一、词汇(15 分) A. 根据首字母或中文提示写单词。
  1. The p look just like the real ones in Egypt.
  5. In some areas in China, students wear school u every day. Walk slowly around the big lake and feel the bof the park there. How many (语言)are there in the world? The old man is as(不受欢迎的)as his wife.
B. 用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1. I think swimming is not as ( interest) as hiking.
  2. I moved into a new school last week. It is a ( mix) school.
  3. We all got off the coach ( quick) when we got there.
  5. C. This digital camera is much (expensive) than that one, right? I don’t need your help .I can do it by ( I ). 用动词的适当形式填空。

  1. He would like to be a social worker when he ( grow) up.
  2. He said he wanted to go to the People’s Park if he ( have) time the next week.
  3. She was about 10 kilograms and started ( go) outside her home.
  4. We always have a greet time ( chat) with each other.
  5. Tom ( wear) a white T-shirt yesterday. 二、单项选择(20 分) ( )
  1. Is there about animals on the Internet? A. special something B. something special C. special anything ( )
  2. The sun rises in the east. A. always B. often C. sometimes ( )
  3. The is about $ 50 per person. A. take B. spend C. cost ( ( ( ( ( )
  4. They will make it for everyone. A. really fun day B. a really fun day C. really funny day D. )
  5. You can see the hospitalthe road. A. in the end of B. by the end of C. in the end )
  6. it rained,the football match was put off. A. Because,so B. Because of, / C. Because, / )
  7. I think you should not buy clothes animals fur. A. made of B. be made of C. making of )
  8. , they got a lot of presents for their party. D. anything special D. usually D. pay
a really funny day D. at the end of D. D. As, so
is made of
On the beginning
At beginning
In beginning
At the beginning
( )
  9. They areat thenews. A. excited,excited B. excited, exciting C. exciting, exciting D. ( )
  10. You can go to the World Park underground. A. or B. by C. with ( A. (
exciting,excited D. in
  11. My school has teachers than John’s school , but than Daniel’s. more, less B. many more, fewer C. more, fewer D. fewer, fewer )
  12. , we go to a reading club. A. On every Sunday B. Every Sunday C. In Sunday morning D. At the Sunday evening )
  13. Thanks for the secret for us. A. to keep B. keeping C. kept D. to be keeping )
  14. I decided at home and pack my bags instead. A. staying B. and stay C. and stayed D. to stay )
  15. I will see many places of from all over the world. A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. more interesting )
  17. Please tell Tom too much noise. A. to make B. not to make C. to not make D. don’t make )
  18. There a parents’ meeting this Sunday afternoon. A. is B. is going to C. is going to be D. is going to have )
  19. I’m glad. A. hear from you C. hear a letter from you B. to hear from you D. to hear a letter from you
( ( ( ( ( (
  20. does your father come to see you ? Twice a month . A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far 三、句型转换(每空 1 分,共 10 分)
  1. We have four weeks off. They have three weeks off. (用 than 将两句并写成一句) We have week off than them.
  2. She has to stay in hospital for a month. ( 对画线部分提问) does she to stay in hospital?
  3. Leo and David are the same age. (同义句) Leo is David.
  4. John runs faster than any other student in his class. (同义句) in his class runs faster than John. 五、阅读表达 (10 分) About five hundred years ago, an earthquake(地震) happened in a small village. Luckily for them, nothing was destroyed (毁坏) and no one was hurt. l)But a huge fell from a nearby mountain and stopped in theof the road.
When the earthquake stopped, many people came to the road and saw the stone. Some of the strongest men tried to lift the stone out of the road. But they couldn't move it. They tried to push it but failed. 2 ) They tried to pull it with ropes(坌黾索) but nothing worked. ""Well," they said sadly, "there' s nothing we can do about it. We’ll have to change the way." At this time a boy about 12 years old said, “I think I can help you to move the stone away.” "You?" they shouted. "What are you talking about?" The men all laughed at the boy. The next morning, some people came into the road. One of them shouted, “The stone is gone.”
  3) 更多的人跑出去看发生了什么事。 It was true. The stone wasn't on the road any longer. It wasn't even near the road. The boy walked over to where the stone had been and said,”I buried(埋藏)it."The people looked rather surprised. “You see,” he said,’I dug a deep hole next to the stone and I dug a small incline(斜坡)up to the stone and the stone blled(滚)down into the hole itself. Then I covered it with earth." The villagers shouted, "Clever boy! Clever boy!" This clever boy had a good idea.
  4.找出文中与下列句子意思相近的句子:We can do nothing about it.
  5.找出文中最能表达该短文主题的句子: 六、缺词填空(10 分) The club are gbirdwatching next week. The trip is w by all the club members. Amy also feels very h for the trip. She thinks it's very iand ifor her to learn something about our friends--birds. She thinks that people should be fto animals. Then we are ato live on the earth hand peacefully. Now she is preparing for the trip. She thinks it's nto search for some information on birds. So she has spent a day in the library. She has also prepared c trainers.



