I’m more outgoing than my sister .
Section A
What does she look like?
In your eyes!
What does your partner look like?
Do exercise:
Zhang Fei is .
The cat is . Zhuge Liang is .
Shui Junyi is .
Li Yong is .
Liu Xiang is .
Discuss with your friend: Who is smart/wild/calm/ smart/wild/calm/
outgoing/serious/athletic….. outgoing/serious/athletic…..
In your class?
Let’s talk about other famous person!




Liu Xiang is than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is than Liu Xiang.
I have long hair. She has long er hair.
wild -wilder
calm -calmer
Tyson is than Lu Yi . Lu Yi is than Tyson .
funny --funnier
serious --more serious
Zhao Benshan is than Bai Yansong . Bai Yansong is than Zhao Benshan .
Li Yong is than Shui Junyi. Shui Junyi is than Li Yong .
Li Xiaopeng is . Stallone is than Li Xiaopeng .
¥2100 00 more expensive
more delicious
Your partner
I’m smarter. I’m quieter. I’m thinner. I’m funnier older wilder younger calmer
smart quiet thin funny old wild young calm
I’m smart I’m quiet. I’m thin. I’m funny old wild young calm
beautiful serious outgoing popular friendly
more beautiful more serious more outgoing more popular more friendly

shortshorter shortshorter short
辅音字母+y结尾变y +y结尾变
  2. 辅音字母+y结尾变y为i加-er
nicenicer nicenicer nice
heavyheavier heavyheavier heav
  3. 辅元辅,再重读,双写最后一字母再加-er
bigbigger bigbigger big
hothotter hothotter hot
  4. 双音节和多音节词在前面加more
athleticmore athleticmore athletic
  5. 部分形容词不规则变化
badworse badworse
I’ I’ A: I’m tallB: I’m taller. I’ A: I’m beautiful. I’ B: I’m more beautiful.
-Is that Sam? -No, that’s Tom. He has shorter hair than Sam. And he’s calmer than Sam.
wilder Zhang Fei is wilder than Zhuge Liang. funnier Tina is funnier than Tara. thinner Sam is thinner than Tom. Ella is more outgoing than Selina. Lisa is better at English than I am.
last letter上一封信 上一封信 a photo of sb/a photo of sb’s 某人的一张照片 twin sister双胞胎姐妹 双胞胎姐妹 as you can see正如你所看到的 in some ways在某些方面 在某些方面 look the same/different 看起来一样/看起来不同 看起来一样/ in common共同地 共同地 as…as/not as…as 与……一样/与……不一样 ……一样/ ……不一样 一样 a little more outgoing更外向一点 更外向一点 a little/much+比较级 the same as和……一样 和……一样
The Twins
Liu Li and Liu Ying both have black eyes and black hair like sports enjoy going to parties But: Liu Li has shorter than Liu Ying is more athletic Liu Ying is more outgoing is quiteter Liu Li
What thing is the most important for a good friend?

has a cool clothes is popular in school likes to do the same things as me is good at sports is good at schoolwork makes me laugh is a good listener keeps secrets for me
I think a good friend makes me laugh.
For me, a good friend… In my opinion, a good friend… That’s not very important for me. A good friend … Yes, I agree. But a good friend…
Miss Chen is my good friend. We’re both outgoing. We both like to do the same things. She is shorter than I. But I’m heavier and older than she is.
I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend is Carol. Carol
is really funny and
Maria Smith
more outgoing than I
am. But we both like things. doing the same things.
I’m tall. I’m outgoing.
taller er. I’m taller. I’m more outgoing.
He’s taller than I. I’m more outgoing than my sister.
Zhang Fei is wilder than Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang is calmer than Zhang Fei.
Ella is more outgoing than Selina. Selina is quieter than Ella.



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