30 天必背词汇

  1. ceremony (n.) 仪式,典礼 The awards ceremony was packed with rich and famous people. 颁奖典礼中挤满了有钱及知名人士。
  2. organism (n.) 生物,有机体 Any living thing is an organism. 任何有生命的东西都是有机体。
  3. nest egg 储蓄 By retirement, they had saved up quite a nest egg. 到退休时,他们已经存了一大笔钱了。
  4. plant (n.) 植物 Most plants need dirt, water and sunlight to live. 大部分的植物需要仰赖土壤,水和阳光生存。
  5. animal (n.) 动物 What is the biggest animal you have seen? 您所看过最大的动物是什么?
  6. college fund 念大学的基金 I've been adding to his college fund for years now.. 我已经为他的大学基金贡献多年了。
  7. living (a.) 有生命的;活的 Coral is actually a living animal, living on top of dead animals. 珊瑚事实上是一种有生命的动物,生长在死去动物身上。
  8. mammal (n.) 哺乳动物
Did you know that whales are mammals? 您知道鲸鱼是哺乳动物吗?
  9. nuclear family 核心家庭 My cousin is not part of my nuclear family. 我的堂表兄弟姊妹并不是核心家庭的一部分。
  10. insect (n.) 昆虫 Mosquitoes are my least favorite insect. 蚊子是我最不喜欢的昆虫。
  11. fowl (n.) 鸟禽类 Ducks are a type of water fowl. 鸭子是一种水上禽鸟。
  12. seeing each other 约会 We've been seeing each other for about 3 months. 我们已经约会大约三个月了。
  13. complimentary (a.) 【美】赠送的 The flight attendant gave me a complimentary drink after we took off. 飞机起飞后,服务人员给我们附赠的饮料。
  14. currency (n.) 货币 Every country has its own currency. 每个国家都有自己的货币。
  15. behave yourself 规矩点 Please behave yourself before the guests. 在宾客面前请你检点一些。
  16. reusable (a.) 可重复使用的 Reusable items last longer than disposable ones and help the environment. 可重复使用的物品比抛弃式耐用,而且对环境比较好。

  17. impact (n.) 影响 Tourists can have a big impact on the places they visit. 观光客对他们所参观的地方可造成很大的影响。
  18. behind the scenes 幕后 He is the man behind the scenes. 他是幕后人物。
  19. contraband (n.) 违禁品 If you bring contraband into a country, you may go to jail. 如果你把违禁品带进一个国家,可能要坐牢。
  20. quarantine (n.) 隔离 If you bring your pet to another country, you may have to put it in quarantine for a while. 如果你把宠物带到另一个国家,它可能要被隔离一段时间。
  21. between ourselves 私下的话,不可外传 This matter is between ourselves. 这事你我知道就好。
  22. provision (n.) 储备粮食 We brought plenty of provisions for the trip. 我们为这趟旅行带了足够的粮食。
  23. cuisine (n.) 美食;佳肴 French cuisine is famous around the world. 法国美食举世闻名。
  24. beyond the seas 在国外,在海外 He had a good time when he was beyond the seas. 他在国外时曾过得很快活
  25. chow (n.) 【口】食物,食品
We had some good chow in that little restaurant. 我们在那家小曙 U 吃了一些不错的食物。
  26. delicacy (n.) 美食;佳肴 This is a local delicacy and you can't find it anywhere else. 这是当地的美食,而且您无法在其它地方找到它。
  27. butt in 插手;介入;插嘴 Don't butt in! 不要管闲事!
  28. raw (a.) 生的,未煮过的 In Italy, they serve raw beef. 在意大利,他们提供生牛肉。
  29. grill (n.) 烤架;烧烤的肉类食物 This steak is fresh off the grill! 这块新鲜的牛排是刚烧烤好的!
  30. by and large 大体上,总的看来 I cannot totally take your point, but by and large I think yours is reasonable. 我不能完全同意你的观点,但大体上你的观点是有道理的。
  31. boil (vt.) 烹煮 Dumplings are often eaten boiled. 水饺经常被烹煮来吃。 32 . stew (vt.) (用文火)煮,炖,焖 Can you stew up some meat and vegetables? 您能炖煮一些肉和蔬菜吗?
  33. call the shots 做决断 Who do you think you are calling the shots? 在这指发号施令,你以为你是谁啊?

