朝阳区 2001-2002 年高三英语第一次统一练习试卷 20
  02.4 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  21.?What new subject are you going to have in C. So have I. D. So do I. second grade?
  29.Never before in China for the teachers. ?I’m going to learn second foreign A. has done so much language. B. has been done so much A. a; the B. the; a C. the; 不填 D.不填;a C.so much has been done
  22.Why don’t you bring to his D. has so much been done attention that you are too busy to do it?
  30.?You have promised to go, then why aren’t A. this B. what C. that D. it you getting ready?
  23.?Can I do the job? ?I you to go at once. ?I’m afraid not, because it skill A.haven’t realized; want and patience. B. didn’t realize; wanted A. calls for B. asks for C. sends for D. cares for C.don’t realize; want
  24.?How did you get in touch with Mr. Ben? . don’t realize; wanted ?Well, it seems to me that you’ve forgotten
  31.I you the money. Why didn’t you ask me? me his address. A. could have lent B. could lend A. to bell B. to have told C. telling D. being told C. have lent D. lent
  25.?How did you sleep last night?
  32.The old lady, had been killed in the ?Like a log. Never slept . war, was given help by the local government. A. well B. better C. best D. much better A. all her children B. all of her children
  26.It’s perfectly harmless, Sally, I C. all of whose children D. whose all children wouldn’t have done it.
  33.China, the world’s most populous(人口众多) A. but B. otherwise C. yet D. then nation, joined the WTO last weekend,
  27.?Would you like me to turn down the radio a 15 years of talks. bit? A. to end B. ended C. ending D. ends ? .I’m used to working with the radio on.
  34.?How can the problem be solved? A. No, I don’t like it. B. Yes, it doesn’t matter. ?Well, we must it to the president’s C. No, it’s all right. D. Yes, please. own judgement.
  28.?You seem to have known all about the A. depend B. suggest C. expect D. leave accident.
  35. I wondered what you could be doing and what ? . be happening to you. A. So I have. B. So I do. A. might B. must C. should D. had to 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) “How much is it?” is a common and an important
  76. question asking in every country. However, there are some
  77. cultural differences when buying things. In most Asia, it
  78. is possible to bargain for a good price with a small
  79. store owner. And people in the United States seldom
  80. bargain. Usually, even in small shops, every item have a
  81. price tag(标签) on it. You pay that the price tag says.
  82. It is unnecessary to ask how much something cost because
  83. there is a price tag on nearly every item. You will
  84. probably also have to pay for a sale tax, which will likely
  85. be 5% of the price of the item.
  76.and 后去掉 an
  78.most 后加 of
  83.cost→ costs
  85.去掉 for 北京市宣武区 2001?2002 学年度第二学期第一次质量检测 2002 年 5 月 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) A. a common B. an ordinary
  21.┄Excuse me , where can I find the post office? C. a usual D. a general ┄Go down this street. Turn right at the first light
  23. I’m looking after Tom today. He’s been at my and you’ll see it on the left. house ┄Did you say right at the first light? 8:00 this morning. ┄ . A. since B. for C. at D. till A. No, left B.OK C. Thank you D. That’s right
  24. ┄ Henry doesn’t seem like the same person. worker, he works very so much in the war has made him more
  22.Though he is ┄ hard. thoughtful.
A. For him to see B. His seeing
  31.While people may refer to television for C. Having seen D. To have seen up-to-the-minute news, it is unlikely that television
  25.Please call again. Jim a bath just now. the newspaper completely. A. has had B. was having A. replace B. have replaced C. is having D. has C. replaced D. will replace
  26. ┄When did he leave the classroom?
