unit1 text A fervor private tutor sacrifice determination amount master undoubtedly unintelligible annoy address concept privacy token hospitable off-handedly meanwhile shock addressee craving raise vocabulary memorize mechanically devastating inefficient alphabetic contact fascinate dishearten oriental confrontation confusion gender mention tolerance goal command overcome barrier fluency wholly Text B linguist envrionment
process psychologist adult usage expose method communicate work on be born with along with in the same way as well as over and over again make up pick up unit2 text A salesgirl couple glance uncomfortable behave remain desire adopt distant outsider accent feature mark belong in honor of as to cut short text B initial consult typical expectant confident presentation interaction cue colleague steak minor handshake
impact occur coin seminal adjustment occupational transplant pun imply symptom succeed context sensation colloquial irritable short-tempered outcast overwhelm overload blankly uninitiated displacement adapt trial trying succeed in doing sth miss out (on) be aware of break down Seattle Swedish Unit3 Text A acquire consistent literate dip advance desert bore availability curious oversrict discipline sacred schooling emerge
open-minded violence anarchy hatred ideally dip into now and then think of…as set someone on the path to make a living in the name of take a stand (on,over) rather than see (to it)than Text B lead vellum independent elaborate ornamental simplify well-adapted crude meticulous pamphlet engraving heel handpress linotype binding move about great numbers of on the heels of Johannes Gutenberg Florence Lyons Unit 4 Text A interviewq crawl wheel cart express checkout project promotion hostility
risk immune spouse hormone immunity behavioral stock quotient mistreat inconvenience insult avoid garbage flutter deserve infraction release upsetting dodge genetics upbringing get the best (of) make it take a breath lose one's temper take stock (of) according to hold in calm down well up to the point set off put…into motion impose on dwell on let go keep track of proper names Harvard School of Pubilc Health Redford Williams Behavioral Medicine Research Center Duke University medical Center Knoxville Richard driscoll Deffenbacher 4B assertively
conversely attentive analyze content assess distract assertiveness orientate superior client customer personal participant previously objective refreshment chitchat belief attitude pole fuse brigade escalate aggressive outburst tendency paramount plummet inadequate cope block threaten badminton court takeover book view latter disclosure 4b cope with follow up refreshment break 4B Pickstaff Leisure Center Bratford 5A
dense tangible tense grope immeasurable contrast vaguely childish imitation uncomprehending pin mug persist impatient dash fit sentiment well-house spout stream gush still thrill fragment long 5A at sea grope one's way to and fro be about to do persist in dix…on set free 5A Anne Mansfield Sullivan 5B stout bald fasten declaration independence practical insurance persuade pave fireplace ironworker
potbelly potbellied stove patent enable learned electricity lightning thunderstorm coax string rod lightning rod colony delay worn-out carpet honor congree shrewd diplomat fleet constitution delegate 5B be at home catch fire throw off by oneself care for turn over set sail for sit through on the terms of 5B Philadelphia The Congress King Louis The Constitution 6A occupy so-called resemble fee overall numerically conservative
dominant cabinet grant expense capacity entry polytechnic plus charge abolish 6A in particular apart from have an influence on in practice decide on/upon take off free of charge 6A Eton Oxford Cambridge Whitsun 6B vocational school liberal arts 6B vocational liberal humanity variety equivalent undergraduate bachelor tuition dental mechanics nonacademic electronics carpentry plumbing charity 6B a variety of right away 7A religious
