常用英语面试对话 Key Sentences(重点句子)
  1.Excuse me.May I see Mr. John Watt,the manager? 劳驾。请问我能见经理约翰瓦特先生吗?
  2.It's me.What can I do for you? 本人就是。你有什么事?
  3.May I help you? 你有什么事吗?
  4.I have come at your invitation for an interview. Nice to meet you,Mr. Watt. 我是应你之邀来参加面试的。见到你真高兴,瓦特先生。
  5.Please sit down. 请坐。
  6.Won't you take a seat? 请坐。
  7.Please take a seat. 请坐下。
  8.Thank you,sir. 谢谢,先生。
  9.I've come to apply for the position as office clerk. 我是来应聘办公室文员一职的。
  10.I've invited several candidates to come today. You are the first one to have arrived. 今天我邀了几位面试者,你是第一个到的。
  11.You probably know that this interview is mostly to test your oral English,so just relax, and let's have a chat,shall we? 你可能已经知道这次面谈主要想测试一下你的英语口语能力,所以让我们放松地谈谈, 好吗?
  12.We have received your letter and resume,and we thought we would like to ask you to come here for an interview. 我们已收到你的信和简历,想请你来参加面试。
  13.We have received your letter in answer to our advertisement. I would like to talk with you regarding your qualifications for this position. 我们已收到你应聘的信,我想和你谈谈关于你应聘的事。
  14.I am very glad to know that my letter and resume have been received. 我的信和简历贵公司已收到,本人感到非常荣幸。
  15.It is a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for interview. 我能有机会来参加面试感到非常荣幸。
  16.I am very happy that I am qualified for this interview. 我非常高兴能获得这个面谈机会。
Job Interview Answer: Why Were You Fired? 工作面试回答:为什么你会被解雇? Best Answers to Why You Were Fired 回答你为什么会被解雇的最佳答案 Fired from your job? Don't know what to say in an interview? Career expert and author, Joyce Lain Kennedy, shares her twelve best job interview answers to the question "Why were you fired?" 被解雇了吗?不知道在面试中应该怎么说?职场专家 Joyce Lain Kennedy 分享了她关于该问 题的 12 个最佳答案。 Joyce Lain Kennedy's sample answers to the interview question "Why were you fired?" Joyce Lain Kennedy 关于面试问题“你为什么会被解雇”的参考答案
  1.Being cut loose was a blessing in disguise. Now I have an opportunity to explore jobs that better suit my qualifications and interests. My research suggests that such an opportunity may be the one on your table. Would you like to hear more about my skills in working with new technology? 被开除对我来说是因祸得福。 现在我有机会去寻找最符合我条件和兴趣的工作了。 我的调查 告诉我这样的机会现在正摆在我的面前。您愿意听听我在工作方面的新技能吗?
  2.My competencies were not the right match for my previous employer's needs but it looks like they'd be a good fit in your organization. In addition to marketing and advertising, would skills in promotion be valued here? 虽然我的能力不符合前任雇主的要求, 但是看起来很符合贵公司的利益。 除了营销和广告技 能,推广技能也是贵公司看重的吗?
