初二英语人教版(新目标)上学期期末考前复习 初二英语人教版(新目标)上学期期末考前复习 考前 (答题时间:45 分钟)
I. 单项选择 the TV?
  1. I want to watch the ball game. Can you A. open B. close C. turn on D. turn off *
  2. You get up so early, but you must go to work on time. A. mustn’t B. have to C. may D. needn’t the street.
  3. There is a shop A. by the end of B. in the end C. at the end of D. on the end
  4. ?How was your day ? ?Yesterday? Wonderful! A. away B. off C. far D. of heavy for him . Let’s help him.
  5. The box is A. very, to carry B. too, to carry C. too, carry D. very, carrying
  6. His sister a speech contest yesterday. A. entered B. went in C. takes part in D. took part in
  7. ?Could you please tell me where the restroom is? ? A. Yes, I could B. I could C. Sure D. I could tell you
  8. He often borrows money others but he doesn’t lend anything A. from, from B. to, from C. from, to D. to, to *
  9. I didn’t know the boy Rick. A. call B. name C. calling D. called
  10. Mr Green was late for work the heavy rain. A. because of B. although C. so D. because *
  11. ?Could I ask you questions our service? ?Sure. A. some, about B. any, about C. any, on D. some, with
  12. My father often goes to work breakfast. It’s bad for his health. A. have B. with C. to have D. without *
  13. David is taller than boy in his class. A. other B. another C. any other D. others
  14. We have money to buy the nice coat. A. few B. enough C. many D. much too *
  15. ?Who plays soccer in your class? ?Li Lei A. best, plays B. best, does C. better, plays D. better, does
*II. 完形填空 Many Americans are trying to lose weight. Some eat less food and hardly have any fats or sweets. Others do running, 1 with machines, take medicine, or even have operations. So you can see losing weight is 2 work, and it also costs a lot of money. do so many people in the US want to lose weight? Because they worry about But 3
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their 4 . For many people, looking nice means being thin. Other people worry about their health as many 5 say overweight is not good. fat, and books of this kind are Most people want to find a faster and easier way to 6 very popular. These books 7 people how to lose weight. Each year a lot of new books like these are written. Each one says it can 8 help people take fat away. Losing weight can be 9 . Some overweight people go to health centers, like La Costa in California. Men and women 10 several hundred dollars a day at these health centres. So in the United States, losing weight may mean losing money, too.
  1. A. work B. run C. exercise D. experience
  2. A. easy B. hard C. useful D. helpless
  3. A. why B. how C. when D. where
  4. A. money B. health C. looks D. bodies
  5. A. officials B. parents C. teachers D. doctors
  6. A. fix up B. put on C. take off D. stay away
  7. A. make B. ask C. lead D. tell
  8. A. never B. hardly C. just D. easily
  9. A. cheap B. expensive C. important D. necessary
  10. A. pay B. lose C. make D. waste III. 阅读理解 A The Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival, which is the biggest festival in China. It usually comes in January or February. Where there are Chinese, there is the Spring Festival. Each Chinese year has a name. We may call it the Year of the Pig or the Year of the Snake. And the year of 2010 is called the Year of the Tiger. The year after it is the Rabbit Year. People always spend a month before the festival preparing(准备)for it. People are busy shopping and cleaning their houses. On the eve(除夕)there is a big family dinner. All the family stay up late to welcome the New Year, watching the CCTV programs or playing cards. On the first day of the Chinese New Year, people put on their new clothes and go to visit their relatives (亲戚) and friends, saying “Happy New Year”, “Good luck” and some other greetings to each other. It often lasts(持续)to the Lantern Festival, which is also an important Chinese festival and people usually have sweet dumplings(yuan xiao). People always have a very good time, especially 尤其) ( children. Children can usually get some money for the new year from their parents and the elder relatives. .
  1. We call the Chinese New Year A. the biggest festival B. the Lantern Festival C. the Spring Festival D. the Year of Rabbit
  2. The year of 2011 is the Year of the . A. Mouse B. Pig C. Rabbit D. Tiger
  3. “All the family stay up late to welcome the New Year” Here “stay up” means . A. to go to sleep B. not to go to bed C. to stand up D. to have a good rest
  4. What do we know from Paragraph(段落)2? A. The Spring Festival is celebrated only by Chinese people in China. B. The Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival, even when they are in foreign countries.
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C. People celebrate the Spring Festival all over the world. D. People who can speak Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival in the world.