celebrate eve service festival vegetation recite trim ornament sheet cookie candy mistletoe decoration chandelier privilege wittingly originate berry bough stocking sled reindeer chimney package feast distinguish plum-pudding section decorate legend symbol advertise countdown glide speedy 7A hang up turn on 7A Christmas Christ Christmas Eve Rome Britain Santa Claus North Pole 7B
trapping game plentiful diet regretful original splendid severse communal dawn afterwards pop-corn turkey pumpkin starvation luxury circumstance proclaim gratitude observe obligation cooperate intention customary delicious course pie remembrance gift settler renew 7B be used to at dawn on the whole in remambrance of 7B Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cape Cod Massachusetts Indian Bradford George Washington Abraham Lincoln F.D.Roosevelt 8A
effective stumble audience moderate convince category spoil confuse suppose summarize moderator panel smoothly considerate chart graph appreciate thoughtfulness dramatic auditorium microphone enjoyable volunteer 8A call upon stumble over cheer up first of all in someone' shoes make sure that in good taste focus on cut in over someone's head talk down to come through 8B seemingly status resonance tend breathily assertive tone confidence ridiculous self-consciously
expand rib abdominal muscle abdomen utilize beneficial diaphragm monotone monotonous delivery inflection volume distinctly overpowering activate food-pricessor forceful response label failing overwork supplement constantly disturb talkative intensity annoyance previous irritation ignore directive punch alter 8B from now on draw a breath put up with 9A broaden share efficient reside submit license notch transaction
fundamental underestimate crystal display liquid crystal display monitor resolution commonplace blur set-top box processor chip recognition pessimistic overestimate 9A apply for put up notch up bring in connect up in effect sort through end up call in check on 9A Florida Microsoft 9B attempt carving tablet civilization complex carrier-pigeon calculation microscope telegraph device toe record shepherd staff pasture ewe lamb
granary craftsman continuous potter merchant boldly navigation evolve manipulation versatile sufficiently distribute 9B put down exchange…for take away come in use 10A household pyramid absolute pension complexity unreliable babysitter enterprise accomplish invaluable arrangement self-sufficient boom incline bold discrimination realistic basically attractive companionship casually evaluation 10A in return be free of be inclined to do speak up at ease annot help but do
10B role equality issue capable profession qualified affirmative minority oppose crisis 10B Affirmative Action Law 11A apprehension stern feminine mingle enroll long-established clan bullheaded sandy clamorous subsequent permanent estrangement tidal plantation due prodigal hazel-eyed ancestor uncomditional peer cautiously promptly retire tuck crib gurgle tiptoe pillow plump wrinkle tickle tummy
creep rift splash scrap lumber bouncing 11A hold up(someone as a model) insist on follow in one's footsteps marry into settle down fall in love with look like thanks to 11A Hawaii Berkeley 11B bud dispatcher fatality cruiser stocky train bewilder blink devastate spade flop lapse bulky trademark drift formica-topped backlight a frilly profile uncomprehendingly corpse curve parenthesis sharoud motionless hushed appraise flashgun
compose viewfinder trivet souvenir flank shutter intrude suitability journalistic 11B choke up give up in one's mind' eye back up come upon creep away 12A urgency effectively clarification deadline proximate trivia excessive surgery anticipate enlarge leadership shrink deception illusion actual drop-in battle-scarred toss recreational re-creation valuable deterioration differentiate superbly significant positive identify key 12A act on
