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一. 选择填空。 (

  1. Beijing won the chances the 2008 Olympics. B. host C. hosting D. hosted
A. to host ( A. for (

  2. Tiger Woods can make billions dollars a year. B. with C. of D. on

  3. -You looked so beautiful at the party. -.
A. No, I don’t think so C. Thank you very much (
B. Of course D. No, I’m not beautiful

  4. The text is very easy for you. There are new words in it. B. a little C. few D. little
A. a few (
) In the bookshop, a reader asked the shopkeeper “Who Moved My cheese”was an interesting book.
  5. B. what C. how D. if
A. that (

  6. -In our English study reading is more interesting than speaking, I think. -I don’t agree. Speaking is reading.
A. as important as (
B. so important as
C. the more important
D. the most important

  7. If he harder, he’ll catch up with us. B. works C. worked D. will work
A. work (

  8. The manager that the business would be worse after the stock (股票)went down. B. told C. said D. spoke
A. talked (

  9. We should keep in the reading-room. A. quiet B. quietly C. quite D. quickly

  10. -I think everything goes on well. -. A. So I do B. I do so C. So do I D. So is I

  11. If you want to watch TV, you may turn . A. down B. it on C. on it D. it off

  12. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve my handbag at home. A. missed B. left C. put D. forgotten

  13. He is listening to the music she is washing clothes. A. after B. before C. that D. while

  14. It takes time to go to Beijing by plane than by train. A. more B. fewer C. longer D. less

  15. -Excuse me. Have you got an eraser? -Sorry, I haven’t. Why you ask Mary? Perhaps she’s got one.
A. do
B. don’t
C. did
D. didn’t
二. 根据汉语提示填空:
  1. 不知道该怎么办,你能给我点建议吗? I don’t know to do, can you give me some ?
  2. 外星人正在买纪念品的时候,我给警察打了个电话。 While the alien was a souvenir, I the police.
  3. 我放学回家的路上,看见一只猫从窗户里跑了出来。 On my way home from school, I saw a cat get a window.
  4. 我不想在电话里跟你谈论这件事情。 I don’t want to talk it with you the phone.
  5. 我们要在周五晚上为约翰举办一个惊喜的晚会。 We are going to have a party for John Friday evening. 三、完形填空 把下面五个句子放在文章中的恰当位置,使文章完整。 Three men went up in a balloon(气球). They started early in London. The headman was Ted, and the other two men were Davy and Emilio. 1Soon they heard the sea. They were carrying the usual rope (绳子) and it was hanging down , from the basket of the balloon. At the end of the rope they had tied a metal box. This could hold water, or it could be empty. So 2 It was for use over the sea. They were also carrying some bags of sand. After the sun rose, the balloon went higher. It went up to 3,000 metres, and 3 The water in the balloon became ice. Snow fell past the men’s basket, and they could see more snow on the ground. 4, but it was hard. They tried to break the icy sand with their knives, but it was not easy. The work was slow and they were still falling, so they had to drop some whole bags of sand. One of them fell on an icy lake and made a black hole in the ice. At last they pulled the box into the basket. It was still snowing; so 5They rose to 5,100 metres! Everything became icy. They were so cold that they decided to land. They came down in Poland heavily but safely. They had travelled 1,797 kilometres from London! A. The men tried to throw out some more sand B. they were able to change its weight (重量) C. They had a big balloon and they were ready for a long way. D. they climbed to get away from the snow E. the air there was very cold 四、阅读理解 (A)Einstein Was Waiting for His Friend Once Einstein was waiting for one of his friends on a bridge. He was thinking a oblem. While he was waiting, it began to rain. The rain kept on for some time. When Einstein took out a piece of paper from his pocket to write something down, the paper was wet and then he knew that it was raining. His clothes had become wet. But after he put the paper into his pocket, he forgot he was standing in the rain again. Many scientists are not careful with their lives. This is
because they are too careful with their studies.
  1. What did Einstein do? He was . A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a scientist

  2. Why was Einstein on a bridge. A. Because he was writing something on the bridge. B. Because he was waiting for a friend. C. Because he was thinking.
  3. It rained . A. sometimes B. for some time C. for a long time

  4. Einstein and began to write something on it. A. bought a piece of paper.
  5. Which is true? A. Einstein was careful with his work. C. Einstein was careful with his friends. (从下列 2 封来信中选择一封写回信。 ) 五. 写作: Dear friend, There will be a party this weekend. All my friends are invited to the party except me. I am angry. And I don’t know why they didn’t invite me! What do you think? Can you help me? Upset Dear friend, I am a new student in Grade One, but my English is too bad. Yesterday I had an English test and my grade was just so so. I want to improve my English. What should I do? Could you give me some advice? Looking for help B. Einstein was careful with his clothes. B. took a piece of paper from his car. C. took out a piece of paper from his pocket.
Dear ,
. .



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