成都旅游英语 100 句 Travel in Chengdu English 100 Welcome to Chengdu -- The Land of Ease! (欢迎来到成都-休闲之都) Transportation(交通)
  1、How was your flight?(旅程怎么样啊?trip) It’s OK.(还好。)All right
  2. How can I get to Minshan hotel?(我怎样才能到 civil aviation hotel?) You can get there by bus or by taxi(你可以坐公共汽车或是坐出租车。)
  3. Where can I find the bus to downtown?(我在哪儿能乘坐到市中心的公共汽车?) Out the door, turn right, and you will see it.(出门向左转你就会看到了。)
  4. How long dose it take from the airport to downtown?(从机场到市中心要多长时间?) Around 30 minutes.(大概要 30 分钟。)
  5. I hope you’ll enjoy your time in Chengdu.(希望你在成都玩得愉快。)
  6. Excuse me, how can I get to tianfu Square?(请问,我怎样才能到天府广场?) It’s 10 minutes walk down that way.(朝那个方向走 10 分钟就到了。)
  7. Can I take this bus to Sichuan university?(我能乘这辆车到四川大学吗?) Yes. It’s only two stops from here.(是的,两站就到。)
  8. Please let me know when we arrive at Xinnanmen bus station.(到新南门车站时请告诉 我。) No problem.(没问题。)
  9. It there a foreign language bookstore nearby?(这附近有外文书店吗?) Yes there is a big one downtown. It’s 15 mintes by taxi.(是的,在市中心有家很大的书店。 坐出租车只要 15 分钟。)
  10. Excuse me, where can I post a parcel overseas?(请问,哪里可以寄国际包裹?) Here in the hotel.(酒店里就有。)
  11. I need to see a doctor. Where should I go ?(我需要看病。我应该去哪里?) You can go to the west china hospital.(你可以去华西医院。)
  12. How often is the train to Mt.Emei?(去峨眉山的火车多长时间一班?) Just a minute,Let me check the schedule for you. (每天都好几班。我给你查一查时刻表。)
  13. Is it a long trip?(旅程时间长吗?) Well. it’s about 2~3 hours.(大概 2~3 个小时。)
  14.Do you have a direct flight to Europe? (有直达欧洲的班机吗?) Yes ,.Every week there are two direct flights to Amsterdam. (有的。每周有两班直达阿 姆斯特丹的飞机。)
  15.When should I check in at the airport?(我应该什么时候到机场办理登机手续?) Usually 3 hours before departure for international flights.(国际航班要提前 3 个小时。)
  16.Do you think you can get me to the airport by 3:30 pm?(你能在下午 3 点半以前带我到 达机场吗?) Sure,no problem.(当然,没有问题。)
  17. Enjoy your flight.(祝你旅途愉快。)
Welcome to Chengdu ?the Land of Dreams! (欢迎来成都,梦想之都!) Accommodation (住宿)
  18. Do you speak English?(你能讲英语吗?) Yes can I help you? (是的.需要帮忙吗?)
  19. My name is Henry Stark.I have a reservation for a single room.(我叫亨利.斯塔克,我想 登记入住.) Yes,of course. Mr stark.(好的,斯塔克先生。)
  20. Is there a safe in the room?(房间有保险箱吗?) I am afraid not. But you can deposit your valuables at the reception desk. (没有。但您可以把贵重物品存放在接待处。)
  21. What time is breakfast?(早餐是什么时间?) From 6:00 to 9:
  30(早上 6 点到 9 点。)
