Unit 1 topic1
  1.Are you going to play basketball? be going to do 计划,打算(计划性强),主观打算,义务,表示某 种迹象要发生 be about to do 即将做,不与具体表示时间的状语连用 will,第一人称可用 shall 具有临时决定的意思 be to do 表示客观将要
  2.I saw you play basketball almost every day during the summer holidays. see sb. do sth./doing sth. 看见某人做某事/正在做某事 every+时间 during+时间段 almost=nearly

  3.there is going to be a basketball game between Class 3 and our class this Saturday. There is going to be 即将有 betweenand 在两者之间 among …在多人(至少三人)….

  4.-Would you like to come and cheer us on. ?I'd like/love to/ be glad to 或 Sorry,I'm afraid I can't cheer sb. on 为某人加油 would like to do sth./sb. to do sth./sth. 想要做某事/想要某人做某事/ 想要做某事
  5.I hope our team will win. Sb. hope that-clause sb hope to do
Win the game=beat sb.
  6.which sport do you prefer,cycling or rowing? prefer sth/doing sth to sth/(in)doing sth 更喜欢某事/某人/做某事 prefer to do rather than do
  7.-do you row much?=do you row often? -yes,quite a bit/a lot ./no,seldom quite 区别 quiet quite 区别 very handsome quite 相当地 quiet 安静的
quite +n./adj. quite a quiet boy quite
very+adj. 后置,不当定语
quite a bit/lot 许多,大量
  8.which sport do you like best= what's your favourite sport? favourite 含有最高级意思,故无比较级和最高级
  9.He is
  2.26 meters tall.
  2.26 读作:two point twenty-six 拔高
  10.they both play for the Houston Rockets in the NBA. Both…..and 至少三人 neither 两者都不 ...和....都 均为复数 nor ...和...都不 (表示否定) neither of Both of 两个人都 all 指 tall 身高的高 long 长 high 海
either 两者其中一个...too 用于肯定句表示也,否定句或者疑问 句用 either 表示也 单数
play for 效力于. . . play against 与. . 对抗 play with 与. . . .. .. 并肩作战
  11.what are you going to be when you grow up?
  12.David Beckham, a famous soccer star,arrived in Beijing 此句涉及同位语,a famous star 为解释说明 David Beckham famous be famous for 因....出名 为....出名 arrive 不及物动词,+in 到达大地方
  13.the fans are very excited. V+ed 表示人的感情,解释为某人....主语经常为人 V+ing 表示事物的特征,解释为令人...主语经常为物 excited-exciting bored-boring interested-interesting annoyed-annoying relaxed-relaxing 等等 例句.I'm excited about the exciting news.
  14.It's too bad that they aren't going to stay in Beijing for long. It's +adj.+(that)-clause= it's +adj.+to do
  15.they are leaving for Japan the day after tomorrow. leave +地点 for +地点 离开...动身去... + at 到达小地方 be famous as 作
leave come arrive go 等的现在分词表示将来时
  16.here are some photos of my favourite sports stars. 地点提前的倒装句 some photos of my favourite sports stars are here.
Of …….的,相当于名词所有格
a photo of his 他的一张照片

  17.he took part in the last World Cup,but didn't win the first place. take (an active) part in +活动 join+人+组织 (积极)参加
join in+活动
win the first place 获得第一
  18.what a shame!=what a pity!多么遗憾 感叹句 what +n. what beautiful flowers what clear water
What a nice day How +adj.
  19.write back
how beautiful (sub.+v.) = reply

