常有的事。 3
  15.This soup tastes great. 这个汤非常美味。 3
  16.Time is money. 时间就是金钱。 3
  17.Tomorrow never comes. 莫依赖明天。 3
  18.Two heads are better than one. 人多智广。 3
  19.We are in the same boat. 我们的处境相同。 3
  20.We can get by. 我们过得去。 3
  21.We can work it out. 我们可以解决这个问题。 3
  22.We have a lot in common. 我们有很多相同之处。 3
  23.We'll see. 再说吧。 3
  24.What a coincidence! 真是太巧了! 3
  25.What are you up to? 你在忙什么呢? 3
  26.What are you talking about? 你在说什么? 3
  27.What are your plans for the weekend? 你周末计划做什么? 3
  28.What can I do for you? 要我帮忙吗? 3
  29.What do you do for relaxation? 你做什么消遣? 3
  30.What do you recommend? 你推荐什么? 3
  31.What do you think of my new car? 你觉得我的新车怎么样? 3
  32.What do you think of it? 你觉得怎么样? 3
  33.What is it about? 这是关于什么的?
  34.What is it like there? 那儿怎么样? 3
  35.What makes you say so? 你怎么这么说? 3
  36.What's going on? 发生什么事了? 3
  37.What's on your mind? 你在想什么呢? 3
  38.What's the deadline? 截止到什么时候? 3
  39.What's the matter with you? 你怎么啦? 3
  40.What's the purpose of your visit? 你来访的目的是什么? 3
  41.What's the weather like? 天气怎么样? 3
  42.What's your favorite food? 你最喜欢的食物是什么? 3
  43.What's your job? 你做什么工作? 3
  44.When is the most convenient time for you? 你什么时候最方便? 3
  45.When will it be ready? 什么时候能准备好? 3
  46.Where are you going? 你去哪儿? 3
  47.Where can I check in? 在那儿办理登记手续? 3
  48.Where can I go for help? 我该怎么办? 3
  49.Where do you live? 你住在哪儿? 3
  50.Where have you been? 你去哪儿了? 3
  51.Where is the rest room, please? 请问洗手间在哪儿? 3
  52.Where were we? 我们说到哪儿了? 3
  53.Who is in charge here? 这里谁负责? 3
  54.Would you care for a drink? 你要不要来点儿喝的? 3
  55.Would you do me a favor? 你能帮我一个忙吗?
  56.You are just saying that. 你只是说说而已。 3
  57.You are kidding. 你开玩笑吧。 3
  58.You are so considerate. 你真有心。 3
  59.You can count on me. 你可以指望我。 3
  60.You can say that again. 我同意。 3
  61.You can't complain. 你该知足了。 3
  62.You deserve it. 这是你应得的。 3
  63.You get what you pay for. 一分钱一分货。 3
  64.You got a good deal. 你买得真便宜。 3
  65.You need a vacation. 你需要休息。 3
  66.You never know. 世事难料。 3
  67.You said it. 你算说对了。 3
  68.You should give it a try. 你应该试一试。 3
  69.You should take advantage of it. 你应该好好利用这个机会。 3
  70.You will be better off. 你的状况会好起来的。 3
  71.You will have to wait and see. 你得等一等看。 3
  72.You'll get used to it. 你会习惯的。 3
  73.You've dialed the wrong number. 你拨错电话号码了。 3
  74.You've got a point there. 你说的有道理。 3
  75.You've got it. 你明白了。 3
  76.You've made a good choice. 你的眼力不错。 3
  77.Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 包你满意。



   篮球常用英语 2009-02-08 08:44 dunk:(强力)灌篮 bank shot:擦板球 double pump:拉杆式投篮(verb) fade-away shot:后仰式跳投 hook shot:钩射投篮 layup:带球上篮 perimeter shot:中距离投篮 NBA 各种统计术语 block shot:阻攻,盖火锅儿 defensive rebound:防守篮板球 field g ...


   中华英语学习网 官方总站: 官方总站:圣才学习网 English 1500 Basic Vocabulary n. (noun) - a name word v. (verb) - an action word ad. (adjective/adverb) - a describing word pre. (preposition) - a word used to show a relation pro. (pronou ...