  32.Because the first pair of trousers did not fit ┄He left you turned back to write on the properly, he asked for . blackboard. A. another trousers B. others trousers A. the minute B. the time C. the others ones D. another pair C. until D. before
  33. In Britain today women 44% of the
  27. Once environmental damage ,it takes workforce, and nearly half the mothers with many years for the system to recover. children are in paid work. A. has done B. it to do A. build up B. make up C. does D. is done C. stand for D. send up
  28. we are doing has never been done
  34.This is the place I want to go to. before. A. mostly B. the mostly A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether C. most D. much
  29.They at least ten minutes ago.
  35. The hours the children spend in their A. ought to leave B. must have left one-way relationship with television people C. might leave D. should leave undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life
  30.There is more land in Australia than the people. government knows . A. that B. when A. what to do with B. to do with it C. in which D. on which C. how to do D. to do it 第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 10 分) A strange thing was happened in our garden the
  76. other day. I went out play with my dog for
  77. a few minute, and noticed the dog barking(吠)
  78. at a big tree. Before I realized that it meant, it
  79. started to dig a hole at the base of the tree.
  80. Suddenly a large rat rushed out the hole, ran across
  81. the garden and disappearing into some waste ground
  82. behind the garden. Surprising at this unexpected
  83. incident, the poor dog was too slowly to react. It ran
  84. to the fence, but without some result.
  76.was happened→ happened
  77.play → to play
  78.minute → minutes
  79.that → what
  80. √
  81.out → out of
  85.some→any, 或去掉 some 浙江金华市 2002 年东阳中学高三英语终结性测试 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) C.Yes. You’re welcome
  21.There were some great national celebrations in D. Not now. Thanks anyway town, the firework (焰火) displays
  25.My pain obvious the moment I entered everywhere. A. looking at B. finding out the office, for the first man I met asked pitifully, C. at the sight D. judging by “Are you feeling all right?”
  22.The sights of the city never fail to A. could be B. could have been C. must be D. must have been foreign tourists. A. express B. impress C. move D. touch
  26.?Don’t you think hard work is what makes
  23.I the special sale and bought a half people succeed? dozen new shirts. ? . A. took advantage of A. I couldn’t agree more B. I hope so B. paid attention to C. I’ve got it D. Wish you success C.made up for
  27. other young men, he enjoys popular D. kept an eye on music.
  24.?Is there anything I can do for you, sir? A. Compared with B. In common with . ? C. Referred to D. Talking of A. Sure. Go ahead B. No. Take your time
  28.Why do you want to get such an expensive
walkman you’ve had a good one already? A. that B. as C. which D. when
  29. , and we’ll know the results of the contest. A. Another 3 days B. Three days later C. After 3 days D. In three days
  30.?Everybody says you are a good student, you never fall asleep in class, do you? ? . A. Yes, sometimes B. No, I did C. Yes, never D. No, I didn’t
  31.Within industries, companies are always trying to develop products that are one step better than of other companies. A. ones B. that C. those D. all
  32.The expert thought the coins the farmer had found under the ground was just copper
gold. A. instead B. rather than C. more than D. in place of
  33.?Are you sure that you’ve met him before? ? I’m mistaken. A. Unless B. If C. When D. Though
  34.He was then the only among the there. A.person asleep, people present B. asleep person, present people C.person asleep, present people D. asleep person, people present
  35.In class, Mr. Chen talks about Chinese history and art of China. A. 不填, the, 不填 B. 不填, 不填, the C. the, the, the D. the, 不填, 不填
第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) As neither she nor her husband smoke, Mrs Henry was
  76. surprising to see cigarette ash on her doorstep. When she opened
  77. the living-room door she saw a strange man fast asleep in
  78. an armchair. Took care not to disturb him, she left the
  79. house immediately. She called at a taxi and went
  80. straight the police station, where she explained what
  81. had happened and added that the man could have
  82. got into the house through an opened window. She
  83. returned home together with two police. But it was too late.