  22. I would like room service.(我想要客房服务。) How can I help you?(需要什么服务呢?)
  23. I’d like a wake?up call at 9:00am.(我需要 9 点叫早。) Yes 9:00 o’clock in the morning.(好的,是在早上 9 点。)
  24. Where can I make an international call?(我在哪里可以拨打国际长途?) You can use the phone in your room.(您可以使用房间电话。)
  25. I lost my key. Can you help me?(我的钥匙丢了,你能帮我吗?) Yes. right away.(马上。)
  26. I don’t have hot water.(这里没有热水。) I’m sorry. I’ll send someone up right away .(对不起,我马上派人来检查。)
  27. What’s the phone number of the hotel?(酒店的电话是多少?) 855833
  33. It’s on This card(85583333,这张卡片上就有。)
  28. Where is the gift shop?(请问礼品店在哪里?) It’s on the second floor.(在第二层)
  29. Excuse me. What is the exchange rate?(请问汇率是多少?) The exchange rate is $100 to 800 RMB.(汇率是 100 美元兑换 800 人民币。)
  30. Do you have a city map?(有城市地图吗?) Well, You can buy one in the gift shop.(有。在礼品店可以买到。)
  31. Can I store my luggage here?(可以把我的行李寄存在这里吗?) Yes, of course.(当然可以。)
  32. What is this charge for? I didn’t use the mini-bar.(这笔费用是什么?我没有使用过房 间的迷你吧。) Let me double-check.(让我核对一下。)
  33. How would you like to pay, cash or credit card?(您想以什么方式支付,现金还是信 用卡?) Credit card. Please.(用信用卡,谢谢。)
  34. How much is the taxi fare to the airport?(从这里坐出租车到机场要多少钱?) About 50 RMB.(大约 50 元人民币。)
Welcome to chengdu ?the land of flavors! (欢迎来成都??美食之都) Food 美食 35 Welcome to our restaurant! How many in your group, please?(欢迎光临,请问几 位?) Two of us.(两位。) This way, please.(这边请) 36 Would you like a booth or a table?(要坐包厢还是桌子?) Table, please.(桌子就可以了) 37 It is quieter upstairs. Would you like to have a look?(楼上更安静些,要去看一下吗?) Yes please.(当然) 38 This way ,please your step。(这边请,请小心。) 39 Would you prefer a private party room?(你们要单间吗?) No, thanks.(不用,谢谢。) 40 Is this table ok? (坐这里可以吗?) Great.(很好) 41 What would you like to order?(请问今天点什么菜?) Jiaozi (饺子。) 42 Would you like something to drink first?(先喝点什么?) Yes, ice water, please.(冰水,谢谢。) 43 Do you have an English menu?(有英文菜单吗?) Sorry, our menu is in Chinese only, but we do have a picture-menu. (抱歉,只有中文的,但我们有带照片的菜单。) 44 What do you recommend?(你可以推荐什么菜吗?) Would you like to try mapo Tofu?(要不要试一下麻婆豆腐?) 45 Would you like your food not spicy, mild or very spicy?(您的菜要不辣,微辣,还是很 辣?) Mild, please.(微辣。) 46 Excuse me, some more tea?(打扰一下,要加茶水吗。) Sure.(是的。) 47 Where is the restroom?(洗手间在哪?) Down the hall.(在大厅那边) 48 Hope you have enjoyed your dinner。 Would you like a doggy bag?(希望您今天用餐 满意,要打包吗?) No, thanks. Check, please.(不用,谢谢!现在买单。) 49 Thank you for coming. Hope to see you again soon!(谢谢光临,请再惠顾!) Welcom to Chengdu?the Land of Beauty! (欢迎来到成都--“锦绣之都”) Sightseeing 观光 50 What is the most popular place to visit?(游客最喜欢去那里)
Many people would say Dujiangyan, a world ?famous cultural heritage(许多人 都会推荐都江堰这一世界文化遗产地。) 51 What is it famous for?( 它以什么闻名呢?) It’s a water project with a history of over 2000 years, and it’s still in use today(它是一个具有 2000 多年历史的水利工程,今天它仍然还在使用。) 52 Where can I see giant pandas?( 在哪里我能看到大熊猫?) I highly recommend the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in the north of the eity.(我推荐您参观位于城北的大熊猫繁育研究基地。) 53 Why is Jiuzhaigou so popular? 为什么九寨沟那么出名? Because it’s the best-known natu-ral wonder in China. (因为它是中国最著名的自然景观。) 54 What’s the best way to go to Jiuzhaigou 去九寨沟最佳的方式是什么? Most people fly, but you can also take a one-day bus 大多是乘飞机,但您也可 以坐大巴。 55 What is the easiest way to get there ? 到那里去哪种方式最容易? I suggest you take a guided tour. 我建议您参加旅行团。 56 What is the oldest site in Chengdu? 什么是成都最古老的遗址? The site of Jinsha Relic. It is the cradle of the Shu Culture. 金沙遗址。它是蜀文 化的摇篮。 57 Where is Sanxingdui Museum located? 三星堆博物馆在哪里? It’s about 60 kilomerers to the north of the 58 Are there many and so on. 是的有武候祠、杜甫草堂、青羊宫等。 59 I like hiking in the mountains.What’s your recommentation? 我喜欢爬山,我应该去哪里? I would say Mt.Qingcheng. You can enjoy its fresh air and great views. 我推荐您去青城山,你可以在那里享受清新空气和宜人风景。 60 Can I take a bicycle to get around? 我可以骑车四处逛逛吗? Yes, but you’d better get a guide to go with you(可以,但您最好找一个向导一起去。) 61 Can you show me around here? It will be my pleasure. 我非常乐意。 62 Where can I get a bird’s eye view of Chengdu? 在哪里可以鸟瞰成都? In the revolving restaurant at the top of Shudu Mansion.在蜀都大厦顶上的旋转餐厅。 63 Do you have something like Tiananmen Square here in chengdu。. 在成都有天安门广场那样的广场吗? Yes, It’s called Tianfu Square. (有啊,名叫天府广场。) 64 Is there a subway in Chengdu? 成都有地铁吗? Well it’s under construction. 成都地铁正在建设中。 65 I want to file a complaint. What should do? 我要投诉。怎么办?
