1. My cousin's hobby is , because she thinks that it is very . A. reading; relax B. reading; relaxing C. to read; relaxed D. read; relaxing 解析:本小题检查学生两个知识点.一个是非谓语动词形式,另一个是现在分词和过去 分词的区别.is 后面的动词形式可以用 doing 或 to do 两种形式,作表语.但 is very 后 面只能用现在分词作表语,表示令人放松的.正确答案: B.
  2. Lucy said that she to Nanjing. A. had never gone B. has never gone C. has never been D. had never been 解析:本小题检查学生对宾语从句的理解和使用.对宾语从句中的时态掌握,是学生学 习宾语从句时,经常犯的错误.本小题难度系数不大,但易错.正确答案: D.Lucy 说她去 过南京.
  3.I remember my book on the desk, but now it's gone. A. putting B. to put C.have put D. put 解析:本小题的考点是 remember to do sth. 和 remember doing sth.的区别.前一个 表示记得去做某事,后一个表示记得做过某事.正确答案: A.我记得把书放在课桌上了, 但是现在不见了.
  4.Be careful when you cross the road, a car may hit you. A. and B. but C. or D. if 解析:本小题的考点是检测学生的连词使用.But 表示转折,or 表示选择.正确答案: C.过马路时要小心,否则的话车会碰到你.
  5.In the doorway of my home, I looked closely at my 23-year-old son, Daniel. In a few hours he would be flying to France to 35 a different life. It was the transitional(过渡的) time in Daniel's life. I wanted to 36 him some words of significance(重要意义). But nothing came from my lips, and this was not the first time I had let such moments pass.
  35. A. experience B. spend C. enjoy D. change
  36. A. show B. give C. leave D. teach 解析:本小题检测学生的完形填空中词义与语境.第 36 题根据第二句话,儿子即将飞往 法国, 父亲有重要的话要告诉他. show 展示, 出示; give 给; leave 离开, 留给; teach 教. 正确答案:C.
  6.Now, as I stood before him, I thought of those lost chances. How many times have I let such moments pass? I don't find a quiet 40 to tell him what they have meant to me. Or what he might face in the future. Maybe I thought it was not 41 to say anything.
  40. A. moment B. place C. time D. chance
  41. A. easy B. difficult C. possible D. necessary 解析:第 40 题考察学生的名词.根据前一句, "有多少次我让这样的时刻都过去了. "这
里也应该选择 A.第 41 题考察形容词,父亲在儿子离别时,有太多的嘱托要说.但是,父亲 想是否有必要说给儿子.正确答案:D.
  7.My mouth turned dry, and I knew I would be able to get out only a few words clearly. "Daniel," I said, "If I could have picked, I would have picked you." That's all I could say. He hugged me. For a moment, the world 44 , and there were just Daniel and me. He was saying something, but tears filled my eyes, and I couldn' t understand what he was saying.
  44. A. developed B. changed C. disappeared D. passed 解析: 44 题考察学生的动词词义. 第 develop 发展, 开发; change 改变, 变化; disappear 消失;pass 通过,经过.根据后一句, "就只有 Daniel 和我. "在这个时刻,仿佛世界都消 失了.
  8.老师告诉我们过马路要注意红灯. The teacher told us to look out for the red light when we crossed the street. 解析:本小题考察学生动词短语"注意"look out for sth. 及"告诉……做……" . look out 是不及物动词短语,后面接宾语是要加介词 for 后跟宾语,tell sb. to do sth. .
  9.如果你对音乐感兴趣,你可以来听她拉小提琴. If you are interested in music, you can come to listen to her play the violin. 解析: 本题考察动词短语, 对……感兴趣, get/be interested in…, 和听……做……, listen to sb. do sth..listen 和 hear 的区别:listen 表示听的动作,而 hear 表示听的 结果.
