? During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说话,就被听众打断了 ? surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有选择,只能投降) ? The concerned mother thrilled at the news of his son’s having been admitted to the university(她的儿子被大学入取了) ? The lecture was so boring that the students couldn’t help yawning(学生忍不住打起 哈欠) ? I‘ll be very grateful if you could be kind enough to give me a ride to school(好心 载我一程去学校) ? (除非你和保险公司签订了货物保险合同)Unless you sign a contract with the insurance company for your goods, you are not entitled to a repayment for the goods damaged in delivery. ? It is reported that local health organization was established 25 years ago(据说当 地的卫生组织 25 年前就成立了)when Dr.Mark became its first president. 六级必考 ? Mrs.Smith shut the window lest the noise outside (should) interfere with her son’s sleep(外面的噪声会影响她儿子睡觉) ? The new mayor was charged with failure to fulfill his promise to decrease the inflation rate(未能履行他降低通货膨胀率的承诺) ? When confronted with such question, my mind goes blank(每当我遇到这类问题,我 脑袋一篇空白),and I can hardly remember my won date of birth. ? The customer complained that no sooner had he started the computer than it stopped working(他刚启动计算机,它就不运转了) ? What upset me was not what he said but the way he said it.(不是他说的话,二十他 说话的方式) ? This piece of writing is more like a news report than a short story.(与其说是短篇小
说,还不如说是新闻报道) ? The court ruling deprive him of his political right.(剥夺他的政治权力) ? Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, while animal behavior depends mostly on instinct.(然而动物的行为主要依靠本能)。 ? The growth of part-time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, enables more women to take full advantages of employment of opportunities.(使得更多的妇女能够充分利用就业机会) ? The likely reactions of the market needs considering carefully before action are token(在采取行动之前需要认真考虑) ? He made such a contribution to the university that they named one of the buildings after him(以他的名字为其中一栋楼命名) ? He wasn’t asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, being considering insufficiently popular with all members(因为考虑他无法得到全体成员的欢迎) ? Americans eat twice more protein than (两倍多的蛋白质)they actually need every day。 ? When you speak English, your pronunciation should be correct, otherwise you can’t make yourself understood.(否则人家就听不懂你的意思了) ? My little daughter Marry, began to adapt herself to campus life after entering college for three months.(进入大学三个月后开始慢慢适应校园生活) ? Many drivers think it necessary that the government should lay down more stricter traffic rules(政府制定更加严格的交通规则) ? Depending on what you are looking form you have to judge for yourself, how relevant the material to you(?些材料?你??有多大相?性) ? The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.(等到完成的?候恐怕早就失去了所有?值) ? It was imperative that the secretary get these documents prepared before Tuesday.(秘?在周二之前把?些文件??好) ? No matter how frequently performed,(??多麽?繁的演奏)the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.
? To minimize the possibility of theft,(?了最大限度的?少??的?生的可能性), install a good alarm system. ? I don’t think it is wise of you to show off your greater knowledge in front of the director.(我??在把主任面前?弄你懂得更多知?是不明智的),for it may offend him. ? With repeated hacker’s attack on your system, we came to realized the necessity of hiring a computer security expert.(我?正逐?意?到?一位?算?安全?家的必要性) ? Your work is good on the whole, but there is still room for improvement(但是仍然 有需要改善的?地) ? The sun gives off light and warmth, which makes it possible for plants to grow(? 使得植物生?成?可能) ? The father thought he could talked his daughter into changing her mind(他可以? 服女?改?主意) ? Nowadays advertising fees of new products are out of proportion to the cost of production.(?生?成本不成比例) ? Few people don’t complain about the tedium of their jobs(很少人不抱怨工作点掉乏 味), but they will feel more bored if they do not work. ? Henry has prepared a party for his girl friend, only to be told that she could not come by then(结果却被告知他到时候不能来) ? The chief reason for the population growth is more a fall in death rate than a rise in birth rates. ? Ture friendship foresees the needs of others rather than proclaims of ones’ own.