牢记 make possible 的三种形式: 的三种形式:
  1. make+名词+possible; His financial aid makes this trip possible.
  2. make+possible+名词(名词短语较长时) His financial aid makes possible the poor Chinese student’s entering of the world famous university.
  3. make it possible (for sb.)to do (见形式宾语部分) The father’s hard labor makes it possible for the son to receive better education. 定语从句可分为限定性和非限定性两种,其主要区别为: 定语从句可分为限定性和非限定性两种,其主要区别为:
  1. 非限定性定语从句中,引导词和先行词之间需用逗号隔开。
  2. 非限定性定语从句中,引导词一般不用 that, 在修饰人时用 who, whom, whose He had three children, all of whom had graduated from college. 在修饰物时用 which 部分状语从句可以省略,在填空题中时有出现 如:Although defeated, he did not lose heart. (从句中省略了 he was)
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If inFORMed timely, I wouldn’t have missed the meeting. (从句中省略了 I were) 注意: 当现在完成时的时间状语是 for + 一段时间(已经有…时间了), 和 since + 一个时间点(自从…以来)的时候, 句中的谓语不能是非延续性 动词(暂短性动词), 如不能说 :I have borrowed the book for ten days. (错误: borrow 这个动作是发生在图书出纳台上的一次性动作, 不能延续, 因此不能和 for 引导的时间状语连用)应改为: I have kept the book for ten days. 这样的暂短性动词还有: buy/sell, break, die, graduate, drop 等倒装 倒装句就是将正常的陈述语序加以变化,主要作用是强调被提前的部分 倒装句可分为全部倒装和部分倒装两种: 倒装句可分为全部倒装和部分倒装两种: 一、全部倒装 谓语动词提前至主语之前为全部倒装,如: Out came his guest.On the hill stood a little cottage that contained heaps of hay.There lived an elderly lady whose husband died long ago. 二、部分倒装 助动词或情态动词提至主语之前,谓语动词位置不变,即为部分倒装,如: Neither could he see through your plan. So little did I know about him that I was easily taken in by his words. Doesn’t her invitation appeal to you? 第一节 否定词提前倒装
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否定词用于句首时,句子应进行部分倒装 否定词常用的有: Not only…(but also), Not until(直到…..才), No sooner….(than)(一…..就) Never/ Rarely/Seldom Hardly/Scarcely… (when) Few/LittleNeither/Nor (也不) On no account (决不) Nwhere In no way At no time Under no circumstances(决不)
其中 not only, no sooner, hardly, scarcely 分别和 but (also), than, when 搭配使用,需注意:后一组词之后的部分不进行倒装,只有否定 词之后的部分倒装 如:Hardly had I arrived home when it began to rain. Not only was he able to enter the final round of the contest, but hecame out first as well. No sooner had I got any chance to speak than the clerk slammed the door in my face. Seldom does he travel about. Under no circumstances should you betray your own country. 此类倒装句一般出现在填空题中,需填入的是倒装部分,只要在句首见到上述的词,就应条件反射的想到用倒装句 介词、 第二节 介词、分词词组提前倒装 当句子没有宾语,且主语偏长时,往往将句中作状语的介词短语或作表语的形容词短语或作表语的分词短语提至句首,引起主谓的全部倒装
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如:In the middle of the river floated the cluster of plants that shehad cast. Characteristic of an anarchist was her strong opposition to the government,which she had blamed for all the social injustices. Lying on the grassland is a pretty girl in her early twenties. 第三节 副词提前倒装 副词提至句首引起倒装,可分以下几种情况:
  1. only + 副词(when, before, if, after 等)或 only+介词状语(由 in, under, by, on, after 等引导)提前,必须部分倒装 如:Only then did he realize how stupid he had been. Only after entering the store did Arthur realize that there was dan ger. Only in the library can she concentrate on her study.