   、硬件类(Hardware) 二、软件类(Software) 三、网络类(Network) 四、其它 CPU(Center Processor Unit)中央处理单元 Main board 主板 RAM(random access memory)随机存储器(内存) ROM(Read Only Memory)只读存储器 Floppy Disk 软盘 Hard Disk 硬盘 CD-ROM 光盘驱动器(光驱) monitor 监视器 keyboard 键盘 mouse 鼠标 chip 芯片 CD ...


   《英语会话》 教学大纲 课程编号 总 学 时 制订日期 136 2008.5 课程类型 理论学时 制订人 核心课 96 陈茜 适用专业 实践学时 审核人 商务英语 40 张莱 一、课程性质和任务 英语口语是英语专业的必修课程。口语是一种利用语言表达思想、进行口头交 际的能力,本课程注重培养和训练学生语言知识转换的能力,帮助学生养成良好的 口头交际的习惯:清晰、流畅、达意,使学生知道在什么场合或情景下应怎么说。 本课程的教学目的是通过大量的口语练习和实践,逐步培养和提高学生用英语进行 口头交际 ...


   ,Hey!wise up!放聪明点好吗? 2,Put up or shut up.要么你就去做,不然就给我闭嘴。 3,You eat with that mouth?你是用这张嘴吃饭的吗? 4,You are dead meat.你死定了。 5,Don't you dare!How dare you!你好大的胆子啊! 6,Don't push me around.不要摆布我。 7,You want to step outside?想到外去单挑吗? 1. Stop complaining! 别发 ...


   每天读一遍,坚持27天,你的英语水平就可以达到跟美国人交流的水平啦! What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?) Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。) How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?) Just because.(没有别的原因。) It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。) You will never guess.(你永远猜不到。) No one could ...


   银行英语会话第 1 课 lesson 1 Welcome Customers 迎宾 [00:00.00]听力课堂网( 1 Welcome Customers [00:01.46]第一课 迎宾 [00:02.93]Key Sentences [00:04.22]重点句型 [00:05.51]Good morning,sir.Good afternoon,madam. [00:10.44]先生,早上好.夫人,下午好. [00:15.36]Hello,Mr. ...


   打招呼九句 只要是朋友都能用的: How's everything? 一切都好? What's new? 有什么新鲜事? What's up? 近况如何? What's happening? 在忙什么? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外 How are you? 你好吗? 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人 Nice to see you again. 很高兴再见到你。 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: 见面的朋友 ...


   The doctor is very patient with his patients. 那位医师对病人十分耐心. 她有足够的钱购买生活必需品. She has enough money to obtain the necessaries of life. I'd like to add some pepper to the bean curd. I fancy an Indian take-away. 我想在豆腐里加一点辣椒粉 我想吃外卖的印度饭菜. 粘土,蜡和石膏是可塑物质. 我从学校 ...


   A. array数组 apple苹果 add 增加 accessible 可存取的 area面积 audio 音 频 addition 加法 action 行动 arithmetic 算法 adjustment 调整 actual 真实的 argument 参量 abstract 抽象ascent 提升 already 已经 AWT(Abstract Window Toolkit)抽象窗口工具 API(Application Programming Interface)应用 ...



   安徽省2004年中考英语试题 听力( 大题 满分30分 大题, 第一部分 听力(共5大题,满分 分) I、 关键词语(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 这一大题共有10小题,在每小题内,你将听到1个句子,并看到供你选择的4个单词或短语, 每个句子念2遍。请在每小题A.B.C.D 4个选项中选出一个你所听到的单词或短语。 1. A.plant B.plate C.plane D.plan 2. A.walk B.wake D.wait 3. A.patient B ...


   2010 初三英语模拟考试 本试卷共五大题,满分 135 分。考试时间 120 分钟。 一、听力测试 听力理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 第一节 听力理解 听下面一段对话,回答第 1 小题。 1.How much is the dictionary the man wants? A.$30. B.$55. C.$75. 2010-4-29 听下面一段对话,回答第 2-3 两个小题。 2. How long has the man had the car? A. 10 ...


   英语高级写作必背 200 句(英汉对照) 1. According to a recent survey, four million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking. 依照最近的一项调查,每年有 4,000,000 人死于与吸烟有关的疾病. 2. The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with hom ...


   高考资源网( 您身边的高考专家 动词时态 时态专项训练 牛津高二英语 M6 动词时态专项训练 班级 姓名 1. The house belongs to my aunt but she here any more. A. hasn't lived B. didn't live C. hadn't lived D. doesn't live 2. Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it yesterday. A. was hap ...


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