  3.Although circumstances caused me to leave my first job, I was very successful in school and got along well with both students and faculty. Perhaps I didn't fully understand my boss's expectations or why he released me so quickly before I had a chance to prove myself. 虽然因为环境原因,我离开了前一个工作岗位,但是我在学校里很成功, 不管是和学生还 是教员都相处得很成功。 也许我没有完全理解我上司的期望, 也许是因为在我还没来的及有 机会证明自己之前他很快就将我解雇了。
  4.The job wasn't working out so my boss and I agreed that it was time for me to move on to a position that would show a better return for both of us. So here I am, ready to work. 因为工作没有什么成效, 所以我上司和我都认为我该是时候去找另外一份对我们彼此都有利 的工作了,这就是我现在这里的原因,我已经准备好就职了。
  5.After thinking about why I left, I realize I should have done some things differently. That job was a learning experience and I think I'm wiser now. I'd like the chance to prove that to you. 在考虑到我为什么离开的原因后, 我认识到我要做一些不同的事情。 那份工作是一个学习的 机会,而且现在我认为自己已经学聪明了。如果可以的话,我希望有机会向您证明。
  6.A new manager came in and cleaned house in order to bring in members of his old team. That was his right but it cleared my head to envisionbetter opportunities elsewhere. 有个新经理来到了我们的公司,为了能够带进更多他那边的老职员,他就大量裁员了。那是 他的权利,同时也让我们明白我应该去别的地方找到更好的发展。
  7.Certain personal problems, which I now have solved, unfortunately upset my work life. These problems no longer exist and I'm up and running strong to exceed expectations in my new job. 当然是私人问题,也是我现在已经解决了的,但是很不幸扰乱了我的工作。但是这些问题现 在已经不存在了,我已经重新站起来了,并且我会不断变强,超越新工作对我的期望。
  8.I wanted my career to move in a different direction, and I guess my mental separation set up the
conditions that led to my departure. But by contrast, the opportunity we're discussing seems to be made for me and I hope to eventually grow into a position of responsibility. 我想改变我的职业方向,这样导致的身心分离造成了我离开了我之前的工作。但相反的是, 我们现在正在谈论的机会看起来就像是为我量身定做的, 我希望能够在新工作上认真负责地 做到更好。
  9.I usually hit it off very well with my bosses, but this case was the exception that proved my rule of good relationships. We just didn't get on well. I'm not sure why. 我和我的老板们一直都很投缘, 而上次的上司却是我被证实的良好关系规则之外的特例, 我 们就是相处不好,我也不知道为什么。
  10.My job was offshored to India. That's too bad because people familiar with my work say it is superior and fairly priced. 我因工作原因要外调到印度。这太糟糕了,因为熟悉我工作的人都说我的工作非常好,工资 也也很合理。
  11.I outlasted several downsizings but the last one included me. Sign of the times, I guess. 虽然我坚持到了最后,还是逃不过被裁的命运。我想,这是时代特征吧。
  12.I was desperate for work and took the wrong job without looking around the corner. I won't make that mistake again. I'd prefer an environment that is congenial, structured and team-oriented, where my best talents can shine and make a substantial contribution. 曾经因为没有考虑周详,我对自己的工作很绝望。我不会再犯那样的错误了。我要选择一个 和谐, 有组织, 有团队合作的环境, 这样我的才能够发挥我的长处, 我可以做出很大的贡献。 Kennedy also says, "Practice in advance what you'll say. Then keep it brief, keep it honest and keep it moving." That way, you'll get past the sticky issue of getting fired and can move on to your skills and why you're qualified for the job. Kennedy 还建议说: “提前练习你的答案。保持简洁,诚实,让面试能够进行下去” 。这样, 你才可以顺利度过被解雇的最艰难的问题,才能够找到适合你才能的合适工作。
各种“教育程度”的表达,提高简历质量! 教育程度 education 学历 educational history 学历 educational background 教育程度 curriculum 课程 major 主修 minor 副修 educational highlights 课程重点部分 curriculum included 课程包括 specialized courses 专门课程 courses taken 所学课程 special training 特别训练 social practice 社会实践 part-time jobs 业余工作
summer jobs 暑期工作 vacation jobs 假期工作 refresher course 进修课程 extracurricular activities 课外活动 physical activities 体育活动 recreational activities 娱乐活动 academic activities 学术活动 social activities 社会活动 rewards 奖励 scholarship 奖学金 excellent League member 优秀团员 excellent leader 优秀干部 student council 学生会 off-job training 脱产培训 in-job training 在职培训 educational system 学制 academic year 学年 semester 学期(美) term 学期(英) supervisor 论文导师 pass 及格 fail 不及格 marks 分数 examination 考试 degree 学位 post doctorate 博士后 doctor(Ph.D) 博士 master 硕士 bachelor 学士 graduate student 研究生 abroad student 留学生 undergraduate 大学肆业生 government-supported student 公费生 commoner 自费生 extern 走读生 intern 实习生 prize fellow 奖学金生 boarder 寄宿生 graduate 毕业生 guest student 旁听生(英) auditor 旁听生(美) day-student 走读生


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