(而 不是声明自己的要求) ? although I liked the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it (但真正让我觉得买下它的)was the bearutiful view through the window。 ? The government was accused of failure to fulfill its to improve urban traffic conditions.(没能实现其改善城市交通状况的承诺) ? only in this way could we adapt ourselves to the society quickly after we graduate.(我们才能在毕业之后尽快适应社会) ? No sooner had I lit the candle than it was put out(我刚点着蜡烛,就被风吹灭了) ? Surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot(没有选择只好当场投降) ? I’m very glad to know that my boss has generously agreed to write off my debt in return for certain services(作为一些服务的回报,我的老板慷慨的同意将我的欠款一笔勾销) ? Being out of work and having two children, the couple found it impossible to make ends meet(夫妻两发现勉强维持升级是不能的) ? Generally speaking, when taken according to the direction(按照说明服用时), the drug has no side effect。 ? Some people argue that most crime can be attributed to the greed for money.(可 归咎于对金钱的贪婪) ? Finding it difficult to adapt to that climate there(发现很难适应那里的气候), he decided to move to the north. ? Over a third fo the population was estimated to have no access to the health service.(没有机会享受医疗保健服务) CET 翻译共有 5 句话。分值占卷面总分
翻译策略和应试技巧,相信对大家做题有所帮助。 翻译策略 我要高分
  1) 分句法 把原文中一个单词或短语译成句子,使原文的一个句子分译成两个或两个以上的句子。或干脆把 原文的一个句子拆开,译成两个或两个以上的句子。 例 1 八月中旬,修理组人员在骄阳下工作。 译文: It was in mid-August,and the repair section operated under the blazing sun. (一个单句拆分成了一个并列复合句) 例 2 他为人单纯而坦率。 译文: He was very clean.His mind was open. (一个单句拆分成两个简单句了) 例 3 The mother might have spoken with understandable pride of her child. 译文: 母亲谈到她的孩子时,也许有自豪感,这是可以理解的。 (形容词被拆开) 例 4 I wrote four books in the first three years ,a record never touched before. 译文: 我头三年写了四本书,打破了以往的记录。 (名词短语拆开)
  2)合句法 合句法 把原文中两个或以上的简单句,主从复合句或并列复合句等译成一个单句。 例 5 她已试了好几次,要帮他们另找一所出租的房子,结果并未成功。 译文:She had made several attempts to help them find other rental quarters without success.(多个简单句合成一个单句) 例 6 他们有遵守交通规则,机器出了故障。 译文:His failure to observe the safety regulations resulted in an accident to the machinery.(并列复合句合成一个单句) 例 7 When we praise the Chinese leadership and the people, we are not merely being polite. 译文:我们对中国领导人和中国人民的赞扬不仅仅是出于礼貌。 (主从复合句合成一个单句) 翻译练习
  1. (通过体育锻炼) ,we can always stay healthy.
  2.According to the scientific research , (听音乐能使我们放松) this .Is really true?
  3. (我们绝对不能)ignore the value of knowledge.
  4.As is known to all, ( 假 冒 伪 劣 商 品 ) harm the interests of consumers.
  5.Faced with failure,some people can stand up to it, (从失败中汲 取教训)and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do. 答案及解析
  1. By taking exercises 解析:通过锻炼,我们可以保持健康。其实这题答案不止一个。“锻炼”可以用名词也可以用动词 短语。 “通过”可以用 by 表示方式, through 表示途径。 By taking exercises /Through exercises。 往往 by 用于“by + doing”,而 through 后接名词哦。
  2. listening to music enables us to feel relaxed 解析: “听音乐”在句中作主语, “听”应当处理成动名词形式。 “能使我们放松”很多同学会采用 can
make us feel relaxed 的结构。 其实, enable 就有“能够使某人……”的含义, 注意 enable sb. to do 的表达。
  3. On no account can we 解析:本题是强调语气,强调“决不能”,所以联想到 on no account ,by no means,at no time,in no case 等。不管用哪一个,都要注意它们是含有否定的意味的,因此在置于句首时应使用 倒装语序。
  4. fake and inferior commodities 解析:“假冒伪劣商品”包含两层含义:一是假货,二是次品,在翻译成英文的时候应该注意两层 含义的正确译法。“假冒”不能用 false 而应选择 fake,“次品”可以说 inferior 表示质量差,也可以用 commodity of low quality。
  5. draw useful lessons from it 解析:句意为:面对失败,有的人能够顽强抵抗,从中吸取教训,努力实现他们的目标。本句由 三个并列的谓语成分构成,谓语动词分别是 stand up to“汲取”和 try。“汲取教训”正确表达为 draw a lesson from。然而我们又能从全句判断,从失败中吸取教训是为了将来能够更好地实现目标,因 此加上修饰语 useful,使内容更明确。
  3) 正译法 就汉译英而言,就是把句子按照与汉语相同的表达方式译成英语。 例 1 我们强烈反对公司的新政策。 译文: We strongly object the company’s new policy. 例 2 人不可貌相。 译文: We cannot judge a person by his appearance.
  4)反译法 ) 就汉译英而言,就是把句子按照与汉语相反的表达方式译成英语。 例 3 酒吧间只有五个顾客还没有走。 译文:Only five consumers remained in the bar. 例 4 这台机器一点儿也不复杂。 译文:This machine is far from being complicated. 由上可见,正译法和反译法主要体现在汉语里是否使用"不"、"非"、"无"、"没有"、"未"、"否" 等字眼,或是在英语里是否使用 no, not 等词或带有 dis- ,im- ,in- ,un- , -less 等带否定含 义的词缀。读者也可将例
  1,例 2 试着用反译法表达出来。结果就是:We strongly disapprove the company’s new policy.和 Appearances are deceptive. 至于两种译法得出的两个译文究竟哪一 个更好,就要看译文是否准确规范,简练精辟,是否符合该语言使用者的表达习惯了。 Exercise Two
  1.Everyone has his inherent ability , (只是很容易被习惯所掩盖).
  2.The importance of traffic safety , (无论如何强调都不为过).
  3.In my opinion , (打电动玩具既浪费时间也有害健康).

