1. ?Linda, when shall we take a walk? ?After I finish the dishes. A. wash B. washed C. to wash D. washing
  2. ?May I use your ruler? ? . A. Yes, please B. You are nice C. It doesn’t matter D. It was a pleasure
  3. ? the man over there be your Chinese teacher? ?No, it be him. A. Can; mustn’t B. May; can’t C. Must; mustn’t D. May; may not
  4. ?When does your mother go shopping? ?Usually Sunday mornings. A. on B. in C. at D. for
  5. ?Can you come to my house for supper? ? . A. No, I can’t B. I think so. C. Sure, I’d love to D. I hope I can
  6. It is cold today. Please wear more clothes. A.too many B.much too C.many too D.too much
  7. Who can guitar very in your school? A.plays; good B.play; well C.play the; well D.plays the; good
  8. We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun, so let’s have one this month. A.the other B.some C.another D.other
  9. ? ? ?Yes, please. I’d like some tea. A.Would you like some drink B.What about something to drink, tea or coffee C.What do you
think of tea D.How do you like tea
  10. ?Jim, I’m afraid I can’t go to your party tonight. My grandma is ill. . ? A.I’m sorry to hear that B.That’s all right C.She has to stay in bed D.Don’t worry
  11. ?Would you please pass me the sugar? ? Here you are. A.Sorry. B.Sure. C.Thanks a lot. D.Nothing much.
  12. ? you speak Japanese? ?No, I can’t. A.Can B.Must C.May D.Should
  13. ?Does he want to Ann’s birthday party? ?Sure, he’d love to. A.coming B.to come C.come to D.comes to
  14. Please quiet. I’m trying to study. A.being B.am C.keep D.to be
  15. ?Thank you for your help, Sarah. ? . A.Good idea B.Please don’t say so C.It doesn’t matter D.You are welcome 二、完形填空 I got an answering machine 1 my birthday and I soon got to know what a useful machine this is. I 2 at home most of the day, so people can leave a message and I can 3 back. There is no other way for those who call you to say that they can’t find you, so the machine will make it 4 for them to get in touch (联系)with you. Sometimes 5 I am at home and have work to do, the 6 never stops ringing. Now I put the machine on. I am not interrupted(被打扰), and I can do 7 work. There are some people I just do not
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want to 8 . So I put the machine on and I 9 speak to them. It is so useful and helpful that I really do not know how I lived 10 this wonderful invention(发 明). ( )
  1. A.for B.to C.with D.in ( )
  2. A.am B.am not C.stay D.never ( )
  3. A.call them B.call they C.give it D.give they ( )
  4. A.hard B.hardly C.difficult D.easier ( )
  5. A.what B.where C.when D.why ( )
  6. A.bike B.radio C.TV D.phone ( )
  7. A.little B.more C.less D.many ( )
  8. A.work to B.write to C.send to D.talk to ( )
  9. A.don’t have to B.must C.can D.am not ( )
  10. A.in B.with C.without D.for 三、阅读理解
Meimei is having a party on Saturday night. She has to shop and clean the house. She is shopping for the food on Saturday morning. Her friends like hamburgers and ice cream. In the afternoon, she’s cleaning the living room and kitchen. She wants to go to the movies at 3:00, but she has to babysit her brother from 2:00 to 4:
  00. At 6:00 she’s eating dinner and the party is at 7:
  00. Judy is coming to the party. She wants to help Meimei on Saturday, but she can’t. She has a soccer game in the morning. And in the afternoon, she’s going to her uncle’s house. She’s coming to the party at 8:
根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) 。 ( )
  1. Meimei has to studay for a test. ( )
  2. Judy has a soccer game on Saturday morning. ( )
  3. Meimei can go to the movies on Saturday afternoon. ( )
  4. Meimei’s friends don’t like hamburgers. ( )
  5. Judy can help Meimei on Saturday afternoon.
阅读下面 Eliza 一周的日程表,补全表格下面的句 子(每空一词) 。 Eliza’s Calendar MONDAY Morning: school Afternoon: soccer practice Evening: do homework TUESDAY Morning: school Evening: study for the math test WEDNESDAY Morning: school Evening: do homework THURSDAY Morning: school Afternoon: babysitting Evening: help parents FRIDAY Morning: school Evening: Susan’s party SATURDAY SUNDAY

  6. Eliza can soccer on Monday .
  7. She usually her parents on Thursday . no time on Wednesday evening, she
  8. She wants to do her homework.
  9. Eliza go to school on and Sunday.
  10. On Friday Eliza will to Sunsan’s . 四、根据句意及首字母完成单词。
  1. We are studying L
  2. The girls love music and they want to go to the c .
  3. ?What day is the day after t ? ?It’s Friday.
  4. The students will have their c lesson in Grade Three.
  5. When I’m f , I will go to visit my teacher. 五、用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. He practices (play) tennis with his best friend, Li Lei.
  2. The (two) Sunday in May is Mother’s Day.
  3. Why not (have) dinner with us tonight? (read) English.
  4. The teacher often asks us
  5. Tom had to (look) after his sick mother. 六、句型转换
  1. He went to bed after 10:
  00(改为同义句) He to bed 10:
  2. I have to go to the doctor.(改为否定句) I to go to the doctor.
  3. It’s Monday, December 7th today.(对画线部分提 问) ?
  4. If I have time, I’ll help you do the housework.(改 为同义句) If I , I’ll help you do the housework.
  5. ?Can you go to the movies with us? ?Yes, I can. (改为同义句) ?Can you go to the movies with us? ?Sure. .
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  1. 我把整个故事都讲给他听了。 I told him the .
  2. 我们将等到 12 点钟。 We’ll twelve o’clock.
  3. 谢谢你邀请我下周去参观你们学校。 Thank you your to visit your school next week.
  4. 我每周四下午上足球课。 I a soccer every Thursday afternoon.
  5. 昨天在晚会上,他们玩得很开心。 They at the party yesterday evening. 八、书面表达 假设你是 Nelly,你的朋友 Nick 邀请你去参加他 的生日 party,但你整个星期都很忙,请给他发一 封 e-mail,告诉他你不能去的原因。



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