对话 1 个人预订 R: Reservationist
G: Gusest
Good morning , room reservations . Can I help you ?
早晨好!订房部,我能为你效劳吗? G: I would like to book a room in your hotel. 我想在你们的酒店订一个房间. R: What kind of room would you prefer ? A single room or a double room? 你喜欢什么样的房间,单人房还是双人房? G; A double room ,please. 双人房 R: From which date and for how many nights? 由什么时候开始?打算住多久呢? G: From July 25 to July 28 . 由 7 月 25 日至 7 月 28 日. R: Could you please hold on ? I’ll check our rooms’ availability . (After a while ) Yes, sir. We do have a double room for those days but it is with a double bed . not twin beds . Would you mind that ? 请别挂断,让我查看那几天有没有空房间.(过了一会)对了,我们在这段日子里有一间双人房,但那是双人床的 房间,而并非两张单人床的,请问你介意吗? G: That’s O.K. I’ll be with my wife . What’s the rate? 没问题,我跟太太一起.价钱多少? R: It is one hundred and twenty U.S. dollars per night. 一百二十美元一晚 G: I’ll take that. 就这样吧 R: May I have your name, please? 请问贵姓 G: Yes, it is Bruce. 我叫布鲁斯 R: How do you spell it , please? 请告诉我怎样拼. G: B-R-U-C-E. R-R-U-C-E R: And your initials, please? 还有阁下名字的第一个字母? G: J.K J.K R: May I have your phone number, Mr Bruce ?
布鲁斯先生,请告诉我你的电话号码. G: 27854466 27854466 R: At what time will you arrive? 你预计什么时候会抵达? R: Around 4P.m. 约下午四时吧 R: I would like to confirm your reservation. A double room for Mr and Mrs Bruce at one hundred and twenty U.S. dollars per night from July 25 to July
  28. Is that correct? 让我确认阁下的预约.布鲁斯夫妇预订一间双人房,由 7 月 25 日至 7 月 28 日, 每晚费用为一百二十美元,对吗? G: Exactly. 完全正确 R; Thank you very much , Mr Bruce. My name is Jenny and we look forward to serving you. 谢谢你,布鲁斯先生,我的名字是珍妮,我们期待为你服务. G: Thank you and goodbye . 谢谢,再见 R: goodbye. 再见.
对话 2 团体预订
R: Reservationist G: Guest
R: Room reservations. May I help you ? 订房部,我能帮助你吗? G: Yes, this is the World Trade Exhibition Company. I Would like to reserve ten double rooms with twin beds for five days. 这是世贸展览公司,我想预订十间有两张床的双人房,共五天. R: From which date? 由什么时候开始呢? G: From May 12 to May
  16. 5 月 12 日至 16 日 R: One moment, please, sir ```Yes, we can confirm ten rooms for five days. 请等一会,先生,十间双人房,五天,没问题. G: Thank you .Is there a special rate for group reservations ? 谢谢,团体订房有没有折扣? R: Yes ,sir .There is a twenty per cent discount. Therefore, it is ninety-six U.S. dollars per night . There’s also a ten per cent service charge and a five per cent government tax. 有的,我们有八折的优惠,折合是每晚九十六美元.另外还要加算百分之十的服务费和百分之五政府税. G: That’s fine 好的 R: Sir, as we have no credit arrangement with your company, we need an advance deposit by company cheque or
in cash before the reservation date. 先生,由于我们和贵公司没有信用协定,我们必须在预约日之前收到贵公司的支票或现金订款. G: That’s alright 没问题 R: May I have you name, please? 请问贵姓? G: Johnnyu Yeung of the Administration Department. 行政部的杨仲明. R: How will the guests be getting to Hong Kong ,by air? 客人会怎样来港呢?是否乘搭飞机? G: Yes. 是的 R: Could you give me their flight number ? 你能告诉我他们的班机号码吗? G: Yes, CX6
  02. Their flight will arrive at 3P.m.so they should be there by 6P.m. CX602,他们的班机会于下午三时抵港,约六时会到达贵店. R: Thank you very much . My name is Raymond Wang. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 谢谢,我叫王雷文,若你有任何疑问,请不要犹豫,尽管跟我联络. G: Oh, yes ! We will hold a conference on May
  14. Have you got a function room for fifty people? 对了,我们会在 5 月 14 日举行一个会议,请问你们有没有可容纳五十人的活动厅? R: Yes, sir .We have a very nice function hall but you have to talk to the banquet department about that. Please hold on and I’ll see if I can put you through. 我们有一个非常漂亮的活动厅,但详情需跟我们的宴会部联络.请别挂断,让我替你转往那部门.
