总分 班级
一词汇。(20 分)
第一次英语学科竞赛 第一次英语学科竞赛 学科

  1. I h ever eat junk food, because it’s unhealthy food.
  2. Maria e every day, so she is in good health.
  3. You should drink some hot tea w honey.
  4. Mary is t. Please bring her some water.
  5. I can’t go to the movies this Saturday. I have to have my piano l. B) 用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。
  6. Thank you for (invite) me.
  7. I’m planning (spend) time in the beautiful countryside.
  8. We’re (leave) for Beijing for vacation next week.
  9. There are sixty (minute) in an hour.
  10. We should eat a (balance) to stay healthy. 二.单项选择(40 分) ( )11help the old man with the housework? ?Once a week. A. How soon B. How long C. How often D. How many ( )
  12. ?80% students like soccer, what does “80%” mean? ?. A. No students B. All students C. Some students D. Most students ( )
  13. ?Would you like some milk? ?Yes, but a little. A. must, just B. many, not C. any, no D. more, only ( )
  14. He is in good . He’s pretty . A. health, health B. healthy, healthy C. health, healthy D. healthy, health ( )
  15. ?Your eating habits are very good. ?. A. Don’t say so B. Thank you C. You’re welcome D. Not at all ( )
  16. ?I have today, so I can’t go to school. ?I’m to hear that. A. cold, sorry B. cool, happy C. a cold, sorry D. a cool, sorry
  17. You’re too tired. You have a good rest. A. should B. can C. may D. shouldn’t ( )
  18. He will stay in Beijing for days. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few ( )
  19. Health is important to us. We should eat more vegetables and fruit instead of rich food. A. too much B. much too C. very much D. very ( )
  20. It’s easy English and it’s important . A. study, use B. to learn, to practice C. speak, say D. say, speak ( )
  21. She looks because she has a vacation. A. relaxed, relaxed B. relaxing, relaxing C. relaxing, relaxed D. relaxed, relaxing ( )
  22. In North America, most students go to school the school bus. A. on B. in C. by D. take ( )
  23.This problem that one. A. are the same to B. is different from C. are different than D. is as easier as ( )
  24. The most popular transportation are bikes and buses. A. way of B. mean C. means of D. way ( )
  25. His grandmother is well because she often . A. exercises B. smokes C. sleeps D. sings ( )
  26. ?How is the subway station? ? About three miles . A. far, far B. away, away C. far, away D. away, for ( )
  27. ?I’m sorry I can’t come to your party. I have to do my homework. ?. A. That’s right B. That is a good idea C. It’s good D. That’s too bad ( )
  28. ?Would you like to come to my birthday party next Friday? ?. A. I’d love B. I’d love to C. I’d like D. Yes, please ( )
  29. ?Would you like cake? ?No, thanks. I’m full(饱 ).
A. other B. the other C. others D. another ( )
  30. Li Wei with his friends work on the farm next week.
A. goes to going to
B. go to
C. are going to
D. is
三.完形填空(20 分) One morning Mr. Green is driving around the county and 1 a small bookshop. When he sees an old man 2 the side of the road, he stops his car and says to the old man, " Excuse me, I want 3 to the Sun Bookshop. Do you know it? " " Yes," the old man answers, "I 4 you the way. " He 5 Mr. Green 's car, and they drive about twelve miles. 6 they come to a small house, the old man says, " Stop here. " Mr. Green stops and 7 the house. "But this isn’t the 8, " he says to the old man." Right,” the old man answers ."this is my house ,and now I'll show you the 9 to the book-shop. Turn around and go back nine miles. 10 You’ll see the bookshop." ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  31. A. look for B. looking for C. finding D. find )
  32. A. on B. in C. at D. by )
  33. A. go B. goes C. going D. to go )
  34. A. be going to show B. show C. will show D. am showing )
  35. A. is getting in B. getting on C. gets into D. gets on )
  36. A. While B. When C. Before D. After )
  37. A. looks at B. looks for C. sees D. watches )
  38. A. shop B. hotel C. sun D. bookshop )
  39. A. street B. street C. way D. ways )
  40. A. For B. As C.Thank D.On
四。阅读理解(20 分) A) Most children like watching TV. It's very interesting. By watching TV they can see and learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course ,they can also learn over the radio. But they can learn better and more easily on TV. Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they can't see anything over the radio. TV helps to open children's eyes. It helps to open their minds , too. They learn newer and better ways of doing things. Many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening. They are always busy with their lessons. But a few children watch TV every night. They go to bed very late. They can' t have a good rest. How about you, my young friend? ( )
  41. A few children go to bed late because they A. are busy with their lessons B. do their homework C. watch TV D. listen to the radio ( )
  42. Children can't see anything
A. in the radio B. on the radio C. on TV D. by watching TV ( )
  43. TV helps to open children's A. eyes and minds B. minds C. eyes or minds D. eyes ( )4
  4. Why do many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday evening? Because A. TV is not good B. they don't like watching TV C. they have no time D. they want to play football ( )
  45. Children can study better and more easily on TV because A. they like to watch TV B: they can hear at the same time C. they can watch at the same time D. they can hear and watch at the same time B)阅读并回答问题 Two friends are going through the forest(森林), one friend says to the other, "If any beast(野兽) comes out from behind the trees, I will stay with you and help you. " The other friend says, " I will help you too, if any beast comes near you. " After a little time there is a great noise , and a big bear(熊) comes out from behind the trees, At once one of the friends runs and gets up in a tree. The other friend is fat; he can not get up in a tree. He lies down at the foot of the tree. He says to himself, "The bear will think I am dead. "The bear comes near him; it puts its nose down and smells(闻) him. It thinks the man is dead, so it goes away. The other friend comes down from the tree, and says," What did the bear say to you when it put its mouth so near to your ear?” The friend answers," the bear said, 'if a friend runs away from you when you need his help most, he is not a real friend. ' "
  46. Where are the two friends
  47. What does the thin friend do when a big bear comes out?
  48. What does the bear think after it smells the fat man?
  49. Are they real friends?
  50. What friends are real ones?



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