1. He always gets to school early. = He never gets to school late.
  2. Maybe the kid is healthy. = The kid may be healthy.

  3. Although I have healthy habits, I am not very healthy. = I have a healthy habits, but I'm not very healthy.

  4. What's wrong with him?= What's the matter with him? = What's the trouble with him?

  5. There's something wrong with his bike. = Something is wrong with his bike.= His bike is broken.

  6. Studying math is difficult. = It's difficult to study math.
  7. She got to school by bus.= She takes a bus to get to school. We went home on foot. = We walked home.
  8. It took me 25 minutes to go there by bus.= I spent 25 minutes going there by bus.= It's 25 minutes' bus ride .
  9. Nancy spent 8 dollars on the sweater. = Nancy bought the sweater for 8 dollars. = Nancy paid 8 dollars for the sweater. = The sweater cost Nancy 8 dollars
  10. Lily and Lucy look the same.= Lily looks like Luy.
  11. Both girls go to lot of parties. = Each of the girls goes to lots of parties.
  12. He is too young to go to school. = He is so young that he can't go to school. = He isn't old enough to go to school.
  13. My sister began to sing when she was 2 years old.= My sister began to sing t the age of
  14. They need two more books.= They need another two books.

  15. Not all the students enjoy listening to the music. = All the students don't enjoy listening to the music.
= Some of the students enjoy listening to the music.
  16. They are going to Shanghai tomorrow.= They are leaving for Shanghai tomorrow.
  17. Why don't you make him a card.?= Why not make him a card?= Let us make him a card. = How about making him a card? = Shall we make him a card?
  18. They went to school and didn't have breakfast yesterday morning.= They went to school without having breakfast.
  19. I'm more athletic than my best friend.= My best friend is not as athletic as me. 20 He is the most clever boy in the class. = He is more clever than any other boy in the class. = Nobody else is more clever than him in the class.
  21. I think English is more useful than math. =I think math is less useful than English.
  22. He stayed in china for 9 years.= He came to China 9 years ago.
  23. I dislike doing housework.= I hate to do the chores.
  24. I will leave after my mother comes back.= I won't leave until my mother comes back.
  25. I hope to see you next year.= I hope I can see you next year.
  26. I borrowed a camera from my friend.=My friend lent a camera to me.
  1. once a week= every week
  2. look after = babysit = take care of
  3. be different from = not the same as
  4. show sb sth = show sth to sb
  5. around = all over
  6. over = more than
  7. at last = finally = in the end
  8. close to = not far from
  9. sometimes= at times
  10. no = not a/ any nothing = not anything
  11. needn't = not have to
  12. what else= what other things
  13. why = what……for
  14. have fun = enjoy oneself = have a good time
  15. be busy = have time
  16. want = would like



   初二英语同义句转换 1. Sit down. The teacher told me. The teacher told me . 2. There is a box and there are some books in the box. There a box some books in the box. 3. Sometimes my father cooks and sometimes my mother cooks. my father my mother . 4. I don' ...


   1. I don’t know what I shall say . I don’t . 2. People call James Jim for short . Jim is James . 3. English names are not the same as Chinese names . English names Chinese names . 4. Tom often comes to school by bike . Tom often to school . 5. ...


   同义句 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I don't know what I shall say . I don't . People call James Jim for short . Jim is James . English names are not the same as Chinese names . English names Chinese names . Tom often comes to school by bike . Tom oft ...


   初中英语同义句转换精析 1. 同义句转换题是近几年来中考英语试题的常见题型之一。该题型能够全面考查学生灵活运用英语的能力,要求学生 反应敏捷,联想丰富,能用不同的句子或短语来表达同一意义。本文就同义句转换题的特点及转换形式进行分析,希望从中帮助 同学们找出规律,提高其应试能力。 2. Eg.People were in a hurry to take the sick man to hospital.(写出同义句) People take the sick man to hospital. ...


   八年级英语同义句转换练习 时间: 2009 年 12 月 08 日 作者:匿名 来源:转载我要投稿 1. That's right. =You're . 2. He often travels by plane. = He often travel. = He often travels . = He often travels . 3. Maybe that is a cat. = That's a cat. 4. We sometimes go to a movie. = We ...


