初二英语上册知识点(短语、句型) MODULE1
  1、如有 always ,often, usually, sometimes, seldom, never, once a....,every...用一般现在时,第一、二人称复数后跟动词原形,第三人称单数 后跟动词加's'/'es'。
  2、如有 now ,look! ,listen, at the moment ....用现在进行时,结构是 be (am, is, are) +v-ing
  3、如有 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, from now on, in +一段时间, some day, next....用一般将来时,结构:will + v 原 \ be going to +v 原(没有 动词用 be )
  4、如有 yesterday, ......ago , last....just now.....用一般过去时动词加 ed give sb. Sth.=give sth. to sb. 给某人某物 write down 写下,记下 write it (them) down every day 每天, everyday 每天的,日常的, each other
how about doing sth.=what about doing sth.做....怎么样 互相. thanks a lot= thank you very much 非常谢谢
回答 That's all right. =You're welcome.= That'OK.= It's my pleasure.=Not at all.Why don't you+V 原...=why not+...V 原 为什么不 help sb. with sth. 在某方面帮助别人 人做某事 help sb. (to )do sth.帮助某
with one's help=with the help of sb.在某人的帮助 help oneself to sth. 请自用食物 watch sb. do sth. 看到某人做了某事,(现在没有做,做过) watch sb. doing sth.看到某人正在做某事(正在做)see, hear 类似 remember to do sth.想起记得要做某事,未做事 得做过某事 forget to do sth. 忘记要做某事 welcome back 欢迎回来 , remember doing sth.相起记
forget doing sth.忘记做过某事 new term 新学期
this term 这学期 , last term 上学期, why not 为什么不, correct spelling 正确的拼写, a piece of advice 一条建议, 的建议,
next term 下学学期, give you some advice 给你一些建议 make a mistake=make mistakes 犯错误 what else?=what other things? 还有什么 follow /take one's advice 采用别人
send sth to sb.=send sb. sth. 寄给某人 send for 派人去请/取 send up 发射. all the time 一直
enjoy oneself=have a good time=have a great time=have fun, 玩得愉快 lots of =a lot of =many(可数)\much(不可数)许多 , spend : sb. spend some time on sth.某人花费时间做某事 sb. spend some time (in) doing sth. 某人花费时间做某事 Sb. spend some money on sth. 某人花费钱买某物 Sb. spend some money (in) buying sth.某人花费钱买某物 Cost: pay: sth. cost sb. some money 某物花去某人钱 sb. pay some money for sth. 某人支付钱 ,
Take: It takes (took) sb.some time to do sth.做某事花去某人时间 ask for 请求,要求, ask sb. for sth.向某人要某物 a piece of 一块
ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事
enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事.finish,practise, mind, miss ,consider,keep, continue,这些词语后跟动名词形式 V-ing place sth.in =put sth. in 把某物放在…里面 else 常修饰不定代词,关系代词或副词,也可修饰 all, much,little 等,else 要位于其后。所有格为 else's. take a deep breath 深呼吸, catch\hold one's breath 屏住呼吸,
out of breath 上气不接下气,
wish sb. to do sth.希望某人做某事,
the number of …的数目,后跟名词复数,动词用三单, a number of =many, 大量, 许多后跟名词复数, 动词用复数形式。 large number of, a small number a of , invite sb.to do sth. 邀请某人做某事 事怎么样 try to do sth.尽力做事 try not to do sth .尽力不做某事 力, a group of 一组,一群, find+ it+ adj+to do sth.发现做某
try doing sth. 尝试做某事 try one's best 尽某人最大的努
borrow sth from sb.从某人处借入某物, keep 借一段时间 come from=be from 来自,
lend sth.to sb=lend sb.sth.借给某人某物 practice doing sth.,练习做做某事 look for 寻找, look up 向上看,查阅, look at 看着,
look after=care for=take care of 照顾 look like 看起来像, look on sb. as 把某人看作, look over 检查,翻
look forward to doing sth. 盼望,期待做某事 阅 , look out 当心,向外看 ,
look through 仔细查看, be ready 准备好 ,
be ready for =get ready for=prepare for 为…, be (get ) ready to do sth.准备做某事,乐意做某事 translate…into… 将…译成…, take a message 捎个信, be good for 对…有好处,
leave a message 留个信, be good at =do well in 擅长于… Think of 想起,
be poor at =be bad at =do badly in=be weak in 不擅长… think about 想出,
think over 仔细考虑,
else 修饰不定代词 something,everything,anything,nothing,somebody,anybody, nobody 和 who, what,when,where 时放后, 四说,1,speak 说语言,
  2.say 说内容,3,talk 与谁说,4,tell 告诉,讲述, 四看,1,watch 观看电视,比赛和表演,2,see 看人,电影,医生,风景, 3,read 看书, 4,look 就看。 看场电影要用 see, 报, 读书看报用 read 电 视、戏剧、比赛,凡是表演用 watch,observe 细观察,一时注意用 notice. make+宾语+补足语(形容词)使某人某物怎么样。 .make+宾语+do 让某人做某事 make+宾语+过去分词 hear of 听说, be bad for 对…有害, 质 kind, good 使某人被怎么样;make friends with sb.与某人交朋友, hear from 收到某人的来信, it is +adj.+of sb +to do sth.写性格,品
nice ,right,wrong,clever,careless,polite,foolish 等。 It is+adj+for sb +to do sth. 对物的评价 difficult,easy hard,dangerous,important,等 write to… 给…写信, next to 在…旁边, speak to sb.和某人讲话, say bye to sb.向某人说再见,
do some concerts 办音乐会, say hello to sb. 给某人问好,
show sb. around somewhere 带某人参观某地, learn sth from sb.向某人学习 correct the mistakes 改错,
choose the correct answers 选择正确答案, match …with…把…和…搭配起来
  1.why don't you do sth?=why not do sth?
  2.How about doing sth?=what about doing sth?

