年中考英语语法金题【动词】 冲刺 2011 年中考英语语法金题【动词】
1 ( ) 1 Every night the noise _. A. wakes him out B. wak e up him C. wakes him up D. wake him up ( ) 2 She to sleep, but she was never able to sleep well. A. came B. fell C. tried D. missed ( ) 3 I like what she . I hate what she . A. likes; hates B. like; hate C. liked; hates D. to like; to hate ( ) 4 She picked it up and . A. gave me it B. gave to me it C. gave it me D. gave it to me ( ) 5 The shoes are yours. Please. A. put it away B. put them away C. put away it D. put away them 2 ( ) 1 The stars very small because they're very far away from us. A. are B. look C. chang e D. become ( ) 2 The room cool in summer and'warm in winter. A. feels B. is felt C. feels to be D. is felt to be ( ) 3 You don't look so as usual. Why not go to see a doctor? A. well B. better C. badly D. worse ( ) 4 His temperature seems . A. right B. all right C. well D. true ( ) 5 The cake smells .
A. well B. badly C. good D. terribly 3 ( ) 1 Will you go to the Great Wall if it fine tomorrow? A. will B. was C. is going to be D. is ( ) 2 Please come to our meeting if you free tomorrow. A. will B. will be C. are D. were ( ) 3 y ou free now? I have some questions to ask you. A. Will B. Do C. Are D. Would 4 ( ) 1 His grandpafor a year. A. died B. has been dead C. has been death D. was died
( ) 2 I won't go to bed until my mother back. A. came B. comes C. will D. come ( ) 3 The pupils the Summer Palace tomorrow afternoon. A. visit B. visited C. have visited D. are going to visit ( ) 4 He his homework this time yesterday. A. is doing B. was doing C. did D. will do ( ) 5 Two years ago, hethe Youth League. A. has joined B. joined C. took part in D. entered 5 ( ) 1 -Were you here yesterday? -Yes, I__ _. A. am B. was C. are D. were ( ) 2 What they doing now in the forest? A. is B. are C. were D. was ( ) 3 The young people in the mountain area and they planting trees now. A. is; are B. are; are C. are; were D. was; were 6 ( ) 1 The girlbeautiful at all. A. isn't B. doesn't C. didn't D. aren't ( ) 2 I've told him the dog any more. A. don't play with B. not to play with C. don't play D. not to play ( ) 3 -My pen. -Neither does mine. A. won't write B. didn't write C. doesn't write D. is not written ( ) 4 He his homework last week. He ill. A. doesn't do; is B. didn't; / C. didn't do; was D. not did; was 7 ( ) 1 I think Miss Gao is the best teacher in our school. you me? A. Do; agree with B. Are; ag ree with C. Are; angry with D. Are; ag ree with ( ) 2 _ your mother a bus driver? A. Are B. Is C. Did D. Does ( ) 3 you been to the Great Wall? A. Has B. Have C. Do D. Does 8
( ) 1 He in the reading room just now. A. is B. was C. will be D. will ( ) 2 The boys very happy during the holidays. A. is B. were C. am D. was ( ) 3 How many deer there on the farm last year? A. are B. were C. is D. was 9 ( ) 1 My motherfree last week. A. isn't B. aren't C. not was D. wasn't ( ) 2 Theybusy the other day. A. aren't B. weren't C. is D. wasn't 10 ( ) 1 there many trees on both sides of the rive r last summer? 90 It's a Haidian top proble A. Are B. Is C. Was D. Were ( ) 2 there any snow on the ground last night? A. Are B. Were C. Is D. Was ( ) 3 her sister at home yesterday evenin g? A. Is B. Was C. Will be D. Are 11 ( ) 1 Who in the next room, singing the song just now? A. are B. is C. w as D. am ( ) 2 -When they going to start? -Next week. A. is B. are C. were D. will be ( ) 3 -Whereyou last week? -We went to Lon don for a holiday. A. are B. were C. is D. am 12 ( ) 1 Could you tell me if there plenty of rain in the east of China? A. has B. have C. is D. are ( ) 2 Can you tell me if any books in the bookstore? A. are there B. were there C. there are D. there have ( ) 3 There a modern hospital in my hometown. A. have B. has C. are D. is 13 ( ) 1 Here.
A. comes the bus B. t he bus comes C. does the bus come D. coming the bus ( ) 2 There. A. come they B. they come C. they are coming D. they will come ( ) 3 Now. A. comes your turn B. your turn comes C. does your turn come D. your turn coming 14 ( ) 1 There is by t he lake. A. hills B. the hill C. a hill D. hill ( ) 2 on the desk. A. The book is B. The book are C. There is the book D. Book is 15 ( ) 1 There good news in today's newspaper. A. aren't many B. isn't much C. aren't lots of D. isn't a lot of ( ) 2 There only some meat in the fridge, A. isn't B. is C. aren't D. are 16 ( ) 1 there any trees on the hill? A. Is B. Are C. Has D. Hav e ( ) 2 there a glass factory near the city? A. Are B. Is C. Were D. Had ( ) 3 there a river between the two villages? A. Has B. Is C. Are D. Were 17 ( ) 1 Therean English evening on December
  18. A. are going to have B. will be C. will have D. is going to have ( ) 2 There is going to a football match th is evening. A. have B. has C. is D. be 18 ( ) 1 There a hill in front of the village. A. lives B. be C. stands D. lies ( ) 2 Long long ago there a king. A. is B: lived C. had D. lay ( ) 3 There a rice field outside the village. A. lies B. are C. were D. lie 参考答案: 参考答案:

  1. 1-5 C B A D B
  2. 1-5 B A A B C
  3. 1-3 D C C
  4. 1-5 B B D B B
  5. 1-3 B B B
  6. 1-4 A B C C
  7. 1-3 A B B
  8. 1-3 B B B
  9. 1-3 D B B 10 . 1-3 D D B
  11. 1-3 C B B
  12. 1-3 C C D
  13. 1 -3 A B A
  14. 1-2 C A
  15. 1-2 B B
  16. 1-3 B B B
  17. 1-2 B D
  18. 1-3 C B A



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