  2. often, such, so 等副词提前,部分倒装 如: So diligently did he work that he got hight scores on the final exam. =He worked so diligently that he got hight scores on the final exam. Such was his wish that the world would stay away from war forever. Often did we go on a holiday in hot summer. 注意,so 的另一种倒装是表示“也…”
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California relies heavily on income from crops, and so does Florida. 加利福尼亚过多的依赖于来自农作物的收入,佛罗里达也是这样同 理,体会一下 neither, nor 的倒装 He can’t dance, neither/nor can I.= I can’t, either. 他不会跳舞,我也不会。
  3. in, out, down, up, away, off, here, there, over 等副词提前,全部倒装 如:Off got the staggering gentlemen. Here are the photos I took at the seaside. 第四节 疑问倒装 疑问句需部分倒装语序,由于经常用到不会成为考试的难点。 如:What part did he play in Hamlet? Do you prefer tea or coffee? by 可视为被动语态的标志词,by 之后的名词短语是句中动作的施动者;在题干中若见到 by+名词的结构要优先考虑用被动式 如: The wall is painted by Tom. The book was written by Mark Twain. 注意
  1:by 之后如果接的是动名词,则表示方式、手段,不能视为被动式的标志,且此时谓语应用主动式,如:He passed the exam by cheating. 注意
  2:对于 know 来讲,一般用 be known to 而不用 be know by 强调句中 it 作形式主语可以替代任何被强调的部分基本模式:It + be + 强调 对象 + who/ whom/that + 句子其余部分
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如:It was only you who cared for me. (强调主语) It is his sister whom /that I have fallen in love with. (强调宾语) It was under the tree that she found her missing purse. (强调地点状语) It was last week that I attended an art exhibit for the first time. (强状语) It was not until he broke my favorite vase that I flew into rages. (强调状语从句) 注意:强调的对象是人时,可用 who, whom 或 that, 其余情况一律用 that; 当强调对象在从句中做主语时用 who/that, 当强调对象在从句中做宾 语时用 whom/that. 虚拟语气 此章内容在 TOEFL 考点中处于相对次要地位,但在英文中是比较活跃的用法,必须对其有所了解, 这样对读题非常有帮助虚拟语气是英文中一特 殊的语言现象,主要用于表达与事实相反的陈述,常表达强烈愿望、遗憾、感慨、后悔、责备、规劝等语义,可大致分为三类 一、对现在事实的虚拟基本形式:If + were /did 等过去式…, …would /could /should /might + do 例如:If I were a bird, I would fly to the moon. (事实上,I’m not a bird, so I will not fly to the moon.) If she knew who you are, she would go out of joy.
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   事实上,She doesn’t know, so she still feels joyous.) 二、对过去事实的虚拟 基本形式:If + had done…, …would /could / should /might + have done 例如:If she had been warned earlier, she wouldn’t have broken the rules. (事实上:She was not warned earlier and she broke the rul ...


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       本文由枣恋的孩子贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     英语,是很多人的软肋.在这里我想说,考研英语和四六级,没有多大关系.不是只 有四六 级通过的人,考研英语才能考得好.六级注重词汇量,看得懂文章就能做对题;而 考研却不 大一样,看得懂未必能做对,它需要你对文章的整体把握和理解,注重理解和 分析能力.所 以要多在理解和分析上下工夫,琢磨透考题的特点,学会能力是关键.     D,张锦芯阅读(这本资料推荐做 2 遍 ...

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   ETS 美国教育考试服务中心(Educational Testing Service,简称 ETS)成立于 1947 年, 是目前世界上最大的私营非盈利教育考试评估机构, 也是教育研究领域的领导者。 该组织致 力于为近 200 个国家的个人、教育机构和政府部门提供服务,并在全球范围内开展、管理 着每年 1200 多万人次的考试,其中包括我们所熟悉的 TOEFL、GRE; 、GMAT 考试等。 TOEFL 托福考试 托福考试 TOEFL The Test of English as a For ...


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