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学年第一学期期中备考八年级英语学科试卷 期中备考八年级英语学科 慧众教育 2010?2011 学年第一学期期中备考八年级英语学科试卷 ? 考试时间: 考试时间:60 分钟
校区 校区 姓名 姓名 分 数 lend it to others. D. must one?
一、单项选择(30 分) 单项选择 ( )
  1.You can keep the book for another week, but you A. needn’t ( B. mustn’t C. aren’t
  2. I don’t like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me A. other B. the other C. another the room. B. to clean C. cleaning D. others
  3. My mother is busy A. clean
D. cleans finish it after supper. D. mustn’t, may
  4.?Must I finish my homework now? ?No, you. But you A. needn’t, must B. mustn’t, must C. needn’t, need
  5.Yesterday we went to a lonely village. It A. spent B. took
us about two hours to get there. C. cost D. made people understand him. C. little D. a little
  6. The boy doesn’t speak English clearly. So A. few B. a few .
  7. I don’t think there is A. something serious C. anything serious
B. nothing serious D. serious anything
  8. There is
noise in the street, and it’s
A. too much, much too C. too many , much too ( )9 Do you often spend time A. clean ( B. cleaning
B. too much, too many D.much too, too much your car? C. on cleaning D. to clean
  10. I can’t find the key to my car. It A. maybe B. may
in your handbag. C. are maybe D. may be home. D.comes
  11.We'll have to clean the plates before mother A.will come B.is coming C.come
  12、Thank you for me a book. A. to buy B. bought C. buying D. buys
  13、―When are you going there? ―I am going thereMay, the 12th. A. in B. on C. at D. for
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  14. ―How long are youin New York? ―Just for three days. A. staying B. stay C. stayed D. stays
  15. He often comes to work early and he is late for work A. usually B. never C. often D. always
二、完形填空(10 分) 完形填空( I am going to have a party tomorrow night. I promised my mother that she needn’t do__16__ for me. My friend Jane is coming, too. She would like to help me, __17__ she can’t. Because she has a piano lesson in the morning and in the afternoon she has to babysit her sister. So I will do everything by myself. I try to make __18__party a nice one. I sent invitation to my friends __19__. Now I am thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. Yes! I have to clean the room and do some shopping. I am going __20__some food, drinks and some fruit in the supermarket. I am going to make a shopping list __21__I go. I also have to decorate(装饰)the room. I need to do so many things, so I__22__see the movie “Da Vinci Code” after lunch. A terrible thing! The party begins__23__8 pm, so I must have dinner __24__.I am tired after I finish __25__ so many things and after dinner I can have a short rest. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  16. A. something )
  17. A. so )
  18. A. a )
  19. A. yesterday )
  20. A. buy )
  21. A. after )
  22. A. can )
  23. A. at )
  24. A. late )
  25.A. do B. anything B. although B. an B. tomorrow B. sell B. when B. not B. in B. early B. to do C. nothing C. but C. the D. everything D. because D. /
C. tomorrow morning D. the day after tomorrow C. to buy C. how C. can’t C. on C. short C. did D. buying D. before D. never D. with D. quick D. doing
三、阅读理解(20 分) 阅读理解( “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying in the United Stated. It is true that all of us need recreation(消遣). We can not work all the time if we are going to keep good health and enjoy life. Everyone has his own way of relaxing(放松). Perhaps the most popular way is to take part in sports. There are team sports, such as basketball and football. There are also individual(个人的)sports, such as swimming and running. Skating and mountain climbing are the most popular recreation for people who like to be outdoor.
全方位课外辅导体系 Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System Not everyone who enjoys sporting events(比赛项目)likes to take part in them. Many people like some forms(方式)of indoor recreation, such as watching TV, singing and dancing. It doesn't matter we like indoor recreation or take part in outdoor sports. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time, and enjoy some forms of recreation. ( )
  1.“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”Here“dull”means . A.good B.happy C.foolish(笨的) D.nice if you want to keep good health and enjoy life. ( )
  2.You'd better A.work all the timeB.not work day and night C.work hard D.not go to work ( )
  3.Each person's way of relaxing is . A.not always the same B.just the same C.popular D.not different ( )
  4.Many people like sporting events, but to take part in them. A.none like B.only some of them like C.only one of them likes D.all of them like ( )
  5.What is important for everyone to relax from time to time? A.Outdoor sports. B.Indoor recreation. C.Both A and B. D.Neither A and B B、配对阅读。请阅读左栏人员的相关信息,然后与右栏的广告相匹配.
  6. Mary likes dancing very much. She wants to learn to dance on weekends. A. Red Star Restaurant We have different kinds of English food here. The food menu is in English and Chinese. All the waiters or waitresses can speak at least one foreign language. Tel: 681-6991 Time: 11:00 am-10:30 pm B. The Underwater World You will find different kinds of fishes and even some kinds of sharks. You will feel you are in the sea, but of course this is not true. If you like fishes, I suggest that you pay a visit to it. Time: 8:30 am-6:30 pm C. Blue Moon Club Do you like dancing? Do you want to show off your cool dance at parties? Join us and make your dream come true. Open on Saturday and Sunday. Call 681-6997 for more information. D. Free Movie Club You can watch a lot of famous movies. But after you enter this club, you should keep quiet. Don’t make any noise. Time: 7:00 pm-11:00pm Tel: 7325935 E. 10% Off Show this coupon (优惠券) at the bookstore to get a 10%