  3.You should /can do sth.
  5.Don't forget to do sth.
  7.Let's do sth.

  4.Remember to do sth.
  6.can you do sth ?

  8.It'sa good idea to do
  10.Shall we do

  9.would you like to do ?

  11.You'd better (not )do sth. 回答:That's a good idea.Thanks a lot. Great, MODULE2 OK. That's right. All right. Good idea. Sure.

  1.表示过去发生的动作对现在造成的影响,或结果,常与 recently, ever, never,already,yet ,just,before still 连用;
  2.表示发生在过去并且一直持续到现在的动作或状态,常与 for+时间段或 since+时间点连用。 结构:have(has)+过去分词, get into=enter 进入, 问价格 dream about 梦到, what's the price of …=how much is …
dream of 梦见,
around the world=all over the world 全世界, stay with sb.与某人呆一起 stay in bed 呆在床上 , take off 脱下,起飞, all over China,全中国, come ture 实现, stay at home 呆在家里, walk to =go to…on foot 步行去 land on/in /at 着路, take a seat =have a seat 请坐 , fly to =go to ...by plane(by air),坐飞机 at the end of 在…尽头/结尾 at the end 在结束时,
drive to =go to …by car 开车, sell out 卖光,
have been to 去过(现在不在那儿) ,have gone to 去了(现在不在说话地)
everyday English 日常英语,
first price 一等奖, before long 不久,
The most exciting experience 最激动人心的经历, long before=soon=a little later 很久以前, have a problem in doing sth.做某事有困难, 个问题, invite sb to do sth,邀请某人做某事 人去某地, one day,某一天,(过去或将来)
no problem 没问题, work out a problem 解决一
invite sb to some place 邀请某
some day 某一天(将来) ,
连系动词,一是 be (am, is ,are ,was ,were,)一感觉 feel ,一保持 keep, 三变 become, get turn, 四起来 taste ,smell , look, sound,后跟形容词作表语。 不定代词:somebody, some one 某人,anybody,anyone 任何人 nobody,no one, 没人 everyone,everybody 每个人,something 某物 ,anything 任何物,nothing 没事,everything 一切事物,修饰他们的形容词放后。 different kinds of =all kinds of 不同种类的,各种各样的, by the end of 到…末为止,不迟于 give a concert=give concerts 举办音乐会 in the end =finally 最后,终于, take a photo=take photos 照相,店 为某人做饭 buy,make cook sth for sb.=cook sb.sth.
such+a /an +adj+单数名词=so +adj+a/an+单数名词 (名前 such,形副 so,多 多少少也用 so,little 属特殊,“小”用 such,少用 so.) 交通工具的乘坐,take the(a) +交通工具 to , =go...by+交通工具=go...on /in+a(the)+交通工具(小汽车只能用 in ,其余的可用 in ,on); walk to some where=go to...on foot; ride to somewhere=go...by bike, a kind of 一种 , fly to somewhere.=go ....by plane drive to somewhere=go to by car, since then 从那时起,
be kind to sb 对某人友善
take off 脱下,起飞,请假, 认为, be reckoned (to be) ,被以为 regard ...as...把当成 go abroad,出国 sell out,卖光 好 ,
reckon=consider =regard =think 考虑,
reckon....as... 相当于 in the photo,在照片里
be abroad,在国外 sell to , 卖给某人
travel abroad,到国外旅行 sell well 卖得
四个也: also,肯定, 行前 be 后; too 肯定, 句末; either,否定, 句末; well, as 肯定,句末。 go to sleep,去睡觉 high,low。 the price of,....的价格,形容价格用
sell sth at a high price,以高价出售, 价出售。
sell sth at a low price,以低