  34. steam (vt.) 蒸,煮 She prefers to steam her dumplings. 她比较喜欢蒸的水饺。
  35. aromatic (a.) 芳香的 Fresh bread is quite aromatic. 新鲜的面包很香。
  36. steam (vt.) 蒸,煮 She prefers to steam her dumplings. 她比较喜欢蒸的水饺。
  37. aromatic (a.) 芳香的 Fresh bread is quite aromatic. 新鲜的面包很香。
  38. clown around 胡闹 That boy is seldom serious about anything. He’s always clowning around. 这个男孩对任何事情都不认真,他总是胡闹。
  39. flaky (n.) 薄片的;成层状的 The croissants were fresh and flaky. 牛角面包很新鲜又薄而易剥。
  40. rich (a.) 味道浓厚 That chocolate cake is too rich for me. 那个巧克力蛋糕对我来说太浓了。
  41. cook up 构思;策划 I have to cook up an excuse for being late for class. 我必须为上课迟到编个借口。
  42. tender (a.) 嫩的;软的
The steaks were tender and juicy. 那块牛排鲜嫩多汁。
  43. sour (a.) 味道浓厚 Let's order sweet and sour pork. 让我们点一份糖醋排骨。 crocodile tears 鳄鱼的眼泪,假慈悲
  44. spicy (a.) 辣的 The tofu was too spicy for him. 那块豆腐对他来说太辣了。
  45. stinky (a.) 臭的 I can't believe you've never had stinky tofu! 我不敢相信你从未吃过臭豆腐
  46. cry over spilled milk 做无用的后悔 It is no use crying over spilled milk. 覆水难收。
  47. rotten (a.) 发臭的 Stinky tofu smells rotten, but it tastes great. 臭豆腐闻起来是臭的,但吃起来却很好吃。
  48. fresh (a.) 新鲜的 Your fish must be fresh if you want to eat it raw. 你的鱼必须是新鲜的,如果你要生吃的话。
  49. down and out 穷困潦倒;孤苦无助 People should lend him a helping hand; He’s really down and out. 人们应该助他一臂之力,他已经穷困潦倒了。
  50. past (n.) 过去,昔日
He lives in the past and he doesn't even have a computer! 他还活在过去,竟然没有计算机!
  51. present (n.) 现在,目前 Only by living in the present can you be free of worries. 只有活在当下才能无忧虑。
  52. eat like a bird 胃口小,吃的少 Jenny is very slim because she eats like a bird. 詹妮十分苗条,因为她吃的少。
  53. future (n.) 未来,将来 She didn't see any future in their relationship. 她对她们的未来没抱希望。
  54. duration (n.) 持续时间 A basketball game has a duration of 48 minutes. 一场篮球有 48 分钟的比赛时间。
  55. for good 永远 Smoke less everyday, then you might be able to quit smoking for good. 每天少吸烟一点, 你就可能会永远戒掉烟。 Don’t shed crocodile tears over his misfortune, I know you hate him. 不要假惺惺的为他的厄运假慈悲了,我知道你恨他。
  56. outlook (n.) 前景 The company's outlook was not good. 公司的前景不怎么看好。
  57. potential (n.) 潜力 I think this young man has a lot of potential. 我觉得这个年轻人的潜力不错。
  58. get fired 炒鱿鱼
The anchorman of the BBC network’s evening news got fired. 听说 BBC 电视网的晚间新闻主播被炒了鱿鱼。
  59. fortune (n.) 命运 Before we were married, we had to have our fortunes told. 我们在结婚前已经算过命了。
  60. fate (n.) 命运;天命,天数 You can not escape your fate. 你无法逃脱你的命运。
  61. hang in the balance 未见分晓;悬而未决 I guess my future hangs in the balance. 我想我的未来悬而未决啊。
  62. goal (n.) 目标 After you set your goals, you must work continuously toward them. 设定目标后要持续的往目标努力。
  63. plan (n.) 计划 She has a 10-step plan for her future. 她对她的未有设定了十个步骤的计划。
  64. high and dry 被抛弃的,处于痛苦之中的 George took all the money away and left his companions high and dry, with nothing to buy the tickets. 乔治带走了所有的钱,把他的同事抛弃了,连买车票的钱也没有。
  65. projection (n.) 规划 The company's projection of their income was unrealistic. 公司对营利的规划不切实际。
  66. schedule (n.) 行程 We are already behind schedule and we haven't even started yet. 我们的行程已经晚了,甚至还没开始呢!