  7. Little Tom will go shopping with his mother this Sunday. He wants his mother to buy a few books for him.

  8. Tomorrow is Ken’s friend’s birthday. He wants to find a restaurant to hold a birthday party.
全方位课外辅导体系 Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System discount on any books you buy. We have lots of books to choose form, including children’s books, novels, travel guides and so on. You’re sure to find something that you will enjoy. Come here any day. F. Free Soft Drink Buy any meal for at least $8 at Paul’s Café, receive a free soft drink. We serve the best hamburgers and snacks in the mall. Come and try our delicious meals and our excellent service. You won’t be disappointed! Tel: 13077996688 G. Dream Corner Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to practice your English with native speakers? If yes, why not join the Dream Corner? Come here on Sunday every week. Tel: 13905306688

  9. Sally wants to travel this winter holiday. She likes all kinds of fishes a lot.

  10. Sandra’s English is a little poor. She wants to improve it.
四、完成句子(10 分) 完成句子(
  1、虽然林肯家很穷,但是他妈妈仍然给他买了很多书。 Lincoln’s mother a lot of books for him his family was poor .

  2、多喝水,这对你健康有好处。 Drink more water .It is
  3、他怎样去学校?他坐公共汽车去的。 he
  4、至于英语,我们每天早上都读。 English , we read it every morning.
  5、你要去哪度假? to school? He the you health.
五、看图填词:(10 分) 看图填词:
One Sunday morning, Liu Ming was d s w 2 6 . Suddenly (突然地) she f 3
1 to the g
his home work. His granny was going to do some 4 when she p 7 5 him. Liu Ming looked 8
when he saw his granny lying (躺) on the ground w 9 ,d 10
a word. He telephoned the h
at once. Ten minutes l
came. They sent the old woman to the hospital.
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六、写作。(20 分) 写作。 请用英语写一篇短文, 内容为你和你的好朋友计划周末去北京看你们的一位老师, 顺便在北京游玩。 不少于 50 个单词。
全方位课外辅导体系 Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System
全方位课外辅导体系 Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System
初二答案: 一、单项选择: 1-5 BCCAB ACABD DCABD 6-10 CEABG DCBAB
二、完型填空: 16-20 BCCAC 三、阅读: 四、句子:
  1. bought
  2.good though for take bus 1-5 CBABC

  3.How does go
  4.As for

  5.Where are you going for vacation?








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