学期) 英语初二 (上学期)
时间: 时间:30 分钟 满分: 满分:50 分 一、单项选择(,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 单项选择(
  1. The hotel is the best here. It has A. the worse
  2. ??Where is Jack? ??He A. plays B. is playing basketball on the playground. C. is going to play than he does. C. worse D. better D. play B. most comfortable rooms. C. best D. the most comfortable

  3. He likes singing songs, but I sing A. more good ?? A. Sorry, I can’t C. Sure,I’d love to
  5. ? did he play soccer? ?About 3hours. A. How many C. How often
  6. Let’s buy a big house A. for B. with B. How much D. How long B. best

  4. ??Could you please help me do the laundry this afternoon? I will be free after 2:30 in the afternoon. B. No, you can’t D. Of course not
the money. C. use D. spend

  7. The art exhibition will A. do
  8. ?When did she ?Three years ago A. tour B. travel B. have
me rich and famous C. help the u. s ? D. make
C. go
D. watch

  9. Her younger brother is A. so
  10. ?Who’s ?Tom is A. quieter B. more healthy B. very
young to go to school C. too ,Tom or Tim? D. really
C. worst D. best 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 (10 分)
  1. This box is much (heavy) than that one.
  2. It’s important (learn) English well.
  3. Guang Ming Theatre has(comfort) seats of the three.
  4. You need (study) harder in the new year.
  5. Mr Black (leave) for London next month.
  6. You’re the first person (take) a vacation in the USA.
  7. His performance proves (证明) , he is a (talent) musician.
  8. (luck) , he was at his office when I went to visit him.
  9. I’m thinking about (go) to Hainan Island for my holiday.

  10. I (forget) to buy a pen on my way to school this morning. 三、完形填空(10 分) 完形填空( Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me I have asked myself. I have (
  3) reason is that I want to be a better man. Many things make human beings different (
  4) or better than or even superior to animals. One of the most important things is my education (
  6) (
  5) .If I fail to receive(不能接受) higher education, (
  7) man ,I must get a well-rounded education, (
  8) ,I know one can get educated in many (
  10) fit into society. .As I want to be a fully (
  1) a question. But many times (
  2) important a whole variety of reasons.(不同的理由)
which good colleges and universities are supposed to ways ,but colleges and universities are ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A.quite )
  2.A.come up with )
  3.A.Most )
  4.A.to )
  5.A.education )
  6.A.finished )
  7.A.develop )
  8.A.improve )
  9.A.between )
  10.A.can good B. The most B. agree with B. The most B. around B. weather B. Don’t finish B. developed B. graduate B. among B. may better
  9) the best places to teach me how to educate myself. C. such C. been fed up with C. More C. between C. temperature C. will not finish C. developing C. hear C. inside D. another D. get on well with D. Much D. from D. science D. has finished D. experience D. provide D. outside
Only when I am well-educated, will I be a better human beings and
C. be able to better D. be able to best
(每题 四、阅读理解。 每题 2 分,共 20 分) 阅读理解。 ( (A) 阅读短文, 阅读短文,选出一个最佳答案 The following are three ads. Driver Wanted
  1. Clean driving license
  2. Good-looking
  3. Age over 25 Apply(申请)to: Capes Taxi, Shenzhen Tel :0755-6561382 Teacher Needed For private language school Teaching experience necessary Apply to: Instant Languages Ltd, Dalian Tel:0411-4313861
  1.If you want to work in the south, you can apply for a job as A. a driver
  2.You may call A. 0755-6561382 B. an air hostess C. a teacher . D. all of the above Air Hostess(空姐)Wanted
  1.age between 20 and 33
  2.Height from
  1.6m to
  3.Two foreign languages
  4.College graduate Apply to: China airlines, Beijing Tel:010-88488970
when you wish to be a teacher. B. 0411-4313861 C. 010-88488970 D. A and B

  3.Mary, aged 26, knows English and Japanese , which job can be given to her?
A. Driving for China taxi. C. Teaching at instant languages Ltd
B. Working for China Airlines. D. None of the above.

  4.What prevents Jack, an experienced taxi driver, working for Capes Taxi? A. Liking beer and wine C. Being unable to speak a foreign language. B. Breaking traffic rules. D. Not having college education.

  5. Which of the following is not mentioned in the three ads? A. Height B. Age C. Language D. Health.
(B) Mrs Fang’s Day At 7:40 when Mrs Fang is at breakfast ,there comes a call, Twenty minutes later ,she is with Ann, because she cannot stop her baby from crying .There , Mrs Fang helps wash Ann’s three-day-old baby and it soon calms(安静)down ,It is her first child and she is learning what to do .After that , Mrs Fang goes on to see Mr Johnson, a rich old man who lives alone .His arm was broken and cannot wash or put on his clothes himself. He must be looked after every day. Then Mrs Fang gets her second call that day. She goes to the home for the old . There she works with the old people till 2:00 p.m.. One by one, she answers their questions and helps them take their medicines ,while the doctor takes care of other more serious problems. Mrs Fang keeps hurrying around all day and sometimes she can be rung up even late at night when the sick must be helped She is busy, but she likes her job and enjoys helping others.
  6.Mrs Fang gets her first call from A. Mr Fang 7 .Ann is A. a young nurse A. rich and tall A. 2:00 p.m. B. Mr Johnson . B. a new doctor B. busy and tired B.3:00p.m. C. old and sick . C. cold and sick C.4:00p.m. . D. Mrs Fang must be a student D. alone but happy . D5:00p.m. D. alone but happy C. Ann . D. the baby

  8. Mrs Fang goes to help Mr Johnson because he is
  9.Mrs Fang often stops her work in the home for the old at about
  10.From the passage(短文),we can know that A. Mrs Fang is a doctor in a hospital C. Mrs Fang is a teacher in a school
B. Mrs Fang must be a nurse in the community (社区)
初二英语上学期入学测试卷答案。 初二英语 上学期入学测试卷答案。 上学期入学测试卷答案
  1.- 5 DBDAD 6-10 BDACA 第二题:
  1. heavier
  2. to learn
  3. the most comfortable
  4. to study
  7. talented
  8. Luckily
  9. going
  10. forgot 第三题:1-5 CABDA 6-10 CBDBC
  5. is leaving
  6. to take
第四题: (A)1-5 ABBBD
(B). 6-10 CDCAB



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