Unit 1 在人们家中 in people's home 将来 in the future 活到 200 岁 live to be 200 years old 更多/更少的树 more/fewer trees 更少使用……use …… less 使用某物做某事 use sth to do 爱上…fall in love with… 世界杯 the World Cup 预言未来 predict the future 拥有自己的机器人 have one's own robot 与…做同样的事 do the same things as sb 与…交朋友 make friends with sb 做某事有趣 be fun to do sth 用电脑 on computers 免费的 be free 一百年之后 in 100 years 更多/更少的污染 more/less pollution 更多使用…use sth a lot 乘坐火箭到月球 fly rockets to the moon 能够做某事 be able to do sth 实现 come true 数以百计的 hundreds of 科幻小说 science fiction movies 叫醒某人 wake sb up 一遍又一遍地 over and over again 在 25 年到 50 年之后 in 25 to 50 years Unit 2 挡住;阻止…进入 keep out 顺便说一下 by the way 把…声音放得太大 play…too loud 一场球赛的票 a ticket to a ball game 不知道 have no idea=don't know 请家教 get a tutor 把某物落在家里 leave sth at home 与…相同的 be the same as 与…比较 compare with 直到…才…not…until 总是在做某事 be always doing 一方面 on the one hand 与…某人争吵 argue with sb about sth have an argument with sb 给…打电话 call sb up 使…惊讶 surprise sb 查明 find out 邀请某人去做某事 invite sb to do sth 与…相处融洽 get on well with sb 在字典中查找…look up…in a dictionary 向…抱怨某事 complain to sb about sth 尽可能的 as …as possible
到达 arrive at/get to/reach 另一方面 on the other hand Unit 3
在…前面 in front of 睡懒觉 sleep late 航天博物馆 the Museum of Flight 起飞/脱下 take off 跟着某人做某事 follow sb to do 在树上 in the tree/on the tree 在医生的诊所 at the doctor's 记得做过某事 remember doing 在历史上 in history 沉默地做某事 do sth in silence 环绕地球 around the world sth
在…的前部 in the front of 在电话中交谈 talk on the phone 沿着街道走 walk down/along the street 有一次经历 have an experience 对…感到惊讶 be surprised/amazed at 朝…喊叫 shout to sb/shout at sb 住院 in hospital 记得去做某事 remember to do sth 听说 hear about/of 对…有意义 have meaning to 第一次做某事 do sth for the first time Unit 4
生某人的气 be mad at sb 理应做某事 be supposed to do 期末考试 end-of-year exam
首先 first of all 很抱歉做某事 be sorry to do sth 在某事方面费劲 have a hard time with
捎去某人的问候 send one's love 传些口信 pass on some messages 克服 get over 海拔……米……meters above sea level
抄袭别人的 copy others' 听起来像 sound like 派人去做某事 send sb to do 使某人觉得恶心 make sb feel sick Unit 5
让某人进 let in 在晚会期间 during the party 环球旅行 travel around the world 似乎 seem like sth/doing sth 一直 all the time 实际上 in fact
把…拿走 take away 校大扫除 school clean-up 谋生 make a living doing sth 捐给慈善机构 raise money to charity 受伤 get injured 与某人度过时光 spend time with sb Unit 6
收集贝壳 collect shells 募捐 raise money 用光 run out of 最常见的 the most common 省会 the capital of 苏联风格 in Russian style 越…越 the+比较级…the +比较
你第一双滑冰鞋 your first pair of skates 三年半 three and a half years Three years and a half 想起 think of 具有丰富的历史 with a colorful history 受到…的欢迎 be welcomed by 确信 be certain that/to do Unit 7
介意做某事 mind doing sth 从…里出来 get out of 在开会 be at the meeting 恼怒 get annoyed 碰巧发生在某人身上 happen to sb 插队 cut in line 压低你的声音 keep your voice down 熄灭香烟 put out the cigarette 捡起 pick up
调小/大 turn down/up 立即 right away/at once/in a minute 帮某人做某事 help sb do/with sth 到处跟着我 follow me around 试着不做某事 try not to do sth 讲英语的国家 English-speaking country 即使 even if 扔垃圾 drop litter 当众 in public Unit 8
做一顿特别的饭 make a special meal 带某人出去 take sb out to do 赠送 give away 在舞台上 on stage 讲本族语的人 native speakers
大腹便便的猪 a pot-bellied pig 睡着 fall asleep 通过不同的方式 in different ways 取得进步 make progress 使某对某事感兴趣 make sb interested in Unit 9
太空博物院 space museum 曾经到过某个地方 have been to 呆在某个地方 have been in 迪斯尼人物 Disney character 以┉为主题 be themed by 迪斯尼巡游 Disney Cruise 在船上 on board
游乐场 amusement park 到某个地方去了 have gone to 既不 也不;两者都不 neither nor 主题公园 a theme park 四处走动 walk around 兜风 take a ride 结束 end up
象…这样的 such as 四分之三 three quarters 做某事有困难 have some problem doing
胜于,而不是 rather than 三分之一 one third 不管 还是;whether or Unit 10
闲聊 small talk 穿过一条繁忙的街道 cross a busy street 想要 feel like 融洽相处 get along
浏览;粗略看一遍 look through 感谢函 Thank-you note 出现;陪伴 come along 至少 at least



   行必果家教辅导资料 八上 U 1-U 2 重点短语与相似短语的归纳 Unit 1 2: 1. prefer doing: 喜欢做某事 prefer sth to sth: 与……相比更喜欢……(sth 须用名词或动名词) prefer to do sth rather than do sth: 与……相比更喜欢做…动词原形) 2. arrive at(小地方)/in(大地方)=get to=reach:到达某地.(只有 re 物动词) 3. leave: 离开;剩下 leave for: 动 ...


