Go for it J8A
Unit 1 How often do you exercise? exercise?
weekend activities
Work in pairs and ask your partners what they usually do on weekends.
do homework
What do you usually do on weekends?
I usually do my homework.
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What does he do on weekends? He often watches TV.
play football
go to the movies
watching TV
Listen and fill in the blanks: go shopping always(100%) usually exercise go skateboarding often watch TV sometimes watch TV hardly ever go shopping never(0%)
Match the activities of Cheng
go to the movies watch TV shop exercise read
How often
every day once a week twice a week three times a week once a month twice a month
Oral practice
How often do you do these activities?
Make conversations with your partner.
do homework
A: How often do you do your homework? B:
A: How often do you exercise? B: three times a week
What Do Students Do at Hilltop High School? Here are the results of the student activity at Hilltop high school. students exercise three Most or four times a week. Some students exercise once Some or twice a week. students exercise every day. most As for homework, students do homework every day. students do homework three or Some No four times a week. students do homework once or twice a week. The results for “watch TV” are interesting. Some students watch TV once or twice a week, some three a students watch TV or four times every day week, but most students watch .
-- What do you usually do on weekends? --I usually… --I ? watch TV
? play sports=exercise ? read books ? go shopping ? go to the movies ? play with computer ? do homework ? sleep
surf the Internet
? ? ? ? ?
  1. What does he do on weekends?
  2. He usually watches TV.
  3. How often do they shop?
  4. They hardly ever shop.
  5. Here are the results of the student activity survey at Green High School. ?
  6. As for homework, most students do homework every day. ?
  7. No students do homework once or twice a week.

How often do you watch TV? I watch TV once a week. What’s your favorite program? It’s Sports News. How often do you watch it? I watch it every day.
once = one time twice= twice= two times three times every day never hardly ever
every day, always, usually, often, sometimes once /twice a week hardly ever never
Report: In my spare time, I watch TV every day. I sometimes surf the Internet in the evening. I hardly ever read English books. I go to the movies once a week. I never exercise.
junk food
--How often do you eat junk food? -- I eat junk food once a month. -- Do you like it? -- Yes, although it’s not good for my health. -- (No, it’s not good for my health.)
the McDonald’s
junk food
healthy food
-- How often do you eat fruit? -- I eat fruit every day. -- Do you like it? -- Yes, it’s good for my health. --(No. But my mother wants me to eat it. She says it’s good for my health.)
Translate the following into Chinese
  1.My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grade.
  2.Good food and exercise help me to study better.
  3.Maybe I’m not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit.
  4.I sleep for nine hours every night.
  5.I look after my health.
  6.My eating habits are very good.
  7.I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.

  1. 表频率的词汇和短语: 表频率的词汇和短语:
always, usually ,often ,never, , , hardly ever, sometimes, seldom, , , once a day, twice a month , three times a week ,every two weeks, , On weekends I always surf the Internet. I usually watch TV. I often sleep late. I sometimes listen to music. I hardly ever play computer games. I never play soccer.

  1. 妈妈要我六点起床和她打乒乓球。 妈妈要我六点起床和她打乒乓球。
  2.爷爷非常健康,因为他每天做运动。 爷爷非常健康, 爷爷非常健康 因为他每天做运动。
  3.大量的蔬菜帮助你保持健康。 大量的蔬菜帮助你保持健康 大量的蔬菜帮助你保持健康。
  4.你应该试着少点吃肉。 你应该试着少点吃肉。 你应该试着少点吃肉
  5. 你有一个健康的生活方式吗? 你有一个健康的生活方式吗?
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