fall into 12B gap subject phenomenon explode literature efficiency attend garage characterize appointment commitment obtain order insanity abundance vacation embrace evolution revolution paradigm 12B set out check…off wipe out 13A eyelid participate valedictory potential graduation generation economics major administration likely option mechanism institutionalize standardize admission commit selection unintentionally reinforce indicator
pursuit exploratory idealism idealistic productive means end unaware unashamed pursue superficial abnormality trend 13A participate in more than in pursuit of more often than of for the sake of teach by example 13A Teresa Duke GPA 13B descend basement despair console desperately sum meager athletic considerable scholarship dent academic anticipation board instruct overzealous exhausting campus drain hesitate credit feasible
ad ecstatic incredible costly ethic mold craft miracle 13B on one's own in despair stick out roll in come in come one's way as well as long as fix up 13B Ankeny Iowa Wausau Wisconsin Denny Israel Colorado 14A award agony dedication commensurate acclaim pinnacle anguish travail sustained base verity ephemeral doomed lust scar gland relearn decline immortal clang
tideless puny inexhaustible prevail endurance prop pillar 14A in trust blow up as though in conflict with 14B frontier captive tag motto hazard conquer horizon assembly peril framework security succor appeal uncharted unsolved unconquered ignorance prejudice unanswered surplus mediocrity lull rhetoric innovation scriptural dismay complacency vigorously assurance subsidy platform conceive breath alternative
14B be determined to on the edge of sum up hold out look to 14B John Kennedy Woodrow Wilson Franklin Roosevelt David Lloyd George The Kremlin 15A resume image professionalism morals physically likable credible consciousness self-esteem competent authoritative annual influential nonverbal initiate angle desperate applicant dependable remark coach apologetic tentative meek implore narcissism 15A care about drop by be bound to do remark on 15A Bay Stater Boston
Albert Mehrabian Marian Woodall Norma Carr-Ruffino Christopher Lasch 15B telemarketing agitation collaboration tactic profit assist integrated vice memo recount daily disrespectful grateful hesitation 15B do one's untmost go on make a difference take into account get in the way 15B ex-Marine Vietnam
how difficult is English? n 热烈,热情,热诚 adj 私人的,个人的 n 家庭教师,(英国李的里的)导师 vt&vi 牺牲,献出 n 牺牲,牺牲品 n 决心,决定 n 总数,总量 vi 合计,等于 vt&n 掌握 adv 毫无疑问地,十分肯定地 adj 难理解的,晦涩的 vt 使烦恼,打扰 vt 向讲话;写信给;称呼 n 概念,观念 n 隐私 n 标记,象征,符号 adj 好客的,热情的 adv 随即,事先毫无准备地 adv 当时,同时 vt&vi (使)镇静,(使)震动 n 震惊,震动 n 听着,受话者 n 渴望,热望 vt 提出,养育 n 词汇;词汇量;词汇表 n 记忆 adv 机械地,将死地 adj 破坏的 adj 低效的,效率低的 adj 拼音文字的 n 接触,联络 vt&vi (使)接触,(与)联系 vt 迷住,强烈地吸引住 vt 使人丧失信心,使人沮丧 adj 东方的 n 对抗,冲突 n 混乱 n 性别 vt&n 提及,提到 n 容忍,宽容 n 目标,目的 n&vt 掌握,把握 vt 克服 n 妨碍物,障碍 n 流利 adv 完全地,整体地 Learning a Language n 语言学家 n 环境
n 过程,进程 n 心理学家,心里学者 n 成人 n 用法 vt 是暴露 n 方法 vi 交流,交际 从事于,致力于 生来具有 一起,一道 以同样的方法 又,还,也 反反复复 创造,编造 拾起,拣起,学会,(不经意间)得到 caught between two cultures n 女售货员 n 几个,一对 vi 看一下,瞥一眼 adj 不舒服的,不自在的 vi 举止 vi 保持 n 愿望 vt 采用 adj 在远处的,疏远的 n 外人,局外人,门外汉 n 口音,腔调 n 特征,特色 vt 标明,标记 vi 属于,附属 向表示敬意,祝贺 关于,至于 缩短 culture shock -the initial stresses adj 开始的,最初的 vt&vi 向人求教,查阅 adj 典型的,代表性的 adj 预期的,期望的 adj 确信的,自信的 n 描述,介绍,发言 n 相互作用,干扰 n 暗示 n 同事 n 牛排 adj 次要的,较不重要的 n 握手
n 影响,作用,冲击 vt 撞击,对…发生影响 vi 发生 vt 创造,社稷 n 硬币 adj 开创性的,有重大影响的 n 调节,调整 adj 职业的,与职业有关的 vt&vi 迁移,迁徒,移植 n 双关语 vt 暗示,含有…的意思 n 症状 vi 成功 n 环境,背影 n 感觉,知觉 adj 口语的,会话的 adj 急躁的,易怒的 adj 脾气暴躁的 n 流浪者 vt 压倒,击溃,使不安 vt 是过量,超载 adv 茫然地,空虚地 adj 不熟悉某种特定情况的,缺乏某种知识和经验的 n 置换,移植,措置 vt 是适应,是配合 n 磨难,考验,试验 adj 辛苦的,使人恼怒的,难忍的 成功地做某事 错过机会;遗漏;略去 觉察到,意识到 拆毁,拆除 n 西雅图(美国华盛顿州西部港口城市) adj 瑞典的,瑞典人的,瑞典语的 n (总称)瑞典人,瑞典语 Books vt 获得,学到 adj 一致的,调和的,坚固的 adj 有文化的,有阅读和写作能力的 vt&vi 浸,(此处)浏览 vt&vi 前进,提前 n 沙漠 vt放弃,遗弃,逃跑 n 令人讨厌的人,怒潮 vt使厌烦 n 可用,可用的东西 adj 好奇的,求知的,古怪的,爱挑剔的 adj 过于严厉的,过于严格的 n 要求,原则,纪律,学科 n 神圣的,神的,宗教的,庄严的 n 教育 vi 显现,浮现,暴露,形成
adj 坦率的,虚心的 n 暴力,暴行,猛烈,强烈 n 无政府状


