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Quotes from Famous people(名人 people(名人 名言) 名言)
Genius(天才) is one percent inspiration(灵 感)and ninety-nine percent perspiration(努力) Edison (爱迪生)
Never leave that until tomorrow, which you can do today.Franklin( 富兰克林)
Ask your classmates these Qs: when were you /was he /she born ? What year /year /month were you /was he /she born ? When is your birthday ? ( in or on ?)
Brazil(巴西) 巴西) Brazilian
a great American basketball player
He was born a great British football player 0n 5/2 1975 .
Science idol(偶像) 偶像) 偶像 贝克汉姆魅力不敌霍金 A NEW study shows that scientist Stephen Hawking is second among British young people's idols (偶像 偶像). 偶像 Hawking wrote "A Brief History of Time" (《时间简史》). David Beckham, the 《时间简史》 footballer, came after Hawking. British children think Hawking is not as goodlooking as Beckham, but is very clever and knows a lot. Johnny Wilkinson, the captain of the British rugby (橄榄球 team, 橄榄球) 橄榄球 came top.
科学大师霍金 Stephen Hawking
Physics talent, great scientist 1/8/1942
Listening comprehension
Liu Xuan VS Zhang Baizhi
Name: Born:09/12/1980 Height(身高):
  2.26m (身高) Weigh(体重):125kg (体重) 1989:started playing basketball 1997: joined China National Team 2002:came to the U.S. Played for NBA
Name: Liu Xuan
Born:3/12/1979 Height:156cm
Name: Zhang Baizhi
Born;5/241980 Height:165cm
1984:started learning 1997:started learning gym performance表演 1993:came to national 1999:became popular for team the movie Xin Yuan 2000:the champion of Sidney Olympic Games
Today on History
Zhu De( 朱德) A great revolutionist(革命家 revolutionist(革命家) 革命家) 12/1/1886( born) 7/6/1976(died) 1954:vice1954:vicepresident( 副主席) 副主席) alive?PRC of the
December,1,1945 in Kun Ming 一二一massacre (惨案)
Students opposed (反对)the civil war(内战)
  3)等教授为死难学生送葬、 致哀
Professor Wen Yiduo attended the funeral and paid his respect to thedead,injured (受伤的)
Jack London was a famous America writer .He was born on twelfth of January 18
  76.His family was very poor and Jack had to leave school early to earn some money .He worked hard in many jobs. In 1897, he went to Alaska to look for gold. Instead, he found ideas there for his books and stories. He went back home and began to write. He became rich and famous when he was twenty years old. Jack was not a happy man, for he was in poor health. He died in 19
  16.He was only 40 years old.
1Who was Jack london? 2When was he born?
Month Date Birth 3Why did he have to leave school early? day
4What did he do in 1897? 5When did he begin to write? 6Was he happy when he was rich? Why or why not? 7When did he die?
Name Year
Imagination: Image a story happened between you and your favorite star. Make sure you should use past tense. For example, you can start your words with : One dayLast更多资源



   一课时 教学目标: 教学目标: 1.能听懂会说 We have a new friend today. I'm from... Welcome. 并能在实际情景 中运用,要求模仿正确,语调自然。 2.听说出几个国家的名称,如:America, Canada, China。 教学重点: 教学重点 句型:We have a new friend today. I’m from Amercia. 词汇:welcome, Amercia, Canada, China 教学难点: 教学难点:Welco ...


   七年级英语上册 Units1-12 词汇及词组 1. 26 个字母,大小写,读音,音标,缩略词,前面冠词搭配 1). ABC, a.m., p.m, CD, VCD, CEO, ET, B, H, m, km, mm, g, kg, WTO, SOS, SARS, VIP, WHO, UN, NBA, W.C., TV, PRC, UK, USA, 2). a story, an interesting story a man, an old man, an honest man, an u ...


   Unit 7 How much are these pants? No. 110 Middle School by Cao Yi 单元整体说明 单元教材分析 本单元主要学习使用 How much 引导的问句以及回答;学习一些表示颜色、形状、大小 的形容词;学习数词 10-3l;复习名词单、复数的使用和指示代词 this, that,these,those 的 用法。本单元以谈论服装为主题,设计了三个活动:一是通过介绍服装,学习一些常用的服 装名词;二是通过介绍服装,学习“询问价格和颜色”的句 ...


   Unit 7 How much are these pants? 单元整体说明 单元教材分析 本单元主要学习使用 How much 引导的问句以及回答;学习一些表示颜色、形状、大小 的形容词;学习数词 10-3l;复习名词单、复数的使用和指示代词 this, that,these,those 的 用法。本单元以谈论服装为主题,设计了三个活动:一是通过介绍服装,学习一些常用的服 装名词;二是通过介绍服装,学习“询问价格和颜色”的句型:How much is this T-shirt? It’s ...


