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2009 年成人高考高起点英语复习资料大全
一、代词部分: 代词部分: 应注意的一些代词,both、neither、either、none、all。
  1、Young babies can use A、either A、both
  3、 help. A、Some B any C No one D None B each B none
  2、They have two teams, and C neither hand equally well. C both D every of them have chance of winning D all
of us could work out this maths problem, so we asked our teacher for
  1、With the help of the foreign experts, the factory produced as the year before。 A as twice many A three times the B as many as twice B a three times C as twice as many C the three tomes D twice as many D three times a
  2、New typewriters cost about price of the second-hand ones cars in 2001
  1)倍数+as as(
  2)倍数+the +名词+of 三、形容词、副词应注意 形容词、 (
  1)短语 the same as(
  2)The + 比较级……,the +比较级……

  3)形容词、副词的比较级可被 much、far、still、even、a little、a bit、a lot、a great deal 修饰,加强或削弱其语气。
  1.In the world no country has exactly the same folk music that of any other countries. A. with A. still B. as B. yet C. to C. so D. like D. such
  2.Although the price of house has been lower , it is higher than before.
四、情态动词部分需要掌握情态动词公式 成人高考英语情态动词部分常考情态动词的一些固定结构 如:1 must /may /might +动词原形(表对现在事情的肯定推测) 专升本 2001 年 13 题 I just phoned her home and no one answered me. D. could be B . must be C. might have been 典型例题
She on her way to school, A. should be
解析:本题考查考生对情态动词固定结构的掌握,由于本题是对现在事情的推测,故选 B。 题意为:她肯定在上学的路上,我刚打电话给她家里,没人接。
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must /may /might +have +PP(过去分词) 典型例题 专升本 2005 年 20 题 (表对过去事情的肯定推测)
--They are supposed to arrive at six, but there is no sign of them.. --Something unexpected-to them. A . might happen B .must have happened C. would have happened D. could happened 解析: 此题考情态动词对过去事情肯定推测的结构, 故选 B 但现在连人影都没见到,肯定出什么事了。 couldn’t / can’t +have +PP ( 表对过去事情的否定推测) 典型例题 (
  1) 专升本 2004 年 34 题 “I saw Mary in the Library yesterday.” “you A her, she is still in hospital.” B could not see C. can’t have seen D. must not see 题意为:我昨天在图书馆看 mustn’t have seen 题意为: 他们原定于 6 点到达,
解析:此题考情态动词对过去事情否定推测的结构,故选 C 到玛利了。 你不可能看到她,她还在医院里呢。 (
  2) 高起点 2003 年 25 题 You have seen Jane in her office Last Friday, two weeks. A couldn’t B . mustn’t C . wouldn’t
she’s been out of town for D. shouldn’t 题意为:上个星期五你不可能
解析: 题考情态动词对过去事情否`定推测的结构,故选 A 在简的办公室看到简,她已出城两个星期了。
  4.Ought to / should +have +PP A ought to come
(表过去应做的事而实际上未做,含有责备的口气) C. ought have come D. ought come
You yesterday if you were really serious about the job. B ought to have come 解析: 此题考查过去应做的事而实际上未做, 故选 B 昨天你就该来。 五、时态部分应掌握现在完成时、过去完成时以及各时态的被动语态。 时态部分应掌握现在完成时、过去完成时以及各时态的被动语态。 (
  1)只要时间状语是 by the end of last……,主句的谓语动词绝对用过去完成时;如果 把 last 变为 next ,主句的谓语动词绝对用将来完成时。 (
  2)By the time 从句的时态是一般过去时,主句谓语绝对采用过去完成时;如果 by the time 从句的时态是一般现在时,主句谓语绝对采用将来完成时。 题意为: 如果你很在乎这份工作的话,
2009 年成人高考高起点英语复习资料大全
六、疑问句部分需要注意附加疑问句。 疑问句部分需要注意附加疑问句。 (
  1)祈使句的反意疑问句 (
  2)let’s 开头的反意问句