2011届高考英语二轮专题复习课件:第15讲 特殊句式

   第15讲 特殊句式 例① If you have a job, yourself to it A and finally you'll succeed. A. do devote B. don't devote C. devoting D. not devoting 解析]考查谓语动词的强调及“祈使句+and+ [解析]考查谓语动词的强调及“祈使句 将来时句子”的固定搭配。句意为: 将来时句子”的固定搭配。句意为:“如果你有了 一份工作,付出努力去做它,最后你定能成功。 一份工作,付出努力去 ...


   2010 中考英语作文预测(含分类) 中考英语作文预测(含分类) 突发事件问题(热点) 突发事件问题(热点) 突发事件问题是中考书面表达的热点话题,从非典到雪灾, 突发事件问题是中考书面表达的热点话题,从非典到雪灾,从地震到甲型 HINI 流感病例 ,都频频出现在各地中考试卷中 (A/HINI flu cases) 都频频出现在各地中考试卷中,因此必须重视.但这类文章的写作有 ) 都频频出现在各地中考试卷中,因此必须重视. , 一定的难度, 一定的难度,掌握基本句式和写作技巧非常必要 典型例 ...


   湖北2010届高考英语听力试题 第一节(共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分) 听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C二个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对活后,你都有10秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。   例:How much is the shirt?    A. £19.15. B. £9.15. C. £9.18.   答案是B。   1. What will the man probably d ...


   英语作文网(www.joozone.com)提示您观看方法:前面是预测题目,及题型,后面有这100篇文章的英文作文,希望您一步步往后看,有条件的学生可以打印出来使用噢。我们最后一页提供joozone站内下载文章的地址。  1、   提示:   张楠的父亲有位美国同事,他的孩子约翰?史密斯即将来华。约翰写信向张楠询问一些有关他所在城市的问题。张楠回信,内容如下:   得知约翰要来非常高兴。告诉他可能遇到一些不同于美国的情况。   气候:冬天冷,有时下雪。夏天几乎不下雨,但一下起来就很大。提醒约翰 ...


   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 。-张先 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立中宵。-黄景仁《绮怀诗二首其一》 似此星辰非昨夜,为谁风露立中宵。-黄景仁《绮怀诗二首其一》 。-黄景仁 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 。-李商隐 深知身在情长在,怅望江头江水声。-李商隐《暮秋独游曲江》 深知身在情长在,怅 ...


   1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033 1034 1035 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 organizational a.组织(上)的 goal ...

