年中考英语语法金题【副词】 冲刺 2011 年中考英语语法金题【副词】
1( ) 1 He speaks Englishhis aunt. A. as good as B. a s well as C. as better as D. as best as ( )
  2. Which do you like, skating, swimming or fishing? A. more B. most C. better D. best ( ) 3 Who sings, Rose or Kate? A. well B. good C. better D. best ( ) 4 She writesthan I. A. more careful B. much careful C. much more carefully D. much carefully ( ) 5 The night was very , so he had to take off his shoes . A. quiet; quie tly B. quite; quickly C. late; quick D. quite; quietly ( ) 6 How the girls are playing! A. happy B. happier C. happy ly D. happi ly 2( ) 1 he drops in his friends after supper. A. Some times; for B. Sometimes ; on C. Often; for D. Seldom; on ( ) 2 In Britain tea wi th milk or sugar in it. A. usually drinks B. is usually drunk C. usually is drunk D. drank usually ( ) 3 He to school to clean his classroom. A. always comes early B. comes always early C. always early comes D. come always earlier 3( ) 1 Betterthan never. A. late B. the later C. later D. the la te ( ) 2 We have been to the China Folk Culture Villages . A. lately B. late C. latest D. last ( ) 3 I got uptoday. A. later B. more lately C. lately D. late 4( ) 1 Today Tom goes to school earlier than. A. as usual B. usual C. usually D. ago ( ) 2 Today we do our homework at home . A. than usual B. often C. usually D. as usual ( ) 3 Alicegoes to school at seven. A. usual B. usually C. hard D. a little 5( ) 1 It was bad weather that we all had to stay inside.
A. very B. so C. rather D. such ( ) 2 He is kind an old man that all the children like him. A. very B. so C. rather D. such ( ) 3 He, our headmaster was pleased with our work. A. fairly B. even C. much D. great ( ) 4 There was a heavy snow last night. This morning is outside. A. too rather cold B. rathe r too cold C. such cold D. fairly cold 6( ) 1 We won't go to the cinema next Saturday. They won't. A. too B. also C. neither D. either ( ) 2 She likes reading and. A. so I do B. I do so C. I like so D. so do I ( ) 3 -I won't go to the Great Wall tomorrow. -I won't, . A. neither B. either C. too D. also ( ) 4 He likes to do some reading in the morning, I like it, . A. too B. either C. neither D. also ( ) 5 He didn't know her address, did I. A. too B. also C. either D. neither 7( ) 1 I have never seen big pears. A. such B. very C. so D. rather ( ) 2 He is tired that he can't go any farther. A. so B. such -C. very D. too ( ) 3 That maths problem is difficult nobody can work it out. A. too; to B. very; that C. so; that D. very; b ut ( ) 4 He is , teacher that all of us like him.
A. such good a B. a so good C. so good a D. a such good ( ) 5 Jack doesn't work Tom. A. as so good B. so good as C. so hard as D. so harder as 8( ) 1 I did my homework hours . A. before B. later C. ago D. late ( ) 2 I saw the film two days . A. ago B. before C. after D. late ( )3 I seem to have met you. A. before B. ago C. yet D. some time 9( )1 He got backat fou r. A. to home B. at home C. his home D. home
( ) 2 Come quickly. I have something interesting to tell you. A. to here B. up to here C. here D. into here ( ) 3 These two young men stood watching the train moving away. A. by there B. from there C. there D. to there 10( 10 ) 1 Mothe r said, "Tom, you're seventeen, a child. " A. no again B. not longer C. not more D. no longer ( ) 2 "Don't do that. " the teacher sa id to Tom. A. no more B. no longer C. any more D. some more ( ) 3 I don't want to talk with you. A. yesterday B. no longer C. any longer D. some lo nger ( ) 4 They have moved away from Beijing. They don't live there. A. any longer B. once more C. either D. again 11( 11 ) 1 My aunt will come back from Beijing . A. before long B. long before C. after long D. long after ( ) 2 She read the book. And I'll read it. A. long befo re; long before B. before long; before long C. before long; long before D. long before; before long 12( 12 ) 1 When you do eye-exercise, you must keep your eyes. A. close B. close s C. closing D. closed ( ) 2 It's a windy day. You'd better the windows. A. close B. closed C. clos ing D. to close ( ) 3 Bruce often his left hand . A. keep; close B. keeps; closed C. keep; closed D. keeps; close ( ) 4 It is very hot. Please keep the door A. open B. opening C. opens D. opened 13( 13 ) 1 The boat is left by the bank of the river. A. along B. alone C. long D. lonely ( ) 2 He has a rest at home, watching TV. A. alone B. one C. along D. lonely ( ) 3 They went out for a walk the lake. A. alone B. along C. lonely D. at ( ) 4 The wall is two metres. A. highly B. widely C. long D. along ( ) 5 There is a island. On it there ar e many wild beautiful flowers. A. lonely B. along C. / D. alone 14( 14 ) 1 The city is than the town away from the river. .
A. far B. farther C. so far D. much far ( ) 2 Do you need explanation to the question? A. more far B. any further C. farther D. any far ( ) 3 I am so tired that I can't walk. A. much far B. any farther C. even far D. very further 参考答案: 参考答案:
  1. 1-6 B D C C A D
  2. 1-3 B B A
  3. 1-3 A A D
  4. 1-3 B D B
  5. 1-4 D B A B
  6. 1-5 D D B A D
  7. 1-5 A A C C C
  8. 1-3 C A A
  9. 1-3 D C C 10 . 1-4 D C C A
  11. 1-2 A D
  12. 1-4 D A B A
  13. 1-5 B A B C A
  14. 1-3 B B B



   2011 年中考英语 词汇表 D 词汇前标有▲是理解词汇,其余是掌握词汇 三人称单数现在时用 does) 家程教育 jiachengjiaoyu doctor n. 医生,大夫,博士 dog n 狗 dollar door down n. 元(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国货币单位) n. 门 ad. 向下 prep. 沿着,沿…而下 ▲downstairs ad. 在楼下,到楼下 draw (drew, drawn) v. 绘画,绘制,拉,拖,提取(金钱) v & n. 梦,梦想 di ...


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   2011 年中考英语作文预测 关注时事 H1N1 流感 ★ 范文 01. 根据中文大意和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯、 符合逻辑、 不少于 60 词的短文.所给英文提示 词语供选用.请不要写出你的校名和姓名. 世界上已有许多国家发现了新型 H1N1 流感病毒(H1N1 flu virus)病例.据了解,人感染该病 毒后会出现咳嗽、发烧、疲劳等症状.为了加强同学们的预防意识,(21 世纪中学生英语报》 正在举办征文活动,请你给该报投稿,描述感染该病毒的症状并谈一谈为了预防该病毒我们该 怎么做, ...


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   中考英语语法巧记口诀汇总 很多同学认为英语语法枯燥难学,其实只要用心并采用适当的学习方法,我们就可以愉快地学会英 语,掌握语法规则。特此搜集、组编了以下语法口诀,希望对即将参加中考的同学们有所帮助。 一、冠词基本用法 【速记口诀】 名词是秃子,常要戴帽子, 可数名词单,须用 a 或 an, 辅音前用 a, an 在元音前, 若为特指时,则须用定冠, 复数不可数,泛指 the 不见, 碰到代词时,冠词均不现。 【妙语诠释】冠词是中考必考的语法知识之一,也是中考考查的主要对象。以上口诀包括的意 ...



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