  3)谓语为 used to be 型的反意问句 (
  1.Don’t shout in the meeting room,? A. should you B. will you C. can you D. could you
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  2.Let’s visit our uncle on the way home ,? A. will you A .wasn’t there A .doesn’t he 七、复合句 要点一 (
  1)what 与 that (
  3) 区别介词短语与从句 除外)
  1.It is impossible A. that A.when A. except
  4.Never C. shall I, what B.what B.where B. except that forget the days when we spent he will tell us that C.what C .in which he has just done. what D.that D.that he is too busy. C. except when B. I shall, we spent D. I shall, where we spent D. in addition together on the island last year. that (
  2) 形式主语 与强调句 (
  4) 掌握从句必须采用陈述语气 (as、 though 引导的让步状语 B. will we C.do we D. shall we .? D. didn’t it D. is he ?
  3.There used to be a cinema on this street, B. didn’t there B. isn’t he C. wasn’t it C. does he
  4.Tom seldom visits his grandparents,

  2.It was in Hong xing Cinema
I met Mr Smith for the first time.

  3.He is always trying to help others
A. shall I , we spent
要点二 状语从句部分的时间状语从句。 (
  1)掌握 hardly…….when……….. No sooner…than……….. (
  2) 牢记 the moment, the minute, each time ,by the time …….等短语可引导时间状 语从句 要点三 状语从句的结果状语

  1) 掌握 so 与 such 的 区别 So 的使用公式: so + adj + a/an + n 主语+谓语 so + adj + that so + adv such 的公式 主句+连系动词+ 主句+连系动词+ 主句+连系动词+ such + a/an + adj + n such + adj + n(可数复数) + that such + adj + n(不可数)

  2)掌握 so ……that 和 such……that 的倒装句式
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  1)三者的区别 . as ,though 引导的让步状语从句的公式 名词/形容词+as +主语连系动词 副词 +as+主语+行为动词 so , therefore 等同时用于一个句 (
  2)让步状语从句不可以和并列连词 but, and, for, 子中,但可以用 still, yet, 要点五 定语从句部分要点如下 (一)非限定性定语从句的两种类型 类型
  1. 第一种类型的非限定定语从句的先行词与定语从句的关系代词用逗号隔开, 是因为 两者关系不密切,从句仅对先行词起补充说明的作用。 Yesterday , I met a girl ,who was my deskmate in the Middle school. We are going to spend this year’s Spring lives. 类型
  2. 第二种类型的非限定性定语从句修饰的不是一个先行词,而是上文中的整个句子, 这时引导词只能用 which. (二)当先行词为
  2、先行词被副词 only,最高级、序数词修饰时,常用关系 代词 that 引导。 (三)what 不可以引导引导定语从句,但 what =先行词+引导词 试题分析
  1.The dog ran out of the yard A. the moment A. will see A .and
  4. , A. A boy as he is things and people A. that A.between which B. that moment B. sees B.but the old lady open the gate. C. a moment C. see C. yet D. this moment him. D. would see D. so D. he is a boy Festival in Hainan, where our parents

  2.He will give this letter to your bother the moment he
  3.Although he likes Mary so much ,
he doesn’t want to marry her.
he can already support a big family. B.AS he is a boy C .Boy as he is

  5. Yesterday, I ran into my former headmaster in the street ,we talked about the we remembered in the middle school. B.which B. among which C. what two were broken. C. in which D. when D.who