  4.There is no doubt that (近视是一个很严重的问题)among the youth of our country.
  5.According to my personal experience , (微笑已带给我许 多好处). 答案: 答案:
  1. which is easily concealed by habits 解析:每个人都有与生俱来的能力,只是很容易被习惯所掩盖。本题的难点在于对动词"掩盖"的 选择。 这里的"掩盖"是抽象含义, 并不是像 cover 那样能找到真实的掩盖物, 所以应该选择 conceal, 常用搭配由: conceal...from。 另外, 这句话是一个非限制性定语从句。 句子需填补内容是对 ability 的补充说明,"能力"是中心词。因此,要用 which 引导这个非限制性定语从句。
  2. can’t be overemphasized / can’t be emphasized too much 解析:本句考查的是"再......也不为过的"的说法。英语句型是:cannot + do sth. + too much 或 cannot over-do,如:He is so excellent that we cannot praise him too much.(他是这 样的优秀,我们怎样称赞他都不过分。



   During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说话,就被听众打断了 surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有选择,只能投降) The concerned mother thrilled at the news of his so ...


   大学英语六级考试翻译题整理汇总 During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说话,就被听众打断了 Surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有选择,只能投降) The concerned mother thrilled at the n ...


   本文由star15321贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 大学英语六级考试翻译题整理汇总 During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说 话,就被听众打断了 ? surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surr ...


     训练三   1. If you want to (取得成就或实现雄心壮志),you must work hard,make efforts and get prepared. 1.【答案】achieve something or fulfill your ambitions   本题考查短语搭配。“取得成就”可以有这样的表达:make achievements或achieve something,前者“成就”作名词,后者作动词。“实现雄心壮志”中“实现”可选用realize,fulfill ...


   翻译题复习方法及其步骤(千万别小看翻译题,虽然这种题型分值不高,但是谁又敢说这 些分数他可以完全放弃呢?其实翻译题要想提分很容易,吃透历年真题) 1.每句翻译题朗读二十遍 2.把翻译题整句话翻译成中文 3.把翻译完的中文再翻译成英文,和标准答案对照(重复三次) 06.12 72.If you had followed my advice/suggestion, you would not have been/put yourself in trouble(听从了我的忠告,你就不会陷入麻烦). ...


   全国英语四级考试 8: 30-9: 00组织考生进入考场,检查考生的准考证 组织考生进入考场, 组织考生进入考场 与学生证(或身份证)。 与学生证(或身份证)。 9: 00考生停止入场;发试卷、答题卡 和答题卡 ; 考生停止入场; 和答题卡2; 考生停止入场 发试卷、答题卡1和答题卡 试卷分A、 卷 考生不得提前启封; 试卷分 、B卷,考生不得提前启封;考生填涂两 张答题卡上的姓名和准考证号。注意只能用2B铅 张答题卡上的姓名和准考证号。注意只能用 铅 笔和黑色签字笔。 笔和黑色签字笔。 9 ...


   大学英语六级考试听力技巧(十) 针对题型 逐个演练 ( 二 ) 细节题型 ( 3 ) 建议、计划及其步骤题型 这类题往往给出一段问答,情景是主人公在向别人打听某事的做法,或主人公在接 受别人的建议。总之是围绕一件事该如何进行展开。 这类题总是问 “ What should the man to do...?” “What is the w oman probably going to do next?” 提问总是带有“do”, 总是把考生放在需要从别 人处得到解答的主人公的立场, ...


