初二下学期 Unit 6 临淄实验中学 高蕾
野营 拜访我的堂兄 花时间和朋友在一起 照看我的妹妹 在家休息 去西藏 去远足 在山区里 去拜访我香港的朋友 离开 从香港给我寄一张明信片 给我看一下你的照片 回到学校 呆一周
Section A go camping visit my cousin spend time with friends babysit my sister relax at home go to Tibet go hiking in the mountains visit my friend in Hong Kong go away send me a postcard from Hong Kong show me your photos show your photos to me go back to school stay for a week
What are you doing for vacation? I’m visiting my grandmother. When are you going? I’m going on Monday. What’s she doing for vacation? She’s going camping. When is she going? She’s going on the 12th.
What are they doing for vacation? They’re relaxing at home. When are they going? They’re going next week.
What are you doing for vacation?
I’m going shopping.
She’s babysitting her brother.
go sightseeing go camping
go fishing
go boating
go bike riding
go swimming
go skating take walks
go skiing
Listen and do
Listen to the conversations and make a list of the vacation activities spending time with my friends
  2. visiting my grandmother relaxing at home
Conversation 1 Girl 1:What are you doing for vacation? Jane: I’m spending time with my friends. Girl 1:That sounds like fun! Conversation 2 Boy1:What are you doing for vacation? Sharon: I’m visiting my grandmother.
Conversation3 Girl3: What are you doing for vacation, Michael? Michael: I’m relaxing at home.
What are you doing for vacation? I’m … for vacation.
go camping
visit my grandmother
spend time with friends
babysit my sister
Where are you going? How long are you staying?
go hiking in the mountains a week
visit my friends in Hong Kong five days
go to Hawaii from Monday to Friday
Where is she / he going? How long is she / he staying? Lucy Tom
one month
San Francisco
three years
The Great Lakes
11th ? 22nd
Greece ten days
half a year
sixty hours
two years
选择最佳答案。 选择最佳答案。
  1. What’s your brother doing in his room now? (20
  06,北京,1分) 20
  06,北京,1分 He a kite. A. makes C. is making B. made D. will make

  2. What you ? (20
  06, , 湘西, 分 湘西,1分) I’m playing computer games. A. do, do B. can, do C. are, doing D. were, doing

  3. Jim, can you help me to wash the dishes? (20
  06,江西,1分) ,江西, 分 Sorry, Dad. I to the shop. A. go B. went C. am going D. have been

  4. Excuse me, where is Lily ? ( 2006, 南宁, 分 南宁 1分) Oh, she the volleyball match on the playground. A. watches B. will watch C. is watching D. watched

  5. Are you a baby-sitter here? (20
  06,山东威海,1分) ,山东威海, 分 No. I after the baby instead of Ms. Green. She is away. A. look B. am looking C. have looked D. looked

  6. ?Shall we go shopping now? (2006, 宁波市实验区,1分) 宁波市实验区, 分 ?Sorry, I can’t. I my shirts. A. wash B. washes C. washed D. am washing


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