Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball? 细节语法: 一、 细节语法:

  1. win winner (胜利者)/ 复习职业 胜利者) 胜利者
  2. prefer = like ……better favorite = like ……best
  3. join (组织,人群)= take part in (活动) 组织, 活动) 组织 人群) 活动
  4. quite a bit = quite a lot = lots of (大量) 大量) 大量
  5. pretty = quite = very (相当) 相当) 相当 pretty = nice = beautiful (漂亮的) 漂亮的)

  6. health ( n.) healthy (adj.) sun sunny ; cloud cloudy ……
  7. relax oneself 自我放松: 自我放松: Listening to music is a good way to relax ourselves
  8. leave (离开): He left here last Monday. 离开) 离开 leave for …(出发去 出发去…) : He will leave for 出发去 Canada next month. Leave…for…(离开 去…):He will leave 离开…去 ) 离开 China for Canada next month.

  9. go + V-ing : go shopping / swimming / hiking / bicycling / dancing …… do + V-ing : do some cooking / shopping / cleaning / exercising / reading
  10. Make的用法: 的用法: 的用法 A): make…形容词: 形容词: 形容词 Playing baseball makes me strong. Reading a lot makes you smart. B): make …. 动词原形 动词原形. The running shoes make me run faster. The bad news made me feel sad.

  11. Prefer的用法: 的用法: 的用法 A): 更喜欢 = like …better: : Which sport do you prefer, skating or skiing? B): prefer sth / doing sth. I prefer skating. He prefers playing table tennis. C). Prefer A to B. “比B更喜欢 更喜欢A” 比 更喜欢 Prefer doing A to doing B. My father prefers swimming to hiking.

  11. 一般将来时: 一般将来时: A): be going to 结构: 结构: What are you going to do tomorrow? I’m going to plant trees. B): will + 动词原形 He will take part in the sports meet. Will they win? Maybe. C): 表移动的 表移动的come, go , fly,leave 等词 , 表示将来含义。 可用进行时态 表示将来含义。: She is flying to Japan this afternoon.
话题整合: 二、 话题整合:
  1. 征询意见: 征询意见:
A) Would you like to come and cheer us on ? Let’s …. / Why not…/ why don’t you …? What about / How about …? Yes, I’d love to. That’s a good idea.

  2. 重点句型: 重点句型:
A): Are you going to play baseball? Yes, I am . / No, I’m not. B): Do you skate much ? Yes, quite a lot. / No, seldom. C): It’s too bad that they aren’t going to stay in Beijng for long. D): There is going to be a school sports meet next month. E): What are you going to be when you grow up? I’m going to be a dancer.
F): Our class will play soccer against yours. = There will be a soccer game between our class and yours. G): I hope our team will win. 后接从句,多用将来时。 注: hope 后接从句,多用将来时。 O): Walking is a good way to keep fit. P): She spends an hour in the gym every day. Q): They are sure that she will win.
三、 词组复习: cheer …on
  1.为…加油 为 加油 加油 this term
  2.这个学期 这个学期 这个学期 the summer holidays
  3.暑假 暑假 暑假 almost every day
  4.几乎每天 几乎每天
  5.滑冰俱乐部 skating club 滑冰俱乐部 滑冰俱乐部 in the future
  6.在将来 在将来 在将来 grow up
  7.长大 长大 长大
/ get to
  8. 到达 到达 arrive in / at
  9. 中国国家队 China’s National Team 中国国家队 the day after tomorrow
  10. 后天 后天 twice a week
  11. 一周两次 一周两次 go bicycling
  12. 骑车运动 骑车运动 do exercising
  13. 锻炼 锻炼
  14. 全世界 all over the world / in the world 全世界 keep fit / healthy
  15. 保持健康 保持健康
play against
  16. 与…踢/打 踢打

  17. 看到某人(经常)做某事 see sb. do sth 看到某人(经常)做某事 pretty well
  18. 相当好 相当好 take part in
  19. 参加 参加
  20. 确信 be sure 确信 the high jump
  21. 跳高 跳高 the long jump
  22. 跳远 跳远
  23. 真可惜! 真可惜! What a pity / shame!
补充: 补充:
prepare for
  1. 为…做准备 做准备 做准备 soldier
  2. 士兵 士兵 manager
  3. 经理 经理 boss
  4. 老板 老板


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