《成人英语三级》词汇习题 成人英语三级》
  1. Let's the problem for the time being: we can return to it later. A. settle C. interrupt B. stop D. leave
  2. Those opinions are now out of . A. fashion C. order B. mood D. form
  3. He finds it difficult to himself to the climate. A. apply C. avail B. account D. accustom
  4. When she heard the bad news, she completely. A. broke away C. broke out B. broke down D. broke through
  5. This is much to the one I bought last week. A. worse C. inferior B. lower D. equal
  6. You should not too much from him. A. expose C. express B. expect D. experience
  7. The novel ended happily, and the young couple were married in the . A. final C. end B. closing D. conclusion
  8. Why were the talks scheduled for that afternoon off at last minute? A. called C. stopped B. cancelled D. abandoned
  9. The building mostly undamaged after the earthquake, and only minor repairs were necessary. A. recovered C. lasted B. consisted D. remained
  10. I saw a traffic this morning. A. event C. conflict B. accident D. damage
  11. The desert was regarded as for settlement. A. uncertain C. unfit B. unable D. unlike
  12. Kindness is the most important a man can have. A. habit C. quality B. property D. effect
  13. They rose one after and walked out. A. the other C. others B. each other D. another
  14. you ought to do is to see a doctor. A. How C. Which B. What D. That
  15. He said was not within his power to answer the question. A. that C. such B. this D. it
  16. Mrs. Jonson about it before me. A. would not like speaking C. had better not speaking B. would not like to speak D. had better speaking not
  17. I like to get up early so that I can get plenty of work before lunch.
A. to do C. done B. doing D. being done
  18. John suggested anything about it until they found out more facts. A. not to say C. to say not B. not say D. not saying
  19. His theory is very difficult, but people understand it. A. a few C. a little B. few D. little
  20. Do you consider more people over? A. it any good sending C. that any good sending B. any good sending D. any good to send
  21. You'd tell him the truth before it is too late. A. better C. most B. rather D. like
  22. The policeman the thief down the road. A. rushed C. chased B. ran D. raced
  23.We are opposed to without him. A. have a party C. us have a party B. we have a party D. having a party
  24. one occasion he helped an old woman who was in danger the risk of his life. A. In/at C. By/with B. On/at D. At/in
  25. Three months after she settled down in America she began to get and homesick. A. bore C. boring B. bored D. boredom
  26. It was getting late, so we set off . A. to home C. for home B. at home D. home
  27. Every child in Britain is to free education at school. A. cared C. liable B. entitled D. given
  28. I didn't buy the apples; she gave them to me nothing. A. as C. in addition to B. for D. due to
  29. He could not his teacher that he was telling the truth. A. admit C. convince B. trust D. ensure
  30. He the present, but he didn’t accept it. A. took C. received B. accepted D. gained
  31. The earthquake left 3,000 homeless A. violent C. endless B. extensive D. furious
  32. They the aid of the United States but did not receive it. A. asked C. sought B. found D. obtained
  33. Some members of the committee were opposed the club members’ money to redecorate the meeting hall. A. to use C. to have use B. to using D. to be used
  34. A man's lessens as he grows old. A. life C. temper
B. effort D. vigor
  35. Will you my clothes while I go for a swim? A. watch C. intend B. notice D. attend
  36. This room 10 meters across. A. broadens C. averages B. measures D. lengthens
  37. It didn’t take the children long to out the correct answer. A. get C. calculate B. figure D. see
  38. His life as a river-boat-pilot came to a sudden end and he was to leave the Mississippi at the outbreak of the war. A. committed C. compelled B. convinced D. compared
  39. Jean to own a car but I don’t believe her. A. confirms C. completes B. claims D. convinces
  40. “Shall I remove the ink stains on the writing table?” “No, please do not .” A. bother C. matter B. disturb D. distract
  41. How far was he for what had happened? A. reliable C. responsible B. respective D. provided
