Unit 4 A charity show
Fill in the blanks :
Ricky wrote a letter to his cousin Kitty. He held a raise charity show. They wanted to some money for happy Project Green Hope . He felt very because the organizers chose him to be the . But he was also host because of the TV . Ricky started nervous cameras to work on the show two months ago. He said his job was introduce to each star. It was hard work so he practiced a lot before the show. He had to remember to look at the beginning right camera at the time. In the , it was right difficult for him. But slowly everything became a little bit easier . When the night before the show came, Ricky sleep couldn’t at all because he was very . excited asking “ Will it be a ?” He kept himself. success
big Then the day came. Many people came to the show. The of the pop stars made a lot of so fans noise loudly Ricky had to speak . Everything seemed to donate happen fast that day. At last a lot of people money to Project Green Hope and everyone was very support generous . They had a lot of from local events . So Ricky hope they can have more businesses like this to raise money for charities.
It helps protect rivers and lakes in China.
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Project Hope It helps schools and students in poor areas. Save China’s Tigers It protects tigers and other big cats in China.
Spring Bud Project It helps poor young girls return to school.
What can we do to raise money for charities?
We can advertise on the Internet. ( on TV, in the newspaper…)
We can sell books or other things.
We can give out leaflets.
We can organize a charity show.
根据首字母,英中文释义,上下文, 根据首字母,英中文释义,上下文,或所给单词 填出正确的词: 填出正确的词:
  1. We held a show in a big hall last week. There were a lot seats座位 of (座位)in it. 座位)
  2. We invited some people to come to watch our charity audience show. We called them . microphone
  3. The host came on the s with a tage (it can make your voice sound louder) in his hand. performers
  4. His job was to introduce the (perform) in the show. curtain
  5. When the show was over, the (it hangs in front of the stage) came down and the people went out of the hall through the e. xit
If we want a lot of people to come to our show, before the show we can make a poster to let people know about our show.
Information to be included in a poster:
?name of the show Donations are welcome. ?place ?date We would like to thank the ?time following people for ?purpose their help and support. ?price ?programme ?which charity you are raising money for and why
翻译下列词组: 翻译下列词组 多多练习 practise a lot 在白天少睡点觉 sleep less during the day 为希望工程募集钱 raise money for Project Hope 在网上登广告 advertise on the Internet 分发传单 give out leaflets
开始致力于这场表演 start working on the show 在恰当的时候 at the right time 在开始的时候 in the beginning 不停的问我自己 keep asking myself 发出许多噪音 make a lot of noise 捐…给… 给 donate … to …
从当地的企业那里得到许多支持 have a lot of support from local businesses 有像这样的更多的活动 have more events like this 做一些决定 make some decisions 注意某事/做某事 注意某事 做某事 pay attention to doing 搭建舞台 set up the stage 志愿做某事 volunteer to do
空闲时间 free time 在市内举行表演 hold the show indoors 魔术表演 magic show 音乐表演 musical performance 代替 instead of 她的手里拿着麦克风走上舞台 come on stage with a microphone in her hand
一、按要求写单词: 按要求写单词 advertising (做广告) The mobile is (做广告)on CCTV now.
  2. We want the show to be a (成功). success (成功)
  3. Project Hope is one of the biggest (慈善团体 慈善团体) charities 慈善团体 that help poor children go back to school.
  4. A m can make your (嗓音) 嗓音) icrophone voice 嗓音 sound louder.
  5. They (表演)very well during the show 表演) performed 表演 last Friday. ntroduce
  6. Ricky’s job was to i each star during the show. ecision
  8. Sandy made a d to donate some of her money to Spring Bud Project. atter
  9. It doesn’t m that you take the books home.
二、根据提示,写出所给单词的正确形式: 根据提示,写出所给单词的正确形式: to do
  1. There is a lot of homework (do) for us.
  2. Sandy kept (take) the photos because of the taking beautiful view. organizers
  3. How happy the (organize) feel!
  4. It isn’t easy (be) a host, but it’s exciting. to be excitedly
  5. The audience shouted (exciting) because they performed very (good). well to donate
  6. They held a charity show to ask people (donate) money. more difficult
  7. This question is a bit (difficult) than that one. chosen
  8. He is (choose) to be the host of the show. dancing
  9. They needed (practise) (dance) to practise before the show. It was hard but they were happy.
  10. Have you finished (read) the passage? watching
  11. I went shopping instead of (watch) TV at home. loudly
  12. Could you speak (loud)? I can’t hear you. perform performers
  13. Let’s watch these (perform) (perform). writing
  14. Please pay attention to (write) your names at the right place.
  15. They have decided (not have) the not to have meeting on the rainy days.
三、选用下列词组的正确形式填空: 选用下列词组的正确形式填空: at the same time fan give out as well business introduce so… that seem
instead of
on stage pay attention to
on stage
  1. He first came when he was thirteen.
  2. They like the magic show and they like the musical as well performance .
  3. Tom was busy he couldn’t sleep at all. so that introduced
  4. On the first day our English teacher herself in English.
  5. I can’t remember all the words and do everything at the same time right .
at the same time give out
as well
business seem
instead of
on stage pay attention to
so… that
  6. Many local donated money to Project Hope. pay attention to
  7. The teacher ask us to the word.
  8. They went to the leaflets just now. give out seem
  9. You to be ill. You’d better see a doctor. instead of
  10. The children have to go to work going to school because they are very poor.
四、改错: 改错:
  1. I hope to raise money to Project Green Hope. for
  2. Let’s do something to help them return back to school.
  3. If you eat and sleep fewer, you will be healthier. less
  4. We can sell some books to donate some money for Project Hope. to
  5. Professor Liu is giving us a talk hold a microphone. with
  6. “ Will it be success?” he kept asking himself. a success or successful
五、按要求改写下列句子: 按要求改写下列句子:
  1. It was my job to introduce the stars. (同义句) 同义句) 同义句 was to introduce My job the stars.
  2. The tickets will cost 20 yuan each. (同义句) 同义句) 同义句 The price of each ticket is 20 yuan .
  3. Sam didn’t go to the cinema. He stayed at home instead. (同义句) 同义句) 同义句 instead of going Sam stayed at home to the cinema.
  4. We started working on the show 2 months ago.(提问) 提问) 提问 When did you start working on the show?
  5. a meeting, so, we, will, hold, next week, we must, some decisions, make (连词成句) 连词成句) 连词成句 We must make some decisions so we will hold a meeting next week.
六、翻译句子: 翻译句子:
  1、我们应该分发传单号召人们为慈善机构捐钱。 、我们应该分发传单号召人们为慈善机构捐钱。 give out We should leaflets to ask people to to Project Hope. donate money
  2、我告诉自己,没有时间再紧张了。 、我告诉自己,没有时间再紧张了。 No time any . I told myself, “ to be nervous more
  3、那天晚上我根本不能入睡,因为我是如此激动。 、那天晚上我根本不能入睡,因为我是如此激动。 at all I couldn’t sleep that night because I was so . excited
  4、我们也得到了许多来自于当地企业的支持。 、我们也得到了许多来自于当地企业的支持。 support from local We had a lot of businessesas well.
  5、上星期,他们在一个大剧院里成功地举办了一场 、上星期, 慈善演出。 慈善演出。 held charity show They the at a big theatre last week. successfully