对话 3 酒店客满时
R: Reservationist G: Guest
R: Room reservations. Can I help you ? 订房部,我能为你效劳吗? G: I’d like to reserve a single room for August
  25. 我想预订一间单人房,8 月 25 日人住. R: Please hold on . I’ll check our rooms’ availability. (After a while ) I’m afraid we are fully booked on that day as it is the peak season. Would it be possible to change your reservation date? Or would you like us to put you on our waiting list? 请别挂断,让我查看当天有没有空房.(过了一会) 因为是旺季,那天已经额满了.你能更改预订日期吗? 还是你 希望我们把你列入后备名单内? G: No, thanks. It is not possible to change the date. Could you recommend another hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui to me ? 都不用了,谢谢.我不能更改预订日期.你能推荐另一间在尖沙嘴区的酒店给我吗? R: Yes ,of course. If you require a hotel with the same standard as ours, suggest the Royal Hotel.
当然可以,假若你要求一间跟我们有同样水准的酒店,那么我提议你选皇室酒店. G: Do you know the rate per night there? 你知道他们的收费吗? R: I’m sorry. We don’t have the exact rate but it’s around a hundred U.S. dollars per night. 对不起,我们没有确切的价目,但大约是一百美元一晚. G: That sounds good. Do you have their telephone number? 听来挺不错,你有他们的电话号码吗? R: Yes, it is 289342
  16. 有,是 289342
  16. G: Thank you very much. Really appreciate your help. Goodbye. 非常感谢你的帮忙,再见. R: Thank you and goodbye. 谢谢,再见.
对话 4 对房间类型的要求
R: Reservationist G: guest
R: Good morning, room reservations. Can I help you ? 早晨好!订房部,我能为你效劳吗? G: I’d like to reserve a room for next Friday to Sunday. 我想在下星期五至日订一间房. R: Which kind of room would you prefer? 你要哪一种房间 G; I want a triple room with harbour view. 我想要一间向海的三人房. R: I’m sorry . We don’t have triple rooms. What we do is to put an extra bed in the double room. Would that be alright? 对不起,我们没有三人房,一般的安排是在双人房内加一张床,这样合适吗? G: I see .The I prefer a connecting room. 这样我宁愿要一间相连房. R: We do have connecting rooms but they are all facing the city center, not the harbour. 我们有相连房,但全都是向市中心的,并非向海的. G: It’s too bad .Let me think about it . I’ll get back to you later. Thank you very much. Goodbye. 那太糟了,让我考虑一下,我迟些通知你.谢谢,再见. R: Thanks for calling. Goodbye . 谢谢你的来电,再见.
对话 5 更改预订资料
R: Reservationist
G: Guest
R: Good afternoon, room reservations. Can I help you ? 午安,订房部,我能为你效劳吗? G: Yes, my name is Johnson. I have made a reservation for a double room May 12 to May
  15. I’d like to make some changes. The reservation should only be to May 14 and I want it with breakfast. 我的名字是约翰逊,我预订了一间双人房,是由 5 月 12 日至 5 月 15 日的,我想作一些改动.房间应订至 5 月 14 日,而且我希望是包括早餐的. R: A double room from May 12 to 14, with breakfast. Is that correct? 一间由 5 月 12 日至 14 日的双人房,连早餐对不对? G: Yes. 是的 R: Thank you , sir. Do you need limousine service? 谢谢你.你需要机场接送服务吗? G: That’s exactly what I want. How much does it charge? 这正是我需要的,请问收费如何? R: A hundred and eighty Hong Kong dollars for one way. You can make the reservation now. We have a counter at the airport where our representative will escort you to the car. 单程收费为港币一百八十元,我们在机场设有柜台,将有专人带领你上车. G: That sounds good. I’ll take that. 这听来挺不错,就这样吧. R: Thank you , sir. We look forward to serving you. 谢谢你,我们期待着为你服务.-
II 接待
对话 1 个人入住登记
R: Receptionist G: Guest
R: Good morning , sir . May I help you ? 先生,早晨好!我能为你效劳吗? G: Good morning. My name is John Wilson, I have reserved a twin-bedded room for today three weeks ago . 早晨好! 我叫约翰逊\威尔逊,我三星期前预订了一间双人房. R: Welcome to the hotel . Just a moment please, Mr Wilson . I’ll get your details .(After a while) Yes, I have it . A harbour view double room with bath for three nights . One thousand and two hundred Hong Kong dollars , advance deposit paid . Is that correct ? 欢迎光临,请稍候,威尔逊先生,让我翻看一下你的资料.(过了一会)有了,一间海景连浴室的双人房,共三天,已 预付港币一千二百元订金,对吗? G : Yes, that’s it.
