初 2008 级英语第一学期期末复习题
一.词汇 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词,把下面这些单词分别写在不同的栏目里。 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词,把下面这些单词分别写在不同的栏目里。 Ping-pong, biology, English, pants, hamburger, white, broccoli, Chinese, shirt, black, basketball, coat, egg, volleyball 你还能想起同类的单词吗?请你把它写在补充栏里。 你还能想起同类的单词吗?请你把它写在补充栏里。 类 别 分 类 补 充
food 食品 clothes 服装 sports 运动 colors 颜色 subjects 学科 二.选择填空 选择填空 ( )
  1. “Where does your pen pal Simon live?” “He lives Ottawa, Canada.” A. in B. on C. to
( )
  2. “What’s favorite subject?” A. her B. his
“My favorite subject is math.” C. your
( )
  3. Every morning, I a shower before breakfast. A. get B. take C. do
( )
  4. “When is your mother’s birthday?” “It’s .” A. ten o’clock B. Saturday C. December 19th. “She at six.” C. is getting up
( )
  5. “What time does Alice usually get up?" A. gets up B. get up
( )
  6. “you want to go to a movie?” A. Are B. Do
“Yes, I do.” C. Can
( )
  7. “This T-shirt is beautiful. is it?” “It’s fifty dollars.” A. How old B. How much C. How many
( )
  8. I think this kind of movie is interesting, my friends don’t like it. A. but B. and C. so
( )
  9. “Why don’t you like history?” A. interesting
“Because I think it’s .” C. boring
B. exciting
( )
  10. Look! The children are the school bus. A. talking to 三.方框选词(10 分) 方框选词( 读下面两段对话,根据对话内容从方框中选择适当的单词填空。 读下面两段对话,根据对话内容从方框中选择适当的单词填空。 B. listening to C. waiting for
games, Conversation One: John: Hello, Jack. Let’s play computer (
Jack: That sounds fun. But I don’t have a computer. John: Well, do you have a volleyball? Jack: Yes, I (
  2). John: Then let’s play volleyball. Jack: Oh, volleyball (
  3) so difficult. John: Well, we can (
  4) football. Jack: All right. Let’s go. brother Conversation Two: Alice: I have some new photos of my family. This is my sister. Mark: (
  1) is she? Is she at the library? Alice: No, she’s in the living room. She is doing her homework. And that’s my (
  2). Mark: Is he doing his (
  3), too? Alice: No, he’s seeing his an action movie on TV and (
  4)french fries, and this is a picture of my (
  5) and my mother at Huaxing Clothing store. They really like(
  6). 四.连词成句(10 分) 连词成句(
  1. go to school, on Sunday, doesn’t, Jim
  2. play chess, can’t, my mother
  3. favorite color, is, her, what
  4. is, my English book, where
  5. at school, has lunch, Miss Li, usually 五.对话排序(10 分) 对话排序( 的一段对话。请你根据对话内容,把它们连接起来,并在括号内填上相应的字母。 这是 Nancy 和 Nick 的一段对话。请你根据对话内容,把它们连接起来,并在括号内填上相应的字母。 Nancy ( B) What sports do you like? ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Why do you like it? )
  2. do you want to play it now? )
  3. What movie? )
  4. But I don’t think so. Thrillers are usually boring and scary. )
  5. I like comedies. Nick . . ? ? . eating aunt homework where shopping
A. B. C. D. E. F.
Sorry, I don’t. I want to go to a movie. I like basketball. What kind of movies do you like, then? Because it’s exciting. Sleepless Night. It’s a thriller and it’s interesting. Oh, I like comedies, too.
六.阅读理解(30 分) 阅读理解( (A)
文本框 : School officials want to change class times from 7:30 in the ev ening to 7:30 in the morning. What do y ou think ? Nilmi A sk in?“I think day . First I go to jogging. Then I It’s a terrible idea! I tak e a shower, hav e break fast and usually get up at 9:00watch TV. A 7:30 class would be and ev en that’sperfect for me” difficult for me. A t night I lik e to watch Hwa-Jeon g Lim?“I nev er get up TV and relax. I go tobefo re 9:
  00. I alway s hav e several bed around 1:00 in thecups o f coffee. Then I walk the dog, morning. I can’t catchcheck my email, a bus that time of the morning.”tak e a shower, call my parents, finish Isabel Lopez?my homework and “I think it’s a great idea.hav e break fast. A I’m alway s up atmorning class 5:00 in the morning.wou ld be no good It’s the best time of the For me.