  10.阅读短文,根据其内容回答问题. I began to grow up that winter night when my parents and I were returning from my aunt's house, and my mother said that we might soon be leaving for America. We were on the bus then. I was crying, and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me. I remember feeling very sad when I thought that I would never hear again the radio program for school children to which I listened every morning. I do not remember myself crying for this reason again. In fact, I think I cried very little when I was saying goodbye to my friends and relatives. When we were leaving I thought about all the places I was going to see?the strange and magical places I had known only from books and pictures. The country I was leaving never to come back was hardly in my head then. The four years that followed taught me the importance of optimism(乐观), but the idea did not come to me at once. For the first two years in New York I was really lost?having to study in three schools as a result of family moves. I did not quite know what I was or what I should be. Mother remarried, and things became even more difficult for me. Some time passed before my stepfather and I got on well. I was often sad, and saw no end to the hard times. My responsibilities(责任) in the family increased a lot since I knew English better than everyone else at home. I wrote letters, filled out forms, translated at interviews with Immigration (移民) officers, took my grandparents to the doctor and
translated there, and even discussed telephone bills with the company. From my experiences I have learned one important rule: almost all common troubles eventually go away! Something good is certain to happen in the end when you do not give up, and just wait a little! I believe that my life will turn out all right, though it will not be so easy.
  76. Did the writer want to leave their hometown for America at first? 解析:本小题难度系数不大,根据原文,We were on the bus then. I was crying, and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me.作者说到 crying,说明作者 不想离开故土去美国.正确答案:No. (No, he didn't.)
  77. How did she feel later when they were leaving? 解析: 本小题难度系数不大,主要考察学生对原文的理解,此题的答案应该围绕 when they were leaving 时的感觉,从第二段第三句话,可以看出作者很好奇,或很高兴.正确 答案: Curious./Happy./Glad./Excited.
  78. Where did her family stay in the first two years in America? 解析:本小题易.但学生往往忽略介词 in. 正确答案: In New York.
  79. Why did her responsibilities in the family increase a lot? 解析:本小题易.从原文中 My responsibilities(责任) in the family increased a lot since I knew English better than everyone else at home.可以找到答案,但是学生往往 会忽略 Why 的句子用 Because 来回答.正确答案:Because I knew English better than everyone else at home.
  80. What did the writer learn from her experience? 解析: 本题难. 考察学生的阅读归纳总结技能, 根据第三段和最后一段, 可归纳出两点; 作者学会了乐观主义的重要性, 坚持不放弃. 正确答案: importance of optimism and good The things will happen if one keeps trying. 三,书面表达(共 15 分) . 根据中文提示和英文书信内容,写一封意思连贯,符合逻辑,不少于60词的回信,信 的开头和结尾已给出,其字数不计入所完成的回信内. 假设你叫李阳,是英国中学生 Mike 的朋友,你收到了他的一封电子邮件.请根据他来信 的内容写一封回信.针对他的困惑,谈谈你的看法,同时提出一些建议. 根据写作要求内容: 1,谈看法.2,提建议. 评分标准:
  1. 分档. 第一档: 要点全, 语言流畅, 逻辑合理, 句子多样化, 词语准确. (12-
  15) 第二档: 要点全, 语言流畅, 但句子单调, 有很明显的语言表达错误.9-
  12) ( 第三档:缺要点,语句不准确. (6-
  9) 第四档: 缺要点,语言错误过多,语句不完整. (1-
  2. 后给分.每档作文,定档后,单词拼写两处错扣一分.时态,动词形式错误 错一处
  0.5 分. 学生作文点评:
Dear Mike, Glad to read your letter. From your letter, I know that you enjoy cycling very much and really want to go to school by bike. I can understand you because I ride to school every day and love it very much too. But it's not right to go out to ride after your parents fall asleep. And you shouldn't ride to school before they get up. If they find that you are lost, how worried they will be! If you really want to ride a bike, you can talk with them. You can express how much you love it and let them know that it will not be dangerous when you ride it. I hope you can solve this problem successfully. Yours, Li Yang 这是一篇一类文, (
  15) .
  1. 要点全.看法准确,建议合理.
  2. 段落层次清晰.第一段谈看法,第二段提建议,第三段的结尾,用一句祝愿来表明作 者很真诚.
  3. 句子结构完整,无文法错误.能恰当使用复合句,条件状语从句,宾语从句等.
  0.5 分扣两处小错.
  1. you(r) letter
  2. ride (a) bike.



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