   学校 班级 姓名 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 总分 铁 东 区 小 学 英 语 四 年 级 温馨提示:小朋友们, 温馨提示:小朋友们,今天我们将共同完成本次期中考试的试 相信大家一定能够认真听、努力做、 题,相信大家一定能够认真听、努力做、开动脑 交出一份工整满意的答卷。加油啊! 筋,交出一份工整满意的答卷。加油啊! 听力部分( 听力部分(30 点) 听音选词语。 一、 听音选词语。(10 点) ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. Aagain ) 2. A ate ) 3. A clean ...


   姓名: 年级: Unit 1 My New Teacher 1.年轻的 4. 强壮 7. 矮的 10. 是什么 13.聪明的 16.很;非常 19.大学生 22. 她是 2. 滑稽可笑的 5. 和蔼的 8. 瘦的 11.像;喜欢 14.积极的 17. 但是 20. 是谁 3. 高的 6. 年老的 9. 先生 12.严格的 15.安静的 18. 校长 21. 他是 Unit 2 My Days of the Weeks 1、 星期一 4、星期四 7、星期日 10、在……时候 13、读书 15、 ...


   三年级英语第一学期期末试卷 三年级英语第一学期期末试卷 第一学期 班级 一. 四. 听单词,按听到单词的顺序排列下列图片。 姓名 听字母,将听到的字母填入下面的四线三格。(大小写) 二. 听字母, 判断给出的一组字母与听到的一组字母是否相同, “√” “×” 用 或 表示。 1. BTV( ) 2. MOQ( ) 3. SXZ( ) 4. DGI( ) 5. FJL( ) 6. YCH( ) 7. ank( ) 8. crw( ) 9. etu( ) 三. 听字母,判断听到的一组字母是否含有 ...


   三年级英语第一学期期中考查卷 三年级英语 (考试时间 30 分钟) 听力部分 听一听,圈一圈。将下面每组中符合录音内容的图片下面的字母圈住。 (10分) 一、 1 A B 2 A B 3. A B 四、 听一听,写一写。根据你在录音中听到的内容将答案用数字填在下面相应的括号 里。 (10分) ( ) ( ) ( 4 A B 5 ( A B ( 二、 听一听,辨一辨。辨别下面各图片的内容是否与录音内容相符,相符的打“√” , 不符的打“%s”(10分) 。 ) ) ) 五、 听一听,选一选。选 ...


   四年级英语第一学期知识自查题 四年级英语第一学期知识自查题 第一学期知识自查 听力部分 一.听读音,选出正确的图画,并在括号里打“√”(10 分) 。 1. 2. ( 3. 、 ) ( ) 4. ( ) ( ) ( 5. ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二.听读音,判断图画是否与读音相符,相符的请打“√” ,否则打“×”(10 分) 。 1. 2. ( 3. ) 4. ( 5. ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 三.听读音,用“√”勾出下列人物喜欢的食物。 (10 分) Foo d N ...