  6、观众们在演出结束时鼓掌,因为他们非常喜欢演出。 、观众们在演出结束时鼓掌,因为他们非常喜欢演出。 at the end of The audience clapped the show because they enjoyed it very much.
  7、因为洪水的原因,地面都湿了。 、因为洪水的原因,地面都湿了。 all wet The ground is because of the flood.
  8、他的自行车坏了,因此他不得不步行上班。 、他的自行车坏了,因此他不得不步行上班。 broken had to His bike was so he go to work on foot .
  9、我们班正在举行会议,讨论关于举行慈善表演的事。 、我们班正在举行会议,讨论关于举行慈善表演的事。 Our class is holding a meeting holding to talk about a charity show.
  10、许多同学已经志愿为演出做一些工作。 、许多同学已经志愿为演出做一些工作。 have volunteered Many classmate to do some work for the show.

  11. 同学们将要布置舞台、设计一张海报,并邀请他们 同学们将要布置舞台、设计一张海报, 的亲朋好友参加。 的亲朋好友参加。 come design Our classmates will on the stage, a poster and their friends and families to come. invite
  12. Jim知道怎样成功地组织一次慈善演出,为什么不 知道怎样成功地组织一次慈善演出, 知道怎样成功地组织一次慈善演出 请他帮助我们?他现在有许多空闲时间。 请他帮助我们?他现在有许多空闲时间。 Jim knows organize a charity show successhow to Why not fully. ask him to help us? He has lots of time now. free
  13. 我们认为所有的孩子学会读和写是重要的。 我们认为所有的孩子学会读和写是重要的。 important We think it’s that all the children learn to read write and .
  14. 我们要感谢我们的老师,因为他们的大力支持和帮助。 我们要感谢我们的老师,因为他们的大力支持和帮助。 thank We want to our teacher their for support and help.
七、写出下列词的缩略形式或完整形式: 写出下列词的缩略形式或完整形式: They are We do not It is not I cannot He will You should not He could not She’s You’d better I’d like to I shan’t They’re We don’t It isn’t I can’t He’ll You shouldn’t He couldn’t She is / She has You had better I would like to I shall not
八、根据要求设计一份海报,并把它改写成欢迎 根据要求设计一份海报, 稿: 二十九中将于六月二十号晚上
  7: 二十九中将于六月二十号晚上 :00?
  9:00 : 在河海会堂(Hohai Hall)举行一场名为 “ A 在河海会堂( 举行一场名为 beautiful world ”的慈善表演,来为绿色希望工 的慈善表演, 的慈善表演 程捐钱。表演节目有魔术表演,音乐表演, 程捐钱。表演节目有魔术表演,音乐表演,演讲 和戏剧。 和戏剧。这次活动得到了校老师和家长的帮助和 支持。这次的戏服是由新百赞助的。 支持。这次的戏服是由新百赞助的。新华广告公 司对海报制作给予了帮助。票价是每人5元。 司对海报制作给予了帮助。票价是每人 元
Revision of grammar
because, because of, so:
  1. because 说明某事的原因,后跟句 说明某事的原因, 子。
  2. because of 说明某事的原因,后跟 说明某事的原因, 名词,名词短语或代词(宾格)。 名词,名词短语或代词(宾格)。
  3. so 表明结果,后跟句子。 表明结果,后跟句子。
注意: 注意:because, because of 与so 不能
连用! 连用!
填空: 一、用because, because of, so 填空: so
  1. They have to get up early tomorrow they go to bed early today. because
  2. He was late for school not he got up late, bu


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