一、词汇测试(10%) A.用所给单词的适当形式填空
  1.(luck) I passed the exam this time.
  2.Thank you very much for (invite) me to your party.
  3.Do you know I had an (usual) experience on Sunday.
  4.How (hard work) the children are!
  5.The chicken is delicious,help (you),my dear childen.
  1.This sweater is too e.Can you show me a cheaper one?
  2.Ben is a clever boy; he can speak three l very well.
  3.China is an old county with a long h.
  4.We will play(对着, 反对) the team from No.1 Middle School.
  5.I always get (紧张) when the teacher asks me questions in class. 二、用所给动词的正确形式填空(10%)
  1.We don`t know what(do) the next morning.
  2.Lucy,why not(go) to the cinema with us this afternoon?
  3.My bike is broken,so I need(find) a bike shop to repair it.
  4.Our English teacher is good at(play) football.
  5.Do you enjoy(read) the books written by LuXun?
  6.Tom (not go) to bed until his parents come back.
  7.If Lucy(go) to the cinema, I will go to the cinema, too.
  8.I(listen) to the radio while my sister was playing the violin.
  9.The Spring Festival(come),have you decided how to celebrate it?
  10.It (take) me two hours to do my homework every day. 三、句型转换(10%)
  1.I am thinking about which sweater I should buy. (同义句) I am thinking about which sweater .
  2.Lily was very lucky,she bought the last ticket for the football match. (同义句) Lily was to buy the last ticket for the football match.

  3.Let`s go to the park. (变反意问句) Let`s go to the park,?
  4.He went to school after he had his breakfast. (同义句) He to school he had his breakfast.
  5. It seems that Tom is right. (同义句) Tom be right. 四、单项选择(15%) ( )
  1. He isn’t interested in basketball, he a basketball fan. B. mustn’t be C. may not be D. needn’t be
A. can’t be (
  2.I’m sorry I my exercise book at home.
Don’t forget it here tomorrow, please. A. forgot; to take ( B. forgot to bring C. left; to take D. left; to bring
  3. Look! How heavy the rain is! You’d better. B. stay here when it stops D. not to leave at once
A. don’t go now
C. not leave until it stops (
  4. When she was 22 years old, her dream to be a teacher. B. came true C. came real D. come real
A. come true (
  5. She was ill last week. But she is to go to school today. B. enough well C. enough good D. good enough
A. well enough (
  6. Tom does his homework Lucy. B. so careful as C. as careful as D. so carefully as
A. as carefully as (
  7. Would your younger brother go for a picnic this Sunday?
If I go, . A. So does he ( B. So will he C. Neither will he D. Neither does he
  8. Half of the class all of the homework because some really difficult. B. is still doing , are C. still do, is D. are still doing, are
A. are still doing , is (
  9. I he go there next week. D. suppose, would
A. suppose, can’t B. don’t suppose, can C. don’t suppose, can’t (
  10.The old man a traffic accident last week, however, she wasn’t hurt.
A. had, bad (
B. happened, badly
C. had, badly
D. met, bad
  11. John did badly in the exam. Kate did even . B. more badly C. worse D. also badly
A. worst (
  12. number of students in our school don’t like English, and number of them is over a third
of the total. A. A; the ( B. The; a C. The; the D. A; a
  13. We spent all our money because we stayed at most expensive hotel in town.
Why didn’t you stay at cheaper one? A. the; a ( B. a; a C. the; the D. a; the
  14. I saw him football on the playground just now. B. playing C. was playing D. play the
A. to play (
  15. Her bicycle is broken.
Why didn’t you tell him mine? A. use B. using C. to use D. used
五、完型填空(15%) Mr Evans lived in a city. He was a maths 1 three years ago. He taught well and his students 3 his fortune
2 him. So he decided to work in the middle school all his life. But a terrible accident (财产) . One spring he took his class to 4
a place of interest. The children saw a lot of
and had a good time there. But on their way to school, their 6 was hit by a truck because the young driver was drunk (喝醉). Five students 7 and more than half of the children were 8 in the accident. He didn't know how it had happened and was very 9 it and after he came out of hospital, he left the school and became a 10 . He tried his best to stop the drivers from breaking the traffic regulations (规则). He worked hard and was strict with the drivers. So they were afraid of him. One afternoon it was very hot. Mr. Evans was watching the traffic. Suddenly he saw a hit a man “ 14 13 12 11 . He was standing at the crossing and
rushing towards the crossing. It ran so fast that it almost
a bike. He stopped it at once and saw a girl in it. your licence to me, madam,” said Mr. Evans. 15 . I can't see anything
The girl handed her bag to him and said, “Please look for it in the bag without glasses.” ( ( )
  1. A. worker )
  2. A. liked B. teacher B. wished C. doctor C. helped D. farmer
D. answered
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
)3 .A. beat )
  4.A.build )
  5. A. terrible )6 .A. bus )7 .A. left )
  8. A. beat )
  9. A. sad about )
  10. A. soldier )
  11. A. in the corner )
  12. A. runner )
  13. A. riding )
  14.A.Throw )
  15. A. you
B. won B. break B. dangerous B. train B. lived B. injured(受伤) B. afraid of B. policeman B. at home B. policeman B. selling B. Show B.I
C. lost C. visit C. safe C. car C. died C. touch C. interested in C. bookseller C. on duty C. player C. buying C. Lend C. yourself
D. changed D. find D. interesting D. ship D. fell D. stopped D. worried about D. cleaner D. in the office D. cleaner D. making D. Copy D. myself
六、阅读理解(30%) A. Books about how to do things are very popular in America today. There are about four to five thousand kinds of books with the name “How to……”. One book may tell you how to make more money. Another may tell you how to save or spend it. And another may tell you how to give your money away. Some “How to ” books tell you how to choose a way of making a living and how to succeed in it. If you fail, you can buy a book called “How to Turn Failure(失败) into Success”. If you never make any money at all, you may need a book called “How to Live on Nothing”. If you’re unhappy with your life, you can read “How to Love Every Minute of Life.” ( )
  1. “How to ……” books are popular because they . B. can help people C. are strange(奇怪) D. can make people rich
A. are interesting (
  2. If you want to have much money, you can buy. B. How to Love Every Minute of Life D. How to Turn Failure into Success
A. How to Live on Nothing C. How to Make a Million (
  3. Which of the following is the best title for the passage? B. “How to” Books C. Another Kind of American books D. Interesting Books
