初二英语期中考试听力材料及参考答案 听力材料 A. 听下面 5 段对话。从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每段对话后, 你都有 5 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍
  1. M: Do you know the tallest man in the world? W: Yes, he’s about
  2.72 metres tall.
  2. M: What shall we do next Sunday? W: We are planning to collect things for Project Hope.
  3. M: Which is your favourite animal, Kate? W: Rabbits. What about you? M: Dogs.
  4. W: Can I help you? M: I’d like some milk. W: Which one? M: The cheapest one.
  5. M: What did you do yesterday afternoon? W: I went to the nearest river for swimming. B.听下面 5 段对话,完成 6 至 10 小题。听每段对话前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话读两遍。
  6.M: Kate, do you know how to get to the Sports Park from here? W: Why not ask that policeman?
  7。M: Hello, Mary, when and where were you born? W: I was born in England in 19
  8. M: Anna, do you like pears? W: A little, and I like oranges a lot. But I don’t like bananas at all.
  9. W: Can you play basketball? M: Yes, I can. But I can not play very well.
  10. W: What a fine day! M: Yes, but the radio says it’s going to rain tomorrow. 听第 11 段对话,回答第
  11、12 小题。 M: What a nice photo! Is this yours, Helen? W: Yes. M: But I can’t find you in it. W: Look at the little girl. I was only two in it. 听第 12 段对话,回答第
  14、15 小题。 W:Hello, Wu Dong! M:Oh, hi, Liu Mei! W:What’s the next lesson, Wu Dong? M:English. W:Oh, good. That’s my favourite subject. M:That’s because you always find it so easy! I find it very difficult, so I don’t like it very much. W:But math is my worst! I don’t like it. I always get the answers wrong!
M:If English is your favourite subject, what’s your second favourite? W:P.E. What about you? M:I’m not sure. Both Chinese and science are my favourite subjects. I think I like Chinese a little more than science. W:You’re very different from me. I don’t like science at all. C. 短文理解: 下面你将听到一篇短文, 请根据听到的短文选出正确的选项, 完成第 1620 小题。每篇短文读两遍 The Toledo Zoo is a very popular zoo in America. About ten years ago, they took away all the cages. Then they put the animals in a big place. The Indian elephants and African tigers are all in the same place happily. People can watch the animals behind a big piece of glass. They can see how the animals live together there. The zoo also has a lake with many kinds of ducks. They are from different countries. The Zoo has already done something to stop the ducks from flying away when you visit them, you can’t feed them. Sometimes the zoo gets animals from other countries. Once they got two pandas called Ling Ling and Fei Fei from China. People from, all over America come to see the pandas. Everyone in America loves pandas very much. 一、15 BCACB 610 BBAAB 1115 BAAAC 1620 ABBCC 二、2125 AADCA 2630 DCACC 三、3135 BCDAB 3640 CBDBA 四、4145 DCAAB 4650 BBDAD 5155 DBACB
  57. The fox.
  58. He walked to the foot of the tree.
  59. What a beautiful coat
  60. 如果一个人对你说好话的话,不要轻易相信他。 五、A.
  62. Remember
  63. alone
  64. rude
  66. over
  68. earth
  69. crazy
  70. feathers B.
  71. tell
  72. carefully
  73. clean
  74. hands
  75. in
  76. feed
  77. grows
  78. something
  79. orange
  80. expensive 六、A.
  81. I could ride a bike five years ago.
  82. What an interesting story (it is)!
  83. You shouldn’t feed the dog at the table.
  84. I’m not as (so) slim as her(she)
  85. He gave his seat to a woman on a bus yesterday. B. My hobby is to read books. Last Sunday morning, my friend Peter and I read (were reading) books in the library. When we went out of the library, I found my bike (was) missing I had to walk home. Yesterday I wanted to buy a new bike. There were all kinds of different bikes in the shop. It was hard for me to choose. At last, I bought a blue one. It is nice and cheap. I will be careful next time.



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   全球有近 30 个国家和地区通用英语, 有 10 多亿人的母语或第二语言是英语.不同国家和地区的人们所 讲的 英语, 带有一些本土的色彩和风格.美国英语尤其如此.从美国英语的一致性,词汇的多样性, 以及某些 读写差异为着眼 点, 对美国英语进行考察, 并揭示其社会历史原因, 为更多的人学习和掌握英语提供了便利条件. 【关键词】一致性; 词汇; 拼写; 发音 Abstract : Nowadays , English is spoken by hundreds of millions of p ...


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      、 一 口译的特点 作总是在短时间完成的 ( 连续口译) , 或者是同步完成 的 ( 同声传译) 。口译人员的主要任务是把讲话人的思 想等价的传递给听众 ,使交谈双方能互相理解和沟通 。 因此 ,口译员往往会选择首先映入脑海的句子结构 、 词 汇和表达方式 。口译员受到时间的限制 , 不可能参考 任何文献或资料 、 不可能向任何专家 、 学者请教 , 而且 还必须让听众马上理解讲话人的语言 。笔译人员由于 不受时间的限制 ,可以借助工具书等 , 选择最恰当的措 辞 。笔译人员还可以有时 ...