初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
专题名称: 〖8A Grammar〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Grammar〗 〖

  1. 掌握并使用被动语态。
  2. 熟悉并理解使用被动语态的语境。
  3. 熟悉用来引出动作执行者的单词 by.
一、 重点词汇: online, television, channel, design(er), program, education(al), traveller, character, role, knowledge, screen, mark, pass, set, store, movable, machine, control, print, appear, daily, exciting, include, cover, order, introduction, goal, produce(r); 二、 词组短语: turn on, at the same time, main character, a thirteen-year-old boy, fall asleep, earn a point, play the role of…, find out, sell out, a set of, daily English, ask for help 三、结构句型:What do you use your computer for? A new educational CD-ROM called ‘Around the World in Eight Hours’. It is designed by Nancy Jackson. None of them is good. I’m not sure if you will like the name of the main character. Do you mind telling me how to use this function? In which countries is the game sold? 四、重点语法:被动语态 (一)被动语态变成被动语态步骤
  3、找到动作的执行者(常为主动句的主语)作 by 的宾语。若不必指出动作执行者,可省去 by 的短语;
日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
如: We have turned on the TV for hours. (主动语态) The TV have been turned on for hours. (被动语态) (二)用被动语态的时态变化 a) b) c) d) e) f) 一般现在时:am/is/are+过去分词 一般过去时:was/were+过去分词 一般将来时:will/be going to+be+过去分词 现在进行时:is/am/are+being+过去分词 过去进行时:was/were+being+过去分词 现在完成时:have/has+been+过去分词
专题名称: 〖8A Grammar〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Grammar〗 〖
(三)被动语态中常见的注意点 a) 只有及物动词才有被动语态,不及物动词不能构成被动语态。 b) 主动语态中有些动词,如 make/see/hear/watch/feel sb. do sth.的结构,这些动词后面跟的是动词的 原形,但变成被动语态后原形要变成 to do 的不定式结构。如: He made the boy work for him. (主动语态) The boy was made to work for him. (被动语态) c) d) 常见的不用被动语态的动词:系动词, appear, belong, die, fall, happen, last, become, cost, fit, have 等 常见的一些词组 get dressed(穿衣) get washed(洗脸) get hurt(受伤) get married(结婚) get lost(迷路)
be covered with (被…覆盖) be made of (由…制成)(看得出原材料) be made by (由某人制造)
be made from (由…制成)(看不出原材料) be made in (由某地制造) be used for (被用于…) it is said that…(据说…) be used as (被当作…使用) it is hoped that…(希望…)
it is well known that…(众所周知…) 编撰:邱燕萍 -2日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
  1、误:This is a book was written by Lu Xun. 正:This is a book written by Lu Xun.
专题名称: 〖8A Grammar〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Grammar〗 〖
解析:此处的 written 只是作为一个形容词来用,整个 ‘a book written by Lu Xun’意为‘一本鲁迅写 的书’。注意区别:This book was written by Lu Xun.
  2、误:I will find out if he comes tomorrow. 正:Iwill find out if he will come tomorrow. 解析:此处的 if 意为‘是否’,引导的是一个宾语从句,由于有 tomorrow 所以用将来时。而只有当 if 当解释为‘如果’时,它才引导条件状语从句,要体现主将从现的特点。

  1. People use knives for cutting things. Knives for cutting things.
  2. He gave me ten dollars yesterday. Ten dollars to me by him yesterday.
  3. They speak English widely in the world. English widely in the world.
  4. They grow rice in South China. Rice in South China.
  5. The policeman caught the thief in a lonely room. The thief the policeman in a lonely room.
  1. Can’t you see these (简报) on the board?
  2. Jackson is one of the best in the world who designed the Giant Tower in 19
  3. I sent you an e-mail. Have you r it?
  4. They’re visiting the Summer Palace. Let’s go and greet these t.
  5. Don’t make too much noise. My baby has just fallen a.
  6. Daniel wants to write about his favourite e CD-ROM.
  7. This CD-ROM helps you learn English by testing your(知识) of English grammar and (词汇). Ⅱ.单项选择 ( ( ( ( )
  1. These words on the blackboard. A. write B. writes C. is written D. are written )
  2. The new computer game“Travel in Space”. A. called B. calls C. is called A. come in B. come out D. is calling D. come down )
  3. His new novel(小说) will in two weeks. C. come up )
  4. I see the photos, I’ll remember the days I spent in Beijing. -3日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
专题名称: 〖8A Grammar〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Grammar〗 〖
A. This time B. That time C. One time D. Every time ( ( ( )
  5. Although she is an girl, she has been skilled in using computers. A.11-year-old A. known A. on B. 11-years-old B. knowing B. in C. 11 year old D.11-years old )
  6. Her of geography is very poor. C. know C. with D. knowledge D. by )
  7. The toy flowers are painted light red.
【板书设计】 8Bunit3 Grammar
主动语态和被动语态的转换: 主动语态和被动语态的转换
+ +
is learned
日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
专题名称: 〖8A Grammar〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Grammar〗 〖
日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日


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