安多县 安多县中学初二下学期英语期中试卷 Name Class Scores
) 7:What’s wrong with your bike? I think
A. it broke B. is broken C. it’s broken D. its broken ( ) 8: It’s a quarter twelve. It’s time lunch.
一:找出划线部分读音不同与其他的一项。10 分(每题 2 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A.rather B.math )
  2. A.old ) ) B.son C. think D. thing
A. to, for B. for. for C. past, to D. to. To ( ) 9: We can’t get my kite. It’s the tall tree.
C.nose D.no

  3.A.brother B.sister C.mother D.her
  4.A.live B.China C.like D.beside
A. behind B. on C. at D. in ( ) 10: your bike over there, please. OK. B. Put C. Give D. Carry ?

  5.A.computer B.music C.student D.juice
A. Take (
二:选择题。40 分(每题 2 分) ( A. / ( A. of ( )
  1:What’s the weather B. like C. today?
) 11: We can’t find
books. Can you help C. our, us D. us, our .
A. our, our B. us, us ( ) 12: What
look like D. look Sunday? D. at
a cup of tea? No,
) 2: What do you do B. on ) 3: There B. be C. for
A. about, please B. of, thank you C. of, you’re welcome D. about, thanks ( ) 13: is your birthday?
some water in the glass. C. is D. am some juice. C. have D.drink Amy.
A. are (
A. Who B. When C. Where D. Why ( ) 14: What date C. was it yesterday? D. is
) 4: She would like B. to drink
A. to eat (
A. be B. are ( ) 15:
) 5: My family has a dog B. names
Day is September tenth. C. Teacher’s D. Teacher Is from New York, is
A. name (
C. naming D. named her teacher.
A. Teachers B. Teachens’ (
) 6: She is scared
) 16: There are two Americans in our class.
A. to B. off C. of D. away
from Washington.
A. One, other (
B. One, one C. One the other
D. One, others
Many schools have soccer teams for children and teenagers. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Chinese people like to fly kites in the early spring. )
  2. Kite flying has a short history in China. )
  3. Most young people ride bicycles for fun and exercise. )
  4. Many teenagers like in-line skating. )
  5. Soccer and foodball are different.
) 17: The opposite of “ Pull ” B. push C. playground D. page 7: 00 in the morning. D. in
A.power ( A. on (
  18:I usually get up B. at C. of
) 19: Things piaced in a house, such as beds, chairs and tables. B. furniture C. car D. light
A. paper (
2: One day ,Mr.White sees a woman with her nine children in the street. He sees the children are wearing the same clothes: red hat, white coat and black trousers. “ Are all these children yours?” he asks the woman. “ Yes, they are.”says the woman. “ Do they always wear the same clothes?” asks Mr. White. “ Yes. ” answer the woman. “ I have five boys and four girls now. I don’t want to lose them. They have the same clothes. It is easy to see my children in the street.” ( )
  1. One day, Mr. White see B. four C. nine D. eleven clothes. D. dirty children in the street.
) 20: The sun rises early and sets late in summer. B. went up C. come down D. jump on
A. goes up
三:阅读理解 20 分
错:F )
What do people like doing to have fun outdoors in spring? Flying kites, cycling, in-line skating and soccer are popular outdoor activities. Chinese people like to fly kites in the early spring. Kite flying has a long history in China. People, young and old, have fun flying kites outside. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, people also like to go cyling. What is cycling? Cyling means riding a bicycle. Many people ride bicycles for fun and exercise. Do you enjoy skating? You skate on ice in winter. In spring, there is no ice, but many people still want to skate! So they put on skates with wheels. They skate on sidewalks and roads. Many teenagers like in-line skating. Many teenagers also like to have fun playing soccer. Do you remember the word soccer? Soccer and football mean the same thing.
A. ten (
  2. The children wear B. same C. nice
A. different ( A. (
  3. Are they all the woman’s children? Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t C. I don’t think so. D. Maybe )
  4. The children wear the same clothes because .
A. the woman likes the same clothes B. the woman can see her children easily
C. the children look the same D. the woman want to lose them. ( )
  5. Does the woman want to lose them? B. No, she doesn’t C. Yes, she is D. No, she is
A. Yes, she does.
四:把下列单词补充完整 10 分 (每题 1 分) th der plea ant his ory 五:根据所给汉语意思,补充完整下列句子。10 分(每题 2 分) We passed the gate The table Danny is I want to It has zoo. 六:英汉互译 10 分 (每题 2 分) Go to cycling. Don’t forget to water your plant! 气温是多少? 禁止拍照 三月二十一号 ( 一个接一个). ( 由........制成) wood. (照顾)his mother at home. (与.......交朋友) Tashi. (各种各样的)animals in the r ason kilo p ant gram sci i self tist p t en ance



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