  6.I bought a dozen of eggs yesterday ,
  7.I have many friends ,
are from Beijing
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A. most of them
  8.He didn’t A.all which 八、倒装句 要点 1 only +副词/ 介词短语/状语从句置于句首强调时, 后面的主语与谓语必须部分倒装。 要点 2 一些含有否定意义的词,如:not 面的主语和谓语必须部分倒装。 九、主语与谓语保持一致 要点 1 就近原则:not only.......but either.........or; 主语保持一致。 要点 2 就远原则:在主语与谓语之间插入短语 as well as ,together with, with, except, but 谓语动词不受插入语的影响仍和主语保持一致。 要点 3 时间、距离、金钱等词语作主语表总量时,谓语动词用单数。 十、非谓语动词 要点 1 学会分析一道题缺少谓语还是非谓语。 要点 2 区别不定式、动名词、分词作定语。 要点 3 分词完成式仅作状语,不作定语。 要点 4 动名词的逻辑主语。 要点 5 分词作宾语补足语。 十一、 十一、常考语言点 要点 1 要点 2 要点 3 要点 4 要点 5 做过的事情、发生过的事情,动词 regret 当 动词 区别短语 区别短语 require , need , , forget , remember 后带动名词,反 along with, neither........nor; also; or 连接两个主语时, 谓语动词应与第二个 only , not until ., never , hardly , no sooner , scarcely , little , nowhere , in no time..........等短语置于句首强调时,后 tell us B. all that B. most of whom C. some of which C.all what D. some of them D.what all he had done.
之,带不定式。 want {需要}的主语是物时,后带动名词的主动 // have +sth +done to doing sth 语态表被动含义。 have +sb +do make +sb +do sth / / have +sb /sth+doing // // be used to sth make +oneself +done // be used
区别短语 used to do
十二、 十二、 与语言点相关的考题
  1.The number of the poeple learning English increasing.
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A .are A .washing
  3.I know A. she working C. her having worked
  4.I remember A. once offering
  5. I got
  6. I 7 avoids A .the act two can't A. make His to doctor use the street, B.During house need B. to their luggage, luggage, to ,but paint the C. packing tourists this packed they Tony was knocked C. At plan to wait to C. painting tourists hurried hurried to the packed the airport. D. Having packed D. asking , D. having C. Packing question? C. ask , to answer . she of should we keep wouldn't have finished the D. her the help B. has D. was keeping Tom, down by next a car. spring D.be airport. to do it. painted D. While A. avoid to use
  8.crossing A .By
  9.The A. paint
  10. After A .packed A. Packed
  12.Why answering
  13.I hope her promise B. that for A. her to keep C. that she will keep
  14.If it work on time not been not been my parents work. D. of the / police. not been A. did it not be C. had A. asked, answer to help B. is B.to washing nothing about in C. is C.wash the army. worked D. to offer D. the D. let right hand. using D. avoided him being D.are D.washed being
  2.My mother spend almost the whole afternoon my clothes.
B. for her to work D. her us having been we got when before my into trouble.
B. him once offering just B.act second about that B. stand suggested B. avoid using
C. him to offer C. act two that.
to the theater talking
the end of act second friend like his C. has
C.allow he should
B. being packed the B. Being

not Bill
B.ask, answering

  15.I am going to spend my summer holiday in Guangzhou, A. where
  16. He would A.without
  18.Most A.passing on of the B. if B. which have been only C. but your for C. that D. otherwise Time is on C. going killed the arrival homework?
have you finished guests
B. running out who
D. coming
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to her party last week were her old friends. C. inviting terrible D. having been fire. away A. were invited invited
  19.luckily, A.put on
  20.Many A. were a should to the fire fighters arrived and the put B. put out delegate was in favor of investigate the incident. C .was set up D. set up C. put his down proposal D. put committee B. invited
set up
B.be B.be set up B. Not until
21 had he got home than the telephone rang. A. No longer C. No sooner D. Hardly
  22.Only when I got home the news that my younger brother had just been admitted by Peking University. A. I learned A. were; allowed A. to hold A. asking A. or A. passed A. or A. so, so learn B. did I learn B. did ; allow B. to be held B. to ask B. unless B. through B. unless B. such, such C. ask C. I had learned C. had ; allowed C. to holding D. asks C. if C. failed C. if C. so such B. of, used to swimming D. of , were used to swim C. in the front of D. make charge D. till D. cross D. until D. such ,so D. was I learn D. have ; allowed D. holding
  23.Not until early 1960swomen in the United States to vote.
  24.We’d like a party next week to celebrate our achievements
  25.If you can’t work out this problem by yourself, why not John for help?
  26.I won’t tell him the truth he promise to give me some money in return.
  27.Jack his



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