郝老师学校“2+6” 郝老师学校“2+6”课程初二下学期英语入学测试卷 A 时间:30 分钟 时间: 姓名: 姓名:
一、单项选择(共 30 分,每个 1 分) 单项选择(
  1. Don't forget the letter. A. to send B. send C. sending
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D. being sent

  2. The chair looks very old, but in fact it is very comfortable to . A. sit B. sit on C. be sat D. be sat on
  3. Is necessary to return the book tomorrow? A. this B. that C. it D. which
  4. I'm afraid they would not allow him here. A. to smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. smoke
  5. Mother told me the water before I drank it. A. boiling B. boiled C. boil D. to boil
  6. On my way home, I stopped some food. A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought
  7. John was made the car for a week as a punishment. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing
  8. The sitting-room needs , but it'll have to wait until Saturday. A. be cleaning B. to be cleaned C. clean D. being cleaned
  9. The first thing I want to do is . A. visit to him B. to visit him C. visiting him D. visited him
  10. Li Yang advised me too much; otherwise I would have been drunk. A. not to drink B. to drink C. not drinking D. drinking
  11. He coughed day and night. His wife asked him smoking. A. giving up B. going on C. to give up D. to go on

  12. ?Jenny,let me tell you a secret. I am tired of my mum these days. ?Why? ?She makes me an Nanshan Stadium every Sunday afternoon. A. dance B. danced C. to dance D. dancing

  13. The teacher told the students football on the street.
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A. played
B. to play
C. not play
D. not to play

  14. Could you tell me the Internet? A. how to search B. how search C. how can I search D. how searching

  15. Jack is very funny. He always makes us. A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs

  16.?Mum,I’m hungry. ?What about going to McDonald’s fried chicken? A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. and eat

  17.1The woman wants her daughter 1nglish every morning. A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

  18. All the children like Mr. White very much because he often makes them . A. laughed B. laugh C. laughing D. to laugh

  19. My mother always tells me out alone at night. A. go B. not go C. not to go D. don’t go

  20. ?We can use MSN to talk with each other on the internet. ?Really?Will you please show me ? A. what to use B. how to use it C. where to use it

  21.?What about going swimming with me? ?Sorry. I have a lot of homework . A. to do B. done C. do D. to be done

  22. ?I don’t know with this problem. It’s too hard . ?You can ask Mr. Wang for help. A. which to do
  23. B. when to do C. what to do D. how to do
A:What did the man say over there?
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B:He told us any further. There is danger ahead. A. don’t go B. not go C. to go D. not to go

  24. ?We can use QQ to talk with each other on line. ?Good!Will you please show me it? A. what to use B. how to use C. when to use D. where to use

  25. It’s bad for your eyes computer games too much. A. plays B. to play C. play D. playing

  26. ?Let’s go and see the new No.4 Middle School. ?Oh,sorry. Now,it only in a blueprint(蓝图). A. can see B. can’t see C. can be seen

  27. My watch is broken. I want to know how to make it . A. work B. to work C. walk D. to walk

  28. Mother asks me computer games before finishing my homework. A. not play B. to play C. not to play D. to not play

  29. Lucy wants a new pen. A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. buys

  30. everyone makes a contribution the environment, A. to protect B. in protecting C. to protecting D. for protecting
二、阅读理解(共 10 分,每个 2 分) Have you ever noticed background music?You can listen to it everywhere,restaurants, airports,supermarkets,department stores… Background music is supposed to influence(影 响) your attitudes(态度)and mood(心情).Companies pay millions of dollars every year for background music.It’s supposed to make you feel better about yourself and the people around you.Factories use it a lot.It makes the workers happy and work better.It is said(据 说)that in a factory,music can increase the production by
  4.5 percent.Workers do not easily
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get tired if they listen to music all day.A worker in San Francisco said:“If the music stops,somebody always runs to the telephone to complain about it.”Background music was started during World War II when some factories had their own orchestras to keep workers happy and calm .Now,of course, the music is piped in( 以电讯设备传送) by a machine and different kinds of music are played at different time in a day.For example,the music they play are faster at 10 than
  8,because workers are usually slower then. It's also very interesting that fast music is played in restaurants where hamburger is sold.Before playing fast music,customers spent 22 minutes eating hamburgers. When they started playing fast music,they found that a customer spent only 17 minutes eating! So they have more people coming in and out to buy hamburgers.It's good for business. You can see why music has become so popular.In Los Angeles(洛杉矶),for example different companies are selling background music services. The Xerox Corporation(静电复印公司)in Rochester,N.Y.(纽约州的罗切斯特市), spends more than$80,000 a year for background music.Prison warders(狱警)use it.Farmers also use it to keep their cattle calm.It's said that background music even influence plants. 根据短文,选择正确答案。 ( )
  1.According to the passage, background music. A. can possibly make people feel better and influence their attitudes B. increases the production by
  4.5 percent in every factory C. is sometimes very boring to the workers ( )
  2.A worker in San Francisco said if the music stopped,. A.someone would always go to complain about it B.he himself would call up the background music company C.people would go and tell the telephone operator about the accident ( )
  3.Background music was started in factories. A.in the 1950's C.during World War II ( )4 . The eating time for each hamburger customer is minutes less than before A.5 ( B.7 C.17 B.because workers there all liked music very much
  5.What can we learn from the passage?
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A. We can only hear background music in some public places of foreign countries. B.The Xerox Corporation in Rochester,N. spend$800 thousand a year for background music. Y, C.Prison warders and farmers also use background music. 三、翻译下列句子(共 10 分,每个 2 分) 翻译下列句子(
  1. 记得不要把这个秘密告诉他。 .
  2. 她很喜欢唱歌, 但今天因为不舒服,不想唱。 .
  3. 他停下来做功课。 .
  4. 她希望不久能找到工作。 .
  5. 这些花需要淋水。 .
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答案: 答案: 一、1~5 A B C A D 16~ 20 B D B C B 二、
  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A 6~10 B A B B A 21~ 25 A D D B B
  5.C 11~15 C A D A A 26~ 30C A C A B
  1. Remember not to tell him the secret.
  2. She likes singing, but she doesn’t like to sing today because she isn’t comfortable.
  3. He stops to do his homework.
  4. She hopes to find a job soon.
  5. The flowers needs watering. / to be watered
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