根据上面短文内容,判断正误 根据上面短文内容,判断正误, 正确的写 T,错误的写 F (5 分) ,
  1. Everyone likes the idea of early morning classes.
  2. Hilmi says there are no buses early in the morning.
  3. Hwa-Jeong does a lot of things in the morning.
  4. Isabel goes Jogging in the morning.
  5. Hilmi watches TV in the morning. 根据短文内容,回答问题,用方框里的词填空,把答案写在横线上。(5 根据短文内容,回答问题,用方框里的词填空,把答案写在横线上。( 分) 。(
  6. Who checks email in the morning?
  7. Who likes the idea of early morning?
  8. Who needs a lot of coffee in the morning?
  9. Who likes to watch TV at night?
  10. Who gets up at 5:00 in the morning? (C) 下面是动物园大门前的广告,请阅读这个广告,并回答广告后面的问题。(10 下面是动物园大门前的广告,请阅读这个广告,并回答广告后面的问题。( 分) 。(
文本框 :
Come and see the Indian elephants and new tigers from A merica. The bears are waiting to meet y ou, and the monk ey s from China are waiting to throw things at y ou, the lov ely dogs from A ustralia are waiting to laugh at y ou, and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on y ou. Tick etsOpening time Grown?ups: $
  2.009: 00a.m.?4:00p.m Children: Ov er 12 $
  1.00except (除了 )friday Under 12 Free10:00a.m. ?3:00p.m. Keep the zoo clean! Do not touch, giv e food or go near the animals.
  1. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the passage? B. Six. C. Seven.
A. Five. (
  2. A child under 12 can go to the zoo . B. with a ticket of $
  2.00 C. freely
A. with a ticket of $
  1.00 ( together? A. $
  2.00 (
  3. Now Mr Smith is in the zoo with his two sons, one aged 14 and the other 10, how much are the tickets
B. $
C. $
  4. Which of the following is the visiting time? B. 9:30 a. m. Friday. C. 3:00 p. m. Sunday.
A. 8:00 a. m. Monday. (
  5. Which of the following can we do in the zoo? B. To take a few nice photos. C. To throw things everywhere.
A. To give some food to the fish.
请你仔细阅读下面的招聘广告。 七、Please read the ad carefully. 请你仔细阅读下面的招聘广告。
Students Wanted for Winter Camp
假如你是李刚,你想要应聘,请你根据招聘广告中的要求,在表格空白处至少填出两项你所能做的事情。 并根据表格中的所有信息,发一封 e-mail, 介绍你的个人情况、兴趣爱好及能力。字数 40~
  60。信的开头、结尾 已给出。 Name Li Gang Dear sir: I want to join your Winter Camp to help the children with sports and music. My I think I can be good with the children and I hope to get your letter soon. Yours, Li Gang Age 13 School No. 1 Middle School like reading, computers, playing basketball can