  5. What do people say when they meet on the Chinese New Year’s Day? A. They say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year”. B. They say “Good luck” and “Good night” to each other. C. They say “Have a nice day” and “Good luck” only to their friends and relatives. D. They say many greetings, such as “Good luck” to each other. B Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Friendship Club of our school! You will meet many new people here and make friends with each other. We have some advice for you. It will help you a lot. First, be friendly and polite to everybody in the club. This will make people comfortable when they talk to you. Rude(粗鲁的)people are not welcome here and we usually ask them to leave. Second, be honest and truthful. We hope that our members can trust each other and will not be hurt by another. If we find you are telling lies to other club members, we will ask you to leave the club. Third, be a good listener and keep your friends’ secrets. This will make your friends trust you and it will also help you know more about your friends. If you share your friends’ secrets with anyone else, you will hurt their feelings. The last, be generous and helpful to your friends. Sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions will help you know more about each other and become friends. Please remember our advice when you come to the club. We meet every Friday afternoon and hope to see you here soon! .
  6. The Friendship Club is a place to A. meet new people and make friends B. make friends with teachers C. meet people who do not go to school D. do homework with new friends
  7. How often do the club members meet? A. Every day. B. Twice a day. C. Every month. D. Once a week.
  8. What will help your friends trust you? A. Telling jokes to them. B. Telling lies to them. C. Keeping their secrets and being a good listener. D. Sharing their secrets with one another.
  9. Which of the following is Not the advice from the Friendship club? A. Be honest to your friends and do not tell lies. B. Share thoughts, ideas, your friends’ secrets with everyone in the club. C. Be generous and helpful to your friends. D. Be friendly and helpful to your friends.
  10. People will ask you to leave the club if you . A. are not honest and tell lies to your friends B. share your thoughts and ideas with your friends
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C. are friendly and polite to your friends D. do not pay them or share your ideas with others IV. 词汇 A. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子。 a sports meeting next week.
  1. They are going to h
  2. His father is a bridge e and he can design(设计)the bridge well. the classroom floor?
  3. Could you help me s
  4. Who would you like to i to your party?
  5. How many s are there in the cinema? B. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。
  6. My parents asked me (not go) out at night. (go) out for a walk after supper?
  7. What about
  8. Could you please (not play) computer games every day?
  9. Who is (tall), Ann, Betty or Tony?
  10. This storybook is (interesting) than that one. V. 改写句子。 改写句子。
  1. Mr Green is going to travel around the world.(改为同义句) Mr Green is going to travel the world.
  2. The Smiths like pop and jazz music. (改为否定句) The Smiths like pop jazz music.
  3. They are going to watch a football match next Sunday. (对划线部分提问) they going to next Sunday?
  4. The price of the room is 260 yuan a night. (对划线部分提问) the the room?
  5. His brother is younger than the other boys in his class. (改为同义句) His brother is in his class. VI. 书面表达。 书面表达。 寒假即将来临。你打算如何度过这个假期呢?请以“My Winter Vacation”为题写一篇 短文,谈谈你的寒假计划。 参考词汇:do homework, read many books, do sports, play basketball and tennis, help mother do some chores….
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I. 1?5 CDCBB
6?10 DCCDA
11?15 ADCBB
  2. 本题考查情态动词的用法。mustn’t 意为“千万别” ,have to 意为“不得不, 必须” ,may 意为“可以” ,needn’t 意为“不必” 。句意:你不必起那么早,但是你必须按时 上班。
  9. called 是一个过去分词,意为“叫作……” ,其在句子中作定语修饰前面的名词。called 也可用 named 来代替。
  11. 本题考查短语 ask sb. about sth. “询问某人有关某事” 在表示建议,反问,请求的 。 疑问句中,或期望得到肯定回答时,多用 some 而不用 any。
  13. 在以比较级表示最高级的句型中,any other 后接名词的单数,表示“任何一个其他 的……” 。
  15. 根据句中有表示范围的介词 in,所以要用形容词或副词的最高级形式。在本句中应用 副词 well 的最高级形式 best。副词的最高级可省略定冠词 the。答语中的 does 是助动词,用 来代替曾出现过的动词(plays soccer best) 。 II. 1?5 CBACD 6?10 CDDBA III. 1?5 CCBBD 6?10 ADCBA IV.
  1. hold/have
  2. engineer
  3. sweep
  4. invite
  5. seats
  6. not to go
  7. going
  8. not play
  9. the tallest
  10. more interesting V.
  1. all over
  2. don’t, or
  3. What are, do
  4. What’s, price of
  5. the youngest boy VI. My Winter Vacation The winter vacation is coming. I have many plans. First of all, I’m going to study hard. I’ll do my homework, study math every day and read many books. To keep fit, I’m also going to do sports. I’m going to play basketball and tennis with my friends. Besides, I want to help my mother do some chores because she is very busy and tired. I’ll do the dishes, clean the house and take out the trash. I won’t tell her at first. It must be a big surprise for her. In a word, I’ll have a wonderful winter vacation.
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