Unit 5Can you come to my party?
重点语法:询问并请求某人做某事 例句:A: Hey, Dave.(你好,戴夫.)Can you go to the movies on Saturday?(周六你 能去看电影吗?) B: I'm sorry, I can't.(对不起,我不能去.)I have too much homework this weekend.(这个周末我有太多作业要做.) A: That's too bad.(这太糟了.)Maybe another time.(只好等下一次了.) B: Sure, Joe.(当然,乔.)Thanks for asking.(谢谢你的邀请.) 重点短语: the day after tomorrow 后天 the day before yesterday 前天 come over 来访 study for a test 复习迎考 go to the doctor = see the doctor 看病 go to the movies 看电影 have to 不得不;必须(强调客观上)must 不得不;必须(强调主观上) help sb. with sth. = help sb. [to] do sth. 帮助某人做某事 too much + n. 太多(针对不可数名词)too many + n. 太多(针对可数名词) much too + adj. 太……(加形容词) practice doing sth. 练习做某事 thanks for [doing] sth. 为(做)某事而感谢 will do sth. 将要做某事(该事尚未计划) go to the dentist 看牙医 be going to do sth. 将要做某事(该事已计划好) keep quiet 保持安静
单元检测( 单元检测(100 分)
根据句子内容完成已给了首字母的单词. 一. 根据句子内容完成已给了首字母的单词 (5 分)
  1. Tom asked me what that day was and I told him it was M
  2. Mary i do.
  3. When I phoned Xiao Ming , he was playing s
  4. We will go to the movie with our parents on W . . .I have got a toothache. . .
Tim to her birthday party but Tim couldn't, because he had lots of homework to

  5. Thank you for your invitation to visit, but I have to go to the d
  6. You should write everything you have to do next week on the c
  7. This Sunday I will have a p
  8. Mary can't go on a trip. She has to study for a g test.
lesson. I'll learn some new music.
翻译下列短语及句子. 二. 翻译下列短语及句子. 10 分) (
  1. I'd love to
  2. Can you come to my party?
  3. go to the doctor
  4. have a piano lesson
  6. 后天
  7. 校队
  8. 过来
  9. 谢谢你的邀请

  5. What's the date today?

  10. 帮他姐姐看孩子
二. 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中选出正确答案. 15 分) , , , 四个选项中选出正确答案. (
  1."Can you help me my English? " ". A. with; with pleasure B.for; with pleasure C.with; a pleasure D.for; a pleasure "
  2." I'm sorry I have broken your cup ." " A. You are welcome B. It's all right C. Not at all D. It is no matter
  3. "Would you like to join us in basketball?"" but I'm afraid I have to study for my science test." A.I wouldn't B. I'd love to C. I'd like D.I don't like it
  4. Both of his parents died of illness so he support his family at the age of 14 A. must B. should C. could D. had to us to his birthday party.
  5. May 12th is Xiao Ming's birthday. He A. asks B. invites C. makes D. tells
  6. Thanks your help, and now I have made great progress in my English. A. to B. with C. for D. by is it?""5:00 in the
  7."Can you go to the movie with us on Sunday?""Of course. afternoon." A. Where B. What time C. How soon D. When
  8. The poor lady had to go out for food a cold morning. A. in B. at C. on D. during
  9. The big star on our national flag the Party. A. stands up B. stands for C. instead of D. mean
  10. is made in Guangzhou. A. All kinds of bicycle B. This kind of bicycles C. All kinds of bicycles D. Bicycle of this kind
  11. "Have you got e-mail address?""Oh, yes. Mine is wjb80@ yahoo. com." A. the B. an C. a D. /
  12. Mrs. Liu teaches English. We like class very much. A. me; his B. me; her C. us; his D. us; her
  13. Our school is only walk from here. A. five- minute B. five minute's C. five minutes D. five minutes
  14. I don't like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me one? A. other B. the other C. another D. others
  15. me carefully, boys and girls. Can you me? A. Listen to; hear from B. Hear; listen to C. Hear; hear D. Listen to; hear 完形填空. 三. 完形填空. 10 分) ( Christmas was coming. A lot of their families. A bus came. They tried to occupied(占)two 5 The bus started. Robert had a look thought he felt 9 1 were going to town. They hoped to 4 6 2 3 some for
vegetables, fruit and meat in the market. And then they were going to buy some : one for his girl friend Mable and the other for himself. the bus. He saw a lot of people 8 10 7
. Robert, a strong young man, rushed in first. He there.
There were some old men among them. He hurried to
his eyes. Mable found it and ,"answered the
and asked, "What's wrong with you, dear?""
kind-hearted (好心肠) young man. "I can't bear (忍心) to see the poor old men!"
  1. A. workers
  2. A. lend
  3. A. books
  4. A. get on
  5. A. tables
  6. A. after
  7. A. standing
  8. A. touch
  9. A. terrible B. soldiers B. sell B. pens B. get off B. seats B. for B. sitting B. look over B. sad C. farmers C. borrow C. newspapers C. life C. boxes C. up C. lying C. open C. happy C. Nothing D. drivers D. show D. presents D. sit down D. steps D. around D. sleeping D. close D. dangerous D. Everything

  10. A. Something B. Anything
四完成句子(35 分) 完成句子(
1, 星期五上午我不得不练习钢琴. morning ,I practice the piano.. 2,你能下午与我一起去看病吗? Can you with me in the afternoon ?
  3. 当然我很愿意.,
  4. 他能去看电影吗?he to ?
  5. 不,他不能.他要去踢足球,he .He's .
  6. 你能在周六来参加我的生日晚会么? you my on Saturday?
  7. 很抱歉, 我不能.这周末我有很多的作业.我必须学习 I am , I . I have homework to do this weekend. I .
  8. 你能来参加我的晚会吗? you to my party?
  9. 对不起,我不能.我得帮助我的妈妈做家务 . Sorry, I . I have to with the housework. invitation.
  10. 谢谢你的邀请.Thank you
五连词成句(5 分) 连词成句(

  1. you, for, your, invitation, thank.
  2. sorry, I'm, can't, I.
  3. have to, the, I, dentist, go to
  4. you, come, can, to, party, my?
  5. too much, have, this weekend, I, homework 阅读理解( 六阅读理解(10 分) In England ,people don't usually talk much. You can go on a bus, or in a train, and every one sits looking out of the window. Often they read. They read books and newspapers. But they don't talk much. When you meet English people ,they often talk about one thing, the weather. So when you meet somebody in England , you can say, " Nice weather for the time of year!" "But it was a little cold yesterday," somebody may answer. "But it got a bit warmer later," you can say.
Talk like this ,and the English will think, "How friendly you are!" ( )1,English people often on a bus . A talk much B talk about C eat something D read papers ( )2,When you meet English people, talk like this . A How do you do ! B How are you ! C Nice weather ! D Nice to meet you ! ( )3,A If you talk with the English people about the weather, they will think . A you are friendly B you are right C you are English D you talk too much ( )4,English people always hope the weather will get . A better B warmer C colder D hotter ( )5,Which is right? . A English people like to talk on a bus B English people didn't enjoy the best weather C English people are the most friendly D English people don't talk much
七作文 (10 分) 邀请函
Lily 想于 10 月 31 日晚 6:30 于自家开一个 Halloween party, 你能替她给 Lucy 写一份邀 请函吗?
It's a Halloween party. From whom: Lily Time: 6:30 on October 31 Place: Lily's home. 29th Suzhou Street. Come and have fun.



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