   3A Unit 9 一、教学要求 1. 能正确地听、说、读、写字母 Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn ; 2.能听懂、会说 Close /Open …; Turn on /off …及其应答语 All right /Ok 等。 a 3. 能听懂、 会说常见物品: door ,a window ,a box ,a basket ,a light ,a TV, a tap ,a walkman . 4.能使用简单的祈使句表达“请别人干某事”的意思及进行应 答。 5.能听懂并有韵律地诵读歌谣 ...


   Module 5 Unit 1 一课教学设计 教材分析:Module 5 Unit 1 一课是在第二、四模块的基础上,理解 新的语言项目“What are they? They are …”并在课文所设 计情景的基础上, 重点学习句型 “Where are they? They are in the lounge/dining room/bedroom/bathroom.” 教学重点:能理解并掌握句型“Where are they? They are in the lounge/dining ...


   Unit 5 What color is it? 教学目标与要求 一、学习目标 1.能按字母表顺序背诵 26 个字母,认读 W~Z 的印刷体和手写体的大小写形式, 能合乎规则地书写。注意 A,S,U,V,X,Z 读音。 2.掌握一些有关颜色的词汇。 3.日常用语中需重点掌握如何用英语谈论各种颜色。 二、能力目标 1.在所学词汇范围内用口头、笔头描述事物颜色和对颜色进行提问的运用能力。 2.有意识地注意培养阅读能力,不断掌握阅读技巧,形成较强的阅读能力。 课文重点与难点 一、单词导航台 1.b ...


   Unit 4 (1) *HAllOWEEN* 译林版《牛津小学英语》(5A) 万圣节的由来 二千多年前, 塞尔特族人( 二千多年前, 塞尔特族人(即目前的苏格 兰人、爱尔兰人等 人等) 兰人、爱尔兰人等) 一年之中最害怕的 日子莫过于十月三十一日的晚上. 日子莫过于十月三十一日的晚上. 每年 十月三十一日的前夕是塞尔特族人的年 十月三十一日的前夕是塞尔特族人的年 度丰收祭典, 象征着一年的}P束 一年的}P束, 度丰收祭典, 象征着一年的}P束, 以及 新一年的开始! 新一年的开始! 每年的 ...


   3A Unit 9(1) 一、Teaching contents 《九年义务教育六年制小学教科书.牛津小学英语》3A 第一课时 二、Teaching aims 1、学生能听懂、会说 Close/Open…及其应答语 All right./OK 等。 2、学生能听懂、会说常见物品 a door, a window, a box, a basket。 3、学生能使用简单的祈使句表达“请别人干某事”的意思及进行应答。 4、学生能听懂并有韵律地诵读歌谣。 5、培养学生运用英语进行日常交际的勇气。 三 ...


   三年级第一学期 Unit2 测试题 听力材料 一. 听音,选出正确的图形,圈其编号.(10 分) 1. Good morning, Misschen. 2. let’s go to school, together. 3. Touch your nose. 4. Touch your ears. 5. Stamp your foot. 二.听录音判断对错,对的打 √,错的打 ×.(20 分) 1.Nice to meet you. 2.This is Sarah. 3.Stamp your ...



   2010 年广州市初中毕业英语统考试题及答案 1.一 IV.听力部分(略) V.语音(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分) 1.指出各个句子中哪一个划线单词黑体部分的字母发音与其他划线单词黑体部分的字母不 同。 26. The young man said he would like to live in the country with his cousin. A B C D 27. Mike stopped his work and looked out of the window. A B ...


   2001 Passage 2 6. A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide-the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor. 【译文】 今天,所谓的数字差别,即把世界划分为信息富有地区和信息贫乏地区,非常引人瞩目。 【析句】 本句的结构较简单,抓住atten ...


   无数 innumerable ; countless 许多 plenty of ; many ; much ; a great deal of ; a lot of ; ample 非常多(大)的 tremendous 依序列举 list in sequence 时间词 过时的 outdated ; antiquated ; outmoded ; obsolete ; anachronistic 短暂的 ephemeral ; transitory ; transient ; short-l ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 2009 王长喜四级高频词汇 abandon 遗弃;放弃 absorb 吸引…的注意 access 接近 accommodation 住处,膳宿 accompany 陪伴,为…伴奏 accord 一致;谅解 account 记述;帐户;解释 accumulate 堆积 累积 accuse vt 指控 achieve vt 完成 acknowledge vt 承认…的权威(或主张);确认;报偿 acquaint vt ...


   述、 口头翻译等方式训练学生用英语思维, 活用单词、 短 语、 句型的能力, 对提高学生英语写作能力也很有帮助。 四、英语听力作为一种理解能力对英语写作也有一 定的影响 听力测试同阅读测试一样,往往测的是快速捕捉信 息的能力,而不是写作常常需要的那种细致的分析、理 解、 评判和综合的理解能力。 听力对写作的影响是通过它 对口语能力的影响产生的。这充分说明了听力和口语能 力的密切关系。良好的口语能力必须以良好的听力为基 础, 听不懂就无法进行口头交流。此外, 良好的听力有助 于学习者从听力材料 ...