   九年级 Units1~4 知识点归纳 重点短语 Unit 1 1. by making flashcards 通过做单词抽认卡 2. ask…for help 向某人求助 3. read aloud 朗读 4. that way (=in that way) 通过那种方式 5. improve my speaking skills 提高我的会话技巧 6. for example 例如 7. have fun doing sth 玩得高兴 8. have conversations with ...


   初中英语 一、动词+介词 1.look at…看…, look like … 看上去像……, look after …照料… 2.listen to…听…… 3.welcome to…欢迎到…… 4.say hello to …向……问好 5.speak to…对……说话 二、动词+副词 1.put on 穿上 2.take off 脱下 3.write down 记下 1.come on 赶快 2.get up 起床 3.go home 回家 4.come in 进来 5.sit down ...


   初中英语重点短语句型 16-25 16.had better do sth.最好干某事. 否定:had better not do sth. 特别注意:had better 后面跟 be 动词词组,不可漏掉 be. eg.You’d better catch a train. You’d better not talk in class. You’d better not be late for the class. 17.It is good (nice)of+宾格+to do sth. ...


   1 tales of the unexplained 不能解释的传说 2 be puzzled at 对…感到迷惑的 3 step up 加快 4 step in 干预 5 take steps to do 采取行动做 6 search for 搜寻 7 in search of 搜寻 8 due to 由于 9 be due to sb 应该给某人的 10 be due to do 将要做 11 show up 出现 12 show off 炫耀 13 lose one's sight 失 ...


   初一年级 1. Sit down 2. on duty 3. in English 4. have a seat 5. at home 6. look like 7. look at 8. have a look 9. come on 10. at work 11. at school 12. put on 13. look after 14. get up 15. go shopping 16. a bottle of 17. a little 18. a lot (of) 19. all ...


   中考英语常考重点短语、 中考英语常考重点短语、句型 重点短语 1.kinds of 各种各样的 2. either…or…或者…或者…,不是…就是… 3. neither…nor…既不……也不…… 4. Chinese tea without, anything in it 中国清茶 5. take a seat 就坐 6. home cooking 家常做法 7. be famous for 因……而著名 8. on ones way to 在……途中 9. be sick/ill in ...


   阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 高考英语学习资料 Chapter I SB I Units 1 2 ☆重点句型☆ 重点句型☆ 1. What should a friend be like? 询问对方的看法 2. I think he / she should be…表示个人观点的词语 3. I enjoy reading / I'm fond of singing / I like playing computer games. 等表示喜好的 词语 4. Chuck is on a ...


   高 一 英语 必修 四 重点 短语 总 结 Unit 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. wake up 醒来 wander off 漫步 most of the time 大部分时间 either…or… 或……或…… 或 each oth ...


   青岛科技大学 中考英语110条重点短语归纳 中考英语110条重点短语归纳 110 1. put down 放下 come down下来、落下 write down 写下 2. after all 毕竟.终究 one after another 相继.挨次 3. come up with 找到、提出 send up 发射 pick up 拾起、捡起 clean up 打扫干净 4. arrive at/in + n. 到达 5. get…back 退还, 送回去.取回 at the back ...



   万能句型: 用于文章开头的语句 When asked about 1. When it comes to ..., most/many people believe that ..., but other people Faced with regard ... as ... consider it differently. 2. When it comes to ..., people's opinions differ. Some hold the opinion tha ...


   模具常用英语! 2008 年 09 月 12 日 星期五 15:56 模具英语句子 1. XXX!你现在有空吗,我可以问你一些问题吗? Could I ask you some questions if you are free? / Are you free now? May I ask you some questions (a question)? 2. 请问此产品的面是否为外观面?表面做什么处理?是晒纹/抛光? Can you tell me whether the surface ...


   The Word Formation Processes The 3 major processes: compounding, derivation, conversion 一、Compounding It is a word formation process in which two or more bases are put together to form a new word. Exam: Classmate, blackboard, classroom The three fe ...


   Lesson 1 A monument was built to commemorate the victory. The children huddled together for warmth. Censure is sometimes harder to bear than punishment. The new vaccine eradicated all traces of the disease within three months. The barbarians defile ...


   一、资产类 Assets 流动资产 Current assets 货币资金 Cash and cash equivalents 1001 现金 Cash 1002 银行存款 Cash in bank 1009 其他货币资金 Other cash and cash equivalents '100901 外埠存款 Other city Cash in bank '100902 银行本票 Cashier's cheque '100903 银行汇票 Bank draft '100904 信用卡 C ...