yet ,用于完成时态的否定句和疑问句中;have a wonderful time 玩得高兴, would like to do sth=want to do sth,想要做某事 would like sb. to do sth=wat sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 MODULE3 already 早已,用于完成时的肯定,; yet,用于完成时的否定和疑问; just,用 于完成时 just now=a moment ago 用于过去时, arrive at (小地方)/in(大地方)=reach=get to ,到达 bring,从外往里拿, 拿, more than ,=over,多于 alone,个体单独,独自; most of.. ..的大多数, take ,从里往外拿, carry 无方向, fetch 往返
less than,少于 lonely,孤独,寂寞,也表示荒凉, a visit to 对 ...的参观,
on a visit to....,参观... to ,拜访 as ...as....和....一样
for a visit 参观,
pay a visit
not as ...as..=not so ...as 不如,
so ...that 如此...以致于....如果 that 后是否定,就可以用 too...to 转换,如 果是肯定就用,形容+enough(for sb )to do sth. be famous for 因...面著名(原因), 而著名 be famous as 以...身份或产地
prefer doing sth. to doing sth.=like doing sth better than doing sth 更喜欢做某事, prefer to 更喜欢... 不愿做某事, prefer to do sth rather than do sth.宁愿做某事而
return from a visit to 从...访问返回, be named after 以...的名字命名, be up to sb.由某人决定, space station 在太空站, on business 出差,因...
be proud of 以....自豪, up to 从事于,忙于, show sth 公事,
to sb.=show sb sth 把某物给某人看,
over,在..上面,正上方,中间有段空间,反义为 under above 在..上方,高出,反义 below by air=by plane 坐飞机,
on 在...上面,贴着物表,反义 beneath, in the sky=in the air 在天空中,
in the last three years 在过去三年里,用于现在完成时, none 用于三个以上的全否定,反义为 all;neither 两个都不,反义为 both, the lastest news,最新消息, share sth.with sb.与分享某物 get on well with sb.与...
MODULE4 get on /along with sb,与...相处, 相处融洽 hear about ,hear of 听说, the Hope Schools,希望学校
in fact 实际上, look after=take care of =care for,照顾
drop out of school,缀学 pay for ,支付,付钱 how soon,多久
take part in, 参加 how long ,多长时间 get on badly with ,与...相处不好
hear from sb.收到某人的信,邮件等 on the farm ,在农场上 in the last+一段时间,in th past +一段时间 in the recent+ 一段时间,这三 个用于现在完成时 because of 因为...... , 某物卖给某人 sell sth.to sb.=sell sb .sth.,把
buy sth from ...buy sth for sb..给某人买东西 受教育, take part in=join 参加, care about 关心,在乎, how often 隔多久一次, stop to do sth.停下来去做别的事, put on/wear/take off+衣, drop in 顺便来访, point at 指着, point to 指向
get an education 接
in good/bad health 身体健康/不健康, take care 当心, stop doing sth.停止做某事, dress /undressr+人, drop out 退出,离队, drop out of school 退学 put on one's clothes 穿上衣服
with the help of sb.=wiht sb's help 在别人的帮助下 without the help of sb.无人帮助的情况 非延续性动词变为延续动词: buy--have open--be open join --be in borrow--keep die be dead begin--be on at home and abroad 在国内外
leave--be away
come herebe here
go there--be there get ready--be
finish--be over make friends--be friends ready buy--get /have
arrive/get to /reach/come--be in \be at /stay, /wear get up--be up
put on--have on
可延续性动词不可以与 for 或 since 连用, 非延续性动词的否定式也可以和 for /since 连用. other 其他的,另外的,别的; the other 两个中的另一个; others 其他的,另外的,别的人或物 MODULE 5 on earth ,究竟,到底,可用在 when ,what ,who,where,how ,which,why 等之后,相当于 in the world,用在 否定句中相当于 not ...at all



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