  42. George took of the fine weather to do a day’s work in his garden. A. advantage C. interest B. profit D. charge
  43. The plan is not practical and is to failure. A. due C. doomed B. expected D. certain
  44. The of their performance was expressed in their prolonged applause. A. understanding C. appreciation B. judgement D. determination
  45. You needn't wait; you are free whenever you like. A. going C. to go B. and going D. and go
  46. gathering and storing information, the computer can also solve complicated problems. A. Not only C. Unless B. Except D. Besides
  47. Does he speak English or Russian? He doesn't speak . A. either C. all B. neither D. none
  48. Can you tell me a post office near here? A. whether is there C. if there is B. that is there D. what them is
  49. The benefit concert isn't a recorded one. It is . A. alive C. live B. living D. lived
  50. The airport is five miles . A. from here far C. far from here B. from here away D. away from here 5l. My dog has never anyone, except when provoked. A. bitten C. biting
B. bit D. bite
  52. Father said such a thing to happen again. A. ought to be not allowed C. ought to be allowed not B. ought not to be allowed D. not ought to be allowed
  53. She her hair into her cap. A. pressed C. tucked B. touched D. tightened
  54. Mary was very annoyed when her husband made a of himself before her colleagues. A. spectator C. game B. plan D. spectacle
  55. He was left alone with to look after him. A. not one C. anyone B. no one D. someone
  56. since she was a young girl, she had wanted to become an actress. A. Always C. Long B. Ever D. Frequently
  57. Business letters must always be but we should write in a natural way to friends. A. formal C. former B. normal D. casual
  58. Arabic is a language I found to learn. A. it difficult C. difficult it B. that difficult D. difficult
  59. We to get what we want, anyway. A. operated C. controlled B. managed D. handled
  60. We have received a (an) from the neighboring college to play them at football. A. demand C. order B. challenge D. requirement
  61. Living here at the top of the mountain with no one else near you must be very . A. lonely C. single B. alone D. sole
  62. , the temperature of a body rises when it receives heat. A. As for C. As a rule B. As yet D. As such
  63. He drove fast and arrived an hour of schedule. A. in advance C. abreast B. ahead D. in front
  64. Finding it difficult to to the climate in the city, he decided to move to the north. A. fit C. suit B. adopt D. adapt
  65. She was in white like a nurse. A. clothing C. wearing B. dressed D. worn
  66. It was a good game, and at the end the was Argentina 3, West Germany
  2. A. account C. score B. mark D. record
  67. I didn't know what to do but then an idea suddenly to me. A. occurred C. appeared B. happened D. lighted
  68. Is there anyone who the plan put forward by the committee? A. differs C. objects B. disagrees D. opposes
  69. She told her children that they must not, , play with matches.
A. on any account C. in no sense B. to good account D. by no means
  70. Our public transportation system is not for the needs of the people. A. complete C. normal B. adequate D. perfect
  71. Tom and I are seeing you, so don't disappoint us! A. looking for C. looking to B. looking forward to D. looking out on
  72. Smoking in bed 1000 fires a year. A. burns C. keeps B. catches D. causes
  73. The United States a population of over 200 million. A. possesses C. owns B. have D. has
  74. She opened the door very so as not to wake the baby. A. attentively C. patiently B. cautiously D. nervously
  75. He speaks English better than I. A. very C. much B. so D. too
  76. I enjoy playing basketball and then . A. eating C. eat B. to eat D. ate
  77. You don't object you by your first name, do you? A. to me to call C. me to call B. to my calling D. my calling
  78. He apologized having to leave so early. A. because of C. owing to B. since D. for
  9. There is no in insisting on the impossible. A. mind C. sense B. meaning D. help
  80. Professor Black had us compositions every Friday. A. to write C. write B. wrote D. writing
  81. He didn't know or go home. A. if to wait C. whether to wait B. to wait D. either to wait
  82. How can you avoid mistakes when you're in such a ? A. speed C. hastening B. worry D. hurry
