初二英语复习题( 初二英语复习题(一)
  1、He is very strong because he often e xercises.
  2、Jim goes to see his parents t wice a week.
  3、I like the TV p rogram on CCTV-
  4、She’s h ardly ever late for school.
  5、Here are the r esults of his survey.
  6、He goes to school,a lthough he is ill.
  7、Can you find out the d ifferences between the two words.
  8、Don’t eat lots of c hocolate ,maybe you’re f atter than before.

  9、Many boys like surf the I nternet every day.
  10、I don’t think j unk our h ealth .
food is good for

  11、My eating h abits are pretty good, . so I’m h ealthy
  12、Do you like fruit or v egetables ?
  13、You can do it b etter if you study hard. in P.E class.
  14、Boys are always a ctive 二、用所给词的适当形式填空
  1、How often do you visit your grandpa? I do it once (one)a week.
  2、She sometimes watches (watch)TV in the evening.
  3、They shop 3 times (time)a week.
  4、Tom likes reading (read)English.

  5、Aliceis looking (look)for a new house now.
  6、I always sleep well (good)at night.
  7、I look after my health (health)and I am very healthy .
  8、My teacher wants me to write (write)a letter to you.
  9、I got good grades(grade)with the help of our teacher last team.
  10、They hardly (hard)ever watch TV on weekends.
  11、The boy is trying to clean (clean)the door.

  12、The differences(different)between you and your mom is clear. (do)some
  13、He often helps me do housework.
  14、We must do eye exercises (exercise) every day.
  15、Try to speak (speak)English more and you can improve it.
  16、My mother has (have)a healthy lifestyle. She eats less (little)junk food, but more vegetables.
  17、My friend is an interviewer (interview)
and he often asks me questions.
  18、Tom and his brother like going (go) .swimming (swim)in the river.
  19、As for speaking (speak)English,some students do well.
  20、He tries to learn (learn)Chinese,and he practice reading (read)it every day
  21、It’s easy to stay (stay)healthy.
  22、What’s your eating (eat)habits?
  23、Doctors think doing (do)morning exercises is good for our health.
  24、There’re lots of differences (different)
between Emma and her sister.
  25、Must I stop eating (eat)junk food? 三、用适当的介词填空
  1、Mrs Brown has to look after her baby.
  2、An apple a day is good for your health.
  3、I write to my pen pal once a week.
  4、Jim never exercises. It’s bad for him.
  5、I read English books about twice a week.
  6、Most of students are Chinese.
  7、I go to visit my parents 3 times a year.
  8、My lifestyle is different from yours.

  9、It’s important for you to study hard.
  10、There’re lots of fruit on the plate.
  11、He’s kind of unhealthy.
  12、What do you usually do on weekdays?
  13、Mr Green always starts the day with breakfast?
  14、What will you do the day after tomorrow? 补全对话, 四、补全对话,每空一词 A:I know you like playing basketball. When do you usually play it? B:I usually do it on Saturday afternoons. A: How long do you play it every time?
B:Two hours. A: Who do you play it with? B:Some of my classmates. A:How often do you play it? B:Twice a week. A: Where do you play it? B:On a playground not far from our school A:Can I play it with you this week? B:Of course . A:Do you often eat junk food? B:Yes. Three or four times a week. A:I think it’s not good for your health .
You must exercise every day. And eat some more vegetables and fruit. B:I think you’re right . I will do it. 五、句型转换
  1、She often eats fruit and vegetables.(提问) How often does she eat fruit and vegetables?
  2、Dick is watching TV now.(sometimes改写) Dick sometimes watches TV.
  3、My father often reads newspaper after supper.(提问) What does your father often do after supper?

  4、My lifestyle is not the same as yours.(同义) My lifestyle is different from yours.
  5、She eats junk food once a week.(提问) How often does she eat junk food.
  6、He usually helps his mother with the housework.(同义) He usually helps his mother do the housework.

  7、Reading more books is good for you.(同义) It’s good for you to read more books.
  8、Jim does his homework at 8 every day.(否定) Jim doesn’t do his homework at 8 every day.
  9、She practices playing the piano 2 hours every day.(提问) How many hours does she practice playing the piano every day.

  10、They sometimes go to the movies.(提问) How often do they go to the movies?
  11、Tara played the violin yesterday.(提问) When did Tara play the violin?
  12、My favorite program is Animal World.
I like Animal World best.

  13、He always go to the movies on weekends. (同义) He always go to the movies on Saturday and Sunday.
  14、Tina helps her mother do the housework. (同义) Tina helps her mother with the housework.
  15、Tom sleeps 8 hours every night.(提问) How many hours does Tom sleep every night?

  16、She has an unhealthy eating habits.(同义) Her eating habits is unhealthy.
We go to the movies about three or four times every month.

Please eat less junk food, do more exercise.

He has the same idea as yours.

You must eat more vegetables. It’s good for your health.

Please eat less meat.

She hardly ever exercises, so she is a little unhealthy.

I hardly ever go shopping.

As for speaking English, some students do well in it.

We can play the piano once or twice a week.

The results of surfing the Internet are interesting. 七、作文

  1、默写Section B 3a。
always、never、often、usually、sometimes、 every day、once、twice等词。



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