National Park?
city (城市以北 60 公里。
tourist attractions downtown? 在市区有很多景点吗?
Yes. There are Temple of Marquis Wu, Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage,Qingyang Temple
You may dial 96927 你可以拨打电话 96927 Welcom to Chengdu--thr Land of Charms! (欢迎来到成都--“魅力之都”!) Entertanment(娱乐)
  66. What can I do with my leisure time?休闲有什么好去处? You may go to watch Sichuan Opera. 你可以去看川剧。
  67.Where can I watch Sichuan Opera? 哪里可以看到川剧? At the popular Jingjiang Theater on Huaxing Street. 华兴街的锦江剧场很有名。 68 Can I see the unique face-changing performance there? 那儿有独一无二的变脸 表演吗? Yes, every night. 是的,每晚都有。 69 What do local people usually do in their spare time? 通常本地人在闲暇时刻都做什么呢? Many would spend time with friends in a teahouse. 很多人都和朋友一起泡茶馆。 70 What does a typical traditional teahouse look like? 地道的老茶馆是什么样的? It is the open air,and they serve tea in covered tea sets. 在露天,都用盖碗茶。 71 Where can I find a traditional teahouse? 地道的老茶馆在什么地方? At People’s Park or Wangjinglou Park 人民公园,或者望江公园。
  72. Are there any good places for children? 有孩子们玩的地方吗? Yes,Chengdu Amusement Park is a good choice. 有啊,你可以带他们去成都游乐园。
  73. Are there any options? 还有什么选择吗? You may take them to Chengdu Wildlife World in Jintang county. 还可以带他们去金堂的成都野生世界。
  74. Where can I enjoy the city’s evening? 在哪儿可观看城市的夜景? You can stroll along Qintai Road to get a taste of the old city. 你可以去琴台路走走,感受一下老成都的味道。
  75. How can I get to know more about the locals? 我怎样才能更多了解当地人呢? You can join the English Speaking Corner by Jinjiang River near Minshan Hotel 你可以去锦江河边岷山饭店附近的英语角。
  76. I like to go bar-hopping? 我想去泡吧。 Well, there are a lot of bars around the Yulin area. 哦,在玉林附近有好多酒吧。
  77. Are there any night clubs or disco near here? 这附近有夜总会或者迪斯科餐厅吗? Yes, there are quite a lot around Jiuyanqiao Bridge.
有,九眼桥附近有很多。 78 Do you have a drinks menu in English? 你们有英语的饮料菜单吗? Yes, here you go. 有的,给您。 79 . What kind of beers do you have? 你们有什么啤酒? We have a nice selection here. 品类很多,供您选择。
  80. Where can I get a good cup of coffee? 上哪儿可以喝到好咖啡? You may mant to try Starbucks or Coffee Beanery. 去星巴克或宾诺咖啡吧。
  81. Have a good time! 祝您玩得愉快! Wecome to Chengdu-the Land of Abundance! 欢迎来到成都-天府之国! Shopping 购物
  82. I ‘d like to buy some milk and paper towels 我想买一些牛奶和纸巾。 Let’s go to the super market. 我们去超市吧。 83 Where are the shopping carts? 推车在哪儿? They’re beside the escalator. 在自动扶梯旁。 84 I’d like some low-fat milk. 我想要些低脂牛奶。 Right over there. 就在那儿。
  85. Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? Thank you. I’m just looking. 谢谢,我只是随便看看。
  86. Can you tell me what it is, please? 您能告诉我这是什么吗? Sure. It’s a Chinese knot,a symbol of happiness. 当然,这是中国结,它是幸福的象征。 87 Where is it made? 它是在



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