自考英语二 单词

   A   1.a few 几个   2.a good deal 许多   3.a good many 许多   4.a great amount of 大量的   5.a great deal 大量的   6.a great many 很多   7.a little 一些,一点点   8.a lot of 许多,大量的    9.a number of 若干,许多   10.a variety of 种种,若干不同的   11.above all 首先,首要   12.according to ...


   自考“英语(二)”完整讲义 讲义一   Text A What Is a Decision ?   I.课文内容简介   决策的目的是制定和实现组织目标。作决策的原因是有问题存在、目标和目的不正确、或者有某种东西防碍目标或目的的实现。作决策的过程对管理人员来说至关重要。决策者必须具备从多个可供选择的可能性中确定最佳选择的手段。而多种目标的顺序和重要性也部分地基于决策者的价值观。今天所作的决策可能会对将来产生深远的影响。因此,有经验的管理者能从当前决策看到将来的效果。   段落大意:课文分成三部 ...


   大学英语自学教程(下) 01-A. What Is a Decision? A decision is a choice made from among alternative courses of action that are available. The purpose of making a decision is to establish and achieve organizational goals and objectives. The reason for making a ...


   自考英语二复习资料之第一章 重点单词扩充讲解: 1. organizational: a 组织上的 由此我们可以联想到:organize: v 组织; organization: n 组织; organizer: n 组织者 请看下列习题,选择该组词里恰当的词填空: 1). Last week, our school a spring outing. 2). The task calls for the highest skill. 3). China has joined World Tr ...



   《九年义务教育全EI N初级中学英语教学大纲》与 《全日制义务教育~普通高级中学英语课程标准》 教学评价之比较 房颖 摘要:2001年7月教育部颁布了《全日制义务教育、普通高级中学英语课程标准》代替原有的《九年叉务教育全日制初级中学教 学大纲(试用修订版)》作为指导我国基础英语教育改革的纲领性文件,在全国范围内广泛实施。二者相比,《标准》的评价体系体现了 评价主体、评价对象和评价形式的多样化以及评价目标的多层次和多元化。《标准》强调学生在评价中的主体地位;强调形成性评价与 终结性评价并重,并 ...


   Computer English Chapter 7 Programming Languages Chapter 7 Programming Languages Key points: useful terms and definitions of programming languages Difficult points: describing the differences between compilers and interpreters 计算机专业英语 7-2 Chapter 7 ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 雅思考试报考简章 IELTS 简介 IELTS (International English Language Testing System),中文称国际英语测试制度 (简称雅思)是由剑桥大学考试委员会,英国文化委员会,及澳大利亚教育国际开发署联合举 办是非英语国家考生赴英联邦国家高等教育机构就读进修或移民、工作及其他个人原因等所 必须通过的语言测试。 考试类型 雅思考试分为两种类型:学术类和培训类。考生应根据其实际 ...


   初一英语上学期复习提纲 MODULE 1 一、同义句 1.My name's Daming. = I'm Daming. 2.I’m from England. = I come from England. 3.Are you a new student? ≈ Are you new? 4.Nice to meet you. = Nice to see you. =Glade to meet you. = Glade to see you. 5.What's your name. = May ...

中央广播电视大学2006--2007学年度第二学期“开放本科’,期末考试英语Ⅱ(1) 试题

   试卷代号: 试卷代号:1161 20062007 学年度第二学期“开放本科’ 中央广播电视大学 2006--2007 学年度第二学期“开放本科’,期末考试 英语Ⅱ(1) 各专业 英语Ⅱ(1) 试题 注 意 事 项 2007 年 7 月 一、将你的学号、姓名及分校(工作站)名称填写在答题纸的规定栏内。考试结束后,把 将你的学号、姓名及分校(工作站)名称填写在答题纸的规定栏内。考试结束后, 试卷和答题纸放在桌上。试卷和答题纸均不得带出考场。 试卷和答题纸放在桌上。试卷和答题纸均不得带出考场。监考 ...