  84. The man was disappeared. Luckily, nothing valuable had
  85. ever been taken. 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你正参与由 SSP 组织的“素质教育大讨论” 。请你根据以下要点扩写成一篇“关于良好师生关 系”的英语短文,寄去投稿。在文章中你提出了自己的观点和看法。字数 120 左右(不包括要点提 示部分) 。 可能用到的词汇:motivate vt. 激发 go extremes 走向极端 The Teacher?Student Relationship ? A good teacher?student relationship will make learning enjoyable and interesting for the students and teaching worth?while for a teacher. To set up a good teacher?student reationship, As for the students, In conclusion, a good teacher?student relationship can be mutually beneficial. The students gain knowledge eagerly and enjoyable and the teacher gains satisfaction from his job. 21?25 D B A D D 26?30 A B D A A 31?35 C B A A B
  81.straight→straight to
  82.could→ must
  85.was→had The Teacher Student Relationship A good teacher student relationship will make learning enjoyable and interesting for the students and teaching worth-while for a teacher. To set up a good teacher-student relationship, a teacher’s behaviour is important. The teacher should motivate the students so that they want to learn. A good teacher should be patient, friendly and strict. Remember not to encourage the students by pushing or forcing them. Being too friendly may cause students to become lazy and stop working hard. On the other hand, being too strict may frighten the students. So, a teacher should avoid going extremes in treating his students. And teachers should encourage the students to think independently and learn to study by themselves. As for the students, they must always respect their teachers. Students should be eager to learn and willing to work hard. It’s important to listen with attention in class and it’s more important to learn to raise questions
and work out problems in new ways. In conclusion, a good teacher-student relationship can be mutually beneficial. The students gain knowledge eagerly and enjoyably and the teacher gains satisfaction from his job. 江苏省如皋中学反意疑问句专项练习 一.完成下列反意疑问句, 一空一词:
  1.We must go at once, ?
  2.My uncle used to smoke, ?
  3.She must be a music lover, ?
  4.You need to have a good dictionary, ?
  5.Let us do the jobs ourselves, ?
  6.There used to be an old stone bridge across the river, ?
  7.Please turn down the radio, ?
  8.There were few people there, ?
  9.If anybody comes here, he will be welcome, ?
  10.You must have seen her yesterday, ? 二、把下列各句改成反意疑问句:
  11.I think he is right.
  12.I don’t think you're seriously ill.
  13.I don’t suppose they will be back soon.
  14.Don’t do such a job.
  15.You needn’t do that when your daughter is here.
  16.What you need is more practice.
  17.He says that it is really true.
  18.He dared to ask the teacher many questions.
  19.That is an honest girl?
  20.Tom hasn’t much time to spare. 三、将下列句子译成英语(一空一词):
  21.人无完人, 对吗? , ?
  22.你每年冬天感冒, 是不是? , ?
  23.你伯父过去住在宁波, 对不对? ?
  24.A:他不想买这辆十速自行车, 对吗? B:对, 他不想买。 A: 。 ? B: , .
  25.这条裤子太长我弟弟不能穿, 对吗? , ? 四、下列句子都有三种译文, 请把正确的选出来:
  26.皇帝是裸体的, 对吗? A.The emperor was undressed, was he? B.The emperor was dressed, wasn’t he? C.The emperor was undressed, wasn’t he?
  27.我今天晚上得工作到深夜, 对不对? A.I had to work late into the night tonight, don’t I? B.I have to work late into the night tonight, haven’t I? C.I have to work late into the night tonight, don’t I?
  28.他既不是工人也不是工程师, 对吗? A.He is neither a worker nor an engineer, isn’t he? B.He is neither a worker nor an engineer, is he ? C.He is either a worker or an engineer, isn’t he?
  29.我是你的一个好朋友, 对不对? A.I am a friend, aren’t I? B.I am your good friend, am I not? C.I am one of your good friends, aren’t I?

  30.什么事也不会使我向你屈服, 对吗? A.Nothing could make me give in to you , could it ? B.Nothing could make me to give in to you, could i


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