  83. We must begin testing this instrument, no matter difficult it is. A. however C. whatever B. how D. what
  84. One of my sayings is "there is no smoke without fire. " A. favourite C. favourable B. alike D. likely
  85. He makes a good living selling used car. A. for C. of B. on D. out of
  86. I am of the same old breakfast every morning. A. worn out C. ill B. tired D. exhausted

  87. I couldn't understand the lecture, and . A. neither could Sue C. Sue couldn't neither B. so couldn't Sue D. Sue couldn't also
  88. She's going to the photographer's . A. that her photograph be taken C. to have her photograph taken B. to have her photograph taking D. to have taken her photograph
  89. people can speak a foreign language perfectly. A. Not much C. Only a small number B. Little D. Few
  90. I don't talk with them in English . A. no longer C. not any longer B. any more D. no more
  91. He lent me a few books, but are easy to read. A. neither of them C. not either of them B. none of them D. not both of them
  92. There is something wrong with my TV set. I must have it . A. check C. to check B. checking D. checked
  93. Which door does this key to ? A. set B. become C. fit D. belong
  94. He's lived in London . A. since a long time C. long before B. for some time D. some time ago
  95. Try to make as mistakes as possible in your homework. A. less C. least B. a few D. few
  96. The child was to open the refrigerator door. A. barely tall enough C. tall barely enough B. barely enough tall D. enough barely tall
  97. You can't go that way, I'm afraid, as the road is repair. A. for C. under B. in D. on
  98. We have to produce more food to the demand of the ever-growing population. A. suit C. meet B. fill D. respond
  99. That field a good crop of potatoes last year. A. planted C. raised B. grew D. yielded 1
  00. When he was in prison he was not allowed to with his family. A. commit C. commission B. communicate D. command 习题二:
  1. Where did you the magazine I was reading? A. lay B. lie C. remain D. let
  2. It's my turn on tonight, but I don't feel at all well. A. work B. task C. duty D. obligation
  3. these books to the library, as they will soon be overdue. A. Bring B. Take
C. Fetch D. Leave
  4. They say more boys are born than girls . A. as a whole B. in whole C. wholly D. on the whole
  5. The chairman a question for discussion. A. aroused B. raised C. arose D. rose
  6. He is an honest official and never any gifts from people who sought his help. A. received B. expected C. accepted D. took up
  7. I suddenly that it was past ten o'clock. A. realized B. recognized C. understood D. happened
  8. Any student who his homework is unlikely to pass the examination. A. reduces B. offends C. practises D. neglects
  9. The car was repaired but not quite to my . A. joy B. pleasure C. attraction D. satisfaction
  10. They seem to have no interest in . A. mutual B. ordinary C. common D. usual
  11. Solar cells have been developed primarily to electric power for spacecraft. A. seek B. provide C. apply D. insure
  12. I can't that loud music. A. persist in B. put out C. hold on to D. put up with
  13. If you can’t turn the key, try some oil in the lock. A. to put B. putting C. put D. to have put
  14. The blackout caused the meeting . A. to break up B. stopped at once C. coming to an end D. couldn’t continue
  15. It makes to me to stay on or to leave. A. no doubt B. no problem C. no use D. no difference
  16. I don’t it against the young man that he spent three years in jail. A. think B. hold C. view D. consider
  17. She has been so lately that I think she must be sick. A. annoyed B. irritable C. furious D. angry
  18. She her ambition of becoming a Fellow of American Science Academy. A. acquired B. obtained C. earned D. attained
  19. The succession of events described in the famous fairy tale “Alice in the Wonderland” is . A. image B. imagine C. imaginary D. imaginable
  20. I’m quite determined to have the thing with before you go. A. ended B. coped C. done away D. done
  21. The student spent four months the information for his paper.
A. rounding up B. looking after C. looking forward D. rounding together
  22. They made great efforts to build the friendship between the two people. A.



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