   Unit 5 the human brain 1. I’ll take it, too. 2. improve = make something better 3. wanted to have 4. feature about 关于…的专题 5. agree → agreement 6. on this topic 7. short-term memory long-term memory 8. get old 9. become weaker → happening 10. go wro ...


   Unit 6 Doing Housework Period 3 一.教学内容: 5A Unit 6 Doing housework (Part A) 二.教学目标: 1、能正确的听、说、读、写单词及短语:ring, Maths, help…with…。 2、能听得懂、会说、会读日常交际用语和句型:Are you free now? / How about…? / Can you come and help…with…?/See you this afternoon. 3、能正确地运用所学句型 ...


   英语学科高一第一学期第一模块教学指导意见 Unit 1 Body Language 一.课程标准内容 语言技能 能听懂描述性的形容词,重点关注地点,路线交通工具的听力技巧;学会 用形容词描述一个人,能用相关信息写便条;掌握一般现在时、现在进行 时、一般将来时、一般过去时、现在完成时、过去进行时、过去完成时等 时态。 语言知识 学习本可课的 37 个新单词和词组, appearance, impression, respect, remind 如 等;复习巩固七种时态;动名词作主语的用法。 情 ...


   英语学科高一第一学期第二模块教学指导意见 Unit 2 Care For Hair 课程标准内容 语言技能 能听懂电话预约理发的会话并记录相关信息; 学会用感叹语和不同语调表示出对对方讲 话的兴趣, 或用 “By the way…”等表达在你不感兴趣的时候转化话题; 能用英语写 E-mail 对自己不能赴约表达遗憾和作出解释; 掌握句子成分划分, 包括主语, 谓语, 宾语, 补语 和状语的划分; 学会熟练查阅英英词典. 语言知识 学习跟人物基本外貌描写有关的词汇;能对本单元中的生词用英语释义 ...


   高二第一学期英语单词 UNIT1 n.天才,创造力, n.灵感,鼓舞人心的人(或事物) , n.汗水;出汗 vt.vi.着手做;从事;承担 n.分析;分解 adj.显然的;明显的 prep.在…里面;在…范围之内 n.引语;引文; (复数)引号 n.农学;农业 n.重力;引力;地心吸力 n.放射性;放射现象;放射线 adj.好奇的;好求知的;爱打听隐私的 n.分科;树枝;支流;支线;分支机构 n.辩论;争论;vt.与. .辩论;争论;vi.辩论,参加辩论 n.生物学家 vt.浏览;细看;反复 ...



   The Spring Festival comes after New Year's Day. It's usually in January or February. It's the Chinese New Year's Day.The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China. All of the Chinese like this festival.When it comes,people are busy.They usua ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来 ...


   2011 版高考英语高频词汇 A * * * * about around round 作副词时都含“四处”、“遍地”的意思。 about 系常用词, 如: 四处看。 around 具有 about 的基本意思, 因此 look about=look around, 但在下列短语里 around 没有 about 正式, 如: round 和 around 在非正式用法中可以互换, 但一般用 round 时更简练。在正式用语中, 一般用 round 指“旋转”, 而用 around 指 听到 ...


   出国人员英语日常用语 900 句 出国人员英语日常用语 900 句(一) 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 一、Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / aft ...


   科技信息 ○ 外语教研 ○ SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION 2008 年 第 20 期 借课改之风,高中英语教师扬帆起航 ?谈高中英语教师专业发展 ?? ( 平阳中学 黄余瑞 浙江 平阳 325400 ) 摘 要】 本文阐述了英语新课程的特点, 以及在新的课改背景下, 高中英语教师专业发展的四种途径, 即校本教研、 教学反思、 教育科研、 【 同事互助。 关键词】 高中英语新课程; 教师专业发展 【 根 据 教 育 部 、 教 育 厅 部 署 , 从 200 ...