   全国大学英语六级考试大纲 全国大学英语六级考试大纲 大学英语四、六级考试的改革是一项复杂的系统工程,也是一个不断完善的 过程。考试委员会将不断研究和开发既能检测大学生英语综合应用能力,又适合 大规模标准化考试的新题型,研究四、六级考试对教学的影响,使其更好地为大 学英语教学服务。 一、总 则 1. 大学英语考试目的 大学英语考试(CET,通称“四、 六级考试”)是在教育部高等教育司的主持和领导下,由全国大学英语四、六级 考试委员会设计和开发,与教育部考试中心共同实施的一项大规模标准化考试, ...


   2005 年 6 月 18 日大学英语六级 日大学英语六级(CET-6)真题试卷 真题试卷 Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes) Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. Bo ...

10年6月 英语六级考试宝典

   前言 一,听力理解(35%)248.5 分 1,听力对话(15%) 短对话 8 题 长对话 7 题 2,听力短文(20%) 三大题 10 小题 复合式听写前面 8 空填单词 后面 3 空填句子 二,阅读理解(35%) 248.5 分 1,仔细阅读理解(25%) 10 题精细阅读 5 题回答问题 2,快速阅读理解(10%) 三,完形填空(10%)71 分 20 题 四,写作和翻译(20%) 142 分 1,写作(15%) 2,翻译(5%) 5 题 PS:这份资料是自己为准备 6 级考试而收集, ...



   高考英语书面表达题库 1 书面表达(满分 25 分) 春节期间,你同你父母回乡下老家看望你爷爷奶奶,这是你时隔五年后的又一次回乡下,下 面是你在乡下的所见所闻,请根据图画内容,写一篇 120 字左右的英语短文,描述乡村的变 化。 注意:短文应包括图中所提供的主要信息,并作适当发挥,使短文内容连贯完整。 参考词汇:沼气 marsh gas During the Spring Festival, I, together with my parents, went to the mountain ...


   怎样使一篇英语文章的语言丰富、不枯燥也许令很多英语初学者头疼。原因大体分为:一是由于自己的单 词量不大,写来写去总是几个句型和熟得不能再熟的单词,怎么看怎么像小学生作文一样提不起高度。二 是尽管背了很多单词,但只处于认知的高度,怎样使用就不会了。这就是我们常说的“吃”了很多但“倒不出 来”。所以,有一些同学因此产生逆反心理,认为学好英语尤其是英语写作简直比登天还难,自信心受挫。 那么,怎样在英语写作中巧妙运用单词,达到妙笔生花呢?今天我们从刚当选美国总统的奥巴马演讲中的 几个片断来分析一下英 ...


   知识改变命运 考试考点 一、直线的倾斜角和斜率&直线的方程 直线的倾斜角和斜率& (一)直线的倾斜角:定义以及范围 (二)直线的斜率:公式及应用 (三)直线的方程: 1.点斜式方程: y y1 = k ( x x1 ) 2.斜截式方程: y = kx + b 3.两点式方程: y y1 x x1 = . y 2 y1 x 2 x1 x y + =1 a b 4.截距式方程: 5. 一般式方程: 点斜式、斜截式、两点式、截距式四种直线方程均可化成 Ax + By + C = 0 ...


   考研英语的复习历来是考研复习的关键, 很多同学因为英语不能过关而与研究生生活 失之交臂。 笔者结合多年的教学经验和的广大同学的实际备考情况, 建议大家应在复习时做 好如下的几项工作: ① 将词汇进行到底 词汇是基石。词汇量积累的多少非常影响考生在做题时的信 心、心态、做题速度以及准确率。在我们做整张英语试卷的前70分的书面英语 的理解时,尤其如此。有的同学可能会有这样的疑问:我在前一段的复习过程 中单词已经背的差不多了, 现在还再复习单词是不是有点浪费时间。 那么我们 以大纲样题阅读理解Pa ...


   这里只说一说英语考试的一些技巧,因为我学英语很喜欢偷懒不爱背单词,所以琢磨了很多针对这门课的应试技巧,呵呵,应试教育的产物。   先说说做题的顺序,好的做题顺序可以让你的分数提高至少五分。对于英语,阅读当然是第一个做,(听力改到复试了)这个没的选择。阅读完了后,你可以先看看作文什么题目,这样在你的潜意识里,已经有了这么一档子事,说不定什么时候,灵感就会迸发出来。而且,在你作其他的题目时,还可以顺便留意一下看有没有可以用到的单词,短语,句式等等。看完作文题目后,就可以开始做阅读了。做完阅读后,做 ...