A guessing game
notebook DVD player
robot clone
True or False questions:
( T )
  1. Wang Mei is a school girl who has a cellphone. ( T )
  2. Man can use a cellphone to do a lot of things now. ( F )
  3. We can send words and images on old phones. ( T )
  4. Cellphones have changed our behavior and the way of communication. ( F )
  5. Cellphones aren’t very popular among teenagers. ( T )
  6. Wang Mei says the cellphone helps her stay in touch with her parents and friends.
Reading comprehension:

  1.Wang Mei answered the phone to tell her mother . B
A. she liked taking a bus B. she was on the way home C. she would be home D. she lives a life “on the go”
  2.Cellphones have the following features except__.
A.they A.they make it possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere B. they can be used to take a picture C. they let you enjoy TV programes if connected to a TV set D. they serve us as a small computer by which we can send e-mail

  3. Students are not allowed to use cellphones in
D school mainly because .
A. the school wants to take them away from the students B. they cost students much money C. teachers hate them D. lessons are disturbed by the ringing of cellphones

  4. The last sentence of the third paragraph C implies that .
A.students A.students spend long time on phone calls B. students’ money is wasted C. students’ studies are affected by phone calls D. students like cellphones most
  5. The title “Life on the go” means . A.busy A.busy life going here and there B. active and busy life with cellphones C. cellphones enable students to work faster and better D. ways of life with cellphones
Read the text and match each paragraph with its main idea
Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5
Cellphones have many functions. There are several reasons why teenagers like cellphones. Wang Mei is an example of Chinese teenagers who have cellphones. Wang Mei explains why she likes her cellphone and what she uses it for. Cellphones also cause problems.
Cellphones can be used to talk… send… play… listen… surf… be an electronic calendar be radios and cameras
In school
disturb lessons
II. At home
spend too much time and money

  1.Help us stay in touch with friends and family
  2.Make us feel safer
  3.Fun and cool
Wang Mei is an example of Chinese teenagers living life “on the go”. it Cellphones make possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere. And even words and images throughout are being sent the world. People can also use them as cameras, radios and so on. New functions are being added the phones, such as to games, music and an electronic calendar that will remind appointments you of and important dates.
Cellphones are very popular,
especially among teenagers. But
students had better not use cellphones in class because when it rings, the whole class will be disturbed . Parents worry that too much time and money will be spent on it.
Wang Mei is an example of Chinese teenagers living life “on the go”. it Cellphones make possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere. And even words and images throughout are being sent the world. People can also use them as cameras, radios and so on. New functions are being added the phones, such as to games, music and an electronic calendar that will remind appointments you of and important dates.
*New functions are being added to the phones …
The Present Continuous Passive Voice am/ is/ are + being done
Cellphones are also being used as cameras and radios. The statue of Peter the Great has been brought back to the city. The 29th Olympic Games
will be held in Beijing.

  1.How long at this job? A. were you employed C. had you been employed
Since 19
B. have you been employed D. will you be employed

  2. We are told that a new car factory here next year. A.will set up B. will be set up
C. would set up D. would be set up
  3. Have you moved into the new house? Not yet. The rooms . (NEMT
  91) A. are being painted B. are painting C. are painted D. are being painting
School should let students use cellphones in school.
Absolutely. That’s exactly what I was thinking. That’s a good point. That’s just how I see it.
I disagree. I’m afraid I don’t agree.

  1. talk to others easily
  2. send words and images
  3. used as cameras and radios
  4. send e-mail
  5. have games and music
  6. electronic calendar
  7. stay in touch with friends
  8. make us feel safer
  9. have fun and be cool
  1. disturb teachers and students
  2. spend too much time
  3. spend too much money
good points
bad points
Write down your opinions about the topic and tell me your reasons.


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