初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
专题名称: 〖 Reading〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Reading〗

  1. To develop students’ reading skills (skimming and scanning)
  2. To get the useful information of the text
  3. To guess the meaning of words and expressions in the text
  4. To gain better understanding through the framework of the material
  5. To guide the students to experience the pleasure of reading

  1. To develop students’ reading skills
  2. word study
I .Reviewing the functions of a computer (drawing and designing, playing games….) ) II. Lead-i n
  1. Free talk (an open question): In your opinion, what is the students’ favourite computer game ? Show some pictures
  2. Elicit some new words and phrases: Brainstorming: Who is the main character? What is he like? How many levels does the game have? How do you paly the game? Who designed the game? main character ?level-play the role of-pass-earn-desigh-educational III. Reading A) Reading for information
  1. First reading: for general information (skimming) Read the passage and try to find the main idea of each paragragh. 2 .Second reading: for specific information (scanning) Do True or False work for understanding how to play the game.
  3. Third reading: for further understanding
  1) Task one: Read para1,2,6 and the fill in the table
  2) Task two: Read para3,4 and answer the following questions B) Practise .Try to retell the passage. Step by step, in pairs A new e CD-ROM has just c out. It is dby Nancy Jackson. This game has eight l , and each level will t you about an hour. The questions test your knowledge of English g and vocabulary. Every time you p a level, you will see a w map. The places you have visited are m in bright purple. The CD-ROM is now on on s in all computer shops. IV. Groupwork Design your favourite CD-ROM and put the following information into a short passage. Name of game: Number of levels: Main character: Age: 编撰:邱燕萍 -1日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
Goal(目标): Designer: Sold in: V. Homework
  1. Learn the new words by heart
  2. Read the text three times
  3. Translation:
  1) 同时
  3) 扮演…角色
  5) 一直广受欢迎的游戏
  7) 睡着
  9) 在你的屏幕上
  11) 在市场上
  13) 掉下来
专题名称: 〖 Reading〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Reading〗

  2) 过一关
  4) 光盘的设计者
  6) 得到足够的分数
  8) 英语语法和词汇
  10) 检验知识
  12) 例如
  14) 售完

  1.Can’t you see these (简报) on the board?
  2. Jackson is one of the best in the world who designed the Giant Tower in 19
  3. I sent you an e-mail. Have you r it?
  4. They’re visiting the Summer Palace. Let’s go and greet these t .
  5. Don’t make too much noise. My baby has just fallen a .
  6. Daniel wants to write about his favourite e CD-ROM.
  7. This CD-ROM helps you learn English by testing your(知识) of English grammar an (词汇).
  8.We can use k for typing.
  9.H d can store more information than a floppy disk.
  10.A p can put your words and pictures onto paper.
一.用适当的介词,副词填空。 用适当的介词,副词填空。
  4. Look, the computer is turned now. I don’t think the computer looks a television. They’re doing a project computer. My father was busy searching information. “ the world in Eight Hours” has just come out. Can you do your homework and listen to the music the same time? This tall building was designed Tom Smith. You can see lots of cards questions them. 这听起来很有趣,是吗? It , ? 这光盘能帮助你学英语同时也能学习地理。 It can help you learn English and Geography the . 让我给你做这个游戏大概介绍。 Let me of this game. 当你已经挣到足够的点数时,一朵云带你到你以前从未到过的地方。 -2日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日 编撰:邱燕萍
二.根据汉语意思完成句子。 根据汉语意思完成句子。
初三英语复习 开发区实验初中 初 二 英 语
专题名称: 〖 Reading〗 专题名称: 8A unit3 Reading〗
When you points, a cloud will you a place you before.
  6. 如果你聪明,你能在8小时周游世界。 If you , you can the world eight hours. 快去购买否则快卖完了。 Get it now all the copies .
【板书设计】 8Bunit3 Reading We see a with some words on it. We will see big clouds of different colours with on them. We get a point when we . When we have got enough points, a cloud will . We will see a lot of useful about that place on Every time we pass a level, we will see a . The places we have visited are marked.
日期:2011 年 3 月 22 日



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