R: Mr Wilson, would you please fill in the registration form for us . with your name , address and nationality ? Please also indicate the method of payment you prefer. 威尔逊先生,请填写这长登记表格,包括你的姓名\地址\国籍.还请指明付款方式. G: Method of payment? You take American Express, don’t you ? 付款方式?你们接受美国运通信用卡吗? R: Yes, we do . May I take an imprint of the credit card ,please? 我们接受的.我可以划印你的信用卡吗? G: Why ? Can I do it when I check-out ? I don’t like giving out blank impressions. 为什么呢?可以在结账时才划印吗?我不喜欢预印空白的印单. R: Sorry , Mr Wilson, We ask all our guests to do this to ensure a smooth and rapid check-out. Of course ,you may check the debit to your account before you sign it . 对不起,威尔逊先生,我们要求所有客人都这样做,以确保结账手续能顺利及迅速地进行.当然,你可以先查看 所有项目才签署. G: Well ,alright. Here you are. 好吧,你拿去吧. G: (Returning the card ) Thank you very much . May I have your passport . please ? (The receptionist verifies the number on the record and hands it back ) Thank you for waiting , sir . Here is your hotel passport and keycard to Room 1
  11. Please show it when signing bills in our restaurants . I’ll call the bellboy and he’ll take you to your room . I hope you enjoy your stay with the hotel. (把信用卡交回客人)谢谢.我可以看看你的护照吗?(核对护照号码与纪录资料,然后交回客人)先生让你久等 了.这是你的住客证明及锁匙卡,你的房号是 1
  11.你在酒店内各食肆签账时请出示此证,我会吩咐服务生带领 你到房间,希望你住得愉快. 对话 2 旅行团入住登记
T: Tour guide R: receptionist
T: Hi , I’m Josephine Chen , the tour guide for the Jade Agency. We have a reservation of twenty rooms for tonight. 嗨!我叫陈佐芬,是翡翠旅游公司的领队,我们预订了二十个房间. R: Pleased to meet you ,Miss Chen . My name is Joey .Welcome to the hotel. Here are the keys , registration slips and breakfast vouchers. Breakfast will be served from seven tomorrow morning . Is there any change in your schedule? 幸会陈小姐,我叫祖儿,欢迎光临敝酒店.这是你们的房间锁匙\登记表及早餐券,早餐会由明早七时起供应.你 们的行程有没有改变呢? T: No, our check-out time will still be eight-thirty tomorrow. 没有,我们依然会在明早八时半退房. R: Then we will arrange a morning call at seven-thirty. Will that be fine? 那么我把早晨唤醒服务安排在工时半好吗? T: That’s alrightl 很好 R: Please put your luggage outside your room by eight . The bellman will pick them up.
请告诉团友们早上八时把行李放于房门外,我们的服务员会前来收集的了. T: Thank you. 谢谢 R: Thank you very much . Hope you enjoy your stay. 谢谢,希望你们住得愉快.
对话 3 没有预订的客人
R: Receptionist G: Guest
R: Good afternoon , ladies. May I help you ? 午安,女士们,我能效劳吗? G: Can we have two adjoining double rooms. Sir? There is a total of four of us . 我们一共有四人,想要两间邻接的双人房. R: Have you made a reservation, ladies ? 请问有预订房间吗? G: I’m afraid not. 没有 R: One moment, please. I’ve to check if there are rooms available…I’m sorry , ladies. We have only two double rooms available but they are on different floors. Would you mind that? 请等一下,让我查看还有没有空房….对不起,我们只剩两间双人房,但在不同的层数,这可以吗? G: We prefer on the same floor because we will probably chat late at night. 我们大概会聊天至深夜,所以希望房间能在同一层. R: Then may I suggest a family suite? We have just had a cancellation. 那我提议你们入住家庭套房,刚有一位客人取消预订. G: What is it like ? 那是怎样的房间 R: It’s a big room with a king-size double bed and two single beds. We could also add rollaways. 那是



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