  20. dream of/about sb./sth./doing sth. 梦想某人/某事/做某事 in the future 将来 in future 今后

  21.break the olympic record 打破奥运会记录
  22.She spends half an hour doing exercise in the gym everyday. Sb spend time/money on sth./(in)doing sth.某人花时间/金钱在某事 上/在做某事上 it takes/costs sb time/money to do 某物花费某人时间/金钱 half an hour =a half hour one and a half hours=one hour and half an hour
  23. pretty well=rather well=quite well 相当好
  24.the high/long jump 跳高/远
  25.make/keep sb/sth +adj./do sth 使....
make sb. strong 使某人强壮 keep the room clean 使房间干净 keep healthy/fit 保持健康
  26.all over the world=around the world 全世界
  27.be good/bad for 对`````有益/有害
  28.sb/sth help to do sth. 帮助做某事(主语并未做事) The Internet help us to study. 网络帮我们学习(网络本身不学习) Sb/sth help sb do sth/with sth (主语有参与做) He help me clean the room.他帮我打扫房间(他有打扫)
  29.relax oneself 使某人放松
  30.this/last/next weekend 这个/上个/下个星期 This+时间 表示这... last+时间 上个.... 个.... next+时间 下
  31.could/would you please …..? 你能? some,不应 any
  32.do sb. a favor 帮某人个忙
  33. be/fall ill 患病
  34.be good at =do well in 擅长,,,,,,, 擅长,,,,,,
  35.would you mind (not) doing sth 你介意我..... be weak in =do badly in 不 in favor of 赞同 表示一些用
Mind doing sth 介意做....
  36.not at all/of course/certainly not 当然不
  37.Let's go and pratice. 表示建议:shall we do sth? Let's do sth. Why not do sth?why don't we do sth?what/how about doing sth? Pratice doing sth 练习....
  38.it is nice of you=it is kind of you 你很好 It is +adj.(表示人品行)+of +sb 解释为某人很....
  39.ask sb. to do sth.告诉某人做某事
  40.come over 过来 come in come off it.
  41.the kichen fan doesn't work. 厨房锅坏了
  42.go somewhere else 去其他地方
  43.make one's bed 整理床铺
  44.right away =right now =at the moment
  45.do you want me to clean the room. Want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事
  46.you'd better not. 你最好不要 you had better not 的缩写 had better (not) do sth 最好(不)要做.... better 是 good well 比较级,解释为更好,最高级 best
  47.you need to take bus No.
  2.It's far from here. come on come up come to
need 作为实意 V,需要的意思. sb need to do 某人需要做.... 否地为 助动词否定+need to need 作为情态动词,need do sth 否地为 needn't be far(away) from 远离
  48.don't be late next time! be late for sth./doing sth.迟到做某事
  49.but I can manage it myself. manage to do sth 成功做....区别:try to do 尝试做
  50.you are so careless. careless 马虎 helpless
  51.you missed a good chance 你失去一个好机会 miss 错过,思念 miss the goal 失球
  52.shout at sb.对某人大声吼叫
  53.either 用于否定句或疑问句表示也,肯定句表示二者其一
  54.shame on sb.某人自己感到羞耻
  55.be angry with sb. 生某人气
  56.do one's best 尽某人最大的努力
  57.say sorry to sb. 向某人道歉
  58.keep doing sth.坚持做某事 keep adj.保持…… keep sb. doing sth.使某人一直做某事
  59.believe sb./in sb. 相信某人/相信某人说的话 +less 表示否定后缀 如 homeless useless

  60.be sure to do sth./of sth./about sth. 确信做某事
  61.have a fight 打架 对抗
  62.with one's help 在….帮助下
  63.serve the food 准备食物 serve sb 为…服务
  64.turn down the music 调小音乐
  65.at once/in a minute/in a moment/right away/right now 立即,马上
  66.be important to sb.对某人很重要
  67.take a seat 坐下
  68.buy sb. sth.=buy sth. for sb.为某人买某东西
  69.enjoy doing 喜欢做
  70.as well 句末 too 句末 also 句首,句中,句末.均表示 也
  71.i started playing basketball when I was about seven years old. Start to do/doing =begin to do/doing 开始做某事 When 引导时间状语从句 解释为"当...的时候/就在那时".当 when+进行时态时常用 while 代替 比较 he is a seven-year-old boy.
  72.at that time =then 那时
  73.throw into 把...扔进 throw about 扔掉 He is seven years old. fighting!加油, (口语) 努力 fight against 与. . .

  74.follow the rules 遵守规则 follow sb 跟某人走
  75.over a century later 一个世纪以后
  76.more and more people 更多的人
比较级 and 比较级 解释为越来越 more and more 更多
better and better 越来越好
The +比较级,the+比较级 越...越... 越多越好 77,in the USA,basketball is very popular! /with
the more,the better
Be popular among

  78.get tired 变累 get 解释为"变",后加 adj,turn,grow 也是, 否则后加 adv.
  79.Instead of 代替,放后加名词类短语或名词,instead 直接放句末
  80.healthy eating habits build me up.健康的饮食习惯使我身体健康 build sb up 增强....
  80.have fun (in) doing sth.有兴趣做某事
  81.i feel well and look fit. feel+adj,well 解释为身体好时为 adj
Topic 3
  82.what's you job?=what are you?你是干嘛的?
  83.make more foreign friends 交更多的外国朋友 with
  84.reason for doing sth. 做某事的理由
  85.sit in a quiet place 做在 1 个安静的地方
  86.places of interest 名胜古迹 make friends

  87.have fun with sb. 与某人玩的开心
  88.have to 不得不(客观要求) must 主观认为必须

  89.be free (to do)空闲,自由(做某事)
  90.let's make it half past seven.
  91.The hole should be enough for a tree. enough 放 n 前面,做 adj be enough for 对足够
  92. water the tree 浇树
  93.fill sth with 用...填满
  94.what will the weather be like?=how will the weather be ?
  95.every four years 每 4 年 1 次
  96.improve the environment
  97.a symbol of ……的象征
  98.stand for 代表
  99.at least 至少 at most 最多 改善环境 放 adj 后面,做 adv
  00.in the flag of every country 在每个国家的国旗上 1
  01.be fond of =be interested in=be excited about 对…..有兴趣



   Unit 1 topic1 1.Are you going to play basketball? be going to do 计划,打算(计划性强),主观打算,义务,表示某 种迹象要发生 be about to do 即将做,不与具体表示时间的状语连用 will,第一人称可用 shall 具有临时决定的意思 be to do 表示客观将要 2.I saw you play basketball almost every day during the summer holidays. se ...


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