Period 3
What happened on “Young Lives”?
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What did Marcia say?
What did Lana say?
What did Lana say?
What did Marcia say?
Marcia ( is / will ) going to have a surprise party for you.

  1.Ben told Lana that Marcia was going to have a surprise party for her.
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I ( am / was ) not mad at Marcia anymore.

  2.Lana said she wasn’t mad at Marcia anymore.
I ( will / would ) go to Marcia’s house on Friday night.

  3. Lana said she would go to Marcia’s house on Friday night.
I ( am / was ) not going to have the party.
  4. Marcia told everyone she wasn’t going to have the party.
I ( will / would ) bring some drinks and snacks to your house.
  5. Lana said she would bring some drinks and snacks to Marcia’s house.
3a Read the newspaper story. Fill in the blanks. “Young Lives” this week It was an exciting week for the people on the soap opera “Young Lives”. First of all, Marcia told Ben she was having a surprise party for Lana, and that Lana she wasthought her house to study. Then Lana going to Ben she mad told at Marcia, and that she was wasn’t going to her house on Friday. So Ben told Lana that Marcia was to have a party for her. Lana going told Ben that she mad at wasn’t anymore, and Marcia go to would Marcia’s house on Friday that she night. However, Marcia called everyone and them that she told going to have thewasn’t party. first of all 首先
3b Imagine the next episode of “Young Lives”. Finish the newspaper article. Last night on “Young Lives”, it was an exciting night. There was a surprising party. Lana said she would bring some drinks and snacks to Marcia’s house on Friday night. But Lana forgot to bring some things. Marcia was still very glad. Then they went to the park outside the Marcia’s house. Marcia and Lana were surprised to see their classmates. They smiled. Then every student took out their gifts. They laughed, ate and drank. How happy they were!
4 GROUPWORK Role play. Work in groups of four. Use the role play cards to have a conversation. Then change roles and practice again. Student A Student B Student C You are at home. You are at You are at B’s B and C are at B’s home. C is at house working house doing a your house on a homework homework project. doing a project. You You want B to homework have A’s jacket. pass this message project. A calls You were to C: C borrowed you with a supposed to your jacket and message for C. meet at the bus didn’t return it. Pass on the stop this You want to know message, and morning to why C didn’t then give C’s return it, but A return it and answer to A. didn’t come to 消息; 消息;信息 传递 where it is. the bus stop. suppose 假定;认为;期望 假定;认为; be supposed to 被期望或被要求
pass sb. sth. = pass sth. to sb.
他递给我一本书。 他递给我一本书。
He passed a book to me. = He passed me a book. pass on 把…传给另一个;转移 传给另一个; 传给另一个 pass on the message 把消息传过去
  1. Pass on the stick. 传递接力棒。 传递接力棒。
  2. Please pass the book on one by one.
请大家传阅这本书。 请大家传阅这本书。

  3. Please read this notice and pass it on to others.
通知看后请传给其他人。 通知看后请传给其他人。

  1. Write an episode about a TV play or movie that you have watched recently, using reported speech.
  2.Write five sentences about what your teacher said to you. (choose one of them to finish)


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