初中英语期末复习: 初中英语期末复习:初一册上学期知识梳理
每一阶段的学习都有要求我们掌握的基础知识,考前复习时对这些基础知识的梳理十分 重要。 一学期学下来对于英语基础知识我们常有 “剪不断, 理还乱” 的感觉, 但正因为它 “乱” , 所以梳理才显得必要。我们可以将本学期所学的基础知识作如下梳理:
  1. 名词 首先注意可数名词和不可数名词。A. 数的区别:可数名词有单、复数,其复数形式一般 是在其后加上-(e)s。不可数名词只有单数形式,而没有复数的变化。B. 量的表达区别:可 数名词前可用 a(n)及数词来表示其量,也可借助于其它的可数名词,用 of 介词来表示其量, 此时,表示量的可数名词有单、复数变化,表示事物的可数名词本身则必须用复数。不可数 名词前则不可用 a(n)及数词来表示其量, 只可借助于其它可数名词, 表示量的可数名词有单、 复数的变化,不可数名词没有数的变化。C. 修饰词的差异:可数名词和不可数名词前都可用 some, any 来修饰,表示“一些”之意,而表示“很多”之意时,可数名词(复数形式)前应
用 many 或 a lot of;不可数名词(只可用单数形式)前应用 much 或 a lot of。询问可数名 词的量用 how many, 而询问不可数名词的量则应用 how much。 其次注意名词所有格的用法。有生命事物名词的所有格应在其后加上's。方法:A. 单数 名词在其后直接加's。B. 以-s 结尾的复数名词,在其后加上', 而不可加's。C. 以非 s 结尾 的复数名词,需在其后加上's。 表示两个或两个以上的人共有某个人或某个事物时,只需将 D. 最后一个名词变为所有格,前面的各个名词无需变为所有格。E. 表示两个或两个以上的人分 别有某人或某物时,各个名词均需变为所有格形式。注意:表示无生命事物的名词一般应用 of 介词短语来构成其所有格。
  2. 英语限定词的用法 英语名词前一般常会用上 a(n), the, some, any 等词修饰它,这些词都叫限定词。限定 词的使用应注意选择,不可滥用、混用。 首先注意冠词的用法。a(n)为不定冠词,它常用在单数可数名词前,表示不确定的人或事 物。a 用在以辅音音素开头的词、数字、字母、符号等前;an 用在以元音音素开头的词前。 the 为定冠词,可用在单数可数名词、不可数名词或复数可数名词前表示确定的人或事物。 其次注意 some 和 any 表示“一些”之意的用法。some 一般用于肯定句中,any 用于否定 句和疑问句中,在表示请求或希望对方作出肯定回答的疑问句中一般用 some,而不能用 any。
  3. 人称代词和物主代词的用法 人称代词是用以代替某个人或某个事物的代词,有主、宾格之分。主格在句中充当主语, 宾格则充当宾语。 物主代词用以表示某个人或某个事物属于某个人或某个事物所有,有形容词性物主代词 和名词性物主代词之分。形容词性物主代词放在名词或代词前修饰该名词或代词,名词性物 主代词本身便代替了某个人或某个事物,其后不可再用名词或代词了。
  4. There be 句型 There be 结构表示 “在某地或某时存在有某物”,be 为句子的谓语,后面的名词是句 子的主语。 A. 注意其中 be 的人称和数:后面的名词为单数可数名词或不可数名词时,be 用 is。后面的名词为可数名词复数时,be 用 are。如果不可数名词前有可数名词修饰,后面 的动词 be 的人称和数应和可数名词保持一致。而后面的名词不止一个时,be 的人称和数应 和与其最为靠近的一个名词的人称和数保持一致。B. 注意 There be 和 have (has)的不同用 法:There be 结构表示“存在”有某人或某物;而 have (has)则表示某人或某物归某人“所 有”。在表示整体和部分的关系时,There be 结构和 have (has)常可互换使用。
  5. 祈使句 祈使句常用来表示?睢⑶肭蟆⒔ㄒ榈扔锲?它的主语为 you,通常省略,而以动词原形开 头。 表示命令语气的祈使句一般用降调来朗读,而表示请求或建议语气的祈使句一般用升调来 朗读。其否定形式是在实义动词前加上 don't,即使动词是 be 也是如此。
  6. 介词(短语)的用法 介词一般用于名词或代词之前,表示主语与介词后面的名词或代词和句子其它成份的关 系。介词和其后的名词或代词构成介词短语。介词短语在句中常用作表语、状语、定语等。 不同的介词有不同的用法,在此不作赘述。
  7. 一般疑问句、特殊疑问句和选择疑问句 一般疑问句一般以动词 be 或助动词 do 开头,常用 yes 或 no 作回答;特殊疑问句则以特 殊疑问词开头,不用 yes 或 no 作回答。如果在一般疑问句中有 or 连接了选择项,则该疑问 句便为选择疑问句,选择疑问句也不用 yes 或 no 作回答,而应根据具体情况直接作出回答。
  8. 注意同义词的辨析 初一上学期的重点同义



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初二英语下学期期末复习题 答案

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