  67. high and low 到处 I looked high and low for my pen,but I couldn’t find it anywhere. 我到处找我的钢笔,但我怎么也找不到它。
  68. intend (vt.) 打算 My parents intend for me to go to university in England. 我的父母打算让我到英国读大学。 dream
  69. (n.) 梦想 Without dreams, we have no future. 没有梦想就没有未来。
  70. hit upon 突然想到 He hit upon a plan to defeat his antagonist. 他突然想出了一个挫败他对手的计划。
  71. wish (vt.) 想要;希望,渴望 I wish I had a girlfriend. 我想要有个女朋友。
  72. aspire (vi.) 热望,向往;怀有大志 There are many waitresses that aspire to be actresses. 有许多的女服务生向往成为女演员。
  73. in a bind 窘迫;陷入困境 I’m really in a bind. 我左右为难。
  74. aspiration (n.) 热望,志向,抱负 My aspirations push me to work harder every day. 我的抱负让我每天要努力工作。 75, priority (n.) 优先考虑的事
Safety is our first priority. 安全是我们的优先考虑。
  76. in luck 幸运 You are in luck. 你很走运。
  77. biological (a.) 生物的 Her biological clock was ticking and she really wanted to have a baby. 她的生物时钟在起变化,所以她想要有个小孩。
  78. resolution (n.) 决心;决定 Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet? 你许下新年愿望了吗?/你定好新年计划了么?
  79. ins and outs 错综复杂事物的因果 After careful investigation, he got to know the ins and outs of the accident. 经过仔细的调查,他终于弄清了事件的前因后果。
  80. GPS =Global Positioning System 全球定位系统 Did you know you can use the global positioning system to find a difficult address?. 你知道你可以用全球定位系统来找一个难找的地址吗?
  81. LAN =local area network 局域网 All our office computers are on a local area network. 我们公司里所有的计算机都在局域网上。
  82. It's in God's hands
听天由命 It's in God's hands and we have prepared for the worst. 听天由命吧,我们已经做最坏的准备了。
  83. abdomen (n.) 腹;下腹;腹部 The pregnant woman has an enlarged abdomen. 那位孕妇有增大的下腹。

  84. bereave (vt.) 使失去(希望、生命等) The lost hikers were bereft of hope when the rescue plane did not see them. 当救援的飞机没有看到他们时,那些迷路的徒步者丧失了希望。
  85. let sleeping dogs lie 莫惹是非;别多管闲事;别惹麻烦 Don't tell the teacher what you have done. Let sleeping dogs lie. 不要告诉老师你做了什么。莫惹是非。
  86. bereave (vt.) 使孤寂;使凄凉 The children were bereaved by the death of their parents. 那些失去双亲的孩子是可怜和孤独的。
  87. consecrate (vt.) 奉……为神圣;尊崇 This battlefield is consecrated to the memory of the soldiers who died here. 这个战场被视为圣地以纪念死于该处的战士。

  88. lose one's temper 发脾气;动怒 Don't lose your temper in front of the class. 别在班上发脾气。
  89. evoke
唤起(记忆等);引起 A good joke does not necessarily evoke a hearty laugh. 好笑话并不一定逗人大笑。
  90. groove (n.) 沟;槽;凹线 Wheels left grooves in a muddy dirt road. 车轮在泥泞的路上留下凹痕。
  91. make ends meet 使收支平衡 I have to take two part-time jobs at the same time to make ends mee. 为了收支平衡,我不得不同时作两份兼职。
  92. jolt (vt.) 使摇动;使颠簸
The old car jolted its passengers badly as it went over the rough road. 那辆旧车走过崎岖的道路时,很厉害地颠簸着它的乘客。
  93. obsolete (a.) 过时的,老式的 Bowing to greet a lady is now an obsolete custom. 用鞠躬来欢迎女士如今已是过时的习俗。
  94. make use of 使用;利用 He will make use of all the odds and ends. 他会利用所有这一切零碎东西。
  95. prowl (vi.) (野兽等)四处觅食;暗中来回寻觅 Many wild animals prowl at night looking for something to eat. 许多野兽在夜间巡行觅食。
  96. scoop (vt.) 挖出;挖成 The children scooped holes in the sand. 孩子们挖了沙坑。
  97. monkey business 胡闹耍骗人的把戏;捣鬼 He told the boys to quit their monkey business, or he would call a teacher. 他告诉那些男孩子不要再胡闹,不然他就叫老师。
  98. (n.) 情形,状况,状态 Diplomats are interested in the status of world affairs. 外交家关心世界局势。
  99. sue (vt.) 控告 The farmer sued the railroad station because his cow was killed by the train. 那位农夫因他的牛被火车压死而控告火车站。 1
  00. on and off 间断地 It rained on and off all day long. 今天断断续续地下着小雨。
  01. bandit (n.) 强盗,土匪 The bandit in a typical Western movie rides a horse and goes armed, either alone of in a group. 在典型的西部片中,土匪单独或成群结队骑着马且全副武装。 1
  02. commemorate (vt.) 庆祝;纪念 Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. 圣诞节是庆祝耶稣基督的诞生。 1
  03. outa



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