2003 学年第二学期初二英语期中测试卷 二 笔试部分 一、选择填空
  1. Mr bmith is busy his car in the garden now. A. wash B. to wash C. washing D. washes
  2. away the old books and me that new one. A. Bring, bring B. Bring, take C. Take, take D. Take, bring
  3. I watched the NBA games last night and go to bed 12 o’clock. A. don’t, when B. didn’t, as C. don’t, until D. didn’t, until
  4. I have to tell you. A. new something B. new anything C. something new D. anything new
  5. She is ill, she doesn’t feel like . A. to eat anything B. to eat something C. eating anything D. eating smething
  6. Be careful when you cross the street. Don’t worry, Mummy, I can take care of now. A. you B. me C. yourself D. myself
  7. Neither I nor he TV every night. A. watch B. watches C. not watch D. is watching
  8. I’m writing a letter here, you’d better the light. A. not turn on B. to turn on C. not to turn off D. not turn off
  9.Help yourself to some beef. . A. It’s too dear! B. I’m hungry now. C. Here it is. D. Thanks a lot.
  10. If I free next Sunday, I to the farm with you. A. will be, will go B. am, will go C. am, go D. will be, go
  11. Jack is playing volleyball. . A. So does Tom B. So is Tom C. So Tom does D. So Tom is
  12. The teacher told us in class. A. not tack B. don’t tack C. not to tack D. not talking
  13. They stopped , but there was no sound. A. listen B. listening C. to listen D. to hear
  14. He’ll do the for lunch. A. to cook B. cook C. cooking D. cooked
  15. Can you write your lift hand? A. in B. for C. with D. on 单词拼写
  1. Mun is busy cooking in the (厨房).
  2. Mrs Green was tired and hungry after her day’s (购物)in Shanghai.
  3. Last year, I went to Tibet and met lots of (参观者)there.

Would you please (唤醒)me up at five tomorrow morning? You don’t like staying at home. Let’s go skating (代替). Look! They are swimming to the river (快乐地). This is the most (有趣的) book of the three. Look! The girls are (钓鱼)near the river. Don’t (嘲笑)at other’s mistakes. The child often goes our (没有)umbrellas.
  1. The little monkey knows how a banana. (eat)
  2. He’s only the, But he can take care of . (he)
  3. The soup is than the rice. (hot)
  4. Neither Dad nor Mum me. I do it all by myself. (help)
  5. Go a cross the bridge, and turn right at the second . (cross)
  6. Aunt Huang thanked me for care of her baby. (take)
  7. Why doesn’t he feel like ? (eat)
  8. If you want to be , you should eat less food. (thin)
  9. Children picked many apples, and then them to boats. (take)
  10. If you want to go to room, please ask that woman. (lady)



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   听力考点面面观 近几年的高考英语听力考试大都采用 3 个选项、长短 10 段对话或独白、20 道小题的模式。影响学生听力测试的因素很多,如:播音速度、学生素质、环境影 响等,但主要因素是学生自身。学生自身的素质包括:听力技巧、知识底蕴、反映 能力等, 我们在教学中应当努力提高学生的自身素质, 在反复训练的过程中不断提 高听力技巧,增加知识储备,增强反映能力,要想达到这一目的,研究一下高考听 力试题很有必要。 究竟高考听力考什么知识点?怎样设计考点?笔者列出点点, 仅 供参考。 一、 考主旨要 ...


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