   Chapter 1 1. What happened to the car? What’s wrong with the car? What’s the matter with the car? 2. My father used to smoke every day. My father smoked every day in the past./before. 3. Paris is famous for its art and wine. Paris is well-known for ...


   北京中考网?北达教育旗下 www.beijing518.com 电话 010-62754468 初中英语语法??句型转换之同义句 (注意:修改顺序) 同义句转换是句型转换题型中一种非常重要的形式.所谓同义句转换,是指用不同的词汇,短语及句型表示相同 或相近的意思.它是中考命题的一大热点.现将常见的同义句转换形式作一归纳,以期对同学们的中考复习有所 帮助. 一,用同义词(组)或近义词(组)改写. 1. The children are wearing beautiful clothes. Th ...


   『激活中考』教学网[www.jhzk.net] 做出我们的精彩 中考英语冲刺同义句转换专练 中考英语冲刺同义句转换专练 英语 1 .A.The children are having a good time in the park now. B.The children are in the park . 2.A.He spent thirty minutes in finishing his homework. My God. B. him finish his homework. ...


   2011 个性化辅导学案 同义句转 总所周知,语言是思想、情感交流的载体。相同的意思有时可以用不同的方式表达。了 解并学会多种表达法,能更好地适应交际的需要。同义句转换也是中考常考题型。此类题型 考生失分较大。现归纳以下解题方法与思路。 一、运用同义词或同义词组 e.g. 1. I got a letter from my brother last weekend. = I heard from my brother last weekend. 2.His little sister cou ...


   常用英语单词同义词辨析 1.elder 与elderly 两者都为“年老的”,但有细微的差别。 elderly 指中年与暮年之间的年龄,表示人已过中年,因此,这词常用来代替 old。如:an elderly gentleman. 一位年长的绅士。elder指年龄稍长者,适用于家庭的兄弟姐妹之间。如: Tom is the elder of the two. 汤姆是两个孩子中较大的一个。 2.precious 和 expensive expensive 表示“昂贵的”。如:Th ...



   统 robot everything paper use less fewer tree building play loud argue wrong could ticket surprise either bathroom bedroom kitchen bought land got shirt while experience around strange follow amazing kid ever message suppose 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 八年级下 n.机器人 ...


   清原县小学英语教师培训情况通报 各乡镇中心校及直属小学: 按照县政府、县教育局的要求,县教师进修学校于 2009 年 1 月 13 日、14 日对全县小学英语教师进行了集中培训,并定于 2009 年 2 月 25 日针对培训内 容进行全县小学英语教师统一考试,考试地点为县教师进修学校,考试时间为 上午 9:30??11:00。 现将各乡镇参加培训人员名单公布如下: 学校 实验小学 清原镇 马前寨小学 英额门小学 敖家堡小学 夏家堡小学 南口前小学 红透山镇小学 红透山小学 北三家小学 大孤家 ...


   2008 2009 河北省 2008?2009 年度中考模拟试卷 英 语 试 卷(二) 得分 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 评卷人 笔试部分 V. 单项选择。 共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,计 20 分)选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 单项选择。 (共 小题, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ( ) 26. There is “u” and “s” in the word “use”. A. a, an B. an, an C. a, a ...


   T take (a day) off 休假(一天) take (a) pride in 以…而自豪; 为…感到骄傲 take (an active) part in(积极)参加 take (the) air 呼吸新鲜空气 take (the) trouble 不辞辛劳地; 不嫌麻烦地 take …into account 把…考虑进去; 考虑;重视 take a (one’s) seat 就座; 坐下 take a chance/chances 碰运气, 冒险, 投机 take a deep ...


   月英语六级答案 2010 年 12 月英语六级答案 作文题目: 1.目前高校排名相当盛行 2.对于这种做法,人们看法不一 3.我认为... Now society competition is very big, college is not exceptional also, the present universities ranking is quite popular, appear very I "ranking" drawbacks. For this kin ...