A. How to (
  4. The underlined word “spend” means.
A.挣 B
B. 花
C. 度过
D. 存
Can you think of a sentence and in it “AND” appears(出现) five times, without any words in between? There is one at the end of the story. There was once an inn(客栈) called “THE HORSE AND CART(马车)”. It had a sign outside it. There was a picture of a horse and a cart on the sign. The sign was getting very old, so the owner of the inn decided to make a new one. He went to a painter and asked him to paint one and to write “THE HORSE AND CART” on it in large letters. A few days later, he went to see how the painter was getting on with it. He liked the picture of the horse and cart very much, but he didn’t like the words at all. He said to the painter, “No! There is too much space between HORSE and AND and And and CART!” ( )
  5. What is on the old sign? B. A picture of a horse and a cart
A. the words “THE HORSE AND CART” C. A picture of an inn (
D. A picture and the words “THE HORSE AND CART”.
  6. How many ANDS did the painter write on the new sign? B. Four C. Five D. Two
A. Only one (
  7. The words on the new sign were like this. AND CART CART B. THE HORSE AND CART D. THE HORSE AND CART
  8. Which of the following is right?
A. There was a horse and a cart outside the inn. B. The owner wanted to made a new sign himself. C. The painter drew the picture of a horse and cart. D. The painter only wrote “THE HORSE AND CART” on the sign. C Mr White works in an office. One day, when he was having lunch, a friend came to visit him. They were happy and talked a lot. He had a look at the clock on the wall. It was time to go to office. He had to say good-bye to his friend and left. It was raining hard and the streets were wet. He drove too fast to see the red lights. And he couldn’t stop his car and hit a car in front of his. An old man got off and called out angrily, “What are you doing? Do you want to hit me to death?”“I’m sorry, sir,” said Mr White. “Please drink a little, then you’ll be warm.”The old man drank some wine and became happy. He asked, “I’m feeling much better now. Why don’t you drink any?”“I can’t drink anything now, sir,” answered Mr. White. “I’m waiting for the policeman’s coming. Only drunkards(醉鬼) cause accidents, you know!” ( )
  9. Mr. White drove too fast because.
A. he was happy that day C. there were few cars in the street ( )
  10. Mr. White hit the car because
B. he was good at drinking D. he was afraid to be late
A. he didn’t see it B. it was raining hard C. he couldn’t stop his car D. he couldn’t drive at all ( )
  11. Mr White gave a bottle of wine to the old man.
A. to shift the blame onto(委过于) him B. to make him happy C. to make him warm D. to leave there before the policeman came ( )
  12. At last, .
A. the old man felt much better B. the old man was friendly to Mr. White C. Mr. White drank some too D. Mr. White fooled(愚弄) the old man D A young man could not sleep well every night. He was very worried. One day, he went to see the doctor. The doctor looked over him carefully. But there was nothing wrong with him. The doctor told him to count from one to ten again and again “Keep doing it till you fall asleep.” the doctor said. After a few days, the young man came to the doctor again. But to his surprise, the doctor found the young man even worse than before. “Didn’t you count as told you?” the doctor asked. “Yes, I did.” the young man said. “But every time when I reached eight, I could not help (情不自禁地) jumping from bed.” “But why?” the doctor wanted to know. The young man answered, “I am a boxer(拳击手)”. ( )
  13. The doctor told him to keep till he fell asleep. B. reading C. sitting D. jumping
A. counting (
  14. When the young man came to the doctor again, he .
A. was fine C. was worse than before (
B. looked well D. was better than before
  15. The man could not help jumping from his bed when he reached eight because . B. he liked jumping D. he was a boxer
A. he was a teacher C. he didn’t want to sleep 七、翻译(10%)
My trousers haveas yours.
  2.史密斯先生把汤姆当作自己的孩子。 Mr Smith alwaysTom his own child.
  3.我的父母从来不打架。 My parents nevereach other.
  4.下周我们要坐飞机到香港去度假。 Next week we willHongKongour vacation.
  5.你的衣服过时了。 Your clothes are.
  6.他发现做一个专业运动员很难。 He found a professional athletes.
  7.看上去无人知道发生了什么事。 that no one knows what has happened.
  8.他是一个很难相处的人。 It`s difficulthim.
  9.他努力学习以便通过考试。 He works very hard he can pass the exam.
  10.你必须多锻炼保持自身身体健康。 You must do more exercise to .
(六)半期综合复习检测 一、A.
  5.nervous 二、
  1.to do
  8.was listening
  9.is coming
  10.takes 三、
  1. to buy
  2.lucky enough
  3.shall we
  4.didn`t until
  5.seems to 四、1--5ADCBA 6--10ABABC 11--15CAABC
五、1--15 BADCD ACBAB CDABC 六、A.1--4 BCBB B. 5--8DAAC C. 9--12 DCAD D: 13--15 ACD
  1.the same colour
  2.think of as
  3.fight (with)
  4.fly to for
  5.out of style
  6.it difficult to be
  7.It seems
  8.to get on/along with
  9.so that
  10.keep yourself healthy



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